Top 10 Best Bread Makers in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on April 19, 2020

Making fresh bread in your home is a great way to eat healthy food. It eliminates the need to buy bread from the stores. However, the best ways to enjoy mouthwatering loaves is getting bread makers. They are versatile machines with the ability to make a different type of breads. Unlike old days where bread makers had limited feature and performance, these days they have improved. They can perform various tasks from preparing, baking and other functions.

Although many people get these machines for baking purposes, the design and sleekness matter. Elegantly looking loaf maker is ideal for giving your kitchen a fantastic look. Equipping your home with the best bread making machine always ensure fresh and customized loaves. These machines reviewed below ensures your love for bread is always quenched.

10. Oster Expressbake, 2Lb Loaf Bread Maker

Oster Expressbake, 2Lb Loaf Bread Maker

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Oster Expressbake machine is perfected to enable every home to get fresh bread. It’s a 650-watt machine that offers impressive results and reliable baking. With the ability to make 2 bread, the machine provides a great choice for large families. Therefore, instead of making a single loaf at a time, the maker offers two bread at a time. This not only makes enough loaves but saves you the baking time.

Besides making bread, the machine offers a variety of options. It comes with 12 settings that help in making your preferred texture. Additionally, 3 crust setting ensures you can get preferred browning of your loaves. Due to the efficient baking mechanism, it delivers bread in less an hour. Due to 13 hours programmable settings, it allows for delayed operation. This ensures you can make fresh bread any time of the day. Equipped with an LCD screen, the machine enables easy and precise settings.


  • Large capacity
  • LCD screen
  • Delayed baking time


  • Hard to get replacement part

9. Aicok Automatic 2LB Programmable Bread Machine

Aicok Automatic 2LB Programmable Bread Machine

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The Aicok automatic bread maker lets every family get the best tasting loaf. It’s a sleek machine worth investing and keeping in your home. Boasting polished steel, the device offers excellent sleekness. Besides, the machine provides the ability to make 2 pounds bread. Boasting 15 programs, it can be set to make different texture loaves. Additionally, the 12 functions are great since you can add fruits and nuts. As a result, people can eat their customized prepared bread.

Having this machine offers 3 bread sizes. This helps in making different sized breads depending on the number of people or family size. Unlike some of the machines, this provides different crust colors. As a result, there is great tasting bread depending on your level of crust. Offering delayed timer, it can delay your baking. As a result, the machine can make your breakfast up to 15 hours in advanced. Above all, the parts are easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe.


  • Crust color setting
  • Dishwasher safe part
  • Non-stock cooking tray
  • Sleek polished steel exterior


  • Doesn’t make jams

8. Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker

Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker

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Making bread using traditional makers can be tricky. Cuisinart CBK-200 convention bread makes one of the ultimate machines to have. It allows for automated break baking which eases your work. Boasting 16 preprogrammed menu options, the machine allows you to enjoy great convenience. It, therefore, allows people to work efficiently by a press of a button. With the ability to make 3 sized bread, it can deliver 100 loaf options with 3 crust colors.

Apart from the regular bread-making ability, the machine is excellent for gluten-free options. Additionally, the baker offers a special menu which allows for slow baking. As a result, there is great and soft bread. The durable construction features stainless steel exterior and BPA free parts. For baking your bread in advance, the maker has 12 hours delay timer. Due to audible alert, the machine notifies you when to add fruits and nuts to your bread.


  • Audible tones
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Convection heating mechanism


  • Burns bread on the bottom

7. Safeplus Stainless Steel 2LB 550W Programmable Breadmaker

Safeplus Stainless Steel 2LB 550W Programmable Breadmaker

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Safeplus programmable bread maker is classic for any family. It’s a compact machine which allows everyone to enjoy seamless baking. Apart from bread making, it has versatile functions which allow for more than making bread. With 19 baking features, it can make French quick bread, cake, jam, whole bread and others. Therefore, once in your home, this 550 watts bread making machine offers ultimate performance. With 3 different bread weight, the maker offers the ability to make 500g, 720g and 1000g bread.

With the ability to make light, medium, and hard crust, the machine delivers the bread of your choice. For ultimate convenience, the machine has an LCD screen that allows for precise settings. Additionally, the preprogrammed menu allows for quick setting. There is no complicated like older models. The machine is easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts as well as secure from banned materials.


  • Preprogramed menu
  • Suitable for a different type of bread
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful mixing action


  • No recipe book

6. BestComfort 19 Programs Automatic Bread Machine

BestComfort 19 Programs Automatic Bread Machine

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Having self-made bread ensured you put the desired ingredients. Therefore, adding a bread maker in your kitchen is a significant step. BestComfort automatic machine is great and latest way to make bread. It is a 19 programs machine which keeps bread making process in your fingertips. Besides making different types of loaves, the machine delivers great textured bread. Besides, it comes with the ability to make different sized loaves of bread. It can bake 1, 1.7 and 2.2 lb loaves.

Unlike inferior quality bread makers, this has a sleek and durable construction. It has an elegant stainless steel exterior. Besides the beauty, the machine is simple to keep clean. Unlike other devices, this comes with a transparent lid for easy monitoring of your bread baking. It is easy to remove from the baking equipment due to the fitted handle. With an inner layer featuring ceramic coating, the bread maker provides an excellent process.


  • Efficient cooking design
  • Handle enabled baking basket
  • Sleek control panel


  • Not best for gluten-free bread

5. Panasonic Sd-bh1001-r Home Bakery Loaf Maker

Panasonic Sd-bh1001-r Home Bakery Loaf Maker

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Panasonic Sd-bh1001-r is an excellent machine for making excellent loaves. The machine is designed with the ability to cook up to 14 types of bread. As a result, there is high versatility and reliability compared to older models. The smooth and sleek design ensures the machine is superb for every kitchen. Due to optimized size, it can be used even on compact spaces without causing clattering. The baking tray is superb and made to deliver excellent performance.

