Top 10 Best Garment Racks in 2020 Reviews

Garment racks are among the best accessories for keeping a room organized. Especially when living in a house without a closet like dorms or apartments, racks are essential. Apart from domestic use, these cloth racks are also ideal when using in fashion stores. The right stand should offer enough cloth space. However, the choice depends on the number of garments and the size of the storage place. For small areas, there are small and foldable stands available.

The style and type of cloth stand differ from maker to the others. Also, the features are different, and users can choose perfectly suiting their needs. Multipurpose platforms are ideal since they allow various functions. Whether you need a rack for organizing or drying clothes, a premium version is perfect. With best racks, they allow versatility and proper space management.

10. Simple Houseware Heavy-Duty Clothing Garment Rack

Simple Houseware Heavy-Duty Clothing Garment Rack

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The simple houseware clothing rack is absolute in ensuring proper clothes organization. It’s a simple-looking yet sleek which enables appropriate house décor. Also, the structure is simple and lightweight to allow portability. Additionally, the stand is collapsible and is enhanced with sturdy casters. Therefore, apart from portability, it can quickly move when full of clothes. The elegant chrome finish adds decor as well as protection. Therefore, there are no more corrosions due to moisture.

Adding this stand to your home adds more clothes storage space. In fact, the extensible top hanging bar increases the available space. It can extend from 42.4 inches to 66.75 inches. Also, the stainless steel construction gives it absolute strength. Moreover, the shiny coating is resistant to scratches. Apart from extending the top bar, the stand is telescopic, which ensures every person can use it comfortably.


  • Chrome coated stainless steel
  • Simple to assemble and adjust the height
  • Sturdy caster wheels
  • Fully collapsible


  • Not fully heavy-duty

9. LANGRIA Commercial Grade 2 Tiers Clothing Garment Rack

LANGRIA Commercial Grade 2 Tiers Clothing Garment Rack

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Langria commercial grade clothing rack is versatile and highly functional. It’s a storage solution for clothes as well as shoes and other items. Besides the cloth hanging bar, it comes with 2 tiers. Additionally, the 4 side hooks are vital for the storage of your caps and huts. The shelves are designed from the removable PP sheet. Therefore, once you don’t need them, it’s simple to detach.

The structure is made from sturdy metal. To ensure it doesn’t rust, the frame features powder coating. Additionally, this stand is sturdy to hold up to 66 pounds. Sleek design and black finish allow the stand to improve the house décor. Furthermore, feet are equipped with rubber caps to prevent scratching on your floor. Unlike other racks, this features a stable base to avoid toppling. Above all, the feet are adjustable for proper leveling while each can adjust independently.


  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Rubber enhanced feet
  • Removable shoe shelves


  • Feet don’t have wheels

8. AmazonBasics Double Hanging Rolling Closet Organizer Rack

AmazonBasics Double Hanging Rolling Closet Organizer Rack

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Having the right way to keep your garment rack ensures there is proper house arrangement. Whether you are living in a dorm without a closet, Amazon Basics double closet organizer is superb. The stand is highly engineered to allow strength and reliability. Therefore, even people with a lot of clothes, they can enjoy great convenience and storage. The lower and upper hanging rods are superb for separating your clothes. Also, they are adjustable, which allows the hanging of different sized garments.

Apart from the hanging rods, the stand has double shelves. Thus, apart from hanging clothes, you can also keep other items. The meshed trays are superb even for small items meaning you can keep makeup and other essentials. The heavy-duty steel frame is capable of holding 400 pounds when static and 200 pounds when moving. The robust casters are reliable when moving clothes from one room to another. Assembling is simple and doesn’t need tools.


  • Tools free assembling
  • Heavyweight carrying capacity
  • Rubber locking wheels


  • Hanging space is shorter than rivals

7. IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wooden Shelf

IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wooden Shelf

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Iris garment stand is created to hold clothes as well as adding an elegant look. This metal rack is reliable for long since the sleekly painted frame doesn’t rust or corrode. Moreover, stable construction is remarkable in ensuring there is high safety. Due to the compact nature, this rack is superbly made to suit small places. Apart from the steel tubing frame, the bottom shelf is made from a sleek wood. This creates a platform for storing your shoes and other items.

