Top 10 Best Chef Knives in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Working in your kitchen requires ideal tools. Chef knives are some of the vital tools that ensure every cook gets the best chopping and comfort. Unlike regular knives, these are multipurpose and improves the cutting experience. Finding a professional chef knife ensures there is enjoyable and smooth cooking. However, with thousands of choices available, it becomes vital to do careful section.

Depending on your kitchen needs, different people have varying requirements for knives. Therefore, choosing the type of cutlery is essential to fulfilling your needs. Depending on your expertise in knives selection, there are ways you can choose a good knife. For non-experts, visiting a store is great since you can analyze a range of knives. Usually, there are different aspects that buyers can check to get the best knives.

10. Home Hero Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set Knives Kitchen Set

Home Hero Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set Knives Kitchen Set

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The Home Hero set of stainless steel knives is dedicated to professional performance. Unlike buying a single knife, this offers different sized blades. Therefore, it is simple to use the convenient one for each task. Amazingly, the set comes with loaf, chef, carving, utility, and parking knives. Therefore, once you embark on serious kitchen work, there are no more inconveniences. The blades are stainless steel with laser coating to enable superb durability.

The handles are superior, made, and comfortable. Therefore, once working with these knives, there are no discomforts. Additionally, the balanced construction is impressive since there is efficient cutting. The set comes with a knife holder, which increases safety and convenience. Also, the sharpener allows easy blade sharpening. They are knives created to perfection for amateurs and professionals.


  • Laser enhanced finish
  • Integrated blades sharpener
  • Durable knife organizer


  • Scrubbing removes the coating

9. imarku Pro Kitchen 8’’ High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife

imarku Pro Kitchen 8’’ High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife

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A good knife will make your kitchen incredible. Imarku is one of the best chef knives you can gift your kitchen with. With this knife, there is added performance since it has remarkable quality. Made from high carbon stainless steel, it has 8 inches long blade. Besides, the edge is solid to blast every ingredient quickly. Whether tough herbs, vegetables, or fruits, the knife is safe and efficient. In fact, it doesn’t react with food, which enables them to keep them naturally tasting.

The handle is exceptionally comfortable and reliable. Actually, it features a pakkawood handle. The material is durable and doesn’t wobble even after a long time of usage. Boasting high ergonomics, the knife doesn’t cause fatigue or finger numbness. The ultra-sharp blade is convenient when cutting your ingredients without applying a lot of pressure. The high-quality blade is resistant to tarnish or corrosion hence multipurpose and ideal for all food chopping.


  • Corrosion ad tarnish resistant
  • Extra comfortable handle
  • Ultra-sharp blade


  • The wood handle doesn’t last like plastic

8. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8Inches Chef’s Kitchen Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8Inches Chef's Kitchen Knife

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For seamless chopping in your kitchen, there is a need to have the right cutlery. This 8 inches long professional and home knife by Victorinox create a perfect feeling. Whether you are cutting meat, veggies, or other items, it has ideal action. The broad blade is fantastic and lasts for years. Even after frequent sharpening, the knife has the perfect design. Therefore, it doesn’t experience blade thinning like cheap knives. With tapered stainless steel edge, it cuts with perfection.

The laser testes blade allows for multipurpose compared to other knives. It can chop, mince, dice ad slice with less hassle. Unlike wooden handles, this has a sturdy thermoplastic elastomer none slip handle. This resists water and oil damage hence years of usage. Additionally, crafted with perfection, it keeps grip to the maximum. Unlike the junk materials that lace your food with a metallic taste, this knife is different. It has superior crafting and materials for professional results. Above all, it is dishwasher safe to improve cleaning efficiency.


  • Laser tested blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable TPE handle


  • Dulls pretty quickly

7. Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia 8’’ Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia 8’’ Chef's Knife

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Adding a superior quality knife in every kitchen is vital. But, not every blade that can fit all your kitchen work. Mercer Culinary is a kitchen knife dedicated to home as well as professional work. Manufactured from the highest quality Japanese steel, it ensures unrivaled reliability. Whether it is sharpening or cutting, there is updated performance in the kitchen. With once piece steel construction, it has a high strength to cut anything in the kitchen.

