Top 10 Best Automatic Pet Feeders in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Are you afraid of your pets becoming hungry when left home alone? The solution to your worries is investing in automatic pet feeders. These are modern feeing equipment designed to dispense food automatically. To enable these robots to accomplish their work, they come with a variety of features. Therefore, you can set the amount of food, time to dispense, and some come with a voice recording. Although these feeders are great for home, they are also superb when traveling with your pets.

Having the right feeders depends on your pet and food requirement. Whether cats or dogs, they need to have proper feeding. It is, therefore, significant to ensure pets get appropriate portion. Amazingly, these appliances can help in regulation the food. Thus, even when you want to regulate obese dog meals, these appliances are superb. Available in different sizes, colors, and settings, you deserve the best for remarkable convenience.

10. Arf Pets Automatic Food Dispenser for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

Arf Pets Automatic Food Dispenser for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

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The Arf Pets is making your life hassle-free. The feeder is versatile, allowing you to feed different kind of pets. Be it dogs, cats and other small animals, it’s perfectly suited. Unlike manual feeding, the machine has everything automated. In fact, it allows dispensing from 1 to 10 portions. With each portions designed to be 24ml, it enables you to provide 4 days of food supply. Amazingly the machine has alarm function which alerts the dog eating food.

Besides the superb functions, this unit is sleek and provides excellent house décor. Also, construction is robust, which gives it exceptional durability. This eliminates chances of pets damaging it. Running on 3 D batteries, it gives you easy time to record your 10 seconds voice. Also, it has DC input hence great for home use as well during travels. Elegant blue backlight clock provides easy time setting up.


  • Sleek backlit clock
  • Magnetic lock lid
  • Large food container
  • 2-way power


  • Programming is a bit tough job

9. PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

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Waking up early to give your pet food can be pesky. Instead of experiencing this anymore, you need to have an automatic feeder. The PetSafe food dispenser is one of the simplest to use feeder. Unlike the complicated machines, this has a simple operating mechanism. The 5 meals design lets you enjoy hassle-free feeding. Therefore, you can schedule feeding program for your pet. The 5 sections are large enough to offer enough food for your pet.

Apart from managing the feeding program, the machine is excellent for fast eating pets. As a result, one can control how their pets eat thus preventing digestive problems. Whether using it at home or while on the move, the dispenser utilizes 4 D cells. Manufactured from safe materials, the machine is suitable for all pets. An LCD display and soft buttons render the feeder easy to set. In fact, it has PM and AM clock for all time settings.


  • Large food section
  • Automatic time setting
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Only ideal for small pets

8. WOPET Automatic Programmable Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

WOPET Automatic Programmable Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

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When you need to control time and amount of food a pet eats, a feeder is a right appliance. With many feeders to choose, they provide different performance. This Wopet programmable feeder is fantastic and reliable. Pet feeding experts make it. Therefore, it has enough capacity to allow every pet to get enough food. The inbuilt 4 feeding sessions per day. It has automatic timer that enables few buttons press settings. Each section can handle 2 tablespoons to 4.5 cups. As a result, it suits different sized animals.

Having this feeder ensures there is a programmed feeding schedule. This means people can create a feeding habit hence good for controlling pet eating habit. Amazingly, the feeder offers a voice recording ability. This helps in customizing your voice to keep pet entertained during meal times. Keeping dog safe and hygiene is simple once you have this appliance. It provides a removable tray for cleaning and refilling. The tray is capable of holding 20 cups.


  • Large capacity food tray
  • Easy to record a custom message
  • Wall plugged or battery use


  • Programming is quite complicated

7. BELOPEZZ 6L Smart Pet Automatic Feeders Food Dispenser

BELOPEZZ 6L Smart Pet Automatic Feeders Food Dispenser

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Belopezz smart pet feeder is impressive and cuts your work. Instead of putting food to pet feeders every time, this one allows automatically feed pets. Due to its custom programming, it enables users to regulate pet food. Therefore, it can be handy when preventing obesity and overeating. Boasting 6 liters capacity, the dispenser can be used with all pet breeds. Whether large, medium, or small dogs, it efficiently supply food.

The 10 seconds voice recording is a fantastic feature. It allows the user to record a sweet message to keep the pet happy when feeding. Also, the programmable timer enables different feeding time settings. Additionally, the machine has automatic food detection. When there is food on the tray, the detection mechanism prevents more from being added. The high-quality ABS materials are free from anti-drop and eco-friendly.


  • Durable ABS body
  • Infrared food detection technology
  • 10 seconds voice recording


  • Attachments need tools to detach

6. HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder for Pets

HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder for Pets

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The HoneyGuardian A36 is an automatic feeder dedicated to most pets. With this machine it lets users have a simple time since you can efficiently program it. With high versatility, the device can hold 1 to 80 portions. Amazingly, each portion is 1/27 cup which enough for small breeds. With ability to store 13 cups of food, it means there are fewer refills. Also, the stainless steel bowl is capable of holding 3 cups of solid food.

Unlike inbuilt bowls in other dispensers, this boasts removable one. Therefore, keeping it clean is easy as well as efficient washing. The dual power options ensure the machine can be used on DC or batteries. Uniquely, the inverted motor design prevents blockage, thus keeping the machine running smooth. Above all, the infrared sensor helps to dispense right amount of food.


