Top 10 Best Portable Scanner in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Scanners are essential input devices that help to convert your texts, images, and others into digital formats. Besides converting scanned items to digital format, they allow for easy editing. Most scanners are flatbed, which improves performance. However, portable scanners are excellent when traveling and for general outdoor applications. Unlike the full-sized devices, these devices are compact and simple to carry. As a result, they are versatile and compact to carry everywhere.

Despite their compact nature, the scanners are cheap and common in many places. Although the quality of scanned documents is less than in flatbed scanners, they are handy. The devices involve moving them over the documents. However, users need some experience to operate these office devices. The machines come with different features that give them a difference in performance. However, to have the best portable scanners check our reviews below and a buying guide.

10. Doxie Go SE Scanner with Rechargeable Battery

Doxie Go SE Scanner with Rechargeable Battery

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The Doxie Go portable scanner is excellent for every office or when traveling. The device works on its own due to the intuitive design and software. As a result, it works excellently without needing a computer. Unlike other scanners that need to be moved over the document, this has a smooth operation. It has a large slot that accommodates different sized documents. In fact, the device has excellent scanning speed and quality. With 600dpi, it scans a full-color page in 8 seconds.

Featuring a rechargeable battery, the device is capable of working everywhere. It can scan 400 pages in a single charge and 4000 pages before synchronizing. The Doxie app is fantastic and enables high versatility. It can work with different apps that allow the user to send scanned content directly to the computer. Enhanced with expandable memory, the device helps a user store massive files.


  • Expandable memory
  • Works without computer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fast scanning speed


  • Doesn’t do duplex scanning

9. Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Fast Scanner

Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Fast Scanner

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Enjoy high-speed scanning by getting thus scanner by Brother. DS-620 is one of the fantastic machines that keep your documents safe. With 8ppm, it offers excellent reliability for personal and business use. Depending on your needs, the device can scan color or black/white. Weighing less than a pound, the device is highly portable and convenient. Additionally, it measures 12 inches in length, which allows easy portability. It is USB powered which ensures you can plug it in a computer or power bank.

The machine is slim, which reduces the overall size. With drivers accompanying the machine, it allows quick connection to PC running on Windows 8. With this machine, it comes with bundled software that is great for high productivity. Compared to other machines, this has excellent performance and works well even for irregular shaped and delicate items. Versatility in storage options ensures the tool can save files in shared folders, emails, FTP, and others. Above all, the machine is compatible with Mac and Windows.


  • Versatile storage options
  • Multiple OS compatible
  • Double-sided scanning


  • No rechargeable battery

8. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Scanner

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Fujistu makes an array of electronic equipment. But this mobile scanner is one of the modern scanners with superb features. Utilizing wireless connectivity, it means no more cord in your office. The compatibility with Mac and Windows-powered devices ensures excellent versatility. Additionally, the machine is suitable for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With the ability to scan a color page in 5.2 seconds, it’s a machine for home and office.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the machine is great since it comes with a rechargeable battery. In fact, it can scan 260 pages with a single charge. Amazingly, the 600dpi scanned documents mean there is high clarity. The one-button operation delivers ease of operation. This is opposed to different buttons that can create difficulties when using. Besides the fast performance, the device can save your work in dropbox, google drive, and others without needing drivers.


  • Single-button operation
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Versatile connectivity


  • Battery dies fast

7. Canon imageFORMULA P-215II Document Scanner

Canon imageFORMULA P-215II Document Scanner

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The ability to stay organized in your office depends on the ability to have the right office appliances. The Canon ImageFORMULA document scanner is an excellent option. Built by a reputable maker, the machine has excellent performance. The compact device enables the user to convert your images and documents to digital form easily. Whether in use in the classroom, office, and other places, the machine is superb. Amazingly, the machine can save content into the Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud services.

The construction is from premium materials. This creates high reliability when using your machine. As a result, it provides high performance without causing reduced quality. With the ability to scan different documents that make it possible to convert different materials into digital formats. The machine can scan 15 pages per minute. The compatibility is excellent since you can use it with Mac or Windows. Bundled with powerful software, the device is excellent and unmatchable performance.


  • Powerful software
  • Handles different documents
  • Duplex scanning ability
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Has no wireless connectivity

6. CZUR ET Advanced Book & Document Scanner

CZUR ET Advanced Book & Document Scanner

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Never lose your old documents due to damages by various elements. The CZUR ET scanner is the right option to convert your documents. With a machine using the newest technology on the market, it offers superb performance and quality work. In fact, it has CZUR technology that flattens 3D curved surfaces into a beautiful output. Unlike other scanners, this utilizes a Sony camera that delivers outstanding scanning power. With the fast operation, the machine can finish a 300 pages book within 10 minutes.

Apart from documents, the scanner has versatility when it comes to scanning. It can scan multiple items hence great for different works. Equipped with10 LED lights, they are reliable to offer enough light for super clear imaging. This eliminates shadows, which results in crispy results. The life free software is powerful and can read up to 186 languages. The software is dedicated to ensuring you can perform a variety of tasks with your scanned documents before storing them.


  • Extra fast scanning
  • Powerful Sony camera
  • Super bright illumination


  • Can be tricky to carry

5. iCODIS Document X3 High Definition Portable Scanner

iCODIS Document X3 High Definition Portable Scanner

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When you have a lot of documents, files, photos, and others to convert to digital form, a scanner is handy. This portable document scanner by iCODIS delivers your aspired performance and results. It’s comfortable and easy to use the machine without struggles. In fact, once the document is placed into the scanning tray, the device captures the whole page. This is unlike other portable scanners that require you to keep moving the document. Boasting the latest technology, the machine has intelligent continuous shoot, automatic correction and many more. Thus when editing your scanned work, the device is a great tool.

