Top 10 Best Bike Locks in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

A nice bike always attracts a lot of attention. Although any bicycle can be stolen, adding extra security is essential. Bike locks are the ultimate ways to deter theft by buying time before a thief can break and ride away. Since no lock is 100% unbreakable, there are some with reputable safety protection. They are hard to break, saw, or be tampered with.

Apart from the ability to resist crooks, the locks are supposed to be resistant to weather elements. This ensures that even when used under extreme conditions, they won’t compromise lock’s performance. Just like other accessories on the market, there are many locks to choose from. But, this review helps you to get the top range locks for your bike.

10. USHAKE Heavy Duty Bicycles U Lock Bike Combination Lock

USHAKE Heavy Duty Bicycles U Lock Bike Combination Lock

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Forget about losing keys and struggling to break into your lock. The USHAKE heavy-duty U lock is one of the premium choices. It’s keyless since it features a combination lock mechanism. Therefore with a code only, the bike and secure. Offering 4 digits, it allows for up to 10,000 combinations. Thus it is simple to put a new code every day for maximum security. With simple password resetting, there are no hassles when recovering your locks.

The smooth dial is simple to use and stress-free operation. Designed from sturdy construction, it has a 4mm hardened zinc alloy shackle, which ensures it doesn’t rust. Moreover, the shackle is resistant to sawing or cutting, guaranteeing excellent safety. For further protection, the lock is protected from thick PVC coating to prevent rust. Unlike others, the lock is versatile and can fit bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and gates.


  • Versatile applications
  • Strong PVC protection cover
  • Tamperproof reinforced shackle


  • Can’t loop around the bike frame

9. Master Lock Combination Bike Lock

Master Lock Combination Bike Lock

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Carrying keys every time you lock your bike isn’t comfortable nowadays. With Master Lock combination lock, it simple to secure your equipment without hassles. Unlike other standard locking devices, this has a 4 digits combination lock. This ensures there is high reliability since it’s hard for crooks to guess the locking code. Designed with a factory set combination, there is great safety since it’s hard to forget due to constant resetting. Due to the long nature of this lock, it is ideal for securing many things like gates and bikes.

With braided steel, there is high reliability compared to a single piece. It gives thieves a hard time to cut with hacksaws or other equipment. The flexibility of the braided steel cables ensures damage by impact or cuttings are minimal. Enhanced with protective vinyl, there is superior weather element resistance. Due to the self-coiling design, the lock is convenient to store. Above all, it is long hence easy to loop bike in a permanent structure for absolute safety.


  • Self-coiling for easy storage
  • Weather protection vinyl sheath
  • Long to secure bike structures


  • The combination can’t be changed

8. Sportneer Bike 5-Digit Combination 3.2 FT Bicycle Lock

Sportneer Bike 5-Digit Combination 3.2 FT Bicycle Lock

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The Sportneer bike lock with 5 combination digits makes the security of your bike amazing. With the ability to create 100,000 combinations, it makes setting your code easy every day. It eliminates the possibility of thugs cracking your code. This ensures there is high reliability when it comes to reliability. With keyless locking, the lock is convenient, and everyone in the family can use it as long as they have code.

Compared to old locks, this has great reliability. It boasts manganese alloy steel, which is strong and hard to cut. Reinforced with zinc alloy, the crooks can’t cut the chain easily. Measuring 3.2 feet, the chain is great for securing bikes on poles and other permanent structures. Additionally, it can be used to secure the rear motorcycle wheel for ultimate security. With the ability to create personal code, resetting is simple. Furnished with a protective cloth, the lock is protected against extreme weather hence ideal for keeping it free from damage by weather elements.