The construction features safe and BPA free materials. This guarantees high safety and people can enjoy excellent health. Interior features stainless steel which doesn’t rust or react with air due to hot temperatures. Adding nuts or jam is simple and facilitated by the machine design. With a digital display screen, the machine is great when you need to seat precise baking time or other settings. Due to the high-quality design and materials, the machine doesn’t get hot.


  • Great results
  • Sleek and easy to clean
  • Compact for small places


  • Menu is in Japanese

4. West Bend Bread Maker

West Bend Bread Maker

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The West Bend bread maker ensures there are no more hassles buying loaves from the stores. It is a compact and ideal option which fits well in your kitchen. Due to the different features in this machine, the bread maker delivers high versatility. As a result, it is simple to make a different type of bread without complicated processes. Preprogrammed nature ensure there is quick action without having to undergo many steps.

The display is backlit and sleek, which ensure there is a simple operation. With transparent window, it is easy to enjoy your baking process. With the ability to offer powerful mixing ability and baking, this appliance delivers superb results. Boasting durable construction, performance is remarkable. Overall, the bread maker is highly reliable a sleek as well as compact for any kitchen.


  • Compact and elegant
  • Easy to program
  • Tons of features


  • Manual and recipe aren’t best

3. ALBOHES Stainless Steel Bread Machines

ALBOHES Stainless Steel Bread Machines

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Baking bread at home is a significant achievement. Albohes stainless steel machine is a great machine that gives every home ability to make excellent loaves. The machine comes with 17 settings which are great for preparing and baking different bread types. For people who love French sweet bread jam, yogurt and other preparations, the bread maker offers quick action. The soft buttons are great when setting since there are no struggles to press.

Operating this bread making machine is simple. With each action on a specific button, even the first time users enjoy great operation. Due to the timer function, the appliance can separate your breakfast with up to 24 hours. This means you can enjoy delayed cooking to increase convenience. Depending on your preference, the bread maker delivers 3 kinds of flavors. The compact design is fantastic in keeping the machine ideal for all kitchens. The anti-scaling handle maintains the maker looking awesome.


  • Scale-free handle
  • Stainless steel design
  • Different flavors settings


  • Wi-Fi needs to have an app to work

2. DAK Turbo Baker IV Bread Maker Welbilt Machine

DAK Turbo Baker IV Bread Maker Welbilt Machine

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The DAK Turbo bread maker is handy and allows for people to make desired loaves. It’s a sleek machine with an attractive design and finish to complement any kitchen. It boasts efficient clock and timer, which is great for setting your time. As a result, the machine is suitable for delayed cooking to make your bread conveniently. The control panel is user friendly and simple to operate. Additionally, the digital display allows for precise setting.

With this machine, it can make round bread. This ensures that every day, owners can enjoy fresh loaves for their families. For great performance, the bread maker comes with a clear lid which lets you view as the bread cooks. Due to the high-quality materials, the machine is lightweight and sleek. Stable design allows it to be safe and free from toppling.


  • Durable operation
  • Simple to use control panel
  • Clear lid


  • Only cooks round bread

1. COSTWAY 15 Programmable Multifunctional Bread Machine

COSTWAY 15 Programmable Multifunctional Bread Machine

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Costway multifunctional bread machine is perfect for everyone. Whether you want to make bread, cakes, buns and other products, the machine is fantastic. It allows people to make desserts instead of going to stores every day. With a timer, it can enable 15 hours delay to cook at your convenient time. Additionally, the 1 hour warming time is fantastic and lets people enjoy great results. The automatic operation ensures there is great performance as compared to others. It has kneading function as well as other essentials which allow a smooth process.

Cooking is enjoyable with this machine since it has an observation window. Therefore, as your bread bakes, it is possible to see the whole process. The stainless steel exterior is impressive in keeping your kitchen looking sleek. The inbuilt nut and fruits dispenser ensures you make mouthwatering desserts. Stylish and easy to use control panel and chrome mirror stainless steel handle makes the machine look amazing.


  • Elegant stainless steel
  • Fruits and nut dispenser
  • Automatic operation


  • Hole in the bread

Bread Makers Buying Guide

Delayed timer

The delayed timer is an excellent feature in a bread maker. It determines how long you can delay baking to ensure there is convenient baking. Whether you want to make breakfast or daytime snacks, a delayed timer is essential. It ensures you can set the machine to bake at your needed time.

Noise level

The noise level differs from one machine to another. This depends on the quality of a machine. Mostly, the noise emanates from the kneading. The quality of the appliance will affect how loud it is. The higher-end and large machine offer little noise as compared to small ones. This is because they have powerful kneading mechanism with less noise.


The construction is another vital feature that one needs to consider. With different materials, they need to be reliable and high quality. Mostly, stainless steel aluminum and plastic are used. However, for extended durability, stainless steel offers a better option. It also delivers a sleek look to complement your home.


Although bread makers are for making loaves, they need to be versatile. Some of the machines come with the ability to make buns, cakes, and other desserts. Amazingly, some brands offer automatic fruits and nut dispensers to make your desserts mouthwatering. Therefore, a multifunctional bread making machine is worth considering.


Home bread baking is a good idea for health and fresh desserts. With a variety of machines, they offer different functionalities. Whether you need a machine for your family or personal use, they are available in various sizes. For the best loaves, these bread makers are superb.

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