Top 10 Best Air Mattress For Camping in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 22, 2022

Camping remains of the best ways to relax and get away from the busy hassles of the city. While camping in the wild seems all fun and enjoyable, it is never easy. You’re leaving behind your comfortable bed, seats and other luxuries at home. This means having to manage with whatever that you bring along. The biggest problem of camping in the wild comes down to getting proper sleep. Sleeping on the cold and hard ground is not easy. This is where air camping mattresses come in handy to help. These are comfortable mattresses that inflate and deflate with ease. Once deflated the mattresses are easy to store and transport.

However, finding the best air mattress for camping is not all that rosy. You need to select from hundreds of air mattresses in the market. Unlike air mattresses, camping mattresses must be carried to the camping site. They need to be comfortable but also portable. Our reviews below narrow down your search of air camping mattresses to only 10 choices. These are proven air mattresses for camping with excellent comfort levels. Check them out and carefully choose one that best suits your needs.

10. Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad – Mat

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad – Mat

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This is an ultra-lightweight air mattress yet a comfortable one with a 2-inch thickness. It is a portable, super sturdy and extremely comfortable air mattress for camping. The mattress weighs a mere 14-5oz. Besides, it packs down into a compact size similar to a thin bottle of water for easy carrying. It can even fit inside your backpack or be carried on your shoulders. This is a practical design air mattress with an impressive 75 by 23 inches sleeping surface. In addition, the mattress construction features tear-resistant fabric for long-lasting use. The sleeping pad is super strong and waterproof. You also get an hassle-free replacement warranty to order with confidence.


  • Impressive sleeping surface measuring 75 by 23 inches
  • Heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric hence tear-resistant
  • 2 inches thickness hence comfortable
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry


  • The valve does rub against the pad when folded

9. Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman Air Mattress

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This is one of the best camping air mattresses out there with superior support. The mattress features a coil construction that seamlessly contours to your body. This ensures maximum support and comfort. Besides, the mattress features a double-height. This makes it easier to get in and out of bed. It is a comfortable mattress bed with a plush soft feel. Moreover, the mattress features a reinforced construction for added support and durability. This is a leak-free air mattress with dual-sealed valves. It is a standard fit mattress that fits queen size sheets. The mattress also supports up to 600lbs.


  • Sturdy and durable thus supports 600lbs
  • Better support and comfort due to coil construction
  • Leak-free design hence long-lasting use
  • Velvet like plush top hence soft and cozy


  • A little too firm for an air mattress

8. Sound Asleep Camping Series Air Mattresses

Sound Asleep Camping Series Air Mattresses

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This is a safe and eco-friendly air mattress with safe PVC material. The mattress is sturdily made and features the latest ComfortCoil Technology. In addition, it features I-Beam coils that contour to the body shape. This provides users with maximum support and comfort. The mattress also features a patented internal pump running on heavy-duty rechargeable batteries. You can charge the battery at home or inside your car in advance for future use. Overall, this mattress is pretty easy to use and will reach full inflation in a mere 3 minutes. It is a great choice air mattress available in Twin and Queen Sizes.


  • Available in Twin and Queen Sizes
  • Safe and eco-friendly PVC material
  • Faster inflation due to patented built-in pump
  • Supportive and comfortable due to built-in I-Beam coils


  • Not the best valve system

7. Cumbor Twin XL Air Mattress

Cumbor Twin XL Air Mattress

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The Cumbor is an extra-large air mattress available in Twin and Queen Sizes. It is an advanced mattress using air coil technology for superior sleep experience. The mattress offers excellent support with a maximum weight capacity of 360lbs. This is a thick and waterproof design mattress best suited for outdoor use. It also features a velvety soft fabric for a soft feeling. This mattress offers a comfortable bed once inflated. It measures 80 by 40 by 18 inches giving users an impressive sleeping surface. Besides, the mattress comes with a powerful and quiet built-in pump for effortless inflation. The mattress is easy to inflate and deflate in 2-3 minutes. Overall, this is a reliable air mattress with a strong PVC material.


  • Strong PVC material hence durable
  • Supports up to 360lbs
  • Superior sleeping experience due to air coil technology
  • Quiet and powerful built-in pump hence effortless inflation


  • Takes a little longer to inflate

6. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person Air Bed Mattress

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person Air Bed Mattress

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This is a simple yet functional design 2-person air bed mattress. It is a lightweight and compact air mattress to consider buying. The mattress is extremely portable hence easy to store and transport anywhere. Besides, the mattress features the superior quality TPU material construction for durability. It packs up small and inflates in seconds. You can also adjust the mattress firmness because of a patented stabilizer and 2-way Boston valves. Overall, this is an abrasion-resistant and temperature stable mattress to consider buying today. It is also easy to use due to a battery-operated pump.


  • Easy battery-operated pump
  • Durable due to strong TPU material
  • Adjustable firmness
  • PVC-free


  • Not the best quality pump

5. EnerPlex High-Speed Wireless Queen Air Mattress

EnerPlex High-Speed Wireless Queen Air Mattress

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The EnerPlex is another top-quality air mattress with a waterproof flocking top. The mattress is pretty easy to use and features fast 90 seconds inflation. It is a reliable and highly recommended air mattress to buy with confidence. Besides, the mattress comes with a 2-years warranty for confidence buying. This is a versatile air mattress bed designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This is by far one of the best mattress qualities in the industry. It features coil beams for excellent support and comfort. Overall, this is a low-profile and space-saving air mattress for both adults and kids. The mattress also comes with a rechargeable pump for easy use everywhere.


