Top 10 Best Lunch Boxes in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on April 19, 2020

When carrying your lunch to school, trips and other places, a right box is amazing. These boxes are dedicated to ensuring people take their lunch without stress. Whether a variety of foods, these containers are highly versatile. In most cases, these boxes come with divided compartments that ensure every user enjoy superb food storage.

The designing of these containers features different styles and materials. Therefore, choosing an ideal box can be tricky. Some are simple to use, while others have a heating function. Consequently, they can heat you can enjoy warm food everywhere. However, insulated lunch boxes are superb since they keep food warm without the need to heat or warm. With these reviewed lunch boxes below, no need to struggle to carry food outdoors.

10. Bentgo Bento-Styled Durable Leak-Proof Kids Lunch Box

Bentgo Bento-Styled Durable Leak-Proof Kids Lunch Box

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The Bentgo durable lunch box for kids ensure easy food carrying. Instead of unreliable containers, this offers convenience. Designed with 5 compartments, they are handy for putting different food. As a result, there is easy packing your kids’ balanced diet lunch. Construction features durable construction and enhanced grip for kids. Rubberized edges are superb for keeping the box safe. In case of an accidental drop, there is no breakage like with cheap plastics.

Besides the robust construction, the dish is leak-proof. Thus, when carrying food with soup, no more leaks. Additionally, there is quick cleaning since its dishwasher safe. The microwave-safe design allows for easy food warming. For simple cleaning, the dish has removable compartments. They are excellent when reheating food since users don’t transfer food to other plates. Ideal for kids around 3-7 years, the container is safe and reliable.


  • Rubberized edges
  • Removable tray
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Drop-proof


  • Not for adults

9. Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch Box & Food Prep Containers

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch Box & Food Prep Containers

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Getting lunch to your destination is a great task to avoid fast food. But, to enjoy the superb experience, Rubbermaid LunchBlox delivers excellent performance. Unlike other containers, these come in a set of 3 boxes with exceptional reliability. In fact, they are designed to ensure secure lunch storage and transportation hence super for keeping food safe. Made from safe, transparent plastic, the boxes are sleek and reliable ways to ensure your lunch or student’s food stays fresh.

Apart from the food containers, the pack come with Blueopack ice which keeps food chilled. This prevents spoilage, especially when the weather is hot. Therefore, during summers, the lunch boxes are reliable and always handy to carry food. The dishes are microwave safe when lids are removed, hence good ways to reheat your food. Additionally, the leak-proof lids are amazing and ensure your food doesn’t spill.


  • Leak-proof lids
  • Bluepack chilling ice
  • Microwave-safe containers
  • BPA plastic


  • Small-sized

8. ThinkFit Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Bag with 6 Food Containers

ThinkFit Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Bag with 6 Food Containers

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As you think about carrying food to the office or picnic, a premium container is superb. ThinkFit lunchbox is one of the ultimate choices for everyone. Designed by experts, it comes with an insulated design which helps to keep food hot or cold. The pack includes 6 lunch containers that help in portion control. Therefore, when carrying your lunch, there are no stress to estate the needed portions. Besides, the ability to carry different food ensures your lunch is superb.

The containers are reusable, making them ideal for daily use Constructed from BPA free plastic, the containers are superior and delivers excellent reliability. Apart from the lunch containers, the pack also has a shaker cups as well as pills organizer. This enables users to enjoy superb versatility and functionality. The containers are freezable, microwavable and reusable. The double-insulated container and multi-compartment box allow east storage. Above all, the ice pack provided enables food to remain safe for a long time.


  • Multi-compartment box
  • Reusable containers
  • Double insulated


  • Containers aren’t scaled

7. Enther Meal Prep 3 Compartment Containers, 12 Packs

Enther Meal Prep 3 Compartment Containers, 12 Packs

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Enther meals preparation containers are the right options to have for carrying your lunch. They are compartmented containers with great applications for your food. With pack having 12 packs, they are good options when going on a trip as a group or with family members. The properly sealed containers are leaf-proof which prevent soup from spilling. With the reusable design, they help in saving the environment and also your bucks. Unlike other containers, these are designed to last and don’t crack easily. Durable and safe plastic used ensure no toxic particles or breaking after a few uses.

