Top 10 Best Foldable Keyboards in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Typing using on-screen keyboard sometimes can be cumbersome. Also, some of the externals keyboards are large which means you can’t carry them with ease. To solve all the problems, foldable keyboards are superb and reliable ways to ensure no more strains. They enable people to enjoy excellent typing and editing wherever they are. Interestingly, the keyboards are created with exceptional design to allow portability. In fact, some folds to fit in a pocket.

Apart from folding, the keyboards are enhanced with wireless connectivity. Also, they have rechargeable batteries hence always ready for use. Having a superior keyboard always ensure there is exceptional reliability anytime. In fact, some are rugged which give them more strength for use outdoors. Above all, best foldable keyboard should offer most features makes a perfect choice for great convenience.

10. iClever Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Keyboard

iClever Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Keyboard

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The iClever wireless keyboard is one of the ideal picks for editors and serious typists. The keyboard is designed with exceptional performance and portability. Build from aluminum alloy housing; it boasts superb reliability, even when using it in the wilderness, it is resistant to damage due to impacts. Offering all keys, the keyboard is compact and fold down to fit in a pocket. To ensure the device is thin, it has tri-folding ability.

Creating more convenience is the Bluetooth connection technology. It can work with most devices and offers a connection of up to 10 meters. In fact, it can work with Android, Windows and iOS devices. The built-in rechargeable battery is strong and can last up to 90 hours of typing and 960 hours standby. For extra-fast performance, the keyboard is fitted with Broadcom processor. Therefore, no more lags when using it.


  • Airplane grade Aluminum casing
  • Wide compatibility
  • Intelligent functions


  • Has no touchpad

9. Jelly Comb Pocket Size Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Jelly Comb Pocket Size Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

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When you are in meetings or small places, having a mini-keyboard is an excellent experience. One of the exceptional choices is the Jelly Comb pocket-sized keyboard. It is extra light device with many impressive features. Unlike rivals, this has a touchpad which eliminates need for a mouse. As a result, it is now possible to ensure there is great drag and other functions. Although the keyboard offers superb typing, it is entirely foldable.

The construction is fantastic since it provides superb reliability. With casing featuring heavy-duty airplane grade aluminum, it is durable and ready to use. Additionally, when using this device in rough places it is created to withstand bumps. When using this device, there are no wobbles since it locks ideally. Once charged, the Li-Ion battery fitted is capable of staying for 560 hours standby time. Amazingly, the keyboard is compatible with all major operating systems.


  • High-grade construction materials
  • Energy efficient
  • Highly responsive touchpad


  • Touchpad doesn’t work with iOS

8. Plugable Foldable Keyboard Multi-Device Compatible Keyboard

Plugable Foldable Keyboard Multi-Device Compatible Keyboard

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Pluggable foldable mini keyboard is highly compatible with different device. The highly portable device is created for people with passion for keyboard typing. Also, it takes convenience everywhere without increasing the weight in your bag. Although it’s small when folded, it has 6 rows of a standard keyboard. This means you can enjoy a conventional style keyboard everywhere. The anodized aluminum shell is created to keep the device stable when typing.

Unlike other keyboards, this is fitted with a protective leather case. The case also folds conveniently to care for keyboard as well as tablets and phones. Also, the connection is simple since it connects through USB cable. Whether phone or tablet, it connects conveniently. Also, the Bluetooth connection improves versatility. Despite connection through a cable, the keyboard is enhanced with a rechargeable battery. Generally, this is compact full features keyboard for variety of users.


  • High-quality leather case
  • Full-sized keys alignment
  • Quick battery charging


  • Don’t have locks to keep it straight

7. IKOS Ultra Slim BT Folding Mini-Keyboard Compatible

IKOS Ultra Slim BT Folding Mini-Keyboard Compatible

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Adding a folding keyboard in your accessories improved the typing ability. Apart from typing, they are super for other activities that need a keyboard for convenience. The Ikos ultra-thin folding mini-keyboard offers superb portability and experience. Besides, the device is sleek which adds style to your life. Additionally, the compatibility is exceptional since it works with most of the latest tablets and smartphones. Weighing 0.49lbs it is superbly portable and also folds down to fit in a pocket.

