Top 10 Best Shower Curtain Liners in 2020 Reviews

Apart from bathing, bathrooms are the right places to give body exceptional relaxation. Many aspects make bathrooms, perfect places. However, décor is among the most important things to keep in mind. The shower curtains liners are some of the best ideas when you need to customize the décor. Although they are not the lasting solution, they are great for quick versatile customization. Unlike the regular curtains, liners are reliable to withstand bathroom conditions for long.

Usually, there are different sized liners to suit various bathrooms. Some are designed for standard bathrooms, while others are for large ones. However, the choice of your shower liner will depend on the buyer requirements. The colors, material, and styles are some of the things people tend to check most. But, in this complication, we have put together best shower curtains liners for most bathrooms.

10. Epica Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

Epica Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

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When you need calm and silent relaxing in a bathroom, curtain liner by Epica is all you need. The liner is robust and reliable under all conditions. The reason behind this is because of heavy-duty vinyl construction. It makes the curtain liner resistant to water damage, as well as mildew and mold resistant. Therefore, whether using it in a sauna, bathtub, or regular shower, no awful smells. In fact, it can last for over 24 hours without suffering mold and mildew attack.

The header is nylon mesh reinforced which renders the liner stable. Also, the rustproof metal grommets are reliable for keeping this liner hanged for long. Due to robust construction, this curtain liner stays in place throughout. Even when used in open place, there is no worry about the wind blowing it. Above all, there are no magnets enhancements hence kids and pets friendly.


  • Strong mesh reinforced header
  • Rust-resistant metal grommets
  • Mold and bacteria resistant


  • Doesn’t come with meal bar

9. N&Y HOME Machine Washable Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

N&Y HOME Machine Washable Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

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The N&Y fabric shower curtain liner is an excellent addition to home and hotels. The liner is sleek and reliable for long without fading. Therefore it keeps the bathroom looking classy and elegant. Made from 100% premium polyester, the curtain is reliable and doesn’t give in to moisture damage. Also, fitted with 2 magnets, they are great for keeping this curtain in position. The magnets also ensure self-closure hence convenient liner for any bathroom.

Unlike other curtain liners, this one is easy and quick to dry. The fabrics are durable and allow machine washing. Due to the fine nature of the fabrics, they give every showroom a luxury spa-like feel. With 12 buttonholes, the curtain fist perfectly in any hanging bar. Amazingly, it’s free from PVC and other fabrics that create an awful smell. This curtain liner measures 70W by 72L inches.


  • Spa-like look
  • Free from PVC and other smell fabrics
  • 2 stabilization magnets


  • Feels a bit thin

8. iDesign PEVA Plastic Mold and Mildew Resistant Plastic Shower Curtain

iDesign PEVA Plastic Mold and Mildew Resistant Plastic Shower Curtain

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Having a relaxing bathroom come hand in hand with curtains and other accessories. But, iDesign PEVA plastic shower curtain is giving your bathroom a new breath. It’s a plastic curtain with high durability and performance. In fact, high-quality PEVA plastic is resistant to mold, mildew, and other conditions. Therefore, even when used in home or hotels bathrooms, it performs exceptionally. Additionally, the water-resistant nature ensures there are no splashes to walls and floor. This helps in keeping pain intact and free from wetness.

Outstandingly, this curtain doesn’t limit where you can use it. The design and quality allow it to be usable in most places. Whether its kids, guest, or master bedroom bathrooms, it’s a great option. With reinforced grommets, it provides excellent durability without damage due to weight. Also, stability magnets are great for keeping the curtain straight.


  • Water-resistant plastic
  • Chlorine-free materials
  • Versatile installations


  • Doesn’t come with hooks

7. AmazonBasics 72 x 72 Inch Shower Curtain with Hooks

AmazonBasics 72 x 72 Inch Shower Curtain with Hooks

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Adding a luxurious look and feel to any bathroom requires careful curtains selection. This AmazonBasics shower curtain provides some of the best décor and performance. It’s broad measuring 72 by 72 inches which enable easy installation to different places. The making of this curtain entails 100% polyesters. Therefore, it’s superbly soft and efficient in protecting the floor from water splashes. Apart from protecting your floor and walls, the curtain is sleekly printed. This gives your shower room updated look.