The stackable design is fantastic and superb for the ultimate organization. Therefore, when arranging them in a lunch box, they are simple to pack in your bag without stress. With transparent lids, they are designed to ensure there is easy identification of your packed lunch. The BPA construction and microwavable design let the user enjoy adequate food reheating.


  • Stackable design
  • Transparent leak-proof lids
  • Non-cracking plastic
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not watertight

6. Bentgo Salad BPA-Free Lunch Container with Fork

Bentgo Salad BPA-Free Lunch Container with Fork

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Bentgo container is a perfect way to carry your lunch. The box is advance and provides a great way to enjoy superb lunch packing without need for additional containers. In fact, it has spacious compartments dedicated for salad. The lunch box has a 54 oz salad bowl, which is superb for a mouthwatering lunch. The top lid is correctly superb sealing, which ensures there is an excellent way to keep your food fresh.

With the ability to store toppings separately, the dish is great for ensuring no mixing of food. Additionally, the rubberized lid rings are a fantastic way to ensure there are no leaks once carrying this dish. Additionally, the top is dishwasher safe; thus, simple to clean. Apart from the divided compartments, the container comes with a reusable fork. It allows uses to enjoy smooth eating without struggles or to carry extra cutlery.


  • Divided compartments
  • Reusable fork
  • Rubberized sealing rings


  • Breaks easily

5. PackIt Freezable Old School Classic Lunch Box

PackIt Freezable Old School Classic Lunch Box

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The way people used to carry lunch to school, office and other places. Packlt old school classic lunch box brings an easy way to take your lunch everywhere. The bag comes with a freezable gel that ensures your food remain chilled for long. As a result, people can always enjoy fresh food without spoilage, even when outdoors. The bag is sturdy and ensures there are no loose parts to lose. Therefore, once carrying this bag, it has excellent performance.

With this bag, it collapses flat to reduce size. This allows for a comfortable fit to the freezer without posing any problem. The bag offers 12 hours cooling time which is classic for keeping the food fresh. Therefore, for people with special diet needs, there is reliability when using this bag. The large opening zip allows for full bag opening, which creates ease of food packing. The fabrics used are nontoxic, durable while the interior lining is water-resistant.


  • Fully collapses
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Freezable gel walls
  • Comfortable handle


  • Feels a bit heavy

4. Modetro Ultra Slim 3 Compartments Leak Proof Bento Lunchbox

Modetro Ultra Slim 3 Compartments Leak Proof Bento Lunchbox

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Modetro ultra-slim leakproof lunchbox is one of the incredible choices. The box allows for people to carry food without struggling. Enhanced with 3 compartments, they are leak-proof. Therefore, when used for your daily food storage and carrying, there is a superb experience. Due to the divided sections, the bag provides efficiency since there is no food mixing. With its stylish and compact nature, the bag is a great way to enjoy a unique look.

Besides being ideal for your lunch, the pack is excellent for keeping the food fresh for a long time. With an easy freezing ability, it allows for fantastic food preservation. The ease of cleaning allows for the lunchbox to remain hygienic for a long time. There is a great protection to your other items when carrying this box in a bag. It has a leak-proof design which eliminates the soup from destroying your bag. Stylish and compact nature makes it great to add elegant and efficient lunch storage.


  • Compact to fit in most bags
  • Easy to freeze
  • Leak-proof design


  • Material can get stained

3. Bento Lunch Box 3 Compartments Meal Prep Containers

Bento Lunch Box 3 Compartments Meal Prep Containers

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Bento multi-compartment containers allow for users to carry lunch comfortably. Unlike food thermos, these are classic and lets these lunchboxes are dedicated to ensuring it is superb and versatile. In fact, they are freezable, making it easy to maintain food freshness. Also, microwavable nature means no more complications when warming your food. This ensures no need to have extra reheating plate when heating your food. Additionally, the durable BPA free plastic save your money and environment since containers are reusable for a long time.

