Top 10 Best Trash Cans in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Every home generates substantial garbage every day. Keeping the trash well organized and safe is advisable to save the environment. To enjoy proper garbage disposal, right trash cans are the ultimate investments. Usually, depending on the amount of garbage generated per household, there is a need to choose the right size can. Apart from home use, these cans are ideal for events, offices, and other organizations. Unlike using a regular bucket for keeping garbage, trash cans are purposely made for that work.

Acquiring a trash container depends on a lot of factors. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a right-sized and correctly engineered bin. Since they are usually left outdoors, the materials should be sturdy and durable. This ensures there is high reliability, and they can last for long. Whether for home, event, organization, or outdoor, check our best garbage cans reviewed below.

10. simplehuman 50L Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can

simplehuman 50L Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can

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The simpehuman lets you manage your kitchen trash without hassle. It’s a sleek and durably made to ensure it suits every kitchen. Built from tough materials, the container is resistant to harsh environmental elements. Therefore, apart from being superb for kitchens, it can be used outdoors for years without degrading. Fitted with custom liners, they ensure a perfect fit and allows cleaner trash experience. Also, the liners are durable, which enables easy lifting without getting torn.

This bin is enhanced with a secure lock, which is great to keep kids out. Thus, even when not around, kids and pets won’t play with garbage. Due to the semi-round design, the can is superbly safe and fits perfectly in corners and other areas. Also, large capacity is superb since the bin can be used for home or events. With silent locking lid, it is a classic choice for smooth usage.


  • Silent locking lid
  • Kids and pets friendly
  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy steel pedal


  • Slight trash smell leaks

9. iTouchless SoftStep 50L Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

iTouchless SoftStep 50L Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

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If you need somewhere to hide your garbage, a high-quality trash bin is all you need. This stainless steel iTouch softstep bin is fantastic and lasts forever. Unlike plastic, it is metal made, which allows it to withstand all elements. In fact, it has a polished surface, which is fingerprints resistant. Additionally, the sophisticated design is incredible in keeping every kitchen looking modern. The 50 liters capacity bin holds large quantity waste hence requiring fewer emptying. Therefore, whether in offices, events, or home use, it has an excellent holding capacity.

Unlike other bins, this comes with odor management system. Thus, when handling organic waste, diapers, and other trash prone to decomposing, no smell menace. Amazingly, the fitted odor filters are superb and last for 3 months. It, therefore, creates a friendly living place without trash or odors. The sturdy steel pedal is designed to last up to 200,000 steps without getting damaged. The removable inner bucket is superb as well as tuck & hold bag retention. The base has non-skidding rubber enhancements that keep the bin stable.


  • Rubber enhanced base
  • Odor control system
  • Fingerprint proof surface
  • Indestructible steel pedal


  • The plastic loop breaks easily

8. BestOffice High-Capacity Stainless Steel Garbage Can

BestOffice High-Capacity Stainless Steel Garbage Can

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A versatile garbage can is ideal for multipurpose use. BestOfffice high capacity trash bin is one of the astounding and superb choices for clean homes and offices. The container has premium quality construction and a sleek look. Unlike other bins, this has a stainless steel exterior with wire drawing. Also, the ovoid design perfectly blends to any place as well as an elegant sloping lid. Unlike traditional cans that make a lot of noise, this has a smooth and quiet opening. In fact, the slowdown technology ensures it doesn’t cause disturbances.

Boasting 13 gallons capacity, it has great holding ability for a variety of places. Users can use it in kitchens, bathrooms, and other events. Additionally, there is separated garbage and smell, making it safe. Whether you need it in bedrooms for used baby diapers, it doesn’t leak odors. Therefore, it allows everyone to live in peace of mind. Due to automated performance, the can is one of the ideal ways to improve garbage management in homes and offices.