The super-strong stainless steel is classic in enabling precise sharpening. As a result, there is no more working with dull knives. Amazingly, once sharpened, it has long time sharpness, hence no regular sharpening needed. The handle is well crafted and comfortable. Unlike other knives, this has finger protection, therefore safe for users. Above all, the blade doesn’t get corroded, which gives your knife excellent reliability.


  • High-quality Japanese carbon steel
  • Finger protection
  • Durable handle and blade


  • Hard to hand sharpen

6. DALSTRONG 8’’ Chef Gladiator Series Knife

DALSTRONG 8’’ Chef Gladiator Series Knife

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Superior made knives are superb for improved action. To experience the best performance, Dalstrong Gladiator is a fantastic knife for professional chefs. Therefore, when you make it your daily tool, it makes your kitchen amazing. The premium materials are excellent and let users enjoy a super sharp blade. Amazingly, the full tang German carbon steel blade is inert and doesn’t cause any reaction. Precise tapering allows the knife to provide outstanding cutting experience. With each side hand sharpened to 14-16% degrees, it created a razor-sharp cutting edge.

Hefty construction enables the knife to provides unmatched cutting. It creates incredible cutting without using immense energy. Also, it can cut everything without a hassle. The luxurious pakkawood handle is superb in creating a great look and feel. Enhanced with triple rivets, it creates superb strength and lasts long. The blade enjoys 56+ Rockwell hardness, which is excellent for multiple tasks. Additionally, the polished design to satin finish enables smooth and precise cutting.


  • Hand polished edges
  • Minimal slicing resistance
  • Exceptionally tapered


  • None

5. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch Japanese AUS-10 Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch Japanese AUS-10 Knife

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For seasoned chefs, knives are essential in every chopping action. Unlike regular knives, this one brings noticeable changes instantly in any kitchen. The creation of this knife ensures there are minimal efforts needed. Requiring less energy to work with, it cuts precisely and smoothly. Therefore, it helps you to exercise your professionalism easily. The handle is crafted with careful considerations. Thus, whether you have large or small hands, it allows comfortable holding.

The construction of this knife entails handcrafting. Also forged from Japanese AUS-10 stainless steel, it is hard and durable for extreme action. Apart from handcrafting, the blade is hand sharpened by experts. This enables it to deliver exceptional performance than rivals. Besides the knife performance, the packaging is incredible and complementary. The military-grade handle is made with comfort and high performance in mind. Amazingly, this is a full tang knife that brings versatility into your hands.


  • Military-grade handle
  • Requires minimal efforts
  • Hand sharpened


  • Highly-priced



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J.A. Henckels classic chef knife is lighting every chef’s experience. This handy and reliable knife ensures there is no more trial and errors. If it is chopping, dicing, or cutting, it performs marvelously. The German steel fabricated knife balances weight and performance. Due to the ingenuity crafting, it presents a smooth transition from handle to the blade. Consequently, the knife doesn’t cause discomfort or fatigue in the fingers or wrist.

Unlike the punched blade knives, this enjoys high crafting forging. This ensures the crafters allow perfect balancing and blade perfection. Additionally, the fine honing allows extended sharpness. The traditional triple-riveted handle assures the user excellent grip and reliability. Amazingly, the knife is dishwasher safe; hence, cleaning won’t give you problems. For high versatility and performance, it measures 8 inches.


  • Sleek riveted handle
  • Broad and long blade
  • Finely honed


  • Lacks storage case

3. Shun Classic Chef’s Knife with Ebony PakkaWood Handle

Shun Classic Chef’s Knife with Ebony PakkaWood Handle

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Right cutlery is the beginning of a great meal. It gives every chef the ability to do all kinds of cutting without straining. The Shun classic knife is one of the top-rated and high quality. Unlike regular kitchen knives, this VG-MAX is made from durable and reliable components. Featuring extra tungsten, it has an extra sharp blade hence no more frequent sharpening. Additionally, measuring 8 inches, it allows cutting of even large components like watermelons, cabbages, and many more.