Fitted with an 8MP camera, it has high definition output hence great quality results. Therefore, even for old documents, you can expect the machine to deliver crispy clear output. The live projection ability is superb for ensuring the device has excellent performance for live music and other functions. With a collapsible design, the machine is simple to carry without needing a large bag or extra pouch.


  • Collapsible design
  • High definition camera
  • Tons of new features


  • Photos scanning doesn’t appear sharp

4. VuPoint ST47 Magic Wand Wireless Portable Scanner

VuPoint ST47 Magic Wand Wireless Portable Scanner

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Avoid the hassle of carrying wires and other accessories when traveling. It’s now possible to enjoy great scanning ability without cables with this scanner by VuPoint. It’s a super slim and lightweight device with the ability to fit in most bags. Enhanced with wireless connectivity, it allows for easy files transfer to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Enhanced with an 8GB SD card, it ensures you have more space for your work. Delivering quality work, the scanner offers 1200dpi results. Therefore whether images or documents, the scanner is superb.

Since the scanner is standalone, it improves the convenience when using it in different places. Due to the wireless connectivity, there is simplicity uploading your documents to Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. Apart from the wireless connectivity, the machine offers smooth transfer through the USB port. Featuring zooming action, the machine ensures you have the best capture of your document. Apart from the scanner, it comes with other accessories like Micro SD card, pouch and protective cover.


  • Carrying case included
  • LCD screen for previewing
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Mac and Windows compatible


  • Don’t do duplex scanning

3. Aibecy Handheld Wireless Document & Images Scanner

Aibecy Handheld Wireless Document & Images Scanner

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Aibecy handheld document and image scanner is the ultimate handy device. It allows users to convert their documents and photos into digital format for improved safety. Delivering high definition results, the machine offers outstanding scanned files. In fact, it has 900dpi which is great for all types of files. Additionally, the device can convert the scanned items to JPEG, PDF, and others. With the ability to scan A4 sized docs, the machine is handy and ideal for daily application.

This machine is super light and highly portable. It features a handheld wand that is compact to effect superb portability. With a built-in scanning detector, it eliminates the distortions. As a result, the results are exceptionally clear. Designed with a USB port as well as SD card port, it can support up to 32GB. The ports also increase connectivity and easy data transfer.


  • Handheld and lightweight
  • Supports large capacity memory cards
  • Converts docs to different formats


  • Battery not included

2. MUNBYN 1050 dpi Wireless Portable Scanners

MUNBYN 1050 dpi Wireless Portable Scanners

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With the ability to set different resolutions, the MUNBYN wireless portable scanner is the handy tool. Tasked with scanning images, doc, and others, it helps to keep your old files in digital form. Depending on the need, it has 3 definition settings that increase the ability to scan a variety of items. In fact, for crispy pictures, it has a maximum of 1050dpi. The upgraded picture storage ability ensures you get the best looking images. Additionally, the machine is capable of storing your photos in mono or color.

The wireless connectivity ensures you can connect different devices securely. It has password protection, which improves your ability to enjoy great safety. With the ability to support different formats, you can easily keep saved files in Pdf, JPG and others. Also, it is easy to convert to excel, word, and txt. The machine is easily compatible with Windows XP and Mac 10.4 and above. Therefore, even with your latest computer, the scanner is easy to connect.


  • Multiple Os compatible
  • Wireless connection
  • Color LCD screen


  • No zooming ability

1. iOCHOW S1 HD Document Portable Camera Scanner

iOCHOW S1 HD Document Portable Camera Scanner

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Making high definition digital documents requires a powerful scanner. This iOCHOW SI is one of the easy to use HD portable scanner. It’s comfortable and easy to use the machine and superb quality. Fitted with an 8MP camera, it can scan large A3 documents as well as small cards. Equipped with 4 LED lights, it can deliver great illumination for clear and shadowless results. Besides scanning, the machine is excellent for live recording hence great for music, e-Book and other functions.

The document camera offers a variety of functions that improves this machine’s versatility. Whether its optical character recognition and automatic correction, among others, the device provides these features. The stylish and compact design ensures the machines suited for use on different occasions and places. With the ability to scan large documents, the scanner is exceptional and ideal for all your needs.


  • Large scanning capacity
  • Powerful HD camera
  • Real-time projecting


  • Only compatible with Windows

Portable Scanners Buying Guide


The features in a scanner determine its overall performance. Basically, there are different designed devices. Mostly, the scanner offers different functions depending on the manufacturer. However, some of the standard ones are important to ensure you can perform essential tasks. To be one step ahead, additional features increase overall scanner performance.


Resolution is vital in determining the quality of scanned docs. Depending on what you are scanning, the choice of resolution is critical. If you are only dealing with documents, a model with lower resolution is ideal. But, for images, the higher resolution a scanner is ideal.


The compatibility is determined on whether the machine can work with different devices. For instance, check whether it can work with Windows, Mac, and Android. Some of the scanners come with software that allows for easy connection with your computer, smartphone and tables easily.


The connectivity is another feature worth checking. Traditionally, these machines were connected to computers through cables. However, these days, we have scanners with a wireless connection. Some use Bluetooth, while others are Wi-Fi enabled.


The ability to enjoy high quality scanned files depends on your machine. These portable scanners are versatile and simple to use everywhere. Therefore, instead of struggling with flatbed scanners, these portable ones are handy and worth. They ensure easy carrying and perfect scanning results.

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