Top 10 Best Coffee Mug Warmers in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on April 19, 2020

If your coffee love is unmatchable, there is no trial and error to keep it warm. Coffee mugs aren’t enough to maintain ideal temperatures for your beverage. It calls for a good cup as well as a warmer. Thereby, even when its winter, you can easily keep the right temperature for your coffee. Although people can use flask, they aren’t as reliable as warmers.

With the best coffee mug warmer, there is high reliability. Also, these equipment are fantastic for ensuring there is maintain your beverage hot. Their compact nature means they are usable everywhere. Whether its home, office or other places, they are small and worth having. To avoid cold beverages, check our latest coffee mug warmers reviews.

10. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer &Cup Electric Beverage Warmer

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer &Cup Electric Beverage Warmer

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Say goodbye to cold drink by getting the VOBAGA cup warmer. It’s a universal warmer with the ability to enjoy high performance. It’s compact warmer that is easy to carry to your office. In fact, it offers 3 temperatures which allow for the desired warming. Whether you want it sizzling hot or just warm, the device is handy. The warmer can offer beverage at 104, 131, and 149 degrees F. Therefore, when it’s cold, there is no more cold drinks.

The efficiency heating is the reason this cup warmer is ideal to have. It has an automatic shut off, which is excellent for safety and energy saving. Additionally, the flashing light is essential as it allows the user to know when the surface is hot. Apart from the auto-shutoff, the heater has touch-sensitive On/Off button. It allows for manual operation hence great when you aren’t using the heater.


  • Ideal for different mugs
  • Touch-sensitive button
  • Auto-shut mechanism


  • Doesn’t come with a mug

9. Cosori 24Watt Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

Cosori 24Watt Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

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Cosori 24W mug warmer is the right equipment to keep your coffee hot. Boasting high engineering and updated design, the warmer is superb. It offers fast warming as well as a consistent warming process. The premium quality stainless steel construction renders the warmer durable and sleek. Thereby, even when on your desk, it helps in maintaining a perfect décor. Unlike other coffee warmers, this has touch buttons for setting preferred heat. Also, the On/Of button is touch-sensitive, which is great for style and ease of use.

Amazingly, the coffee warmer come with a premium quality mug. In fact, it features 304 stainless steel which FDA approved. The mug has insulation which helps the user to enjoy maximum grip and protection against heat. Apart from the outside beauty, the warmer comes with a PI film heating element. Thereby, even with repeated warming, the heater doesn’t cause damage to your cup. The cup is simple to use since it can switch from °F and °C.


  • Uniform temperature maintenance
  • Insulated stainless steel mug
  • Easy to switch metric to imperial


  • The mug isn’t dishwasher safe

8. Ember App-Controlled Smart Mug

Ember App-Controlled Smart Mug

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Ember smart mug is like no other on the market. The cup is one of a kind due to performance and style. With app-controlled temperature, it means you can set ideal heat for your beverage. With the ability to maintain coffee hot in a range of 120 – 145 degrees Fahrenheit, it ensures your cold days are catered. Unlike most of the coffee mug heaters, this comes with an inbuilt battery. The battery can heat the cup for one hour hence great to ensure your coffee doesn’t get cold.

The mug looks elegant and is great for use everywhere. Since there is no plugging needed, it means you can use it indoors and outdoors. Equipped with LED light, it allows users to enjoy easy usage without trial and errors. The construction is remarkable since the mug is IPX7 rated. It, therefore, can be immersed in water to a depth of 1 meter. With this cup, it allows for notifications into your phone about the performance.


  • Mobile operated app
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof design


  • Limited warming duration

7. Mr. Coffee Home, Office Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee Home, Office Mug Warmer

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Mr.Coffee mug warmer is an excellent choice for maintaining your beverage warm. It’s sleek and high performing equipment with excellent results. It’s highly efficient and energy-conserving since it is rated 17 watts. With the ability to support different cups, it ensures your coffee doesn’t go cold no matter the conditions. Compact and slim nature allows it to be used everywhere. Whether it’s in offices or homes, it’s a great warmer worth for everyone.

