Top 10 Best Backpacks for College in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Backpacks are essential things for students. Especially college students, they have a lot of stuff to carry on backpacks. Unlike earlier days, whereby they were mostly for carrying books, these days, we have a lot of gadgets. Specifically, these bags must provide ample space for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is the combination of factors that prompt people to look for the ideal backpacks for college. They come in several shapes, color, and sizes, depending on the user’s needs.

Although these bags are designed to carry student stuff, they are also supposed to add a stylish look. It’s this reason that people need to check the color, style, and other factors that influence the pack look. Also, the backpack capacity is vital. Avoiding hassles when buying backpacks is every student’s wish. Going through this list will help get the best backpacks for college analyzed?

10. Mancro Anti-Theft Water Resistant College Computer Backpack

Mancro Anti-Theft Water Resistant College Computer Backpack

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Carrying your books and other stuff safely needs you to have a reliable bag. The Mancro water-resistant collage backpack is one of a few choices. The bag is slim and compact but with necessary compartments. It boasts a large computer compartment hence great for 15-15.6 inches laptops. Besides, other smaller compartments ensure it holds other items well. With 9 inner pockets, they are of different sizes to keep other vital gadgets safely.

The pouter shell is reliable and provides excellent protection to your items. In fact, it has a waterproof design, which is great for keeping things safe from water. Therefore, when you experience unexpected rain, there is no water damage. When carrying your power bank, it is possible to charge your phone since the bag has USB cable port. Above all, reliable fabrics and robust design make the bag unmatchable.


  • Tear-resistant shell fabrics
  • Water repellant treatment
  • Thickly padded shoulder straps


  • Cheap zippers

9. Winblo 15 15.6 Inch Lightweight Laptop College Daypack

Winblo 15 15.6 Inch Lightweight Laptop College Daypack

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The Winblo daypack is suited to day to day students’ usage. The pack is made purposely for college students as well as other users. With optimized size, it perfectly holds a variety of stuff securely. In fact, whether its documents and other school essentials, it provides ample space. The sleek and padded design enables users to enjoy improved safety. In fact, there is brilliant shock absorption in case the bag drops accidentally.

Besides carting books and other stationeries, the pack also has a large computer sot. The compartment is capable of fitting 15.6 inches laptops. Also, the expertly divided compartments enable quick access. Amazingly, the main compartment is significant to hold computers up to 17 inches. The straps are easily adjustable to improve overall comfort. Surprisingly, the attachment points are designed to contour to women’s torso. Despite being tough, the backpack is extra lightweight.


  • Contoured knapsack shoulder straps
  • Padded constriction
  • Dual large compartments


  • Not for heavy books

8. Modoker Vintage Laptop Unisex School College Backpack

Modoker Vintage Laptop Unisex School College Backpack

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A good school backpack always provides the right space and confidence. Modoker vintage laptop bag is a unisex pack that ensures every college student has a reason to smile. With its vintage design, fabrics, and look, it brings remarkable performance. In fact, it boasts 600D nylon fabrics that are classic in strength and durability. There is improves safety when having this bag since it has a large cover flap. Enhanced with bucked straps, they are vital for the protection of your gear.

Charging your phone while on the move is enables by this backpack. It has an external port that allows USB cable connection. With a combination of differently sized pockets, the bag keeps all your devices safe. Actually, it has 6 compartments that fit your items perfectly. Unlike other packs, this has a superior shell that is anti-scratch, tear-resistant, and water-repelling. Therefore, the protection of your laptop and other things is paramount.


  • Extra tough exterior shell
  • Multiple applications
  • External USB port
  • Super thick shoulder straps


  • Not for people with a lot of books

7. Tzowla Travel Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Tzowla Travel Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

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Whether you love traveling or a college student, the Tzowla laptop backpack is an outstanding solution to your needs. It’s a versatile bag made by experts to ensure there is reliable storage. Created with authentic design and appearance, it’s an elegant choice to keep every user enjoying using it. It has unique features that render it superb. Most notably is the USB and headphone ports. They allow you to keep your media output device in the bag while enjoying easy headset cable passage.

