Top 10 Best Fireproof Safes in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Keeping documents, valuables and other stuff safe can be a tricky affair. Usually, keeping them safe from hazardous elements like fire can save you a lot. It is where you need to invest in a reputable fireproof safe. These safes are available in different sizes depending on what you intend to store. Apart from safeguarding they are keeping the house clean. Also, safes provide extra protection against theft.

Apart from being essential for home, the safes are the perfect idea for other places. Although there is no completely fireproof safe, the highest safety rating is great choice. These reviewed best fireproof safes give all people a practical solution.

10. COLCASE Fireproof 15″ x 11″ Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Fire Resistant Bag

COLCASE Fireproof 15

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When you want to improve the safety of personal items, a large safe can be inconvenient. It is that reason that Colcase has made a compact yet useful bag to store personal item safe from fire. This silicone coated bag is ample for storage of documents, money and other stuff. The fiberglass construction is robust and reliable in case of a fire outbreak. In fact, the layered fire retarding fiberglass ensures there is no damage to the housed items.

Despite simple looking, the bag is capable of holding up to 1000 degrees F. Also, the interior has an ample space to fit laptops hence an excellent choice for travelers. Besides, the exterior is water-resistant to keep stored items safe from water damage. It’s a top quality fireproof safe that ensures everything is entirely secured.


  • Waterproof and fireproof
  • Ample storage space
  • Soft silicone coating


  • Not for large items

9. ROLOWAY X Large Fireproof & Water Resistant Fireproof Document & Money Bag

ROLOWAY X Large Fireproof & Water Resistant Fireproof Document & Money Bag

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The Roloway XL bag is created to care for sensitive documents, laptop, and jewelry. It’s a comfortable bag that is easy to carry without any hassle. In fact, it’s created like a messenger bag. However, when it comes to protection, the pack is outstanding. It has premium fiberglass materials that are classic in water and fireproofing. This renders the bag capable of resisting fire as hot as 2000 degrees F.

The upper surface is smooth and soft being silicone coated. This means it keeps fiberglass far from the user hence won’t compromise the health. Additionally, the silicone coat is non-itchy thereby comfortable for everyone to carry. Enhanced with zipper closure, it helps in securing your items. Also, carrying handle and a removable shoulder strap makes carrying easy.


  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Zipper closure
  • Extra high heat resistant


  • Slightly small for legal documents

8. HSS XL Fireproof Safe Document Bag Triple Layer Fire Resistant Envelope Pouch

HSS XL Fireproof Safe Document Bag Triple Layer Fire Resistant Envelope Pouch

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Protecting your documents should not only be restricted to house and offices. But, having a fireproof bag always give you peace of mind. This Home Safe Security envelope style pouch is sleek and highly reliable. Especially when you want remarkable protection of your money, documents, and others. The elegant construction and high-quality fire-resistant materials keep everything safe. Also, the non-irritating silicone layer eliminates suffering associated with other coating materials.

By having a zipper closure, the envelope provides sure ways of extra protection. There is no struggle to keep documents safe when traveling or walking. Due to the expandable nature of this bag, it is possible to carry more items inside compared to rivals. When used with fireproof safes, the bag delivers unmatched protection against fire.


  • Expandable design
  • Sleek graphics
  • Soft and safe silicone outer layer


  • Has no carrying straps

7. BLOKKD Fireproof Lock Box Fireproof Safe Document Holder Bags

BLOKKD Fireproof Lock Box Fireproof Safe Document Holder Bags

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Sensitive information requires a lot of care. The same also happens to expensive gadgets as well as jewelry. Blokkd fireproof bag is a good pack tasked with protecting your precious daily. The bag is lightweight yet sturdy which means you can move it everywhere. In fact, people can use it as a regular bag. Designed to be waterproof and fireproof, it keeps items safe under all situations.

Made from a blend of fiberglass and silicone coating, it is safe and soft to carry. No more risk of fiberglass particles irritating your breathing system. The bag measures 13 x 16 x 5 inch. This renders it remarkable for storage most of common gadgets and documents. With metallic zippers, they further improve overall bag protection.


  • Removable carrying strap
  • Metallic zippers for secure closure
  • Durable double layered shell


  • Seams feel weak

6. Avlone Fireproof Waterproof Money and Documents Bag

Avlone Fireproof Waterproof Money and Documents Bag

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Avlone money and document fireproof bag is essential for everyone. The compact yet large capacity pack is useful for treating your stuff with great care. It has high dependability having passed fire and water damage test. Thus, it can hold on a real fire without roasting your documents and other items. Amazingly, the materials can withstand up to 2000 degrees F, therefore a trustable product. Whether you want it for storage or travel, it’s a highly versatile bag to have.

Unlike metallic vaults, this bag lets you have protection in your fingertips. In fact, the bag can be used daily without compromising your travel comfort. The storage space in this bag makes it suitable for carrying different items at once. This is possible due to professional stitching for high reliability.


  • Easy to organize items
  • Tested for high heat tolerance
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Foldable design


  • Has no additional pockets

5. Vemingo Fireproof 2000 ℉ Water Resistant Document Holder Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Bag

Vemingo Fireproof 2000 ℉ Water Resistant Document Holder Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Bag

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It is time to dump your regular bag with less protection for this fireproof pack by Vemingo. It’s not an ordinary bag; instead, its water and fireproof pack created with security in mind. Unlike other fireproof bags, this one has large interior divided into compartments. Thereby, it is easy to store items while perfectly arranged. The interior has 6 cards slots, 2 passport pocket, and the main compartment. These pockets are capable of holding a laptop and documents.