The comfort is fantastic when working with this knife. It boasts a pakkawood handle enhanced with water-resistant resin. Thus, even when using or cleaning, it doesn’t suffer from water damage. The knife is made from traditional Japanese blade design hence perfected performance. Whether beginner, professional check, grandparent, or hostess, the knife brings all the performance.


  • Sleek and smooth blade
  • Extra strong and sharp edge
  • Handcrafted


  • Reduced durability on heavy cutting

2. WÜSTHOF Classic 8’’ Full Tang Chef’s Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic 8’’ Full Tang Chef’s Knife

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Cutting different ingredients and food in the kitchen requires sharp and robust knives. This kitchen workhorse by WÜSTHOF proves to be the right knife for every cook. Whether you have a lot of chopping or rare use, it has all the power. The knife measures 8 inches, which is superb for any meal preparation. Purposely made to assist every chef; it has a superior blade with high precision sharpening. Also, the 5 inches handle fits all hands without causing discomfort for fingers.

The ability to last for long is due to extra durable materials used in construction. Combining synthetic handle and stainless steel blade, there is no corrosion or reaction with the food. This proofs to be ideal for the knife as well as the food. Enjoying peppering up to 58 degrees HRC, it has string ability to bust different food. The professional crafting meaning from centuries of knife forging ensures every chef is going to love it.


  • Extra-long handle
  • Fad and discoloring resistant
  • Full bolster and finger guard


  • The handle isn’t heat resistant

1. Homgeek Santoku Kitchen Chef’s 2 Knife Set

Homgeek Santoku Kitchen Chef’s 2 Knife Set

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Homegeek Santoku set of 2 knives brings a new dawn to homes and restaurants. These professional chef knives are amazing and versatile for many kitchen functions. The carefully forged knives offer lifetime durability since they never rust. Additionally, stainless steel blades enhanced with other materials; they are super sturdy and allows for heavy-duty applications. In fact, it contains 1.4116 stainless steel as well as 15% chromium. Due to this composition, it resists corrosion as well as tarnishing.

The forged blade features 14-16 degrees of sharpening on every side. This creates a superbly sharp edge with ease of sharpening. Furthermore, the blades last for long with heavy cutting without becoming blunt. Thus, even when working in busy places, it saves time by cutting sharpening frequencies. Fitted with sleek handles, these knives are aesthetic and suitable kitchen workhorses.


  • Elegant wood handles
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant


  • They don’t have a storage case

Chef Knives Buying Guide

Basically, before getting your knife, there is a need to check some of the vital features. With these qualities listed below, even beginners can buy like professionals.


The size of a knife is one of the most crucial aspects when buying. It depends on the efficiency when cutting large ingredients. Usually, we have knives with 6, 8, and 10 inches. Although all are tasked for versatile kitchen, taller blades cut more volume. As a result, a chef with 10 inches blade enjoys a convenient and added performance. The great thing is to have a combination of different sized knives since they increase the agility and performance.


Knives, just like other tools, need to ensure there is a great balance. Especially when it comes to weight, a balanced knife offers the best experience. According to different experts, heavy knives are ideal for cutting through thick food than light ones. That is why professional chefs prefer heavy blade knives compared to light ones. However, always choose a knife based on your experience to enjoy seamless usage.

Construction materials

Basically, we have many materials used in the making of cutlery. Most of the common materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, and ceramic, among others. Each of the material possesses unique characteristics that enable performance variation. However, stainless steel is the most common due to durability and inability to react with a wide range of food materials.

Type of construction

When it comes to knife making, there are many terms that people are familiar with. But, what is important is understanding your target knife. Usually, there are forged, stamped, full tang, among others. Forged knives are among the best due to their high-quality construction. Each of the blades is individually molded, which gives them superior strength and high performance. Stamped and full-tang knives are made by punching a flattened metal. Therefore, the quality always differs depending on the quality and thickness of metal used.


Chef knives are ultimate for sleek kitchen running. Although they are meant for chefs, even a regular kitchen needs to have one of these knives reviewed above. Therefore, once in need to improve convenience, chef knives are fantastic.

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