Top 10 Best USB Wall Chargers in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Almost every gadget these days is powered through USB ports. Especially for personal gadgets like phones, tabs, and others, they all use have USB charging ports. When it comes to charging different devices, there are many alternative methods. But, USB wall chargers are the convenient methods. Although people use laptops and other outlets with USB interfaces, wall chargers are superb ways to enjoy excellent performance.

Once you have a good charger, it offers seamless charging experience. Therefore, it is possible to use on wall outlets as well as power strips. Just like other charging accessories, not all chargers are created equally. It, therefore, calls for selection of best USB wall charger to give your device optimum charging performance. For anyone looking to get the right pick, the following list has top rated chargers reviews.

10. AmazonBasics 2.4 Amp One-Port USB Wall Charger

AmazonBasics 2.4 Amp One-Port USB Wall Charger

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The AmazonBasics 2.4 Amp wall charger is a perfect choice if you are looking for a compact option. Designed with compact nature, the charger is superb for traveling since it can fit small bags. Delivering 12 watts, this single port charger is reliable and can charge different phones. Also, unlike other chargers, this can charge tablets and other devices safely. The inbuilt device detection technology means the charger is superb and delivers convenient charging.

The internal switch offers improved safety. Also, the charger protects your device in case of surges. Apart from increased safety, the charger boasts high energy efficiency. The compact and lightweight design ensure this charger is superb and simple to carry. Equipped with a single port, it gives your device convenient charging.


  • Compatible with different devices
  • Folding plug
  • Inbuilt device detection


  • Doesn’t come with charging cable

9. Seenda 6-Port Multi USB Charger with Smart Identification

Seenda 6-Port Multi USB Charger with Smart Identification

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Charge multiple devices without buying several chargers with this 6 ports charger by Seenda. It’s one of the compact yet practical chargers that keep all your devices charges always without waiting. With each port delivering 2.4 amps, it is compatible with most smartphones. And tablets. Additionally, the smart identification feature helps in increasing overall charging efficiency. Whether its iPhone or Android phone, the charger adjusts automatically.

Apart from increased performance, the charger is created to bring a sleek look. In fact, it can be used everywhere while keeping the place look impressive. Additionally, the Certifications means no overcharging, overheating, and protect devices from charging anomalies. The good thing is this charger has universal voltage compatibility. As a result, it can be plugged in 100-240V wall sockets. High-speed charging enables the charger to be ideal even for latest smartphones.


  • LED button makes it sleep friendly
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Quick charging ability


  • Not compatible with wireless charging pads

8. Anker Elite Dual Port 24W Wall USB Charger with Foldable Plugs

Anker Elite Dual Port 24W Wall USB Charger with Foldable Plugs

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Anker is one of the know makers of a variety of accessories. One of their accessories is this dual port 24W wall USB charger. The sleekly constructed charger keeps all devices charged. Amazingly, it is compatible with wired and wirelessly charges smartphones. Enhanced with patented PowerIQ and Voltboost, it charges devices with utmost speed. However, this charger offers fast charging but not compatible with Qualcomm quick charge technology.

The durable textured shell is outstanding in ensuring this charger last for years. Also, the hardcover is exceptional in protecting the charger from bumps and other impacts. Amazingly, the charger is travel ready due to the compact nature and can work on 100-240V power outlets. When it comes to protection, the charger enjoys up to 10 features. Therefore, you can always be assured of smooth charging without damages to your charging devices.


  • Durable textured design body
  • Dual charging ports
  • Charging LED indicator
  • Travel-ready design


  • Cables aren’t included

7. Nekmit Dual Port Ultra-Thin USB Wall Charger with Smart IC

Nekmit Dual Port Ultra-Thin USB Wall Charger with Smart IC

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Are you looking to get a premium charger for your phones and tablets? This ultra-thin wall USB charger by Nekmit brings exceptional charging experience. It’s an ultra-slim charger which renders it the ultimate choice for travel and storage. Also, when the wall socket is in packed places, the charger proves a brilliant option. Fitted with dual charging ports, it is simple and fast to charge two devices simultaneously. It has 5 volts, 3.1A output, and 100-240 volts input; it’s compatible with most devices.

The 3 prong design is smart in ensuring this charger is stable when plugged. Also, it allows simple plugging into the wall sockets without a struggle. For high reliability, this device is created from premium circuitry and microchips; hence, excellent charging safety improved process. To ensure there is high performance, this charger enjoys smart IC technology that senses the plugged phone. Above all, this charger has universal compatibility.


  • Universal devices compatibility
  • Super slim profile
  • Automatic devices identification technology


  • No light indicator

6. X-EDITION USB Wall Charger 2.1A Dual Port USB Cube Power Adapter

X-EDITION USB Wall Charger 2.1A Dual Port USB Cube Power Adapter

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X-edition wall chargers with 2.1A USB ports lets you change your phones with great peace of mind. These cube power adapters are reliable since they are made from fireproof materials. Besides, the interior construction emphasis on the current overload protection, overcurrent protection as well as overheating protection. With shell tested against fire damage, it is now possible to enjoy improved safety. The smart charging ability lets the charger stop charging once the battery is full.

For secure storage and transportation, the cube adapters are compact with anti-throw design. This makes them the right options for home as well as traveling. With each cube having dual USB ports, it is possible to have your two devices charged simultaneously. The power compatibility great since they can work with the US and international standards. Also, the ability to charge most cellphones means they are handy devices to have.


