Top 10 Best Portable Induction Cooktops in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Induction is one of the methods used in cooking. It is one of the efficient ways to cook, simmer, and fry your food in the kitchen. One of the latest developments are portable induction cooktops. These appliances are practical and efficient compared to other heating appliances. Additionally, they have instant responsiveness, which creates high efficiency. On power consumption, these cooktops are fantastic since they can work on a standard kitchen plug.

Due to their ability to their low power needs, they are handy and useful when camping and on vacations. Besides, the efficiency, these cooktops are safe since they don’t heat up, thus increasing the overall safety. Due to their precise pot heating, they ensure fast food cooking without energy loss. The inexpensive and compact nature make these portable induction cooktops perfect selection.

10. Secura 9100MC Portable Induction Countertop Burner

Secura 9100MC Portable Induction Countertop Burner

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Cooking in the kitchen or RV should not be stressful anymore. With this Secura 9100MC countertop induction burner, it allows efficiency at home or outdoors. It has different levels of heating, starting from 200-1800 watts settings. Moreover, the 15 temperature settings it is simple to cook or warm your food without destroying the nutrients. The digital control panel allows for one-touch adjustment. This is efficient compared to dials.

The built-in timer enables the right cooking time to maintain the flavor. This eliminates the need to have a stopwatch or timer when cooking. It can be set from 1 up to 170 minutes. Automatic pan detection feature, as well as error diagnostic system, eases the appliance use. For the safety and quality guarantee, the burner is certified by ETL and is compatible with 120V at 60Hz


  • Automatic pan detection
  • Digital control panel
  • Wide range of temperature settings


  • Requires magnetic cookware

9. Duxtop 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Burner

Duxtop 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Burner

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If you are suffering from small kitchen space, there is a need for efficient and compact cooktops. This countertop 1800 watt burner by Duxtop is a fantastic cooker. It has a slim profile and compact designed to fit anywhere. Built to North American electrical standards, the stove is easy to use in 120 volts plug. Additionally, the lightweight construction keeps it perfect for use when going outdoors.

Forget about dials and knobs that can be hard to use for beginners. With this cooktop burner, it offers a digital control panel. Amazingly, it combines timer as well as temperature settings. This allows the chef to set precise cooking time and heat for yummy results. Cooking without flame, it saves energy and also improves safety since no burn risks. Equipped with 7 blade fan, it perfectly dissipates heat hence keeping appliance away from pot heat. It has 60 seconds auto shut feature to save energy.


  • Long electrical cord
  • Automatic shutdown feature
  • 10 temperature settings


  • Less heat setting options than rivals

8. ISILER Touch Control Portable Induction Cooker

ISILER Touch Control Portable Induction Cooker

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The Isiler induction hotplate is the lasting solution for efficient cooking. This cooker is sleek and super slim compared to the rivals. Therefore, it helps to complements your kitchen look. Moreover, the premium construction ensures it lasts for years without problems. While the appliance is rated 1800W, it allows selection from as low as 100W. This, however, depends on what you are cooking. Also, the 8 temperature setting levels are impressive for cooking different dishes in perfect heat.

The light nature of this cooktop lets it be remarkably portable. As a result, you can use it in different places. There is simplicity when it comes to operating this cooker. It is equipped with a touch-operated control panel. Large cooking surface enables cooks to place different sized pots. The surface is made from glass, which is durable and resists wear and tear, unlike other materials. Fitted with 3 hours long-timer, it allows ample cooking for exquisite meals.


  • Extra-long hours timer
  • Durable glass surface
  • Child safety lock


  • Fan makes a loud noise

7. hOmeLabs Powerful Single Burner Electric Countertop Induction Stove

hOmeLabs Powerful Single Burner Electric Countertop Induction Stove

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Cut huge power bills while enjoying the fastest cooking experience. All you need is to get hOmeLabs powerful electric countertop induction stove and see the difference. It is a highly portable stove made to ensure there is convenience wherever you are going. Due to its standard power requirements, it can be used in different places. Amazingly, the stove is compatible with all induction cookware hence perfect for instant cooking. The stove has easy to operate touch buttons, which lets the user enjoy effortless control.