  • Automated performance
  • Slow down locking
  • Simple to clean


  • Easily deforming exterior shell

7. Rubbermaid Brute Rollout Heavy-Duty Wheeled Trash

Rubbermaid Brute Rollout Heavy-Duty Wheeled Trash

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Is garbage management causing sleepless nights in your home? Rubbermaid brute rollout wheeled trash bin is making everything smooth. The can is made from extra heavy-duty plastic to resist dents and cracks. Unlike the regular cans, this can hold more waste since it has 50 liters capacity. Equipped with sturdy wheels, it offers superb mobility. Thus, instead of lifting, you can roll it away to the garbage collection area. It makes a perfect choice for commercial, home, events, and other functions.

The full range lid is secure and helps to keep the garbage inside. Also, it has a unique design with handles to enable easy pushing. Since the cover is super sturdy, it prevents swinging when transporting. The bin is auto-filters compatible, to keep odors away. Additionally, seamless construction is responsible for keeping allowing easy cleaning. Durable materials ensure there is no more damage when used indoors and outdoors.


  • Durable wheels
  • Compatible with auto filters
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Weak lid hinges

6. Umbra, Pewter Venti Swing Top Kitchen Trash Bin, 16-Gallon

Umbra, Pewter Venti Swing Top Kitchen Trash Bin, 16-Gallon

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The Umbra Pewter 16 gallons large trash bin is simple and sleek. Designed to fit commercial and domestic use, it’s slim and elegant to add sleekness. The design is useful in ensuring there is proper storage and décor complement. Unlike other bins with complicated covers, this has a swing tip lid to keep trash safe. Moreover, the top allows for easy trash removal without dirtying the can walls. The can is made from dark polypropylene, which is simple to maintain and is durable.

Using this bin is simple and allows the users to enjoy seamless waste storage and disposal. Unlike the pedal enhanced cans, this has a simple swinging lid. Therefore, putting garbage doesn’t need any effort since only a simple toss. The large capacity 30 gallons trash bag with drawstrings ensures there proper trash storage. Despite its compact nature, this can is suitable for commercial and home use.


  • Sleek and slim design
  • Simple to put and remove trash
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use


  • No odor control

5. Keter Copenhagen Resin Wood Style Removable Rim Trash Bin

Keter Copenhagen Resin Wood Style Removable Rim Trash Bin

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The purpose of a garbage bin is to keep trash well organized and protected. But, the Keter Copenhagen is a mile ahead since it ensures décor and right waste storage. It has a unique construction, which makes it remarkable. With a wood-style removable rim resin frame, it is excellent for offices and homes. The sturdy rims are dedicated to correctly holding the trash bags. Additionally, the lid is superbly large to allow easy lifting when the liners are full.

The metal hinges are sturdy and don’t break easily when opening the lid. Also, the handle is metal made, which is classic for comfort and improved sleekness. The attractive wood finish and design change the way you enjoy the trash can appears. Also, due to the superb duty resin, it is ideal for indoors as well as outdoor applications.


  • Sleek wood toned frames
  • Meta handle and hinges
  • Removable rim


  • Has no drip pan

4. SONGMICS Step Trash Can Double Recycle Pedal Bin

SONGMICS Step Trash Can Double Recycle Pedal Bin

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Mixing trash is not advisable since not everything is biodegradable or recyclable. Songmics step trash container is helping you to keep your waste separately. It has 2 compartments that ensure you sort the trash before storage. Consequently, there is no more buying different cans hence saving space. The bin has different opening lids and pedals which work independently. Therefore, when in need of one compartment, you can efficiently open seamlessly.

Unlike the round cans, this has a rectangle shape, which is useful for keeping in corners. Additionally, the comfortable handles allow for easy lifting when moving this garbage bin. With user-friendly construction, the container has fingerprints proof stainless steel. It can withstand extreme elements, thus saving you frequent purchases. The inner section has removable plastic buckets for keeping the can clean.


