Top 10 Best Hidden Cameras in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Hidden cameras have a lot of work. They are usually installed in homes, offices, and other places. Their concealed nature enables users to monitor different aspects. It can be the nanny at home or workers in office. Also, these spy cameras are useful when investigating an incidence. In facts, investigators usually use these cameras to get more evidence.

Depending on where you are using your camera, they are available in different sizes. Some are extra small, which make it hard for people to notice. Others are integrated on some of the household electronic devices. Therefore, it is hard for people to notice their presence. Right spy camera should be as hard to notice as possible. This helps the user to get real information without getting noticed. Whether looking a concealed camera for home, office or personal use, there are many choices ready. But, these reviewed in our list are exceptional choices.

10. DIVINEEAGLE Mini Spy Camera 1080p USB Charger

DIVINEEAGLE Mini Spy Camera 1080p USB Charger

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Make them believe it’s a regular charger. This Divineeagle mini spy camera is unique and reliable. It features a USB charger design which can trick someone it’s a regular charger. However, it is fitted with an HD camera with 1080p resolution. Also, with ability to offer 90 degrees view angle, the device is superior for family security. As a result, you can always monitor the nanny, caregiver, and other home workers.

Although it’s a camera, the device is excellent for charging your phone. In fact, it is a charger with inbuilt secret camera. With this camera, it doesn’t need network to work. It has memory card slot; therefore, it’s a plug and play device. Amazingly, it can support up to 32 GD SD card hence great for days of recording. The advanced motion detection lets the camera record upon sensing movements.


  • Plug and play design
  • HD recording quality
  • Portable with charging ability


  • Doesn’t come with SD card

9. Ehomful Mini Wireless Hidden 1080P Portable Small Security Cameras

Ehomful Mini Wireless Hidden 1080P Portable Small Security Cameras

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Ensuring the safety of your family is paramount. However, no need to invest in complex camera system. This mini-wireless hidden cam but Ahomful is making a significant difference. It is one of the minute cameras suitable for home as well as body. Whether you want see what is happening at home or office, it’s a reliable camera. Unlike others, this record and also can deliver real-time recording due to Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, it has SD slot with capacity to read 128GB cars.

The fantastic feature about this cam is it has 360 rotation. Therefore, once installed, it allows whole room view. There is no mounting needed for this device since it comes with powerful magnet. As a result, you can attach on any metallic surface. Interestingly, this camera as night vision ability as well as motion sensors. It’s a premier home stress-free concealed camera.


  • Magnetic attachment
  • Night vision capability
  • Motion detection technology
  • 360 degrees rotation


  • A bit expensive

8. Hidver 1080P Mini Wireless Spy Cam with Night Vision

Hidver 1080P Mini Wireless Spy Cam with Night Vision,

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Recording secretly offers what happens at home when away. This helps you to determine the measures to take. But, to achieve this, spy camera is the best choice. This 1080p mini wireless camera by Hidver is right for excellent hidden recording. It’s one of the smallest cameras in the world hence making it simple to hide. Boasting 12 MP, the device also HD, therefore, high-resolution images.

Due to the motion detection technology, it starts to record as soon as it senses an image. Using this camera is a piece of cake. It has simple to use mode button that enables switching from video to snapshot mode. Enabled with automatic saving, there is assurance of data capture always. For perfect night recording, the camera has fitted 6 LED lights. Therefore, no limitation whether day or night, the cam is always ready.


  • Extra clear images
  • Compact and easy to mount
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery


  • The battery lasts only for 60 minutes

7. Facamword Spy Camera Pen Hidden Cameras Video Recorder

Facamword Spy Camera Pen Hidden Cameras Video Recorder

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When you are attending a meeting, there is an outstanding opportunity to get all details without writing. This pen from Facemward is one of the coolest ways to spy. It has a fitted camera lens that offers a broad view recording. Also, the storage capacity is fantastic to ensure large amount of data recording. In reality, apart from recording, it is usable as a flash drive. Therefore, you can store files and other vital documents.

Despite its compact nature, the pen offers full HD recording. In fact, it is 1080P which allows 2560*1440 pictures recording. Also, the vibrant color and frame top-grade capture technology offers crispy clear videos. Besides recording, the pen works normally and no need for extra pen. One button operation means excellent convenience and ease of use.


  • Easy one-button operation
  • Stealth camera
  • Versatile usage
  • Multiple OS compatible


  • Has no motion detection

6. FUVISION Wi-Fi Photo Frame 1080P Home Security Spy Camera

FUVISION Wi-Fi Photo Frame 1080P Home Security Spy Camera

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There is nothing that makes people worry than their home security. Although most people use CCTV cameras, they are great for compound surveillance. But, they are uncomfortable installing in your house. This Fuvision photo frame spy camera is remarkable. It allows installation without anyone noticing. Therefore, whether you need it in office or home, it creates concealed recording. The extra compact nature allows it to be fitted in a photo frame.

Interestingly, the machine is equipped with a Wi-Fi feature. This gives you the ability to see whatever happens in the home or office remotely. Additionally, it’s possible to download videos and pictures into your phone or watch live recording. There are no cords or mounting gear needed for this nanny camera which make it simple to conceal. Above all, the PIR motion sensor activates the camera to record and save automatically.


  • Easy to fit in a photo frame
  • Wireless image transmission
  • Improved night vision capability
  • Built-in sensor


  • Not suable as a nanny cam

5. ZZCP 1080p Bluetooth Wi-Fi Mini Spy Hidden Camera

ZZCP 1080p Bluetooth Wi-Fi Mini Spy Hidden Camera

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ZZCP 1080p mini camera is one of the compact and versatile spy cams. The device is enabled with Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. This means no need for wires and can connect when at home or far. Also, apart from real-time viewing, the cam supports SD card, which enables s recording. Therefore, you can download data for later viewing. Also, the Bluetooth ensures easy and quick data download into your phone wirelessly.

