Top 10 Best Shower Chairs in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

For ordinary people, taking a shower isn’t a problem. But, when it comes to the elderly and people with mobility or posture issue, it can be challenging. With the bathroom being slippery when wet, it calls for additional accessories. Shower chairs are some of the fantastic options. They are four-legged seats that come with rubberized feet to guarantee amazing grip. Even when the floor is wet, these chairs provide maximum support and grip.

Although they might look more suited to people with health issues, they are suitable for everyone. They solve the fear when one isn’t comfortable with their bathroom floors. Unlike using regular chairs, these are made to suit bathroom conditions. With low maintenance, they enable excellent hygiene hence minimizing the health issues. To enjoy great safety, here are the best shower seats for every bathroom.

10. Essential Medical Supply Shower & Bath Bench with Arms

Essential Medical Supply Shower & Bath Bench with Arms

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Bathing should not be a problem anymore for elderly and sick people. The Essential Medical Supply bench is a great option to add to your shower. It is a high hygiene chair that ensures it doesn’t create chances of development of unwanted smell and molds. Actually, it is made from premium materials that don’t rust. Thus, even when used regularly, there is no chance of this seat getting corroded.

The padded and removable armrests are great for people with severe sitting problems. Also, it has height intranet design which is superb for enabling people of different height to enjoy great comfort. It can adjust from 16 inches to 20 inches with an increment of 1 inch. This means other people can use the chair without experiencing problems. The rubber padding and firm back support ensure there is maximum comfort to users. Assembling is easy and tool-free hence everyone can assemble it quickly.


  • Padded arms and back
  • Removable arms
  • Adjustable height
  • Anodized aluminum frame


  • Back isn’t reclining

9. Vaunn Medical Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

Vaunn Medical Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

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Vaunn medical bathtub chair is impressive and enables people to enjoy superb relaxation. Whether you are showering or using a spa, the chai is versatile. Since it has an adjustable design which is fantastic for ensuring there is comfort. With this chair, it can raise from 16 -21 inches. Thus, people of different height can use it with great comfort. Also, the armrests have humanized design to care for users. The arm rails also help to keep the user stable without falling risks.

Apart from the support, the chair is super comfortable. It has a removable backrest which helps to stabilize the back column. The section helps to keep people with back problems upright without straining. Made from anodized aluminum, the chair is excellent for humid conditions. The feet are rubberized to secure the user from slipping. Regardless of the floor material, the chair holds perfectly.


  • Tool-free assembly
  • Medical grade aluminum
  • Removable back support
  • Contoured seat


  • Rubber paddings are a bit hard

8. Medline Shower Chair with Padded Armrests & Back

Medline Shower Chair with Padded Armrests & Back

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Medlin chair for showers is supportive and safe to people with posture issues. Thus sleek and highly engineered chair is exceptional for safe showering. With its lightweight nature, it is easy to carry without bulkiness. Despite the lightweight nature, the chair has massive weight capacity. It can hold up to 350 pounds hence great for most people. It provides comfortable bathing and shower to everyone who needs it. With simple to use design, the chair is supportive and easy to use.

Unlike the rigid chairs, this has easy to adjust feet. They have an interval of 1-inch adjustment hence simple to customize the comfort. The seat adjusts from 16-21 inches, which is the standard sitting height for most people. Therefore whether using it due to age or medical condition, it’s easy to set the ideal height. The assembling is a breeze and tool-free. With padded and armrests and removable back, there is fantastic versatility and comfort. Moreover, the slippery floors should not worry you since feet have slip-resistant rubbers.


  • Additional back support
  • Massive weight capacity
  • Easy to clean


  • Slight slides in the tubs

7. Carex Universal Bath and Shower Chair

Carex Universal Bath and Shower Chair

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Caring for people with health complications is an important step. Mostly, people suffering from posture problems, they need to take a shower normally. Carex universal bath seat is an excellent option to select. It comes with a sleek design and fantastic structure to keep users comfortable. Unlike other chairs, this has a super light design. It features plastic construction which cuts the weight. Thus, even carrying is easy, and everyone can lift without struggling.

