Top 10 Best Diaper Bags in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Diaper bags are handy essentials for nursing mothers. They are vital in ensuring there is easy ways to carry diapers. Since they are specifically made to carry baby essentials, they are classic in ensuring parents have peace of mind. Especially when on a short trip, having a reliable bag is excellent options. However, depending on the duration of your travel, there is a need to bring on board an ideal bag. Therefore, the choice of your bag is essential for ensuring enough storage and comfort.

Amazingly, the bags are designed to carry used and unused diapers. It is great to have reliable bags that won’t cause the mixing of nappies. Actually, with different pockets, it becomes possible to enjoy superb carrying. Unlike traditional nappy bags, these days, there are stylish and improved bags. There are also designer bags as well as backpacks with multifunctional purposes. For every parent, getting one of these reviewed diaper bags ensures comfort and peace of mind when traveling.

10. RUVALINO Travel Maternity Baby Changing Bags

RUVALINO Travel Maternity Baby Changing Bags

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The Ruvalino travel maternity bag is an everyday essential for nursing mothers. The backpack is designed just like other bags that offer high functionality. Enhanced with 2 spacious pockets, they allow people to keep diapers comfortably. Also, the backpack has 16 pockets that are superb for holding baby essentials. Whether nappies, baby bottles, and others, the pockets are fantastic. Apart from carrying baby essentials, the padded large padded pocket is ideal for holding a laptop.

The insulated pockets are excellent for keeping the baby drinks hot. This is unlike others that have no padding, which reduces heat loss. Unlike other methods of carrying diapers, this has excellent wide openings that ensure parents get easy access. Additionally, the ability to carry as a backpack or massager bag renders it exceptional. The east to grab handles are excellent for increasing comfort. Padded straps are comfortable and shield your shoulder from the pressure.


  • Large padded pockets
  • Helps to keep baby bottle hot
  • Wide access openings


  • Too many compartments

9. Bag Nation Diaper Backpack with, Changing Pad

Bag Nation Diaper Backpack with, Changing Pad

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Bag Nation diaper backpack provides an excellent experience. Unlike most of the bags, this has outstanding performance, which ensures users enjoy convenience. The pack is large and features multiple compartments. This ensures you can easily enjoy storage without struggle. Apart from carrying diapers, the bag is superb for keeping different baby items. Be it diapers, food, and others; you can keep them organized and separated. Therefore, instead of carrying your baby essentials in unreliable the backpack is fantastic.

The bag boasts high-quality water resistant polyester fabrics. They are durable and keeps the wet diapers and nappies without leaking. Additionally, the design ensures there no water infiltration, which keeps diapers dry. With 14 pockets, there is superb space for keeping different items. Also, the changing pad is comfortable for your kids. The sundry bag provided when you get this backpack ensures improved efficiency.


  • Waterproof polyester fabrics
  • Reliable changing pad
  • Extra sundry for additional storage


  • Feels a bit bulky

8. HaloVa Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Nappy Backpack

HaloVa Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Nappy Backpack

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Carrying diapers with unreliable bags can dull your experience. The HaloVa nappy bag is one of the premium packs with high multifunctionality. Each of the compartments is created to ensure there is superb storage. Actually, the insulated pockets are great for keeping food hot when in short travel. Despite the large capacity, his backpack looks small and easy to carry.

The internal construction has a great expert design. It has bone design that allows all the items to be stacked correctly. Moreover, the large opening ensures there is a secure storage of large items. Created with unisex design, men and women can use the bag for different tasks apart from diapers. The handles are sturdy which is excellent for enabling reliability when full.


  • Sturdy handle
  • Neat and convenient carrying
  • Unisex designed


  • No stroller straps

7. Hafmall Diaper Nappy Waterproof Bag Backpack

Hafmall Diaper Nappy Waterproof Bag Backpack

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Carrying and organizing diapers can be stressful when you don’t have the right bag. But, Hafmall diaper backpack provides excellent storage and comfortable carrying. It’s a large multifunctional pack that ensures there is safe storage. The durable polyester construction renders it ideal even when weather is extreme. Enhanced with sturdy zippers, they ensure the safety of your baby stuff. In fact, this pack is water-resistant, which keeps your diapers dry even on rainy days.