If you are tired of low-quality curtains, this one brings exceptional experience. There is no more mildew, mold, among others. With a simple cleaning process, the curtain retains its new looking nature. Also, it has excellent privacy enhancement since it has opaque design. Therefore, people can install in any bathroom. Lined with 12 elastic hooks, they are great when mounting this bathroom liner.


  • Integrated hanging hooks
  • Sleek striped prints
  • Full coverage design
  • Machine washable


  • Grommets are pretty small

6. LiBa Eco-Friendly PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner

LiBa Eco-Friendly PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner

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LiBa eco-friendly curtain is one of the right ways to give your bathroom a new appearance. This bathroom liner is exceptional in enabling proper floor protection. Since it’s made from a water-resistant material, there is no more worry about fast degradation. Also, ant-bacterial and mildew protection keep the curtain free from odor. Also, it doesn’t have toxic chemicals or banned materials. Further, the metal grommets are rustproof which keeps them intact forever. This keeps away rust which can stain the curtain.

There is no struggle when cleaning this curtain. It only needs wiping with a wet cloth and is shiny clean. Also, featuring standard size, it is suitable for tubs as well as conventional bathrooms. Superb treatment on this curtain means there are no germs, bacteria, and other hazards. Therefore it maintains a hygiene bathroom. Amazingly, has 4 times mold and mildew inhibition than other curtains.


  • Improved mildew resistance
  • Metal enhanced grommets
  • Standard sized design


  • Lacks stabilization suction cups

5. mDesign Waterproof Heavy Duty PEVA Curtain Liner

mDesign Waterproof Heavy Duty PEVA Curtain Liner

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Are your current bathroom liners giving your headache? It’s time to overhaul them and mount reliable ones. mDesign curtain liner is one of the perfect decision for adding into your shower room. The PEVA made curtain is waterproof, which ensures there is improved protection. Unlike the water-absorbing curtains, this enjoys mildew and mold resistance. This is due to the specially treated materials which provide mold inhibition. As a result, there are no odd smells that can make bathroom unenjoyable.

Besides being great for keeping the bathroom clean and fresh, the material is toxins free. The kind of plastic used is free from chlorine which is exceptional in conserving the environment. With smooth surfaces, the curtain ensures water drips quickly without staining. This renders cleaning a piece of case without need for bleaching or machine washing. The quality magnets are reliable in keeping the curtain well anchored. Large 12 grommet holes are compatible with ring or springs.


  • Large grommet holes
  • Toxins free construction
  • Decorative design


  • Light magnets don’t stop wind blows

4. Amazer EVA 8G Shower Curtain with Clear Stones

Amazer EVA 8G Shower Curtain with Clear Stones

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Amazer shower curtain is one of the top-quality choices for adding to any bathroom. It’s an 8G EVA curtain made to last. In fact, the plastic materials used don’t cause chemical smells. Also, it’s 100% waterproof which is superb for keeping bathroom curtains and walls dry. Unlike fabrics, the EVA material is simple to maintain. In fact, you don’t need to remove it to clean. With just a wet soapy cloth, it is enough to clean it perfectly.

Forget magnets and suction cups; this liner has weighted clear stones. They are reliable when used in windy places. Additionally, being clear means they don’t affect the curtain appearance. Available in multiple colors, this curtain is multipurpose. Therefore, people will find it ideal for different places. It perfectly suits dorms, motels, campers, and others. For installation, grommet holes are large to accommodate rings or decorative bars.


  • Clear weight stones
  • Fully waterproof EVA plastic
  • Simple to clean


  • Requires off-gassing

3. COB Products 4g Heavy-Duty Clear Shower Curtain Liner

COB Products 4g Heavy-Duty Clear Shower Curtain Liner

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Ideal bathroom always guarantees privacy and excellent bathroom look. The COB Products 4G heavy-duty curtain liner is perfect for all bathrooms. With this curtain, it means there is no more waiting for drying time. It has 100% waterproof ability which is an excellent feature. Even when installed in busy bathrooms, it’s created proper protection. Besides, the curtain is treated against mildew and molds. This maintains your bathroom smelling exceptional without foul smells.