The surface is elegant and super smooth, which make it a premium choice. Also, buttons ate soft and smooth which gives you exceptional feeling when typing. As a result, there is no more banging the keyboard due to hard keys. If you are tired of cheap devices that stores charge for one hour, this one is awesome. Its battery is capable of lasting for 86 hours of non-stop usage.


  • Super-sleek design
  • Soft feeling buttons
  • Extra slim and compact
  • Simple folding mechanism


  • Feels tight for serious typing

6. Sounwill Foldable Wireless Portable Keyboard

Sounwill Foldable Wireless Portable Keyboard

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Typing using the right keyboard always leads to satisfaction. This Soynwill wireless keyboard is foldable and straightforward to carry. Unlike most of the portable keyboards, this one is collapsible. Therefore, it becomes simple to type in wilderness or in bust comfortably. The silent typing is exceptional since there are no cracking buttons like older style devices. Also, by quiet typing, one can concentrate on work and no disturbing surrounding people.

For reduction of size, the keyboard folds down to fit your pockets. Also, the lightweight is superb since it won’t cause pockets to sag. Enhanced with a leather pocket, it keeps the keyboard safe and clean from scratches. Built I Bluetooth connectivity make your work easy. There are no more wires hence keeping your desk neat. Moreover, with large capacity battery, it means more working hours and less charging.


  • Leather protective cover
  • Built-in Bluetooth connection
  • Large capacity battery


  • No installed touchpad

5. Jelly Comb Ultra Slim Ergonomic Sized Mini BT Wireless Keyboard

Jelly Comb Ultra Slim Ergonomic Sized Mini BT Wireless Keyboard

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The Jelly Comb folding and extra slim keyboard is ready to allow comfortable typing everywhere. This makes the keyboard superb for people who travel a lot. Due to its super thin nature, the keyboard is classic in fitting in your pocket or backpack. Instead of struggling with your tablet onscreen keyboard, this device provides superb experience. There is exceptional connection since the device has a powerful Bluetooth function.

The shortcut keys are superb in enabling quick access to different functions. Additionally, the scissor design ensures the device is simple to fold. The folded design ensures the keyboard provides the best protection. In fact, durable and sleek design brings refined elegance. The ergonomic construction enables typing without fatigue. Unlike other keyboards, this one works without need to plug a Bluetooth dongle. A PU leather case is incredible and protects the keyboard from abrasions and scratches.


  • PU protective case
  • Durable and lightweight casing
  • Scissor folding design


  • Cover is made from plastic

4. Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard & Stand Holder

Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard & Stand Holder

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The Samsers keyboard is one of the lightest options as well as compact. It’s a simple to use keypad with all the keys hence great to enjoy quick action with a button press. Also, it has a standard size which is superb for ensuring there is comfortable typing. Incredibly, the keyboard can fit in different pockets hence simple to carry to everywhere. With a single press connection battery, it doesn’t create struggle like wired versions.

Contrary to cheap materials, this device is extra durable and reliable. In fact, wear-resistant PU leather is sleek and protects the surface from harsh elements. When going on a business trip, there is no inconvenience due to loss of charge. The Lithium battery is extra durable and lasts for 40 hours under continuous use. Furthermore, the 180 days of standby power means it’s ready anytime you need it. The stand holder accompanying this keyboard enables easy tablet or phone mounting.


  • Stable phone stand
  • Sleek PU leather
  • Multiple system compatibility


  • Not clear switching between devices

3. MoKo Universal Ultra-Thin Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

MoKo Universal Ultra-Thin Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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MoKo universal portable keyboard brings all the convenience to people with a lot of typing needs. Amazingly, the device is universal meaning it’s compatible with a variety of systems. Whether it’s iOS, Windows and Android devices it readily connects without difficulties. Also, this keyboard is enhanced with Bluetooth thus great for most smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Apart from folding, the magnetic enhancements that keep the tablet closed. With ultra-slim nature, when folded it fits in purse, pocket, and bags.