The multifunctional nature of this pack renders it excellent as a handbag, baby pack and others. The main compartment is large, which is suitable for more than diapers. Also, it is supplemented with 13 pockets that are handy for keeping other smaller items. Besides, the backpack is ideal for different functions due to the elegant design. Whether going for shopping, traveling, it’s a superb bag. With interior and exterior made from waterproof designs, the backpack is highly reliable.


  • Waterproof shell
  • Easy to hand in strollers
  • Multifunctional designed
  • Easy to clean


  • Straps aren’t asymmetrical

6. Bamomby Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bag

Bamomby Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bag

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Bamomby travel backpack provides excellent storage or diapers for all babies. It’s a sleek and reliable bag with durable construction. Forget about the cheap pack that wears off quickly. This has oxford fabric construction. Thus, it provides tear-resistant design, which further increases the diaper protection. Despite the heavy-duty materials, the backpack is soft and ensures there is comfort when carrying. The inside and outside offers a waterproof design that keeps contents safe from soaking.

Build with perfection; the bag has multiple padded compartments. This creates the superb protection of your baby from different elements. Carrying the bag is simple since it allows for a secure attachment to the stroller. As a result, mothers can enjoy hands-free carrying hence great convenience. The stylish and modern design renders this bag exceptional and highly reliable. Sturdy zippers and reliable comfortable straps make carrying easy.


  • Heavy-duty oxford fabrics
  • Sleek modern design
  • Stroller attachment buckles


  • No baby changing pad

5. Mancro Large Multifunction Waterproof Baby Nappy Bags

Mancro Large Multifunction Waterproof Baby Nappy Bags

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Keeping your baby dry is always recommended to prevent rashes. It is, therefore, recommendable to have enough diapers when traveling. The Mancro waterproof baby nappy provides storage, organization, and protection of diapers. Created with roomy pockets, the bag has enough space for all your nappy and diapers. Apart from parents, when traveling, it is suited when shopping for baby items. Besides the bag has a wide-opening design to allow quick access. This means once you need to remove or store any item, the backpack the process is seamless.

The multifunctional pockets are marvelous and superb for keeping baby diapers and other stuff organized. The versatility in this backpack renders it handy for many parents. In fact, hand-free design is excellent when traveling. It can be easily hooked into the baby stroller, hence increasing the convenience. The dual metal zippers are anti-theft which is essential for the safety of stored items.


  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Hands-free carrying
  • Easy to access


  • Smaller for whole day use

4. Upsimples Mom Maternity Diaper Bag with USB Port

Upsimples Mom Maternity Diaper Bag with USB Port

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Every mom needs to have an ideal bag to ensure there is superb storage and organization. Upsimples mom maternity diaper bag provides exceptional reliability. Compared to other bags, this is highly functional and efficient. It has an integrated USB charging port for moms. Thus, when traveling it is possible to have your phone charged without any inconvenience. Equipped with side pockets, it is possible to access diapers and wipes single-handedly.

The well-layered compartments are great for organization of different items. Whether diapers, wipes, baby feeding bottles, and others, it is simple to enjoy a seamless organization. The lightweight nature allows the parents to enjoy great portability without bulkiness. Construction entails oxford fabrics and nylon fabrics for proper protection. The waterproof compartments are great for storing wet clothes without messing others.


  • Wet clothes compartment
  • USB charging port
  • Versatile carrying straps


  • Small for bigger kids

3. Soulsten Stylish Waterproof Baby Nappy Bags for Mom & Dad

Soulsten Stylish Waterproof Baby Nappy Bags for Mom & Dad

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How do you carry your baby diapers and nappies? Forget about mixing them with other adult clothes on large packs. The Soulsten baby bag provides s amazing storage and protection of your baby stuff. In fact, it has an incredible design that renders it ideal for moms and dads. Fitted with comfortable straps, the bag ensures there is comfort when carrying. The straps are highly padded while handles improve the carrying experience.