The angled frame gives this stand advantage over competitors. This is because it prevents the clothed from hitting walls. Also, the design is superb for increasing this stand stability. Amazingly, the stand is CARB compliant and provides seamless assembling. Actually, it only needs a screwdriver to put up hence superb for most of the functions. It’s a versatile and handy rack that offers quick storage solution.


  • Extra stable design
  • Lightweight, strong frame
  • Additional wood shelf


  • Doesn’t hold a lot of garments

6. SONGMICS Double Rail on Wheels Industrial Pipe Clothes Rack

SONGMICS Double Rail on Wheels Industrial Pipe Clothes Rack

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When you have a lot of clothes to hang in little space, a highly engineered rack is the answer. Songmics double rail clothes stand is optimized and engineered to maximize the space. The rack features an industrial-grade pipes frame, which allows massive weight support. Also, the design allows more clothes since it enjoys double rail. Due to this, it fits home, showrooms, bathrooms, and other places with massive clothes hanging.

The stand is created with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Therefore, even when used in laundry rooms, it can support more wet clothes than cheap racks. Apart from the hanging rod, the stand offers extra bottom shelf storage. The dual crossbars are great for keeping scarfs, ties as well as umbrella and relates items. To withstand high weight, the rack features extra-durable wheels. The casters are 360 rotating with smooth bearings to allow easy maneuvering.


  • Industrial grade construction
  • Rotating casters
  • Strong bottom shelf


  • Lacks intergrade hooks

5. Whitmor Foldable Height-Adjustable Garment Rack

Whitmor Foldable Height-Adjustable Garment Rack

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Whether looking for a temporary or permanent cloth rack, quality is the key. Once you have this Whitmor foldable rack, it is usable in any place. It allows people to create a perfect clothes storage area quickly. Since it is portable and foldable, it enables quick solutions for guests, parties, and other events. Engineered to allow simplicity in usage, it doesn’t have a complicated process to adjust or assemble.

The metal frame is sturdy to hold your clothes with high stability. Also, the ingenious collapsing mechanism, as well as tool-free operation, makes it handy. Folding down to half size, it saves you storage hassle when not in use. Moving this rack from one place to another is simple since it has 4 sturdy casters. Thus, whether you need it for drying clothes or hotels, it increases convenience. The chrome enhances hanging rail allows for safety and corrosion protection.


  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Clever folding mechanism
  • Locking wheels


  • No shoe shelf

4. DecoBros Commercial Grade Double Rail Garment Rolling Rack

DecoBros Commercial Grade Double Rail Garment Rolling Rack

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The DecoBros rolling rack is the solution when you need extra cloth storage. Boasting a creative and sleek look, it improves your house organization. Besides, the design allows increased décor, whether home or in a fashion store. Created with double rail, this rack ensures maximum space utilization. Also, the stainless steel frame is incredible in protecting it from moisture damage. Therefore, no more corrosion and rust like iron racks. Despite the simple nature, it has commercial-grade construction. This enables it to hold massive weight and can hold 250 pounds.

The good thing is even when fully loaded; this rack allows smooth movability. The 4 casters are optimized to enable smooth movement even on curved ways. The chrome finish is outstanding for protection and décor. Apart from offering double rails, the rods are extensible. This improves the ability to hang more clothes. Equipped crossbars increase this rack stability and strength. They also allow people to hang scarves and umbrellas.


  • Extra heavy-duty chrome finished frame
  • Extendable hanging rails
  • Corrosion proof frame


  • Height isn’t adjustable

3. Bextsware Multi-Function Garment Clothes Rack

Bextsware Multi-Function Garment Clothes Rack

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Bextsware clothes rack is a multipurpose and reliable option. Adding this rack into your house creates an elegant look and increases storage ability. Amazingly, it doesn’t need a lot of space hence superb for all places. The construction and materials allow this rack to be usable in different situations. It can be used in laundry, bathroom, and bedrooms. There is no more worry about rust and corrosion since the frame has a superb shiny coating.