The integrated combination lock ensures there is no unauthorized access to your pack. This gives it improved safety compared to similar backpacks. For high reliability, this pack combines polyester fabrics, metal zippers, and luggage strap. As a result, you can always enjoy the safety and comfortable storage. Internal capacity is impressive and divided into compartments. Above all, it is suitable for laptops up to 15. 6 inches.


  • Multiple usage backpack
  • Broad padded straps
  • Combination lock
  • Metal zippers


  • Feels small that it looks

6. Himawari Travel College Backpack with USB Charging Port

Himawari Travel College Backpack with USB Charging Port

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Are you looking for a versatile backpack? Himawari travel and school bag is a handy choice for use in your daily activities. Built from eco-friendly waterproof canvas, it keeps your items perfectly protected. Apart from being durable, it has a soft shell that doesn’t cause scratches. Additionally, the combination of various sized compartments and pockets ensure there is enough storage space. Unlike other bags without handles, this one is easy to carry like a briefcase.

The built-in and detachable USB section is handy for simple phone charging. This lets you use your phone while the power bank is in the pack. The interior is large and can carry 14.9 inches laptop. Also, the classic design ensures other delicate items alike glasses can be carried safely. With metal zippers and zipper lines, it’s a robust and reliable backpack to invest in.


  • Tough and soft fabrics
  • Convenient briefcase handles
  • Reinforced edges
  • Steel main compartment frame


  • Lacks side pockets

5. Sosoon Water Resistant Laptop College Travel Backpack

Sosoon Water Resistant Laptop College Travel Backpack

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The Sosoon multipurpose backpack is suited for college as well as traveling. Therefore, c apart from student use, it perfectly suits business trips and other functions. Featuring careful design, it has 5 pockets complemented by 2 side pockets. As a result, it becomes possible to store 15.6 inches laptop, files, documents, and other gadgets. Constructed with unique anti-theft design, it gives your items superb protection. Also, the design delays unauthorized access hence buying more time.

Besides enhanced security, the pack is also created to contour to your body. Also, the fitted massage mats keep your back perfectly soothed. This feature is unique since other brands don’t offer it. Whether listening to music or charging your phone, the bag provides a convenient port. Also, the back has ventilation, which increases breathability. Thus, it becomes simple to enjoy a relaxed feeling when carrying it.


  • Anti-theft design
  • Extra-large main compartment
  • Ventilated back section
  • Water-resistant and ripstop fabrics


  • Zippers have no protection flap

4. Ytonet Extra Large Men College Laptop backpack

Ytonet Extra Large Men College Laptop backpack

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Having a stylish and reliable bag always improves your overall appearance. That is why this Ytonet extra-large backpack for men is suited for different usage. It can be used in collages as well as business trips. Its large capacity lest it accommodates different things without stress. The numerous pockets are responsible for keeping all your stuff without squeezing. Whether its books or other documents, they perfectly fit. Amazingly, all the exterior pockets are fitted with zippers, which is suitable for safety.

The thick design is fantastic in enabling the backpack to secure your electronic devices. Therefore, once carrying a laptop or tablet, they are adequately protected against shock, vibrations, and other issues. Amazingly, it has a larger compartment for laptops than others. It can fit 17 inches computer, which is a great feature. Equipped with a robust handle, you can carry it like a suitcase or massager bag.


  • Strong reinforced handle
  • Extra-large laptop compartment
  • Water-resistant
  • TSA friendly


  • Zippers aren’t water-resistant

3. Bebamour Casual Lightweight Travel College Backpack

Bebamour Casual Lightweight Travel College Backpack

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A multipurpose backpack is good for use every time you need it. One such bag is the casual Bebamour casual backpack for college and travels. Suited for casual events, it has reliable craftsmanship and fabrics. Created with a roomy 18L capacity, the bag is great for holding most of your gear. Not only it allows books, files, and reading materials; it also has a large laptop pocket. Also, the handle on the top allows easy conversion to a tote bag.

