Top 10 Best Blender for Smoothies in 2020 Reviews

Fruits and vegetables are some of the ideal ways to give body high-quality nutrients. Although many people take them as salad, making smoothies make them easy to drink. In fact, you can add different ingredients that make the juice more nutritious. Blender for smoothies are some of the appliances that people should think of. Unlike juicers, blenders allow for wholesome food hence great for the stomach.

Since the smoothies contain full fruits and vegetables, they contain a lot of fiber. As a result, there is improved digestion and other benefits. With a powerful blender, it allows for making smoothies from tough fruits. Also, you can prepare a juice from fibrous veggies without running into problems. Depending on the demand, there are blenders designed with different sizes. Therefore everyone can have the ideal one for best performance.

10. Hamilton Beach 12 Functions Power Elite Blender

Hamilton Beach 12 Functions Power Elite Blender

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The Hamilton Beach power elite is a handy blender made for daily home use. With 12 functions, the machine can make puree, ice crush, smoothies, and shakes; it has excellent versatility. With 700 watts rating, it has enough power to blend your content smoothly. Additionally, the blender offers extra smooth results, which is great for everyone. Whether for kids, elderly or sick, to make nutritious content. The wave action design ensures the mixture is perfectly blended.

The jug is clear, which is great for the user to enjoy watching the process. Made from durable materials, the jar is safe and free from prohibited particles. The sturdy blade helps in slicing your content perfectly and made from corrosion-resistant materials. With a mess-free spout, the blender ensures there is superb while discharging the content. With dishwasher safe jar, chopper, and lid, the mixer is a daily partner.


  • Dishwasher safe components
  • 12 blending functions
  • No mess pouring spouts


  • A lot of plastic used

9. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

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The NutriBullet high-speed blender is fantastic and reliable. It’s one of the sleek appliances that make your kitchen look fabulous. With a ton of functions, this appliance is ideal for making nutrients packed smoothies. With heavy-duty performance, the blender can work on a large variety of food. Whether its nuts, spinach, berries, and others, the appliance is sturdy and highly reliable. Despite the great blending power, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy. In fact, the 600W rating ensures it can blend most food.

The 4 blades food chopper is reliable and blends food quickly. This ensures that once in need of a body boost, you can make juice with tons of nutrients. The blander comes with 12 pieces that are useful for smooth blending. With cyclonic blades, they are reliable to break even tough food hence delivering smooth juice. The high-performance BPA free cups are great in ensuring you enjoy healthy smoothies anytime.


  • BPA free cups
  • Cyclonic blade action
  • Easy cleaning


  • The jug is plastic made

8. Ninja Professional 1100-Watt Countertop Blender

Ninja Professional 1100-Watt Countertop Blender

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When you want to improve body fiber intake, there is no doubt a blander is a fantastic appliance. The Ninja professional blender is strong and capable of blending tough fiber-rich vegetables. Boasting 1100 watt base, it can blend large quantities of food quickly. Enhanced with a 3-speed setting, there is great performance depending on what you are blending. The professional performance is fantastic and lets the blender enjoy unmatched results.

The crushing pitcher allows the blender to pulverize ice cubes in seconds hence a refreshing smoothie juice. Especially during summers, the appliance allows for fresh and nutritious juice. Enhanced with a large jar, it can hold ample content for everyone. Additionally, the two 16oz cups are designed to ensure easy serving. With simple assembling, this blender is classic and ideal for everyone. With 6 blades assembly, there is exceptional blending power.


  • Innovative blades
  • Single serving blending
  • Makes frozen drinks
  • Lid enhanced cups


  • Plastic jar cracks on the bottom

7. Magic Bullet Blender11 Piece Set

Magic Bullet Blender11 Piece Set

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Enjoying natural juice from the fruits is excellent for body health. Magic bullet 11 pieces set blending accessories caters for all your smoothies making needs. The compactly built blender is ideal or making your daily smoothies. Besides, the mixer mixes and chop your food. The high torque motor is fantastic and delivers reliable power. This ensures there is excellent blending. As a result, no limits when it comes to making smoothies, drinks, dips, and others.

Amazingly the set provides all the necessary accessories for convenient blending. Apart from the blender, there is a cup, party mug, cross-blade, stay fresh sealable lid, and others. They combine to create fantastic performance and juice making. The 10 seconds recipe guide is superb for making instant smoothies. With stainless steel blades, they are resistant to corrosion and staining by acidic fruits. Cleaning the blender and other accessories are simple with just water and soap.


  • High torque motor
  • Durable BPA free plastic
  • Unlimited applications


  • Not for large blending tasks

6. Oster Pro 1200W Blender with Glass Jar

Oster Pro 1200W Blender with Glass Jar

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Oster makes some of the high-quality kitchen appliances. This blender from the company is ideal for use in every home. It allows people to make different types of blended food. With preset modes, the mixer can make smoothies, chop food and milkshakes. Apart from the ready food processing settings, the appliance boasts smart technology. It has 7-speeds that are designed to enable the machine to blend everything.

The dual direction technology is designed to ensure the machine offers precise and powerful crushing. With an extra-wide 3.5 inches blade, the ingredients flow smoothly for seamless crushing and chopping. Fitted with 6 cups boroclass glass jar, it is efficient in withstanding thermal shock. For increased performance, the blender has added pulse action. The lid enhanced cup helps to ensure you preserve your smoothie hence ideal when traveling. Premium material and professional construction enable the blender to last for years.