The surface is designed to ensure there is easy cleaning. Therefore even when there are spills, there is no worry about cleaning. For efficiency and safety, the warmer comes with a manual On/Off button. Also, the light indicator allows the user to know when this device is operating. With long cord, it is simple to use even when the wall plug is far from the desk. It’s a versatile warmer that keeps different beverages warm.


  • Ideal for different drinks
  • Easy to clean
  • Long power cord


  • The surface isn’t waterproof

6. BESTINNKITS Automatic Gravity-induction Mug Warmer

BESTINNKITS Automatic Gravity-induction Mug Warmer

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BESTINNKITS offers tasty coffee and other beverages through keeping them hot. Instead of drinking cold drinks, the warmer helps in maintaining your beverage hot. It’s a 19-watt mug warmer that offers efficient and uniform warming. Designed to keep drinks warm at 131 degrees F, the heater helps you to beat winter. With this warmer, it allows high compatibility with flat bottomed mugs.

The warm is gravity activated induction heater. This implies that your mug must over 13oz to activate the warming process. As a result, light and empty cups won’t activate the warmer hence ensuring there is high safety. Additionally, the warmer is waterproof, which ensure spills don’t damage or cause short-circuiting. The overall safety and performance are guaranteed since the warmer is UL and FCC certified. This mug warmer is sleek and is compatible with any surface décor.


  • Gravity induction heater
  • Waterproof construction
  • High mugs compatibility


  • Requires weighty cups to activate the heater

5. Bravo Coffee Electric Personal Beverage Warmer

Bravo Coffee Electric Personal Beverage Warmer

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Delicious coffee needs to remain hot for a mouthwatering experience. However, with cold weathers, it can be inconveniencing. Bravo Coffee electric warmer offers a chance to enjoy your beverage while piping hot. Unlike other warmers, this ensures you keep the drink warm as long as you wish. Amazingly, the device is compact and safe to use on your desk. The slim nature and low profile maximize the safety of your mug. With the ability to maintain drink temperature at 180 degrees F, winter cold won’t defeat you.

The fantastic thing with this warmer is it can work with a variety of materials like metal, ceramic glass and others. However, it only works with flat bottomed vessels hence great for most people. With smooth and easy to clean surface, spills won’t be messy when cleaning. The safety is remarkable since it comes with an automatic shut off mechanism. This prevents accidents, especially for homes with pets and kids.


  • Mess-free surface
  • Automatic shut off
  • Fits large mugs


  • Only fits flat bottomed mugs

4. BONTIME 35 Watt Auto Shut Off, Coffee Warmer

BONTIME 35 Watt Auto Shut Off, Coffee Warmer

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As you work in an office or relax at home, don’t drink cold coffee. Bontime coffee warmer is one of the handy equipment for offices and other places. This device offers fast and reliable warming hence eliminating the need for flasks. By working quietly, it allows peace of mind even when used in busy areas. Apart from keeping the coffee warm, the device has quick action. It also has different temperature settings depending on your liking.

The construction of this mug warmer is from superior and durable materials. Actually, it boasts PTC ceramic which has a fast heating ability. Additionally, the overheating protection and PCB circuit control ensure no charge anomalies. Due to waterproof and easy to clean surface, the warmer is classic and simple to maintain. The heating surface is large to accommodate big cups. Also, it works perfectly with most mugs with flat bottoms. Sleek and compact nature allows for versatility and high portability.


  • Overheating protection
  • Large heating surface
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • High safety guarantee


  • First plugging causes smell

3. Middons Beverage Warmers Cup Heater for Desk

Middons Beverage Warmers Cup Heater for Desk

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Middons beverage warmer caters for all your drinks. Instead of drinking them cold, it brings convenient ways to keep them warm. If it is cold or warm coffee, cocoa or tea, the warmer maintains ideal temperature. Whether it’s during the drinking process or keeping drinks warm whole day, the device is fantastic. With a static temperature of 131 degrees F, it’s ideal for everyone. Using high-quality Polyamide films, it keeps the cup well held and warm.