The base is stable and fitted with 360 degrees caster wheels. Thus, when you need to dry your clothes in the sun, it allows seamless movability. Despite the heavy-duty construction, the rack is extra lightweight to facilitate easy moving. It is possible to enjoy additional hanging space since the rails are extendable. Each of the rods is enhanced with stoppers that are good to prevent clothes from falling.


  • Extending top bar with stoppers
  • Chrome-plated frame
  • Simple to assemble


  • Only single cloth rail

2. Finnhomy Rolling Garment Rack Clothes Rack

Finnhomy Rolling Garment Rack Clothes Rack

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Rolling racks are perfect when used in busty laundry and showrooms. The Finnhomy garment storage stand is one of the few reliable racks. Made featuring 2 clothes hanging lines, it allows maximum space utilization. Each of the rods can support 90 pounds, which is impressive for all types of clothes hanging. Apart from the hanging rods, it has a single side hanger for keeping hats, ties, among others. The added shelves are great for holding other accessories and items to avoid scattering.

The structure construction is created to withstand extra heavy load. In fact, each shelf can hold up to 200 pounds. Moreover, the stand can hold up to 300 pounds when fitted with wheels. With this rack in homes, it allows easy clothes management and organization in guest rooms and other places. Despite this stand looking complicated, it has toolless assembling.


  • Instant assembling
  • Simple to move around
  • Thick steel tubes


  • Small wheel threads

1. Homdox 3 Shelves Rolling Rack Commercial Grade Garment Rack

Homdox 3 Shelves Rolling Rack Commercial Grade Garment Rack

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Improving cloth organization in house ensures there neatness and elegance. The Homdox rolling rack is a commercial-grade product with superb applications. It has 3 shelves, which enhances the storage capacity. Whether it is shoes and other accessories, you can organize them on shelves. The trays are wire meshed, which allows simple storage even for small items. Additionally, dual hanging bars and side hooks increase the overall room. The adjustable feet with wheels improve garment storage and movement.

The structure is durable and provides extra heavy-duty performance. Due to the sturdy frame, it can carry 400 pounds. In fact, each frame is capable of holding up to 133 pounds. Assembling the rack is simple since it has the instructions. Also, there is no need for tools hence simple to put up this rack without struggles. Black powder coating ensures durability and sleek décor for every house.


  • 3 wire mesh shelves
  • Heavyweight frame support
  • Lockable wheels


  • Prier than rest

Garment Racks Buying Guide

Sturdy frame

The strength of a rack frame is vital for proper support. Usually, most of the racks are made from metal. But the quality of metal differs from one brand to the other. To enjoy adequate strength, steel tubes are always ideal since they are durable. Also, a chrome-plated frame is classic in ensuring there is no more corrosion and rusts.

Height adjustable

The adjustability is vital in any rack. With many stands offering different designs, some come with adjustable feet. Therefore, once you want to raise or lower cloth hanging, It is possible to achieve it quickly. For simple adjustability ensures that feet can adjust without needing tools.

Assembling and collapsibility

Most of the racks are delivered while unassembled. Therefore, assembling should not be rocket science. Since there are different assembling designs, the ideal rack comes with instructions. Also, toolless assembling is classic in ensuring everyone can put up without any issues. Apart from assembling, collapsible stands are superb for storage purposes. Simple to fold and store stand is excellent when space is challenging.

Caster wheels

Racks are wheeled and wheel free. But since they are multipurpose, wheeled versions are indispensable. They allow users to cart clothes way from one point to the other. Therefore, whether you need them for home or laundry, they allow smooth movement without lifting the whole rack.


Garment racks are the absolute solution to space challenges. They are superbly multifunctional and eases the work. Available in different styles, frames, and colors, there is a rack for everyone. Therefore, these cloth racks are amazing and worthwhile to get.

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