The minute and creative design ensure this device is easy to conceal. Unlike large cameras, this can be mounted where people can’t realize easily. This Ip-camera is designed to support up to 128GB SD cards. Despite the compact size, it has an exceptionally wide angle of view. It can record in an angle of 150 degrees. Therefore, once in a corner it can record whole room. Offering 1080p full HD resolution, it is a good security camera to install.


  • Multiple wireless technology
  • Wide recording angle
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Extra loud hands-free speaker


  • Larger than other cameras

4. Poetele 10000mAh Wi-Fi Hidden Power Bank Camera, 1080p

Poetele 10000mAh Wi-Fi Hidden Power Bank Camera, 1080p

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Recording what is happening in your home when away is great for safety. This power bank by Poetele is amazing option for multiple works. It’s great for recharging your devices as well as spying. Due to its high capacity, it offers great recording time than other cameras. Therefore, it gives you more time to monitor home whether present or away. This is possible due to the Wi-Fi feature that allows remote control.

Apart from the camera, the power bank supports fast charging. Therefore, it can be used to charge your smartphone quickly. Moreover, the battery can provide 15 hours of HD recording thus ultimate way to improve your home security. The loop recording feature makes sure it never runs out memory. This is because it overwrites old files without needing your to format SD card. Above all, no limitation to recording since the camera has night vision ability. This means it is always ready to give you what is happening at home or office.


  • Extra-long recording time
  • Quick charging feature
  • Real-time recording
  • Enhanced with loop technology


  • Narrow view angle

3. AMCSXH HD 1080P Wi-Fi Wall Clock Spy Camera

AMCSXH HD 1080P Wi-Fi Wall Clock Spy Camera

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Are you worried about child safety? It is time to monitor how nanny or caregiver treats everything at home when away. The solution is adding this wall clock spy cam by AMCSXH. Actually, it performs just like a regular clock but features a hidden camera. By hanging it in wall, it ensures proper view of your room. Additionally, the Wi-Fi enhancement lets you have remote camera control and live view.

The clock is sleek and offers a great look to your house. Besides, the camera is HD, which gives a clear picture. Also, when not streaming live home images, this device has TF card slot. The camera can support up to 320GB SD card hence more recording time. Unlike other cameras, this has instant recording after switching on after 3 seconds. For improved safety, the device has motion detection ability for efficient recording.


  • Excellently concealed
  • Real-time video viewing
  • Simple to set up and operate


  • Requires daily charging

2. AliCom Motion Activated Body Spy Camera

AliCom Motion Activated Body Spy Camera

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Alicom motion-activated body camera is reliable in ensuring there easy recording. Whether mounted in a house or wearing in the body, it lets user enjoy great recording. Unlike big and wired cameras, this one is wireless. Therefore, it can be used in different locations without anyone noticing it. Also, it doesn’t need Wi-Fi since it supports 64GB SD card. This gives it more time to record before memory runs out.

Whether in tight places, the camera is simple to use. The one-button operations mean it gives you instant recording with just a press. Moreover, it is versatile and can be used in cars, offices, and home for safety. Apart from regular use, this spy cam is excellent for wearing in the body. Therefore, investigators will find it valuable.


  • Durable body construction
  • Strong spying ability
  • Loop recording feature
  • Versatile placement


  • Doesn’t support real-time video

1. TUSOJO Mini Wi-Fi 120° Wide-Angle Lens Hidden Cam

TUSOJO Mini Wi-Fi 120° Wide-Angle Lens Hidden Cam

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A compact and light spy camera is ideal for a perfect job. This one by Tusojo brings excellent convenience for people looking to improve security in their homes. Comparing it with other devices, this has miniature size. Therefore, it can be placed in various places without alerting people. Additionally, the view angle is remarkable since it features 120 degrees. Therefore, once strategically placed, the camera offers a lot of details.

Apart from a comprehensive view, the cam has 1080p resolution. This ensures every detail is perfectly clear. Incredibly, recording at night is possible since it has night recording capability. Furthermore, the motion sensors are always alert. The built-in Wi-Fi and rechargeable battery ensure this cam is handy and practical solution. Apart from connectivity, the device supports SD card recording for later download.


  • Live steaming ability
  • Infrared night vision capability
  • Full HD and wide-angle view


  • None

Hidden Cameras Buying Guide

Buying a spy camera always give you a great way to discover. With many options and styles available, here are some vital qualities you need to look.


Resolution is number one when it comes to choosing a camera. It determines whether you are going to get high-quality images or not. These days, there are miniature cameras that are full HD. In fact, it’s like 1080P has become the standard spy cameras resolution. Although there are other resolutions, 1080P is a great pick.

Night vision

Night vision is another feature you should not overlook. Most things happen at night, and the lights aren’t always on. With a camera enabled to record during low light conditions is vital. It ensures perfect recording of every event.

Rechargeable battery

Hidden cameras and designed to be portable or for concealed location mounting. Therefore, the majority come with inbuilt battery. To enable your device last longer, ensure it has a stronger battery.

SD card support

Although some of the cameras allow live streaming, they should also provide recording ability. As a result, an SD card slot is vital to ensure there is data storage always. As a buyer ensure your target camera can support large capacity SD card.

Wireless connectivity

The wireless connectivity is vital in today’s life. It enables live streaming as well as data downloading remotely. Although not all spy camera supports this feature, it’s a significant consideration.


Hidden cameras are an exceptional solution when in need of safe home spying. They offer higher capacity than regular CCTV cameras. To ensure proper peace of mind, no doubt these cameras are exceptional top choices.

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