Top 10 Best Air Mattress in 2020 Reviews

Sleeping gives the body the ability to relax and rejuvenate. Moreover, getting enough sleep depends on variety of factors. Among the many, the type of mattress you are using matters a lot when it comes to comfort. Amazingly, there are plethora of beds available for home as well as outdoor use. Air mattresses also known as airbeds, are some of the versatile options. They are useful for regular use, emergencies, and small places.

The good thing with airbeds is they don’t need a frame or box spring or any other foundation. They are enough to use on their own. Therefore, when having visitors, or for students, they are good ways to make things simple. Although airbeds are superb solution, there is need to check on the quality and size. These days they are available in different mattress sizes to suit all people need. Everyone deserves the best air mattress. This list offers top-ranked, reviews and a buying guide.

10. King Koil Double Elevated Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

King Koil Double Elevated Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

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Giving your guest a high-quality sleeping platform is not hard nowadays. Also, you don’t need to have expensive bed and mattresses. This double elevated air mattress by King Koil is a dedicated option. It’s a high mattress with double elevation to enable comfort without need of a frame. In fact, it is higher than traditional airbeds. It measures 76″ x 38″ x 20” which is suited to accommodate everyone. Also raised design ensures sleeper is higher from the ground.

The construction features durable and leak-proof materials. Additionally, it’s sturdy which means no more rapturing due to weight. The material is waterproof which prevents mildew attack even when used in areas with high humidity. Also, even when used by kids, there is no risk of damage by urine. The inbuilt pump is superb in enabling quick inflation and deflation. Top layer is soft which give body perfect hugging. It keeps away hot sleeping and hard spots hence superbly comfortable.


  • Quick inflating pump
  • Waterproof material
  • Soft to layer
  • Double layer height


  • Edges aren’t firm

9. SoundAsleep Dream Series Airbed with ComfortCoil Technology

SoundAsleep Dream Series Airbed with ComfortCoil Technology

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Looking to give your home a new way to deal with emergencies and other situations. Here is Dream series airbed by SoundAsleep dedicated to offering the best experience. The mattress features comfortcoil technology which is superb for stability. This renders the airbed suitable for use in all type of floors without slipping. Therefore, even on tiled floors, there is no worry about slipping when asleep. With interior featuring 40 are coils, they are great for suspending the sleeper.

Due to the proper distribution of weight, the mattress remains flat without sinking at the center. Also, dual chambers are great for raising the mattress thickness. Amazingly, it’s large which enables it to accommodate 2 people comfortably. Durable construction also ensures it supports more weight without bursting. In fact the PCV shell is durable, waterproof, puncture resistant and eco-friendly. Fitted with one click pump, it takes only 4 minutes to inflate.


  • Puncture resistant PVC
  • Integrated air coils
  • Double chamber design
  • Waterproof top


  • Bulges in the middle

8. AirExpect Inflatable Mattress Double High Twin Air Mattress

AirExpect Inflatable Mattress Double High Twin Air Mattress

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When you want to change your sleeping experience, an airbed is a good move. The AirExpect inflatable mattress is one of the reliable and comfortable options. Unlike the traditional thin airbed, this offers double thickness. The bed boasts unique duracoil technology. Due to this it has 21 internal air coils that give body perfect suspension. As a result, there is high ergonomics which provide sleepers with unmatched comfort. Amazingly, the mattress is rated 660 pounds weight capacity.

The multiple layers design offers high performance and reliability. Unlike other mattresses, this is durable and puncture-resistant. Moreover, the construction material features water-resistant PVC. Therefore, for people with small babies, no damage due to bed wetting. Setting up this mattress is simple and doesn’t need more than one people. Due to the compact size when deflated, it perfectly suits traveling people. Above all, the repair kit is provided to cater for unexpected scenarios.


  • Easy to use repair kit
  • Compact for easy transportation
  • Extra soft top layer


  • Experiences slow deflation

7. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated 22’’ Dura-Beam Airbed

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated 22’’ Dura-Beam Airbed

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Getting a reliable airbed always solves your sleeping nightmares when traveling. To get a premium bed, this Intex elevated dura-beam mattress is good preference. The inflated bed is firm which gives it improved lifespan. Also, measuring 22 inches high, it keeps sleepers enjoying an elevated feel. Despite the sturdy construction, the top section is enhanced with soft flocking. This gives the body exceptional plush feel. Additionally, the indented edges are superb to prevent sheets from slipping.