  • Long cut-resistant chain
  • Flexible weatherproof cloth cover
  • Simple to set and reset codes


  • Feels a slightly heavier

7. Titanker 4 Feet Coiled Secure Resettable Combination Bike Cable Lock

Titanker 4 Feet Coiled Secure Resettable Combination Bike Cable Lock

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Investing in a reliable lock always increases the chances of theft failures. Titanker cable lock is one of the bike locks that give everyone the ability to enjoy updated safety. It’s a long cable lock that enables users to attach their bikes on some more permanent structures like poles. Additionally, the cable is covered by PVC covering sheath to keep away rain and dust. Therefore, it doesn’t suffer from rust and other anomalies due to exposure to weather elements.

Despite the durable steel cable, it is highly flexible and ensures there is secure storage. In fact, you can easily store it without straining to coil it. To ensure the lock doesn’t move around when in place, it comes with a mounting bracket. Its long nature ensures high versatility. This enables most users to utilize it in gate, bikes and scooters to update security. With many combinations of possibilities, there is reliable safety every day.


  • Mounting bracket
  • Sleek and multipurpose
  • Reliable combination lock
  • Coiling steel cable


  • Thin cable than rivals

6. Kryptonite Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

Kryptonite Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

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There are risks for bikes to be stolen when in urban areas. That is why Kryptonite U-lock is designed with New York standards to offer the highest quality security. Compared to others, it delivers overwhelming reliability due to premium materials. Featuring 16mm hardened steel, it becomes for thieves to cut or break. Actually, it can resist bolt cutters, hand tools, and leverage attacks. Apart from protecting the bike, the lock comes with a plastic layer that keeps it free from rust and dust.

Shipped with 3 steel keys, they are fantastic for recovery in case you lose one. With dual holding shackles, it increases the overall performance. This unlike single end shackle, which provides reduced security. With its durably made body, the lock is always reliable to protect bikes, as wells as gates and garage doors. With disc type cylinder body, it is hard to drill the lock thereby increasing the reliability.


  • Hard to drill
  • Resistant to hand tools
  • Large steel shackle
  • Stainless steel keys


  • Costly and heavy

5. SIGTUNA 16mm Heavy Duty Bike U-Lock

SIGTUNA 16mm Heavy Duty Bike U-Lock

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SIGTUNA U-lock for bikes helps to keep your bicycle safe from theft. The lock is perfect for ensuring all the loopholes are sealed. This is due to the quality of construction used, which provides impressive performance. Made from 16mm hardened steel, it is hard to cut or break with hand tools. Even when using your bike in urban areas, the lock ensures low chances of theft. Apart from the lock, it comes with steel cable tasked with adding convenience. It ensures there is high security especially by allowing locking a bike against string structures.

The laser-cut alloy keys are precise and don’t rust due to moisture. Fitted with plastic handles, they are simple to use without causing discomfort in your fingers. For the increased security, the shackle has a double locking mechanism. The disc type design and double deadbolt locking guarantee great safety against a variety of lock attacks. Easy to install mounting bracket is ideal for keeping the lock in position.


  • Lock and coop cable
  • Double shackle locking mechanism
  • Laser-cut alloy keys


  • Doesn’t have a combination lock

4. NDakter 4 Feet High Security 5 Digit Resettable Combination Lock

NDakter 4 Feet High Security 5 Digit Resettable Combination Lock

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Leaving your bike unlocked can be the worst thing to do in urban areas. The chance of it getting stolen are high. NDakter resettable lock is making your bike safe than earlier. Boasting a simple locking mechanism, it’s one of the reliable ways to enjoy excellent safety. In fact, it has 5 digit combination lock that ensures maximum security. With numerous combination, the lock ensures high convenience. You can set a new code every day and increase overall security. Consequently, it is hard for unauthorized users to crack the code.

With braided steel cables, they are strong to resist impact, cut, and other simple tools. The 4 feet cable is fantastic for ensuring the bike get proper safety. Apart from bicycles, the cable is long enough to enable motorcycle locking. Especially, it can be used on the rear wheels conveniently. The ability to create thousands of combination codes ensures the lock is secure throughout. Above all, it is excellent since you can lock two bikes together with ease.