Eco-friendly design is one of the reasons you need to own this curtain. EVA plastic is of high quality and doesn’t suffer from common problems with fabrics. With small outward hems, they are classic in preventing water collection. Due to improved design, the curtains ideal for different types of rods. Depending on your installation, the curtain is available with or without magnets.


  • Ideal for different shower rods
  • Reduced water pooling
  • Stays clean design


  • Not for short shower stalls

2. Carnation Home Fashions 10-Gauge PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

Carnation Home Fashions 10-Gauge PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

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Carnation Home Fashion is a sturdy shower liner that gives every user a relaxing bathroom. It’s a modern curtain with exceptional performance for long. Actually, the sleek look and sound protection ensure you change curtains a few times. Compared to other curtains, this has superior quality. It boasts 10G PEVA materials which are reliable. Also, the long sized design gives it ability to fit different bathrooms with ease.

There are no more problems with rusty grommets. The ones fitted in this curtain ensures there is admirable reliability even after years of use. Apart from being non-rusty, they are great for enabling tear-free hanging. Incredibly, the liner is decent for use to protect the curtain or a standalone installation. The PEVA material is environment-friendly and doesn’t cause problems like PVC. Apart from being environmentally safe, the material doesn’t cause smell menace.


  • Smell free material
  • Water-resistant plastic
  • Extra clear


  • Feels too rigid

1. Barossa Design Machine Washable Waterproof Shower Curtain

Barossa Design Machine Washable Waterproof Shower Curtain

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The Barossa high-quality fabrics shower curtain is worth your pennies. Unlike most of the curtains, this is soft but exceptionally reliable. In fact, it has a sleek color and texture that give your bathroom a spa look. Despite being fabrics made, the curtain is fully waterproof. This keeps away bad smells, mildew, and mold from developing. As a result, it remains for a long time while maintaining beauty.

Hanging this curtain in your bathroom doesn’t require any expertise. It’s easy since it has nice 12 grommets with a metal lining. The eyelets have rust-resistant enhancements which means great for the bathroom conditions. With 72 by72 inches dimensions, the curtain has universal bathroom installation. It’s great for home as well as hotels and spa use. With weighted sewn hems, the liner stays in position without needing additional weights.


  • In-sewn weighted hems
  • Chemical smells free
  • Waterproof polyester fabrics


  • Lighter materials than plastic

Shower curtain liners buying guide

Curtain construction material

The construction materials are the top qualities when buying curtain liners. Since these bathroom accessories are for protecting curtains, they need to be tough. The toughness is in terms of waterproofing as well as durability. The common materials in the making of these curtains include PVC, PEVA as well as polyester. Although there are other materials, the materials should be able to withstand bathroom conditions.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant

The conditions in bathrooms are favorable for the development of awful smell. This is due to the high moisture throughout. But, to counter this, you need a reliable curtain liner. Therefore, check for materials treated with mildew and antibacterial resistance. Usually, water-resistant liners are ideal for this case.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning a bathroom can be a hassle if it gets stained. Thereby adding a liner that is simple to clean helps a lot. It gives you less hassle to clean. In most cases, fabric curtains are machine washable. However, plastic one needs only a slight wiping since they don’t absorb water.

Weighted bottom

The ability of a curtain to remain straight depends on construction. In some places, wind can be a bother which prompts people to add weight. However, some of the curtain liners come with magnets, suction cups, or heavy hems. The magnet or suction cups are great when the curtains are installed in windy places.


The size is also another feature to check. With bathrooms having varying sizes, it becomes essential to take measurements. Usually standard sized curtain liners are 72 by72 inches. However, there are other sized, depending on the bathrooms that people can select.


Shower curtain liners are the easiest ways to step up the look and protection. They are made with the sole purpose of keeping water away. To ensure combination of beauty and reliability, these curtain liners above are worth adding to every bathroom.

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