  • Rechargeable pump hence easy use anywhere
  • Excellent support due to coil beams
  • Fast 90-second inflation
  • Waterproof flocking top


  • There is no way to know the battery needs charging

4. OlarHike Twin Air Mattress with Electric Pump

OlarHike Twin Air Mattress with Electric Pump

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This is another perfect camping air mattress that comes ready to use with an electric pump. It is a user-friendly air mattress with two power adapters and an easy setup. The mattress features a 35% thicker material construction hence durable and long-lasting. This is a compact and durable air mattress to order with confidence today. It sits 9 inches off the ground hence easy to get on top and off. In addition, the excellent height insulates you from the cold ground during the night. Overall, this is a top-quality air mattress for all-night comfort. The mattress is also great for all occasions and makes a perfect choice for day and night use.


  • All-night comfort due to 9 inches off the ground height
  • Thicker and durable
  • Easy setup due to 2 power adapters
  • Compact and lightweight hence easy to transport


  • Some noise when turning

3. Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress

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This is another top-quality air mattress with an upgraded design. It is an inflatable air mattress that sits 9 inches off the ground once inflated. This mattress features the fourth-generation technology with wave beam inner support. It is a more durable and stable mattress compared to coil beam mattresses. This is a strong mattress with a weight capacity of 650lbs. Besides, the mattress features safe and non-toxic materials. It is phthalate-free hence safe for the whole family. In addition, this mattress features a 20% thicker PVC hence durable. This is a versatile air mattress with a 2 in 1 valve for multiple uses.


  • Multiple uses due to a versatile 2-in-1 valve
  • Strong wave beam inner hence comfortable and supportive
  • 650lbs max weight capacity
  • Faster inflation in 90 seconds


  • Does lose some air with time

2. WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress Thickened and Double-Sided

WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress Thickened and Double-Sided

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This is another protective design air mattress with double-sided flocking. It is a thicker air mattress with four separate segments for inflation. This makes the mattress pretty reliable. You can use the mattress for a wide range of uses. Besides, the mattress features high standard material construction. This is a safe mattress free of toxics and odors. It is a proven air mattress that will serve you well on travel. The mattress is pretty easy to install. It also adapts to a wide range of environmental conditions making it safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall, this is a heavy-duty air mattress with 260KG weight capacity.


  • Supports up to 260Kg
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry
  • 4 separate segments for inflation
  • Thick and double-sided flocking hence waterproof


  • Some air holes are close together

1. LaidBackPad Memory Foam Camping Mattress with Built-in Connector

LaidBackPad Memory Foam Camping Mattress with Built-in Connector

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This is our final choice air mattress for camping and an extremely comfortable mattress. It is a thick 2 3/8 inch air mattress with soft polar fleece cover. Besides, the mattress features Cool Flow Technology for cool sleeping. It helps regulate temperatures thus preventing hot sleeping. This is a portable air mattress that inflates and deflates fast. It is also durable and comes with low-VOC memory foam fillings. In addition, the mattress features a removable polyester casing for easy cleaning. Overall, this is a versatile air mattress ideal for multiple uses.


  • Easy to clean due to removable polyester cover
  • Cool Flow Technology thus supports cool sleeping
  • Durable materials
  • Ultra-comfortable and lightweight


  • Expensive

Factors to consider when choosing an air mattress for camping

Before deciding on the ideal air mattress for camping, one must consider a wide range of features. Below, we discuss some of the main factors to consider when buying an air mattress for camping. They include the following:

Heavier or Lighter

There are usually two forms of camping air mattresses. You can choose from a heavier model or a lighter model depending on your needs. Heavier mattresses are thicker and obviously more comfortable. However, they are a little big and difficult to transport and store. On the other hand, we have lighter air mattresses that are a bit thin and pretty easy to carry. However, they are not as comfortable as the heavier models.

Mattress size

You also have to consider the size of the mattress to match your needs. You can choose a small size when sleeping alone or a bigger size when sleeping with a partner. However, it is worth knowing that the tent size might also determine the size you buy. When considering size, always have a place in mind where you will be placing the mattress.


Self-inflating air mattresses are ideal when camping pretty far from home. They are also suitable for long-distance hikes and treks. These mattresses easily inflate without a pump. However, they are not as comfortable as mattresses that inflate with a pump.

Pump type

Most of these air mattresses can easily inflate using a hand pump or electric pump. Depending on the size of the mattress, you also need to consider the ideal pump type. Luckily for you, most of these mattresses come with pumps ready for inflation and use.

Ease of setup and fold down

This is another crucial feature to consider as preparing a camp takes time. You obviously need a mattress that sets up easily in seconds. The mattress should also fold down compactly for easy storage and transportation.


Lastly, you need to consider your budget and choose a matching air mattress. Do not expect the best quality with a minimal budget. Instead, consider what you need and choose a mattress with matching features.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best air mattresses for camping on the market to consider buying this year. The mattresses are not just highly rated and proven to work in different camping situations. They are easy to carry and inflate with ease. Analyze our top picks above and choose one that matches your needs. Make that camping trip more enjoyable with one of our recommended picks above.

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