The pockets and compartments are quick to aces, which give it high functionality. As a result, it suits many people apart from students due to its handy nature. Durable metal zippers are one of the top qualities than make this pack safe and reliable. Also, the straps are easy to adjust, which is excellent for customizing comfort. With side pockets allowing quick access, they are great for carrying water bottles.


  • Quick access pockets
  • Easy to convert to a tote bag
  • Casual looking for men and women


  • Few pockets

2. Ronyes Unisex College Casual Rucksack Bag

Ronyes Unisex College Casual Rucksack Bag

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Comfort and safety of your belongings is paramount, especially for students. To ensure you enjoy every minute, Ronyes unisex rucksack is the ultimate bag to have. It’s a compact and easy to carry bag with superb construction. With its high versatility, the bag is excellent for schools, colleges, and even casual events. Engineered from waterproof materials, it ensures all your carried gears are safe. Be it books or electronics; they are protected from water leaks.

The pockets are large, which gives people with large laptops easy time. Actually, it can carry laptops measuring 13/4/15 and 16 inches. Besides, the exterior pockets are fitted with zippers hence great for improved safety. The large and thick flap is great for improving safety since it has buckles closures. Equipped with a USB port, it is easy to charge your devices while power bank is inside the bag. It’s a backpack suited for hiking, traveling, schools, and other functions.


  • Extra-large flap
  • Two-sided pockets
  • Suitable for different uses


  • Small water bottle pocket

1. Vicnunu Waterproof College Laptop Backpack

Vicnunu Waterproof College Laptop Backpack

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The Vicnunu college laptop bag is large to ensure you have ample space for your gear. Made by experts, it is robust and ensures there is reliable protection. The differently sized pockets are tasked to fit different components. In fact, the large laptop pocket is ideal for 14 inches laptops. With outer shell boasting oxford fabrics, they are durable and capable of withstanding substantial weight. Amazingly, the steel buckles are superb and don’t corrode.

There is easy access to all your pockets once having this backpack. Moreover, the triple compartments are classic in ensuring there is excellent storage space. With a colorful and vintage look, the pack is a great add on for complementing your casual look. A combination of thick padded straps and lifting handles erasure easy use as a tote bag.


  • Vintage looking design
  • Multi usage pack
  • Large umbrella and bottle pocket


  • Smaller than others

Backpacks for College Buying Guide

Backpack size

The size of any bag is essential. It determines the amount of gear it can accommodate. Since the college backpacks are for carrying a few items, they don’t need to be very large. But, this doesn’t mean you get a bag that will lead to cramped gear. A balanced bag with the ability to carry essentials is the right option. It will ensure all your gears are safe without inconveniences.

Quality of construction materials

The construction materials are vital to determine bag integrity. To ensure you enjoy safe and reliable storage, sturdy fabrics are essential. Most of the standard materials include leather, canvas, and polyester. Each of the material provides different qualities and reliability. Ideally, tear-resistant fabrics, as well as scratch-free, are suitable for long-time.

Waterproof ability

The ability to resist or repel water is a good quality for gear safety. In most cases, waterproof backpacks are great to avert water damage during showers or rain. Some of the bags are created with waterproof coating, while others take time to soak.

Laptop compartment

Backpacks nowadays come with laptop compartments. This allows you to enjoy superb laptop storage. Depending on the brand, they come with different compartment sizes. Therefore, you can choose an ideal bag with a right-sized compartment to fit your computer. For improved safety, padded compartments are more secure since they prevent shock and impacts.


Backpacks are great caring for your stuff. For college backpacks, they are usually flexible and multifunction. Due to their compact nature, they are handy to organize and carry your gear.

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