Top 10 Best Bikes for Kids in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 22, 2022

Bikes are great ways to ensure proper body exercise. Whether in adults or kids, they are popular also for keeping the cyclist happy. But, bikes for kids are popular in many homes to give children fun playing. There are different bikes depending on the kid’s age. Small kids have bikes with balancing wheels to ensure they don’t fall, however, as they progress, the balancing bikes are the ideal options. Choosing an ideal bicycle for your kids depends on variety of aspects.

There are many bikes you can add to your kids’ stuff. Some are capable to grow with your kid instead of buying a new one in each developmental stage. Bicycles made from reliable materials are a great choice to ensure kid safety isn’t compromised. With parents having difficult tines choosing bikes, there is need to have good research. This review provides best bikes for kid for every parent.

10. RoyalBaby Boys and GirlFreestyle Kid’s Bike

RoyalBaby Boys and GirlFreestyle Kid’s Bike

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The RoyalBaby kids’ bicycle is capable of growing with your kids. It’s a sporty bike that comes with a variety of accessories for easy conversion. Whether you want it for small babies, it has removable training wheels. Therefore, babies can use it for fun without risking accidents. Also, you can make it balancing bike for learning babies. With all tools available it’s easy to attach and detach parts.

The bell and reflector are great for kids’ safety. Additionally, this bell is great for small kids for enabling fun ringing when riding. The chain guard is great since it keeps babies away from the lubricating oil. The sturdy steel frame allows the kids to ride this bike vigorously without bending or breaking. Reliable caliper front brake and coaster rear brakes ensure there is instant stopping. Steel wheels and pneumatic tires keep the ride smooth and are strong.


  • Large water bottles
  • Strong steel frame
  • Instruction manuals
  • Adjustable seat height


  • Feels too heavy

9. JOYSTAR Kids Bike with Training Wheels

JOYSTAR Kids Bike with Training Wheels

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The Joystar bike is designed for beginners as well as bigger kids. The sturdily made to withstand heavy abuse by kids. In fact, the steel frame ensures the bike requires minimal maintenance. Also, the single-speed and trended tires ensure kids enjoy as well as exercise. The stable training wheels are amazing in ensuring small babies can ride safely. With easy to adjust the seat, it gives parents quick height adjustment. Thereby, it is ideal for different sized kids.

Amazingly, the saddle has enhanced handle that allows kids to train when training wheels are off. The simple to fit chain guard is classic in ensuring there is simple repairs without strains. Also, the decal allows the parents to stick customized names on the bike. Unlike other bicycles, this comes while 85% assembled. Therefore, only small work is needed and it’s ready for your baby. Above all, the bike is right for use by boys and girls.


  • Comes while preassembled
  • Complete chain guard
  • Easy to install accessories


  • Drivetrain feels hard

8. Guardian Bikes Ethos Multiple Colors 16/20/24 Inch Kids Bike

Guardian Bikes Ethos Multiple Colors 16/20/24 Inch Kids Bike

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Safety is one of the concern when it comes to cycling. That is why the Guardian kids’ bike is designed in different sizes. This enables babies of different ages and heights to rise with ease. The sure stop technology is great in ensuring braking is efficient. Actually, the one lever brake system ensure baby doesn’t struggle to bring the bike to stop. It controls both wheels thus ensuring there is balanced braking.

Unlike adult bikes, this has kid-friendly geometry that is comfortable for riders. Therefore, no more strains like regular children bicycles. Apart from the comfort, the frame is lightweight which provides better control. Enhanced with 34 safety checks, the manufacturing process ensures the bike is reliable for kids use. With all necessary tools provided, the bike is one of the best options for kids.