  • Inverted motor design
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Infrared food detector


  • Require adapter for wall plugging

5. Iseebiz Automatic 3L Pet Food Dispenser Feeder

Iseebiz Automatic 3L Pet Food Dispenser Feeder

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With programmable food dispenser, pets get efficient feeding. The Iseebiz 3 liters food appliance is one of the best. Every pet owner will love this machine due to its outstanding performance. Its compact nature ensures you can carry it on your vehicle. Also, it is excellent for keeping in small places without space issues. Enhanced with programmable timer and amount, it makes your pet feeding simple. Amazingly, it can conveniently handle 4 meals and up to 39 portions.

Apart from the timer, the machine enables recording which makes everything easy. You can record your voice for calling during feeding time. For precise food dissemination, it has infrared enhancement. This ensures that even when pet doesn’t finish food, there is no over dispensing. With battery and wall plugging power option, there are no more incontinences when not around


  • Keeps food fresh
  • Infrared induction sensor
  • Compact and portable


  • Issues with clock accuracy

4. WESTLINK 6 Liters Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

WESTLINK 6 Liters Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

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Are you planning to take a trip without leaving pets hungry? Here is one of the reliable feeders by Westlink that keep pet well-fed. It allows users to manage pet feeding as well as monitor their food amount. With large capacity, it can hold 6 liters solid food. Also, the clock enables the required time setting with right amount of food dispensing. The ability to hold different sized portions ensures different pets can use it.

The built-in voice recorder is super to record customizer voice. Therefore, when it is time to eat, the machine is good for calling your pet. There is no spilling when the device is filling tray due to efficient sensors. They allow precise measuring without spilling. As a result, when the pet isn’t able to finish the food, there is no worry about spilling.


  • USB power port
  • Loud speaker and recorder
  • Keep food clean and dry


  • Aggressive pets can compromise the lock

3. SureFlap Sure Petcare SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFlap Sure Petcare SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

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Feeding your pet requires reliable feeders. But, some of the food dispensers are made with more than performance. The SureFlap smart and high technology feeder is exceptional. It is among the best pet feeders with automated operation. Additionally, this dispenser is suited for dry and wet food without causing damage. Even when having more than one pet, it’s a great feeder. Uniquely, it has efficient communication with pet collar RFID tag. Therefore, once a pet eats, it can’t open against until next set time.

The feeder is great when using to feed prescribed diet. Therefore, for obese or dogs under dietary observation, the feeder is amazing. Microchip compatibility is exceptional. It can work with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips. Thereby, it is possible to check a variety of pet information quickly. In overall, this feeder is great for monitoring your pet feeding behaviors.


  • Different microchip compatibility
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Intelligent monitoring system


  • The eating area is large

2. JOYTOOL Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Feeder

JOYTOOL Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Feeder

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The Joytool feeder is the right tool to have if you love pets. The sleekly crafted food dispenser is superbly performing. Whether you want for dogs or cats, the machine is a perfect choice. Unlike the regular manual feeders, this allows programming. Therefore, you can set feeding time as well as the amount of food to dispense. With ability to deliver 4 meals and 1-39 portions, pets can develop good eating habit.

The sleek backlit digital clock is easy to set feeding time. In fact, it also has soft buttons that keep the programming enjoyable. With several seconds of voice recording, people can customize their alarm. Due to the abundant food storage container, it can feed pet for 5 days. Therefore, even when traveling, you can be assured of proper pet feeding.


  • Large capacity storage container
  • Accurate food measuring
  • Anti-slip feet


  • The auto program has accuracy flaws

1. Athorbot Programmable Food Dispenser Feeder for Pets

Athorbot Programmable Food Dispenser Feeder for Pets

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It is time to upgrade how you feed your pets. Be it at home or while traveling, scheduled feeding is amazing. It allows timely and right amount of food. Actually, the machine has improved design which increases the performance. The combination of a sleek body and reliable dispensing make everybody amazed. The integrated sensor ensures smooth operation without jamming. The machine ensures no overflow or excess food is dispensed.

The double power options allow the machine to use battery or wall plugging. Moreover, the batteries ensure this machine works well even when the power goes off. With 4 meals settings, the feeder works well for small and medium pets. The capacity of this machine is 6.5 liters or 28 cups. For simple programming, this machine has a digital clock and display. It’s a good machine tasked with keeping pet healthy and timely fed.


  • Secure food lock
  • Easy to check remaining food
  • BPA free material


  • None

Automatic Pet Feeders Buying Guide


The timer is one of the critical features that a feeder need to have. It is one that enables users to set different eating time. Some of the feeders are equipped with digital clocks. Usually, the clocks are ideal since you only need to set once. Apart from timers, most of the machines come with preset meal times. This gives user automatic operation without any programming.

Safe construction materials

The construction ought to be from safe materials. Although most of the feeders are plastic made, you need to check on the quality. Always ensure that the food dispenser is free from banned materials like BPA. The same is with trays. They should be free from harmful substances. Ideally, some of the tray these days are made from stainless steel.

Food compatibility

The compatibility of food is also a significant issue to look. With pet food available in different forms, there is need to have the right for efficient dispensing. Some of the machines are capable of handling only dry or wet food. But to be on the safe side, it is great to get a machine with wet and dry food support.

Voice recording capability

Some of the feeders almost all brands provide voice recording ability. This gives pet easy time in getting notified about feeding time. Depending on the brand, the recording time differs. But, in most cases, a feeder with over 10 seconds is impressive. It allows the user to make sleek message to entice their pets.


Automatic pet feeders are new ways to improve convenience and accuracy. They are an easy way to manage how your pets feed and time. With different machines offering varying qualities, you can now make a sound judgment.

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