There is unlimited operation options since the cooktop come with 6 modes. Whether you love frying, simmering, boiling, and other cooking styles, it comes with pre-set settings. Additionally, the boost, warm or timer modes let the user get the best cooking. Apart from the modes, it is possible to control wattage. It has 10 steps from 120 to 1500 watts. Therefore, you can enjoy slow or quick food cooking.


  • One-touch control panel
  • Safety locking feature for kids
  • Durable and flat glass


  • Underpowered than competitors

6. Cosmo Rapid Heating Portable Electric Induction Cooktop

Cosmo Rapid Heating Portable Electric Induction Cooktop

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Cosmo rapid heating induction stove is the right appliance for small places. Its compact nature and reliable performance make it superior. Small design is right for easy carrying. Therefore, moving it is stress-free. Additionally, it has a total weight of 6 pounds, thus great for boats, RVs, dorms, and apartments. This appliance has rapid action due to robust induction that promotes fast heating. The high energy transfer design allows less time cooking, thereby saving power.

The general design is classic and offers your countertop a sleek look. Therefore, it can be used in the kitchen without compromising the décor. Boasting 10 levels temperatures adjustment, it can range from 140-464 degrees F. Moreover, timer enables 5 minutes to 3 hours of cooking time setting. With bottom fitted with non-slipping feet, it is safe to use without experiencing movements.


  • Non-skidding feet
  • Extra fast heating ability
  • Pre-set cooking settings


  • Fan is pretty loud

5. NutriChef Portable Double Induction Electric Stove

NutriChef Portable Double Induction Electric Stove

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NutriChef always make superb appliances to increase your kitchen experience. This double induction electric stove is practical and reliable to keep your cooking comfortable. Unlike other cookers, it has a large surface designed to hold two pots at a go. Therefore, when you are having several meals to prepare, no need to buy 2 stoves. Each of the cooking surface is controlled independently to maximize performance. Therefore, when not in use, you can always switch off one heating surface.

Apart from cooking two meals, the cooktop comes with different modes. You can set temperatures manually or use the pre-set modes for quick-cooking exercise. There is nothing to worry about energy utilization since the cooker is superb. Designed to be plugged in a standard 120 volts plug, it is 1800W rated. The electromagnetic induction cooking mechanism is remarkable since no heat is lost.


  • Dual cooking surfaces
  • Independently controlled panels
  • High energy efficiency


  • Only works with a specific type of pots

4. Wiland 2200W Portable induction stove Countertop Burner

Wiland 2200W Portable induction stove Countertop Burner

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Cook faster save time and energy without compromising the food taste. This 2200W portable countertop burner by Wiland is making your cooking easy and enjoyable. Due to high energy induction ability, it cuts overall cooking time without shooting the bills high. With the ability to subtract or add power, it can operate at 100W or 2200W. Consequently, one can always enjoy smooth cooking while keeping food lip-smacking. The burner is safe due to under and overcurrent protection. This feature maintains the cooktop performance and durability.

Forget the cooktops that only works with magnetic pots; this works with all the cookware. Whether it’s copper, aluminum, glass, or stainless steel, it works flawlessly. By using infrared heating mechanism, it ensures there is efficient heat transfer to the cooking pot. The operation is through touch-sensitive buttons hence enjoyable to use.


  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • Infrared non-electromagnetic coils
  • Stainless steel body


  • Slower than other induction stoves

3. Rosewill 5 Pre-Programmed Induction Cooker 1800W

Rosewill 5 Pre-Programmed Induction Cooker 1800W

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The Rosewill preprogrammed induction cooker is one of the portable cooktops. It has sleek nature and durable construction to allow general cooking. It offers quick and hassle-free cooking since it has 5 pre-programmed settings. They are useful to ensure for warming, stir, fry, and hot pot. Due to the flat surface, the cooker is safe and reduces the chances of pot slipping. In fact, the polished grade A crystal surface is durable and reliable.