The construction is like no other since it features exclusive oxford canvas. Moreover, the waterproof constructionism safe and provides better organization. Unlike bags, this has a self-standing style that allows people to enjoy an improved experience. Due to double zippers, the bag is simple to maintain the safety of the baby stuff. Additionally, the anti-theft phone pocket, as well as 3 insulated bottle pockets, keep baby food warm. The 15 compartments in this bag ensure there is careful items organization.


  • Insulated bottle pockets
  • Suitable for baby boys and girls
  • Spacious and multifunctional


  • No phone charging port

2. Ticent Multi-Function Travel Nappy Tote Bags

Ticent Multi-Function Travel Nappy Tote Bags

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Ticent travel tote bag provides storage and organization of diapers when on the move. The bag is designed to give parents excellent experience especially when you are outdoors. Unlike some packs, this has different storage compartments. Therefore, there is an excellent organization hence possible to carry various items. As a result, one carry diapers, milk bottles, socks, and other baby essentials without mixing. Despite the tote bag design, it has a durable shell made from heavy-duty fabrics.

This bag is unisex, making it more than a mommy bag. In fact, it perfectly fits dads hence the right way to carry baby items. Apart from being a baby bag, the bag is also ideal for other purposes like carrying books and other items. The zippers are great for enhancing security while also well designed to enable wide opening. Cleaning the bag is simple and quick making it handy and efficient.


  • Versatile application
  • Easy to clean
  • Insulated water bottles


  • Hanging zipper cords

1. SoHo Collection Grand Central Station Diaper Bag set

SoHo Collection Grand Central Station Diaper Bag set

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Having a reliable diaper carrying pack provides peace of mind and safety. The SoHo collection offers the best ways to enjoy undisrupted diapers storage. This set of bags offers great versatility and reliability. Compromising 7 set items, it has diaper bag, personal purse, and changing pad, among others. The bags are made from durable materials. They are stain and water-resistant which provides easy cleaning. Also, the bags are simple to maintain clean without suffering from stain and other contaminants.

Since the set has a mix of different bags, it has high versatility. Therefore, once you are traveling, there is no more congested all the stuff in one baby bag. The main compartment is large which ensures it can fit diapers, breast pumps, and other nursing essentials. The comfortable and water-resistant changing pad provides a safe and reliable baby changing platform.


  • Multipurpose bags
  • Comfortable changing pad
  • Stain-resistant materials


  • Thin handles

Diaper Bags Buying Guide


The straps are vital for comfort and carrying or every bag. Since most of the diaper packs are designed to enable backpacking, they need to have durable straps. Besides, the adjustable straps are amazing to customize the carrying experience. Moreover, some of the bags come with handles that allow people to enjoy excellent carrying.

Stroller clips

The stroller clips are vital for easing bag carrying. They offer hands-free carrying by enabling hooking in the baby strollers. Although not all bags are enhanced with stroller straps, these accessories re vital. However, checking on the quality and type of connectors is critical for high reliability.

Changing pad

Changing pads are essential for easy baby diaper changing. With most parents struggling to find the right place to change diapers. But, pads are easy to use and provides ideal since they provide soft and comfortable surface. Instead of placing your baby on cold surfaces, these pads are remarkable.

Number of pockets

The number of pockets is fantastic, depending on the number of items you are carrying. Always consider whether bag has big pockets to take all the baby stuff. Bags with different sized pockets are great to ensure there is proper organization. Apart from number of compartments, the insulation is essential to keep baby bottle safe and hot.

Waterproof fabrics

The ability of a bag to shields diapers from moisture is great quality. It means even when raining, you can be sure the carried content is safe from soaking. Besides, bags with internal waterproof enhancement also allow parents to keep wet nappies safely.


Diaper carrying bags are the right ways for every parent to give baby greet time. They are built with high versatility for carrying different items. Therefore, instead of carrying large bags, these diaper packs are handy and reliable.

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