Whether you want it for home or when traveling, or camping, it’s a good airbed. It boasts extra compact nature when folded. Moreover, the pump is inbuilt, which adds convenience. Furthermore, this bed is capable and highly reliable. It can hold up to 600 pounds which is great for up to 2 people sleeping. Generally, this bed combines comfort, luxury, and storage convenience.


  • More sleeping space
  • Velvet-soft plush top
  • Strong edges
  • Optional pump inflation


  • Only perfect for short term use

6. OlarHike Queen Inflatable Mattress with Built-in Pump

OlarHike Queen Inflatable Mattress with Built-in Pump

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Giving your guests a remarkable sleeping treat can only be achieved with right airbed. The OrarHike inflatable mattress is a premium pick with exceptional features. It’s a sleek and attractive bed which inspires your night. Apart from the beauty, the top boast skid-free flocked top. The feature is useful and ensures sleepers enjoy memorable nights. Unlike other airbeds, this has automatic pump. It inflates the mattress faster and quietly hence ideal for everywhere usage. Also, the pump gives the bed quick deflation, thus no hassle when folding down.

The construction of this mattress features some of the highest standards. Featuring welded seams and sturdy fabrics, there is no more rapturing after short time usage. Moreover, the walls are resilient and leak-proof. They ensure the bed last for 48 hours before refilling air. There is no need to add a mattress pad since top is flocked and has velvety feel.


  • Repair kit and carry bag provides
  • Automatic air pump
  • Simple to clean


  • Slow air loss

5. NXONE Joofo Breathable and Comfortable Raised Inflatable Airbed

NXONE Joofo Breathable and Comfortable Raised Inflatable Airbed

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Looking to spend time in a comfortable bed? Your usual bed might not be the right option. The Nxone Joofo inflated airbed is tasked with changing your life. It is an excellent bed to relax or use when traveling and camping. Due to the double raised nature, it keeps you elevated. Therefore, whether in a camping tent there is no comfort compromise. The soft and robust design ensures this mattress offers exceptional body support. This eliminates back pains and other discomforts.

Due to high engineering, this mattress is quiet and doesn’t make noise. With 2 people capacity, it holds weight properly without clustering at the center. Incredibly, the airbed is strong enough to hold a maximum of 600 pounds. Whether carrying this mattress or storing, it is simple since it deflates and folds completely. With pump taking 4 minutes to fill air, there is no waiting for hours. It’s a firm and bouncy mattress due to 40 air coil pockets.


  • Easy to keep it clean
  • Long-lasting PVC material
  • Quick set up


  • Top feels unstable

4. Missyee 22 Inches Height Blow Up Inflatable Air Mattress

Missyee 22 Inches Height Blow Up Inflatable Air Mattress

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Stay away from the smelly mattresses that ruin your relaxation. Once you have this 22 inches high inflatable airbed by missyee, no more struggling to sleep. The airbed enjoys the best materials that make it superb for everyone to sleep. In fact, non-toxic PVC ensures there are no risks. Also, the 4 layers construction allows user to enjoy plushy sleep. Additionally, eggcoil chamber offers pressure-equalizing for balanced sleeping. This lets 2 people sleep without sinking in the middle.

Forget about the knockoff pumps that die after a few inflations. This mattress has a mounted 150W pump that has passed over 10,000 tests. Delivering rapid inflation, it gives perfect mattress pressure for proper body hug. Also, user can customize the firmness through inflation without hassles. Unlike the regular mattresses, this has waterproof and flocked top for maximum experience. Above all, there is remarkable storage and transportation as the airbed is super compact.


  • Massive weight capacity
  • Easy to customize firmness
  • Electric or manual pump inflation


  • Pricier than rivals

3. Englander Luxury Microfiber Airbed Queen Air Mattress

Englander Luxury Microfiber Airbed Queen Air Mattress

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The Englander inflated airbed, people can now enjoy improved sleeping capability. It’s a unique air mattress with a microfiber top to deliver exceptional comfort. The microfiber ensures there is no odor like other materials. Also, it is plush and created a breathable surface to eliminate excessive sweating and heating. Apart from soft top, the other sides feature heavy-duty construction. This increases resistance to puncture and abrasion by 20%.