The legs boast rubber enhancements to deliver superb grip. Even when the tub has water, the chair provides unrivaled grip. Despite the simple looking structure, this seat is adjustable. It can raise from 16 inches to 21 inches without any tool. Built with side handles, the seat is safe and provides fantastic support to all users. Despite the plastic structure, it has a massive 400 pounds weight capacity.


  • Super light plastic
  • Universal tub compatibility
  • Built-in side handles


  • No back support

6. Drive Medical RTL12505 Shower Chair with Back and Arms

Drive Medical RTL12505 Shower Chair with Back and Arms

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Drive Medical chair is dedicated to ensuring safe showers. The highly engineered seat is superb and reliable compared to rivals. It utilizes exceptional engineering and high-quality materials. Therefore, it can withstand bathroom conditions without suffering damage. Unlike most chairs that have an increment of 1 inch, this has a 0.5-inch option. Consequently, it is possible to enjoy more comfort and custom setting with ease. Also, it has height increment indicator to allow a perfect setting.

The enhanced design offers super support due to the armrest and back support. It can fit people of all sizes hence a great way to enjoy a safe bathroom. Boasting a weight capacity of 350 pounds, it is good and sturdy to eliminate accidents. The strong feet are stable and feature non-slip enhancements. The armrests are designed to enable easy lifting as they can as handles. Above all, assembling and adjustment are tool-free to ease the work.


  • Sleek and strong
  • Large back support
  • Soft non-slip feet


  • No metallic structure

5. Medical King Tool-Free Shower Chair for Elderly

Medical King Tool-Free Shower Chair for Elderly

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Medical King Tool-free chair for bathrooms is dedicated to older people. It is a reliable and safe chair that is strong and comfortable. It has a contoured seat that enables users to enjoy fantastic support and comfort. Actually, the chair has 8 adjustments to maximize comfort. Therefore, when using the seat, different people can use it without issues. The aluminum frame is lightweight and perfectly suited to bathrooms. With a strong structure, the chair has 350 pounds weight capacity.

The large sitting platform is superb since it delivers extra comfort. With high portability, this chair is light and enables simple carrying. Unlike other chairs, this comes with additional items for great shower times. The set comes with a scrubber sponge and extra sponge. As a result, it is excellent to enjoy a great bath. The sitting platform has drainage holes to allow water flow easily. Above all, back support is essential to add safety and comfort.


  • Extra-large seat
  • Drainage holes
  • Anti-bacterial materials


  • No armrests

4. Dr Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath

Dr Kay's Adjustable Height Bath

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Dr Kay’s adjustable height bench is the answer to anyone looking to add safety in bathrooms. Especially when you have a disabled or elderly people, the seat is perfectly fit. The structural strength in this chair is fantastic and supports heavy people without risks. With comfortable sitting, it offers ample support. Without armrests and back support, there is freedom of movement hence great for ease showers. The strong feet and general structure enable the chair to accommodate the heavy weight. Also, they have rubberized caps to resist slips.

The fantastic thing with this chair is that it can fit small showers and tubs. It has adjustable feet which make it versatile and excellent for different uses. With assembling requiring no tools, the chair is simple to assemble and disassemble. The anodized aluminum is sleek and perfectly suited for health and maintaining exceptional hygiene. Lifting the chair is simple, and also the handles keep the user safe from slipping.


  • Tool-free assemble
  • Super strong sitting platform
  • Strong aluminum frame


  • Lacks armrest and back support

3. NOVA Hygienic Shower & Bath Chair with Back & Arms

NOVA Hygienic Shower & Bath Chair with Back & Arms

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Nova Hygienic chair is multipurpose and reliable for showers and bathtubs. This seat is made to ensure that safety is maintained without compromising the user comfortable. It lets the user enjoy comfort while enjoying a breathtaking shower. The fitted armrests and backrest provide more that support. They are padded, which ensures firm support and comfort. Even when wet, there is no slipping since paddings are made from soft rubber. The armrests are also essential when standing or sitting.