  • Divided compartments
  • Dual steel pedals
  • Extra-large capacity


  • Individual cans are a bit small

3. GLAD GLD-74507 Stainless Steel Step Trash Container

GLAD GLD-74507 Stainless Steel Step Trash Container

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The Gland GLD stainless steel can is dedicated to ensuring there is proper garbage storage. Boasting 50 gallons capacity trash, it has more room than smaller versions. Therefore, it takes fewer emptying trips. Moreover, the container is suitable for all types of domestic waste. Enhanced with odor-controlling mechanism, there are no awful leaks that make room inhabitable. Actually, the Clorox odor protection ensures there is no disgusting trash odor.

Having this trash container ensures there is easy garbage slack installation due to bag rings. Thereby, it allows the bag to hold trash without falling inside. Apart from the durable exterior shell, they come with a soft lid. The smooth opening mechanism, there is no more banging when opening like older containers. The fingerprints resistant shell enables users to enjoy sleek and clean looking bin.


  • Quiet opening lid
  • Clorox odor prevention
  • Precise trash bag installation


  • Shell is prone to denting

2. NINESTARS Step-on Trash Can Combo Set

NINESTARS Step-on Trash Can Combo Set

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This set of 2 trash cans by Ninestars enables people to enjoy garbage storage efficiently. They are differently sized, which allows simplicity in portability. Available in different capacities, you can get ideal for home or travel. Also, the round designed cans are efficient in ensuring there is an excellent elegance. Boasting brushed stainless steel, they are durable and corrosion-resistant. With a stable base, these cans are simper to use without toppling.

Apart from high stability, the bins are enhanced with tight closing lids. Therefore, once you have trash inside, there are no odor leaks. The quiet closing function is superb for ensuring the longevity of these cans. The interior is lined with removable buckets liners for seamless emptying. Above all, the T430 fingerprints resistant ensures there is an updated look where the bins are positioned.


  • Compact for small places
  • Quiet closing technology
  • Stable base


  • Low capacity

1. AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Waste Basket

AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Waste Basket

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When you need to hold trash temporarily, a handy basket is all you need. This mesh basket by AmazonBasics offers excellent convenience. Manufactured from industrial grade mesh material, the basket is sturdy and holds massive trash without getting damaged. In fact, the steel wire mesh is long-lasting and corrosion-proof hence ideal for a variety of trash. Additionally, the base is reinforced with heavy-duty metal, which also increases stability.

Despite being small, the basket can hold 4.5 gallons. It, therefore, ensures there is high convenience, and emptying is simple. Since the bucket is mesh made, there is no accumulation of odors. Thus, it ensures there is no more awful smell due to bacterial action on the trash. Fitted with a top ring, it is simple to attach garbage bags and enable comfortable holding.


  • Corrosion-resistant mesh
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Optimized size for office


  • Lack lid

Trash Cans Buying Guide


The capacity of a bin is essential, depending on where you are going to use it. Typically, people look for homes, offices, and industrial trash cans. Depending on the volume of trash you generate, you need to consider the holding capacity of your target bin. For homes with a lot of waste, opting for large capacity bins is ideal. However, for a single person, a compact bin is enough.


There are different materials commonly used in garbage bins construction. Plastic and stainless steel are the most common. However, the choice of material depends on where you are installing the bin. Plastic bins are common for outdoor usage. However, they are also ideal for indoor usage. Stainless steel is most common for use indoors, especially in kitchens and offices. Besides, there are also bins made of wood as well as leather.

Bin shape

The shape if garbage can is also a vital consideration. Notably, it will be determined by where you are positioning it. For curved sections, rounded bins are fantastic. However, for right angles corners, rectangular or square containers are perfect. Besides, there are also half round and ovoid-shaped bins available.

Odor filtering

The trash, in most cases, organic ones produces terrible smells. It, therefore, calls for a bin with odor filtering mechanism. In most cases, the available cans come with removable filters for eliminating odors. Ideally, check for a can with standard filters compatibility.


Garbage cans are absolute ways to manage a household or office waste. They are made with high reliability and performance. Available in different sizes, materials, and styles. A good can is worth investing in. Therefore, these cans reviewed above are among the best investment.

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