  • Improved bike safety
  • One-stop brake lever
  • Kid-friendly frame


  • Not for training kids

7. Schwinn Koen Boy’s Bike, with SmartStart Frame

Schwinn Koen Boy's Bike, with SmartStart Frame

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Schwinn is one of the best bike makers. They make a variety of bicycles to ensure everyone has the right one. This koen boy’s bike is amazing and suited to different kid stages. Unlike other designed for sole purpose, this can be used for training and regular kids cycling. Designed featuring SmartStart frame, it perfectly fits your kids’ comfort and body contouring. As a result, kids enjoy sleek pedaling as well as handling.

The rear has coaster brakes as well as calipers brakes that are amazing in ensuring there is great stopping the bike. Therefore, even in steep places, the bike is safe for kids to ride. The large portion of the chain is covered which is perfect for keeping it safe as well as the rider. Equipped with sandal handle, it is easy to store kid bike.


  • Simple to fit training wheels
  • Handl enhanced saddle
  • All tools included
  • Reliable brake system


  • The seat has no suspension springs

6. Mongoose Legion Kids Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion Kids Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike

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Getting your children premium bikes is a great boost in their lives. The Mongoose Legion bike for kids and beginners forms a great way to allow kids to exercise and have fun. It’s a sturdily made bike with exceptional robust frame. In fact, the high tensile steel frame and fork mean the bike is great for heavy-duty utilization. The fork features low stance geometry which is great for responsive rude. Equipped with broad tires with large trends, the bike is great for paved and rough grounds.

When it comes to safety, the braking system is robust and reliable. In fact, equipped with U-shaped aluminum rear brakes and allow lever, there is maximum grip for an instant stoppage. The rims are strong and feature strong materials that won’t give in even under extreme rides. Also, the materials is resistance to corrosion hence durable for years. The micro drive 25x9t BMX single-speed cassette ensures kids and beginners enjoy riding this bike.


  • Strong allows brakes
  • Extra broad tires
  • Stable steel frame


  • No front brake

5. RoyablBaby Stargirl Kids Bike for Girls with Training Wheels

RoyablBaby Stargirl Kids Bike for Girls with Training Wheels

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Girls always love pretty looking bike and other items. The RoyalBaby Stargirl is one of the kid bikes created for babies. Unlike other bikes, this enjoys a carrying basket which is good for baby stuff. Rider can put toys and other items while riding. Additionally, the basket features reflectors that are great for ensuring safe riding at night. Equipped with training wheels, it is good for kids without any cycling experience. Besides, when the wheels are removed, it has a kickstand for easy storage.

The assembling is a piece of cake and everyone can assemble this bike. This is because it comes while 95% preassembled, unlike other brands. Additionally, the complementary tools provided ensure there is ease of assembling. The front hand brake and rear coaster brake ensure speed regulation an efficient stoppage when the baby is riding.


  • Sleek baby basket
  • Removable training wheels
  • Elegant looking


  • Very little training wheels

4. Nice C BMX Kids Bike for Boys and Girls with Dual Disc Brake

Nice C BMX Kids Bike for Boys and Girls with Dual Disc Brake

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It is time to give your kids a luxurious and reliable bike. This Nice C BMX bike is unisex and fits all kids. Whether boys or girls, they will enjoy riding the bicycle. Unlike the other bulky bikes, this has a magnesium alloy frame which is super light and very tough. With elastic design than aluminum frame, it can withstand great stress without breaking. Amazingly the one-piece molded frame offers unmatched durability and strength.

Apart from the strong frame, the tires are thick which is great for riding on soft places. Whether its snow or sand, the bike won’t sink thus increasing the efficiency. Equipped with dual brakes, it has guaranteed stoppage. In fact, the rear brake has dual disk that ensures maximum performance.


  • Dual rear disc brakes
  • Molded magnesium alloy frame
  • Thick tires


  • A bit complex instructions

3. Nickelodeon Kids Paw Patrol Bicycle

Nickelodeon Kids Paw Patrol Bicycle

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The Nickelodeon kids paw patrol bike is a sleek and perfect way to keep your babies engaged. It’s a great option since it allows even new riders to ride without any hassle. In fact, enhanced with trainer wheels, it ensures you don’t need to support your kid. Created with a low profile, it suits your baby without struggling. With insulated handles, they are perfectly suited for maximum grip. This enables kid to have full bike control without slipping due to sweating.