The LED display is useful in keeping your setting comfortable. It displays time as well as cooking temperatures. Enabled with 8 temperature levels, it can be set from 150-450 degrees. With this variation in temperature settings, it is possible to cook a variety of food conveniently. Above all, the 24 hours timer is admirable for slow cooking. The cookware sensor eases your work to know whether pot is compatible with the cooker.


  • Pot compatibility sensor
  • Pre-programmed cook settings
  • Touch sensing control panel


  • Low-quality pot

2. Evergreen Home Double Digital Induction cooker

Evergreen Home Double Digital Induction cooker

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Having a reliable stove ensures you get perfectly cooked food without much effort. The evergreen double digital cooker is convenient and reliable. It’s large and offers dual burners which provide two pots cooking simultaneously. As a result, you can enjoy great cooking time reduction. To improve convenience, this cooker is operated individually. Therefore, one enjoys superb freedom to use both or single burner.

Despite its large design, it has reduced weight, which increases the portability. This facilitates usage even when outdoors in RVs without eating your precious space. Keeping this cooker in the kitchen is safe since it has a children safety lock. Therefore, kids can’t switch on the cooktop while on their own. The appliance is durable and damage resistant since it features exceptional craftsmanship. The 15 temperatures adjustment ranges from 140 to 460 degrees F.


  • Double independently controlled burners
  • 15 temperatures adjustment levels
  • Child safety lock


  • Tends to overheat

1. Sandoo HA1865 Lightweight Portable Induction Cooker

Sandoo HA1865 Lightweight Portable Induction Cooker

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The Sandoo HA1865 is a fantastic cooker to add in kitchens and other places. It’s one of the efficient stoves created to enable fast cooking without requiring a lot of energy. Compact nature of this cooker ensures it can be used in various places without straggling to carry. Compared to other stoves, this can cook delicate food as well as others with higher temperature requirements. It has 15 settings that are great for adjusting cooking heat.

There is high efficiency when using this cooktop since it’s compatible with magnetic pots. This means stainless steel and cast iron appliances with work flawlessly. The multiple safety features are admirable since they will keep the user safe. Manual timer and inbuilt error message notify use in case of a mishap. Fireproof plastic and polished crystal surface ensure minimal fire risk.


  • Fireproof construction materials
  • Slim and lightweight
  • 8 safety protections


  • Small heated area

Portable Induction Cooktops

Power rating

The power rating of a cooker is essential in determining how fast it can cook. Usually, low rated stoves take a longer time to prepare, while higher ones have rapid performance. Typically, most of the induction cookers are rated around 1000W to 2000W.

Additionally, the voltage is another feature when looking for the power rating. Most induction cookers are 120 or 240 volts rated. However, it is excellent to choose standard ones for your house plug.

Control panel

Operating your cooker should not be like a rocket. It should come with simple to operate control panel. With most cookers these days moving away from dials. Instead, touch-sensitive buttons are becoming standard ways to operate stoves. Therefore, to enjoy a stylish and easy to operate cooktop, ensure your target cooker come with simple to use control panel.

Pre-set cooking programs

A cooker with pre-set cooking options is a perfect choice than one without. Some brands come with pre-set cooking programs like warming, frying, and boiling. This ensures there is an efficient and one-touch operation. Although these programs are great, timers and temperature settings are vital for customized cooking adjustment.

Automatic pot recognition

Sometimes, not all users can tell if a pot is compatible with induction stoves. But, modern appliances have improved features. One of the ideal features is the ability to detect compatible pots automatically. It leads to secure working with cooker without need to use a magnet.


Induction cooktops are fantastic and right way to enjoy efficient cooking. They are practical and futuristic way to enjoy cooking in style. Overall, these appliances are worth due to energy efficiency and reliability.

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