  • Powerful crushing ability
  • Dual direction blade technology
  • Glass blender jar
  • Preprogrammed settings


  • Feels heavy than rivals

5. OBERLY Smoothie Six Blades Fruit Mixing Machine

OBERLY Smoothie Six Blades Fruit Mixing Machine

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Having great refreshments always depends on your ability to have a reliable blender. This portable one by Oberly offers fantastic reliability everywhere. Actually, it is compact and lightweight which is great for the people when traveling. In fact, its battery operated and allows for making up to 12 cups in a single charge. This ensures when outdoors or traveling, you give body nutritious natural drinks. The battery is rechargeable via USB meaning even when outdoors, the user can plug it in a power bank.

Unlike others, this has a single button operation. It, therefore, enjoys great operation and is simple for everyone to use. With inbuilt safety measures, the device doesn’t overheat. Thus, even when used daily, the blender is perfect and consistent. The 304 stainless steel blade is robust and reliable. With 3.7 volt motor, it allows for smooth smoothies making as well as juice mixing. With BPA free construction, the blender is superior and keep everyone healthy smoothies.


  • BPA free plastic construction
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Multifunctional applications


  • Only makes one cup at a time

4. COSORI Upgraded 800W Personal Blender

COSORI Upgraded 800W Personal Blender

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Cosori 800w blender brings power in your hands to make your desired smoothies. The high-performance base offers enough torque to work on tough veggies and fruits. Therefore, whether adding tough ingredients into your recipe, the blender is reliable. With a peak of 2000rpm, it’s a great way to ensure users enjoy a superior performance without strains. As a result, it can offer ice crushing, pureeing and other tasks. Featuring overheat and overload protection, the machine is exceptional for keeping the alliance and user safe.

The hardened stainless steel blade is built to deliver unmatched chopping ability. It doesn’t get corroded, rust, or impact metallic taste to your juice. With sharp edges, they are great in ripping vegetables and other tough items. Apart from the superbly made hardware, the performance is exceptional. In fact, auto blending is exceptional for easing the work. It has 3 seconds interval, which allows for ingredients to mix thoroughly. It works 10 times which ensures your ingredients are smoothly worked on. Above all, the lid enhanced cups are superb for keeping your juice fresh.


  • Lid fitted cups
  • Auto blending interval mechanism
  • Extra sharp bland edges


  • Lids feel flimsy

3. COSORI Upgraded Compact Personal Blender

COSORI Upgraded Compact Personal Blender

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When you don’t have enough space for large-sized blenders, smaller ones are great. Cosori compact personal blender is great for small places as well as traveling. Its small design ensures there is convenience and ease of making juice, mix, and chop fruits everywhere. Enhanced with a robust base, it allows juice making in just 10 seconds. The one-touch button ensures no complications like large blenders. Therefore making juice is simple than imagined.

Despite the compact nature, the appliance has a 300W motor. It delivers much-needed torque for ultimate performance and quick blending. To complement the powerful motor, the machine has a super sharp blade, which ensures there is great chopping. Thus, for tough ingredients, the blender work on them like a charm. Apart from the performance, the construction features safe and approved materials. The blender and accessories are BPA free as well as other prohibited materials.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compact and powerful
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Small capacity

2. LaHuko Portable Personal Size Blender Juicer

LaHuko Portable Personal Size Blender Juicer

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The goodness of nature is felt through refreshing natural juices. To make your favorite tasting and body-boosting smoothies, LaHuko portable personal blender offers a great ability to make juice in seconds. Its compact and portable nature enables users to enjoy great juice everywhere. Therefore, whether at home or outdoors, the blender is handy. With a rechargeable battery, it doesn’t need to be plugged every time you are using it. Besides, the USB charging port improves the ability to charge since you can use a power bank.

Due to the compact nature, the device is tasked to ensure there is high portability. Additionally, with a single operating button, there are no settings needed to use the blenders. The sharp and string blades are ideal for making smoothies, baby food, veggie juice and crushed ice. It weighs 12.35 oz. And has 380 mil juice capacity thus great for your personal needs.


  • Versatile food making
  • Adjustable speed
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery


  • Weak for heavy-duty blending

1. TENSWALL Portable Handhelds Blender

TENSWALL Portable Handhelds Blender

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There is fun when you can make juice or smoothies anywhere. Tenswall portable blender handheld and superbly made to ensure there are no more stresses. With compact designs, this juicer has reliable action for ultimate performance. There is versatility and reliability since it has a rechargeable battery. This lets you have your juice everywhere. Also, the small size ensures it can be carried in your bag easily. The USB charging port permits recharging the blender using a power bank, computer, or wall plug.

Compared to others, this has an efficient blending mechanism. Fitted with 7.5V motor, it delivers 22000 rpm. This helps to chop even tough food without leaving large particles. With one-button blending, there are no technicalities when working with this device. Overall the construction is sleek and renders the blender elegant and safe.


  • Sleekly designed
  • High-performance compact motor
  • Non-slip silicone base


  • Weak on ice

Blender for Smoothies Buying Guide


The size is one of the significant considerations for blender buying. There are different sized blenders. But, mostly when getting for use in kitchen countertops are ideal. Amazingly, others are compactly made to ensure they are portable. The size usually depends on the number of cups you need to make at ago.

Speed and power

The power is determinant on how your device will work. Usually, the motor rating is essential for the overall blender performance. More powerful appliances are great since they can work on a wide range of food. Apart from power, speed is vital to enable proper working. Some appliances come with singe and other multiple speed settings. The more speed settings, the better performance a blender is.


The attachments are essential in a blender. To improve the performance as well as versatility. In most cases, the standard accessories are blades, cups, among others. Blenders with complete sets of attachments make blending smooth and enjoyable.


The ability to enjoy smoothies always depends on your appliance. With different sized blenders, they provide varying performance. Besides making smoothies, these blenders are versatile and perform other functions. Therefore, once in need of enjoying nature’s best, blenders for smoothies are the right appliances.

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