With a bright chain guard, the bike is safe and protects kids from scrapes and cuts. Amazingly, the training wheels are easily removable to ensure there is great versatility when using this bike. The laser printed seat is enjoyable and superb and sleek. Therefore, kids enjoy a great looking bike. Enhanced with marshal wheel covers, they are sleekly printed to keep bike elegant.


  • Elegant and attractive wheel caps
  • Chain protector
  • Extra lightweight


  • Small tire treads

2. COEWSKE Steel Frame Children Bicycle

COEWSKE Steel Frame Children Bicycle

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The Coeweske Little princess styled bicycle is one of the best options for little angels. It’s a bike created with beauty in mind. Therefore, whether you gift it to boys or girls, they will enjoy great elegance. The front part has a basket that ensures baby can carry different playing toys. With rear-wheel having coaster brake hub and front V-brakes there is increased baby safety.

The tires are pneumatic and provide great traction. Whether in slippery grounds or sand, they are enhanced with superb trends. Also, the chain is completely guarded which increases this bike safety. With rear tray, it increases overall kid ability to carry different items. Additionally, the bike is available while assembles, this is ready for kid use. The footrest design also allows the baby to enjoy awesome great fun when on the ride.


  • Elegant design
  • Front and rear trays
  • Wide knobby air-filled tires
  • Installation tools


  • Low-quality bar covers

1. Huffy 72028 Motox 12’’ wheel Boys Bike

Huffy 72028 Motox 12’’ wheel Boys Bike

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The Huffy Motox boys bike is perfect for the absolute training. Since it has a convertible design, you can easily remove the training wheels. With durable frame, the bike ensures there is high performance with minimal maintenance. Moreover, the alloy quick releases seat is great in ensuring there is easy height adjustment. Therefore, different kids can use a bike with comfort.

There is no safety compromise since it comes with rear and front brakes. Unlike others, this has translucent chain guars made from light plastic. This enables weight reduction hence maximum riding experience. With seat having realistic racing cars designs, they keep the kids entertained. With supportive and broad tires, this bike is ready to move on any surface.


  • Broad a supportive tires
  • Racing inspired seat graphics
  • Translucent chain guard


  • Complex bike instructions

Bikes for Kids Buying Guide

Choosing the right bike for your kids requires a careful approach. This guide highlights some of the qualities to check.

Bike weight

The bee weight is vital when you are buying a bike for your baby. Usually, lighter versions are great since they are efficient and doesn’t need a lot of energy. Since small kids can’t handle a massive weight, ensure the bike is as light as possible. However, limelight should not compromise bike strength.


The frame is another vital feature worth looking at. There are different frames styles, materials, and sizes. However, ideal one should be extra-strong but light. The most common are steel, aluminum alloy, and magnesium alloys among others. Mostly, steel frames are common. Regardless of material ensure the frame is sturdy but light.


The bike size is also among the top features to check. Depending on the baby age, you need to have a size chart to ensure proper selection. This is because different age groups have varying bike sizes. Wrong size choice can lead to difficulties when riding. Always ensure to check on the bike sizing before ordering a bike. This will give your baby an ideal cycling.


The braking system is another consideration when you are getting a bike. There are different types of brakes available on kid bikes. There are coaster, caliper and disc brakes. They have different efficiencies and performance. Ideally, coaster brakes are almost maintenance-free. However, they can be problematic for beginners since kids tend to pedal backward. The calipers and disc although are efficient, that can be tricky to set.


Bikes for kids are the best ways to introduce your baby to exercising. They are designed with the sole purpose of enabling children to train while enjoying. The different brands, styles, and sizes ensure people get the best bicycles for their kids.

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