Despite the strong stricture, this chair is super light and easy to carry. This gives even people with health problems ability to lift the chair without suffering. The adjustability and slip-resistant feet mean more security and reliability. Additionally, the assembling doesn’t need an expert or tools hence easy to use for every user. The sitting platform has drain holes which is excellent for free water flow.


  • Thick sitting surface
  • Slip-free paddings
  • Quick adjustment


  • A bit heavier than rivals

2. Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench & Sliding Shower Chair

Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench & Sliding Shower Chair

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Duro-Med tub transfer bench is a capable option. Experts create this bench to ensure people can enjoy bathing without risks. Unlike regular bathing chairs, this has a sliding mechanism. Therefore, it is possible to transfer the user from the wheelchair with ease. As a result, caregivers enjoy easy works without physically straining the user. The bench is therefore amazing for disabled, elderly and post-surgery users.

The structure is highly engineered to support up to 400 pounds. It also comes with an adjustable height which makes bathing seamless. With assembling being tool-free, it can be moved everywhere with ease. The sliding sitting surface is great since it slides effortlessly. It also has drain holes for unique free water flow. Enhanced with seat locks, shower wand holder and perineal cutout, the bench is remarkable.


  • Reduces physical strains
  • Reliable seat locks
  • Extra heavyweight
  • Smooth sliding


  • A bit expensive

1. Healthline Trading Bath Bench with Padded Armrest

Healthline Trading Bath Bench with Padded Armrest

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Adding support to the elderly and physically challenged in showers is a fantastic step. Healthline Trading chair is perfected for use in bathrooms and tubs. It creates an easy time for the sick and elderly to enjoy showering without risks. As a result, everyone can enjoy the shower with great peace of mind. It has armrest which supports hands when bathing as well as standing and sitting. With the ability to fit in small tubs and showers, it’s suitable for most showers.

The slip-resistant seat is safe, and the user enjoys maximum grip. Also, the feet have rubber capping, which prevents slipping. Even when places inside a tub, it offers reliable grip. With padded armrests, they also act as handles and user can take the chair to the bathroom comfortably. The angled legs are great since they enable the chair to boast high stability. The quick-adjusting nature ensures that every user can enjoy comfortable relaxation.


  • Angled stable legs
  • Padded handles
  • Wear-resistant materials


  • No backrest

Shower Chairs Buying Guide

Overall seat size

The overall size of a chair is essential to ensure the user can fit properly. Basically, the available seats are designed to suit different people. Whether its bigger sized people, they can stay mostly in available chairs. To ensure a comfortable fit, check the dimensions to guarantee comfort sitting.

Adjustable height

The purpose of shower seats is to provide comfortable bathing. However, they are supposed to ensure everyone can fit in the chair regardless of their height. Also, since the bathroom and tubs require different heights, adjustable feet are essential. Most of the available chairs have adjustable leg height. This enables users to sit without struggling and also improved overall safety.

Weight capacity

This is another vital feature to heck when buying these medical chairs. Just like other chairs, these should come indicating maximum weight capacity. This helps to allow users to enjoy showering without compromising the structure. To be on the safe side, always go for chairs with the highest weight limit. This gives it the ability to hold different people without breaking.


The construction of these chairs entail s different materials. Some are made from aluminum, stainless steel as well as plastic. Regardless of the material you choose, ensure its lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant. In most cases, anodized aluminum, as well as plastic, are common since they are superior and rust-resistant. Also, they offer high hygienic conditions in bathroom conditions.


Padding is another feature that is important in shower seats. The most critical parts that need padding are armrest and feet. It is the padding that ensures chair remain stable even on slippery floors. However, ensure the materials used in padding and safe and odor-free.


The shower chairs are indispensable when it comes to offering a comfortable shower. They are essential since they eliminate difficulties when handicapped or elderly are showering. With different safety features, these chairs are worth for comfort and safety of users. The featured shower and bath chairs are some of the choices that guarantee remarkable reliability.

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