The surface is made from waterproof and tempered material. This means even in case of spills, the material doesn’t crack, or heater suffers from short-circuiting. Besides, the warming equipment flame and fire resistant hence great to ensure user safety. The surface is simple to wipe clean and doesn’t melt. The warmer is compatible with ceramic, porcelain glass, metal and high strength plastic. The intelligent On/Off control allows for seamless warmer operation.


  • Tempered construction materials
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Intelligent On/Off


  • Slow heating on non-flat mugs

2. MURADIN Home Office Coffee Warmer Plate

MURADIN Home Office Coffee Warmer Plate

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The Muradin cup warmer plate delivers impressive results. It’s one of the reliable ways to enjoy hot beverages in offices and homes. Unlike most of the warmers with single temperature, this has two. Therefore, you can set the ideal to ensure perfect one for your needs. With this warmer, it ensures there is versatility in what you are heating. It can heat coffee, tea, soup and other drinks. Due to inbuilt temperature control, the device is great and easy to use.

Construction features some of the premium materials. It comes with aluminum frame and tempered glass, which have high heat tolerance without bending. Due to the insulation, the bottom is safe and won’t burn your desk. With large diameter, this coffee warmer is excellent in ensuring large cups can fit efficiently. Overall, the heater is sleek and attractive to make your desk attractive.


  • Durable construction material
  • Large surface area
  • Inbuilt temperature control


  • Not for curved bottom jars

1. Guodun Armor Home Office Electric Coffee Cup Warmer Plate

Guodun Armor Home Office Electric Coffee Cup Warmer Plate

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Guodun electric cup warmer is sleek and light for universal usage. With a slim and lightweight construction, it is useful for homes and offices use. The ability to operate in 3 temperature settings, the warmer is suitable for different drinks. It can be set to work at 131, 149 and 151 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, there is no struggle to set heat since it has exact preset buttons

Apart from the easy operation, this warmer comes with gravity switch which senses when the cup is placed. Also, the warmer auto-shut off after 4 hours of operation. With intelligent chip, it switches off automatically when the cup is removed. The surface is glass made and waterproof to ensure there is high safety. Additionally, the durable construction and anti-slip enhancements ensure there is excellent safety and stability.


  • Antis-slip feet
  • Waterproof tempered glass
  • Gravity switch


  • Loud beep

Coffee Mug Warmers Buying Guide


Mug warmers are supposed to be compact to allow easy portability. Especially for people working in offices, then need to have portable warmers. This ensures you can enjoy hot beverages anytime you need without inconveniences. With many warmers available, always choose a light one which can be carried when on the move.

Adjustable temperature

The ability to adjust temperature is vital for any coffer warmer. This is because people will need differently heated beverages. There are many options on the market. Some come with a single setting, which helps to maintain coffee hot. However, others come with different settings which allow for warming various drinks. Therefore, adjustable temperature warmers are a better option than single heating appliances.

Waterproof design

Coffee warmers are for keeping mugs warm. Therefore, spills are inventible. To ensure your appliance is safe waterproof design is essential. It ensures that even in case of spills or cleaning, there is no damage due to short-circuiting.

Auto-shut feature

The automatic shut off is essential for the safety of device and users. Actually, not all warmers come with this feature. But, it is a great feature which ensures even in case you forget about the device, there no fire risk. Some of the devices come with timed shut off while others have an intelligent chip that shut off the heater once the mug is removed.


The ability to enjoy hot coffee depends on your mug. Using regular cups requires you to have mug warmers. Like these featuring in our review, they are great appliances with high versatility and performance. Therefore, it will be imprudent to drink cold coffee while these warmers are great for everybody.

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