For superior air holding ability without leaks, the seams are welded instead of sewing. Also, reliable support and cradling comfort ensure great support like regular mattress. Besides the firm edges, the mattress interior boasts reinforced coil beams. They are filled with air to provide reliable support. To keep the airbed performing brilliantly for long, its waterproof and seams are leak-proof.


  • Welded leak-proof seams
  • Soft microfiber top
  • Extra high design


  • Less weight capacity

2. BAYKA Raised Elevated Double High Airbed, Queen Air Mattress

BAYKA Raised Elevated Double High Airbed, Queen Air Mattress

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The Bayka elevated airbed gives sleepers improved relaxation without bulkiness. It offers ample inflated size which mimics standard mattress. Also, with this inflated mattress, it offer homes a short period solution. Therefore, when you have visitors or going outdoor, the bed is superb. Capable of holding 2 adults, the bed is also stable for 600 pounds. Thereby, it means no more carrying different separate mattresses when camping.

Setting up is automated since you just need to inflate it and is ready for use. Moreover, the pump as well as mattress are quiet and doesn’t cause annoying noise. Compared to traditional inflated mattress, this one is superb and worth getting. This is due to raised design. This means no struggling to get out since it mimics regular bed. Moreover, the user-friendly design ensures maximum comfort.


  • User-friendly design
  • Automatic set up
  • Soft and cooling top surface


  • Loses air rapidly

1. JOOFO Fast Inflation Portable Queen Air Mattress

JOOFO Fast Inflation Portable Queen Air Mattress

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Joofo fast inflating mattress is a solution when you have guests in a small room. It inflates and deflates quickly as well as compact storage. Amazing matric comb constriction makes the airbed exceptional. Also, the design enables resistance to flatten by pressure. Therefore, once asleep, it remains intact without causing sinking. Apart from the enhanced support, the outer shell is PVC made which gives it resistance to puncture and water infiltration.

Inflating is no more hassle when having this mattress. It has 4th generation pump that fills air rapidly. Unlike the hollow design in traditional beds, this has air coils that improve support. The combination of durable and soft top material enables the airbed to support more weight than rivals. Above all, there is no awful smell like other mattress and is made from environmentally friendly materials.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Portable and quick assembling
  • Thick PVC shell


  • Slightly smells

Air Mattresses buying guide

Mattress height and number of chambers

The height of a mattress is one of the top features. It determines the comfort, especially when waking up. Thin airbeds are stress when you are sleeping and waking up. They give your hips and knees stress since you have to fold and use a lot of strength to wake up. Ideally, a thicker mattress is admirable. They offer bed like height which make waking up simple.

Apart from the height, the number of chambers is great consideration. Usually, multiple compartments are great. They not only make mattress thick but improves the strength. In fact some of the airbeds are designed with air coils and pockets to increase strength and comfort.

Pump quality

The quality of a pump is another feature to concentrate on. Cheap quality pumps are stressful and unreliable. High quality and inbuilt pumps are great for convenience. Check whether it can be used even while outdoors for easy inflation. The inflation speed is also a vital quality to determine before buying. Above all, a quieter pump is excellent and perfect.

Sturdy edges and tough shell

The construction is vital in an airbed. It determines the reliability and durability of a mattress. Always check on the outer shell construction. It should be tough and puncture-proof. Also, to keep the bed strong, waterproof materials are superb. The edges support should also be reliable to keep mattress in shape always. Therefore weak edges will lead to easy mattress collapse.

Ease of assembling and controls

A right mattress should be easy to assemble. In fact, it should only require you to inflate and is ready to use. Most of the top-notch mattress provides rapid assembling without any struggle. Also, for airbed with remote controls, they should be easy to operate. The buttons need to be easy to understand to make whole process easy.


Airbeds are undoubtedly the solution when you need to have great comfort. They are handy and versatile as well as portable to ensure satisfaction everywhere. With different sizes, it is time to go for the right selection. The reviewed inflated mattress above gives you a great way to enjoy cozy relaxation.

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