  • Long steel cable
  • Easy to lock more than one bike
  • Smooth coiling


  • No resetting key

3. GoFriend High Security 5 Digit Combination Cable Lock

GoFriend High Security 5 Digit Combination Cable Lock

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Enjoy the full security of your bike without struggling with keys. GoFriend cable lock is a perfect option to ensure no more worries about losing bike to crooks. Boasting improved security, the lock has 5 digits combination lock. It, therefore, offers more codes than 4 digit locks. Unlike other that use factory set, this comes with a resettable design. Thus, it is simple to enjoy personalized locking code always.

The construction features durable materials with great reliability. It has a steel cable and ABS enhancement to resist weather damage. Boasting 4 feet long cable, it is simple to use it in different places. It can work on bikes, skateboards, and motorcycles. With mounting bracket and easy coiling ability, storage is simple and effortless. The cylinder has anti-sawing and drill resistant design, hence a great way to enjoy maximum reliability.


  • Anti-sawing cylinder
  • Customizable combination code
  • Mounting bracket


  • The cable can be hard to manage

2. Sanwo Bike Lock 4 Digit Resettable Combination Cable Lock

Sanwo Bike Lock 4 Digit Resettable Combination Cable Lock

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Sanwo lock is a reliable way to keep bike well secured from crooks. The lock boasts easy to use since it has a resettable combination lock. Therefore, no more carrying keys, hence ideal and convenient. With 4 digits, they are perfect to create up to 10,000 codes. Consequently, it creates a secure and reliable locking mechanism. With premium cable construction, it makes it hard for crooks to cut by sawing, hammering, or leverage.

The highly engineered plastic shell is protective and provides coverage against the weather. Measuring feet, it’s convenient and delivers great storage and carrying ability. Due to its robust nature, the lock is ideal for multiple uses. It fits fences, bikes, skateboards, and others.


  • High quality protective shell
  • Free from odors a
  • Short for easy storage


  • Doesn’t allow multiple bikes locking

1. DINOKA Bike 16mm Heavy Duty Security U Cable Bike Lock

DINOKA Bike 16mm Heavy Duty Security U Cable Bike Lock

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DINOKA U-lock is a fantastic and robust way to keep every bike secure. Unlike other locks with thin cables, this has thick one made of high-quality steel. In fact, the shackle and braided cable steel made. It’s therefore secure and resists cutting as well as drilling. The cylinder is rounded with a zinc alloy body to ensure maximum strength and resistance to weather damage.

The 4 feet cable is long enough to allow excellent security. It can lock 2 bikes or fix it on a reliable platform. The mounting bracket and copper keys enable the user to enjoy high safety. Silica gel coating allows a lock to enjoy great protection against scratches, water, and dust. Overall, the lock is great and simple to use without risking forgetting the password.


  • Copper keys
  • Silica gel coating
  • Flexible cable


  • Small size

Bike Locks Buying Guide

Type of lock

The type of lock is excellent in ensuring your bike got the best protection. There are many types of locks available on the market. Usually, there are D-locks, U-locks, and cable locks. They all have different performance and convenience. Depending on personal preference, the type of lock will play a vital role in convenience and security. The type of lock also determines the overall size and ease when locking.

Security rating

The security rating of a lock is an important consideration. Many aspects are considered when rating a lock. Therefore, researching the brand rating is paramount when buying a bile lock. Usually, the rating is out of 10. Thus, the higher the number, the better the protection it offers.

Lock protection

The locks for protecting your bike. But, they are also supposed to be protected against weather elements. Usually, plastics or rubber protection shells are vital in ensuring locks can withstand weather elements. With different materials used in these covers, there is a need to ensure no smell or toxic substances.


Bike locks are superb when it comes to security. They are designed to ensure there is reliable safety when your bike is in the parking. With the ability to reduce theft chances, they are ideal investment than risking your bike. Above all, these locks are versatile and offer more than bike security.

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