Made by experts, it has durable fiberglass layers that resist fire damage. Also, the silicone layer is super protective and safe to skin. Thus, there are no irritations like with other materials. The foldable design is classic since it enables easy storage. This won’t develop weak points when folded like others. Whether carrying small stuff, it’s easy to secure everything due to the zipper closure. Additionally, the large loop and hook make closing quick.


  • Divided storage pockets
  • Safe to fold
  • The bag can withstand high heat
  • Large loop for ample top cover


  • Bag is not washable

4. FlameSafe XL Premium Fireproof Document Triple Layer Silicone Fiberglass Bag

FlameSafe XL Premium Fireproof Document Triple Layer Silicone Fiberglass Bag

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Improve the protection of valuable items using this bag by FlameSafe. Despite its look like a travel bag, it has incredible protection. The professions construction boasts triple layers of fiberglass silicone exterior. This gives superb performance compared to rival. In fact, the pack is tested to withstand 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. To give it an elegant look, the bag has a multicolored company logo embossed on the side.

Forget the plastic zippers that are prone to damage by high heat. With this bag, it has heavy-duty zippers that ensure you can enjoy unmatched security. The reinforcing Velcro enhanced flap keeps the zipper concealed hence outstanding fire protection. Detachable shoulder strap and top-mounted handle boost transportation. The large size lets people carry a variety of items including large binder and folder.


  • Large to fit big items
  • Sleek and stylish logo decoration
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Smooth exterior


  • Feels a bit hard

3. DOCU NINJA Fire Proof Water Proof Safe Lockable Document Holder

DOCU NINJA Fire Proof Water Proof Safe Lockable Document Holder

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For convenient document, money, jewelry and other valuables, a waterproof bag is ideal. Unlike metallic safes, this Docu Ninja solves all the problems and is highly mobile. Besides, it’s a marvelous option when in need of an emergency solution to safeguard important items. With fore and waterproof design, it can keep your stuff for long without getting damaged. With the ability to secure documents from 1000 ºF, there is no worry about damage to your items.

The portable design makes this bag ready for every situation everywhere. Also, you can use it as your regular pack to carry your stuff. Fitted with U-shaped zipper, it provides security against loss when transporting the bag. The roomy interior is classic for the storage without overstuffing this pack.


  • High portability
  • Fire-retarding fabrics
  • Sleek looking exterior


  • Lacks extra pockets

2. QLYNUDO Fireproof Safe Document Bag 2300°F Zipper Closure

QLYNUDO Fireproof Safe Document Bag 2300°F Zipper Closure

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The modern made QLYNUDO bag looks like a regular handbag. But, it’s one of the classic choices when you want exceptional stored items from fire damage. Made from the latest and reliable materials, it has tested to withstand 2300 degrees F heat. Also, with IP66 waterproof rating, it keeps vital documents out of fire damage. Unlike other bags, this comes with a zippered pocket to keep extra items. The interior compartment holds large products like laptops, folders, and others.

The metallic zipper and zipper line ensure there is complete protection. This is unlike bags with plastic zippers which suffers protection flop. Additionally, the premium handles are extra comfortable and make transportation enjoyable. Quality stitching and hard shell give the bag exceptional protection than cheap envelopes.


  • Metallic zippers
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Stable base
  • Stylish handbag style


  • Some water can seep through zippers

1. Coralov Fireproof 15″ x 11″ Solid Silicone Coated Fire Resistant & Water Resistant Bag

Coralov Fireproof 15

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If you are considering getting one of the best waterproof safes, here a light bag from Coralov. The thin profile bag has envelope design but ample space to fit a variety of stuff. Whether its, money or other stuff, the bag is a reliable way to offer enough protection. Construction is superb featuring fiberglass and aluminum foil; it has an incomparable fireproof ability. To give it superior feeling, the silicone coating makes it feel soft.

The zipper closure is remarkable for keeping the stored stuff safe. Additionally, the bag also has a Velcro enhanced flap that conceals zippers. This offers bag complete protection and eliminates water seeping through the zipper line. Due to the small size, it packs easily in small vaults to for exceptional protection. Sleek embossed logo on the bag adds a classy look when carrying it.


  • Super strong heat resistant shell
  • Extra lightweight
  • Velcro and zipper closure


  • Smaller than other bags

Fireproof safes buying guide

If you are planning to get the best fireproof bag, these are some of the top features to look.

Construction materials

The construction materials is one of the essentials to look when purchasing a fireproof bag. There are many materials used but, have different performances. One of the most common and safe materials are fiberglass with a silicone coating. However, some come with additional aluminum foils which strengthen the ability to resist fire. A good bag will have a silicone coating to give it a smooth feeling and keep away fiberglass particles.

Highest heat tolerance

The amount of heat a bag can withstand is also another critical factor. The higher heat tolerance, the better security it can offer. Depending on the expertise used, different bags come with varying heat withstanding ability. Ideally, looking for a bag with the highest heat capacity give users’ better performance compared to regular ones. However, it’s advisable to look certification to ensure the claims are true.

Waterproof ability

Besides protecting stuff from high temperatures, the ideal bag should also offer waterproofing ability. This means you can relay in them even during emergencies. Just like fireproofing, different bags come with varying water resistance ratings. Therefore, the higher the rating, the better protection you get.

Bag size and capacity

When you have a lot of items to protect, there is no essence of getting a small bag. The market offers various sizes of fireproof safes. Therefore, instead of many small bags, the large one is a great option. Although a sizeable pack is ideal, it all depends on what you are planning to store.


Having proper protection for your valuables is vital. Losing them can be expensive that getting a fireproof safe worth a few bucks. With these even affordable fireproof bags, it is now possible to have absolute protection in your fingertips everywhere.

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