Charging the keyboard is simple since it can be plugged in any USB outlet. Also, the full keyset is impressive since it offers exceptional typing experience. Construction entails high-quality ABS plastic that is resistant to damage by bumps and impact. Above all, the contoured design means you get ergonomic typing.


  • U-shaped ergonomic design
  • USB charging port
  • Easy On/Off button


  • Not water resistant

2. Jelly Comb Ultra-Thin Foldable Wireless BT Keyboard

Jelly Comb Ultra-Thin Foldable Wireless BT Keyboard

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Enjoy fast wireless connection without constant disconnects from this keyboard. It comes with super-fast Bluetooth 3.0 that provides seamless performance. For people who love versatility when typing this device solves your problems. The compatibility is incredible since it can work with most devices. Whether you are running a Windows, Android or iOS, there is superb compatibility. Amazingly, once you connect your device, it will automatically pair in subsequent connections. Also, there is fact connection since it comes with hotkeys.

The portability exhibited by this keyboard is impressive. This is due to the compact and folding style enabling it to fit in small pockets. Complementing the small size is the featherweight, which means it won’t cause bulkiness. Amazingly, when you have this device, there is no need for a large bag. Due to its super slim nature, it gives user ability to use when traveling or in business meetings.


  • Fast connecting Bluetooth
  • Automatic sleep function
  • Magnetic closure


  • Lacks use instruction

1. Anker Ultra-Compact Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Anker Ultra-Compact Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

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Anker ultra-compact keyboard is all you need to type or edit your documents anywhere. The device provides superb versatility and portability. Mainly, due to the folding ability, it suits all your typing requirements. Whether using a bench or in your laps, the keyboard locks perfectly. Therefore, it doesn’t bend when in operation like the unlocked keyboards.

Instead of carrying a laptop each time traveling or attending a meeting, the keyboard makes everything easy. It can connect to different devices, like smartphones and tablets. As a result, you can enjoy more convenience without bulkiness. The Bluetooth enhancement in this device allows connection up to 10 feet. Thereby, connection is superb and guaranteed without signal interruption. When the keyboard isn’t on use, it automatically sleeps, thus saving the battery.


  • Automatic energy-saving feature
  • Soft and smooth touch
  • High sensitive buttons


  • Doesn’t remember previous devices

Foldable Keyboards Buying Guide

Weight and size

A foldable keyboard is supposed to be extra lightweight. Most of the devices are made to be portable which enables users to use them in various places. Although not all keyboards are light, ideal one should not pose stress due to being heavy.

Apart from the overall weight, the size should be ideal for encouraging portability. In most cases, these folding keyboards are small when folded. However, they need to be significant to ensure strain-free typing. In fact, some of the keyboards come with standard configuration and keys.

Folding style

There are different folding styles when it comes to different brands. However, regardless of the folding technique, one should look for a keyboard with simple folding mechanism. The most common styles are scissors and tri-folding mechanisms. Also, to ensure security, magnetic closure is essential to ensure it doesn’t open accidentally.

Strong casing

Most of these folding keyboards are portable. Therefore, their usage differs from indoors as well as when traveling. Thus, the construction should be tough to withstand variety of elements. Amazingly, some of the keyboards are made from Aluminum while others feature ABS plastic. The materials are robust and reliable hence great for use in every place and situation.


Keyboard connectivity is vital when it comes to connecting to other devices. Although traditional keyboards use cables, most of the modern are wireless. Some use Wi-Fi while majority have inbuilt Bluetooth. This makes connectivity versatile and simple. Since Bluetooth is the standard connection mode, these keyboards are compatible with different devices.


Foldable keyboards are ultimate when you need portability. They are solution to bulky ad large keyboards. With each brand having different features people can get best folding keyboards. Therefore, don’t let your fingers suffer anymore when typing.

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