The ability to carry food without mixing renders these containers great. They are lo clear, which enable the users to enjoy easy identification of the carried food. Due to the premium construction plastic, these packs are dishwasher safe. Due to the stackable nature, it’s possible to carry several dishes without stress. Also, they ensure people can take different meals to keep off hunger even on a busy day.


  • Stackable design
  • Large capacity for kid and adults
  • Multiple compartments


  • No freezing pad

2. Fun Life 5 Compartment Insulated Leakproof Lunchbox

Fun Life 5 Compartment Insulated Leakproof Lunchbox

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The real fun is getting ample meals to ensure your day is fantastic. These compartmented lunchboxes by Fun Life are excellent options for most people. They present ideal size for adults as well as kids to carry their lunch without worries. Offering 5 compartments, it is easy to carry different food for a fulfilling meal. Boasting durable constriction, the containers are BPA free and don’t have other harmful materials.

Keeping these containers in your bag is safe and guarantees leak-proof food storage. With high technology construction, the boxes are drop-proof and have rubberized edges. Durable lids are the reason these containers are superbly reliable. Therefore even when carrying your lunch, there is no more making your bag soggy. With a reusable design, the boxes are superb in ensuring there are eco-friendly and saves you from buying disposable lunch bags.


  • Zippered pocket
  • Multiple compartments
  • Drop-proof rubberized edges
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Keeps food warm for a short time

1. Umami Premium Bento Hermetic Lunch Box for Adults

Umami Premium Bento Hermetic Lunch Box for Adults

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Eating healthy is a priority. That is why having reliable lunch boxes is an excellent move by everyone. Umami bento hermetic lunch boxes are suited for adults as well as kids. They are suited to ensure your food remains safely protected and no leaks. Additionally, the lid offers airtight sealing for maintaining food fresh. The eco-friendly nature allows for users to enjoy the durable application and saves the environment from disposable bags.

Due to the multiple compartments, the lunch box allows for safe carrying and food don’t mix. Thereby, no more eating soggy food like single compartment containers. Enhanced with a sturdy lock, the box transports your food quietly. The construction features high-quality materials which allow the box to keep food safe and doesn’t have toxic materials. With silicone rings, the lids are leak-proof for great peace of mind.


  • Silicone sealing
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Easy to clean


  • None

Lunch Boxes Buying Guide


The size of your desired lunch box is an important factor. It allows for the easy food carrying depending on the user. For kids, there is no purpose of carrying oversized containers my not worth having. This is because they need more space on a bag or can carry excess food that a kid can’t finish. Also, for adults, a right-sized lunch dish is suitable for accommodating enough food for the user.

Dishwasher and microwavable materials

The materials used in the construction of dishes differ from one brand to the other. However, the materials should be safe and food grade. Besides, microwavable materials are superb to ensure warming food isn’t an uphill task. In fact, heating food should not destroy or make the material produce a foul smell. Cleaning the container with a dishwasher is also great features for easy cleaning.

Multiple compartments

For the ability to carry different types of meals without mixing, multiple compartments are vital. The dividing on the boxes allows for easy food packing without causing sogginess to dry food. Therefore, for food with soup and non-soup food, it’s easy to carry without mixing. Some of the containers come with removable compartments which further increases the overall efficiency.

Leak-proof lids

The ability to carry your food without experiencing leaks is vital. It allows people to carry different type of food without worrying about spilled soup to their other items. Tight lids and ideal and should be sealed to avoid spills.


Carrying lunch is common, and people always look for ideal ways to achieve it. Adding best lunch boxes in your possession ensures excellent feeling. They are available in your desired shape, insulation and other features. This list featuring above allows for everyone to enjoy great meals.

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