  • Fire resistant cover
  • High cellphones compatibility
  • Stops charging when battery full


  • Cables not included

5. Amoner 15W 3-Port USB Plug Cube Portable Wall Charger

Amoner 15W 3-Port USB Plug Cube Portable Wall Charger

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The Amoner 15W wall USB chargers are the perfect way to keep your devices charged. They are sleek and practical devices with 3 ports hence great for charging three devices at a go. Boasting 15Watts output, the chargers are great for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, LG, and other phones. Built by experts, they are classic and ensures you can enjoy safety and reliability. Actually, they have overcurrent, overheating and other safety mechanism to keep phones safe.

The upgraded charging technology means more efficiency and reliability. In fact, equipped with IC technology, the chargers will automatically detect and correctly charge your device. The design allows maximum socket utilization. It is simple to plug both chargers in double plug socket without any struggle. Apart from phones, these chargers are great for charging cameras, and other USB enabled devices. Durably made shell is excellent for keeping these chargers safe even in case of drops or impacts.


  • Multiple devices compatibility
  • Automatic phone detection
  • Optimized space saving


  • Unideal for inline strips

4. VOGEK 3.1A USB Wall Charger Universal Power Adapter, Dual Ports

VOGEK 3.1A USB Wall Charger Universal Power Adapter, Dual Ports

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Vogek dual ports universal power adapters are classic for charging your smartphones. They are compact and easy to put in your pocket hence a great way to keep your devices charged everywhere. Unlike the large chargers, these can be easy to carry on your bag pockets. Each of the port delivers 3.1 A, which is great for charging 2 phones or tablets at once. There is no more worrying about damage to your phones. These chargers have automatic device technology. As a result, charging is smooth and fast.

Tasked with fast charging ability, they enable your phones and tablets are charged quickly. Additionally, they are ideal for multiple devices. With an exterior shell made from fireproof material. Also, the overheating protection and current protection means there I no risk of fire. Whether plugging these chargers in a wall socket or power strip, they are exceptionally compact and slim.


  • Slim and space saving
  • Fire resistant shell
  • Quick charging ability


  • Slow when charging 2 tablets

3. STELECH USB Wall Charger 2.1A Dual Port USB Power Adapter

STELECH USB Wall Charger 2.1A Dual Port USB Power Adapter

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Charge your phone in style without worrying about damage due to anomalies in the charging process. These Stelech Wall chargers are superb and top choices when you need peace of mind. They are compact enough, which is excellent for traveling. Additionally, with each charger having double ports, they are great when you have multiple devices to charge. Boasting new IQ charging technology, they have extra fast charging. Actually, they improve charging speed with 15%.

The sleek design offers a beautiful and impressive looking room. Also, the skeel come with fire resistant ability. Intelligent design with overcharging and overcurrent protection render these chargers perfect options. The shell is enhanced with an aluminum strip that keeps these chargers looking excellent. Whether its cameras, smartphones, tablets, and others, these adapters have intelligent charging technology.


  • Sleek looking covers
  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Short-circuiting protected


  • None

2. BEST4ONE 2.1A/5V Dual Port USB Plug Power Adapter

BEST4ONE 2.1A/5V Dual Port USB Plug Power Adapter

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Best4one dual port power adapters are superb for charging tablets and smartphones quickly and efficiently. Compatible with most phones and tablets, the chargers are great to add in your home or office. Rated 2.1A, they come with smart charging enables device detection. Therefore, once the phone is plugged, it is easy and smooth to get the quickest charging. Additionally, dual ports in each charger help in saving time by charging them simultaneously.

For sleekness and comfort when handling these chargers, they are slim and easy to carry. Also, plugging in the power socket is simple since they have dented surfaces to ensure proper holding. With small profile design, it is possible to enjoy plugging these chargers without compromising space in a socket or power strip.


  • Auto-recognize plugged device
  • Compatible with all USB powered devices
  • Durably made


  • Two devices slow charging speed

1. HUHUTA Dual Port 2.1A USB Phone Charger Adapters

HUHUTA Dual Port 2.1A USB Phone Charger Adapters

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Whether traveling or relaxing in your office, these Huhuta dual port brings all the confidence into your fingertips. With each port delivering 2100mAh, the chargers are great for all electronic devices with USB power ports. Amazingly, these chargers offer 2.1Amps hence less charging time than regular ones. The inbuilt smart circuit offers high security since they protect overcharging and short-circuiting.

The reduced size compared to other chargers enables easy portability. Therefore, it is convenient to carry them whenever leaving home without inconvenience. With each charger offering dual ports, it becomes easy to charge your devices simultaneously.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Improved charging speed
  • Multiple protection


  • They lack charge indicators lights

USB wall chargers buying guide

Most people don’t give chargers proper scrutiny when buying. But, just like large electrical equipment, a charger is worth all your attention. Purchasing the right charger provides user and device safety and smooth charging process. To get the right USB charger, here are a few tips to check.

Number of the ports

The number of ports in a charger determines how many devices you can charge at a go. Typically, there are different types of chargers that you can get for your needs. But, all this will depend on how many devices will you be charging in one moment. There are charger options with a single port. However, there are others with multiple ports as many as 4 USB ports.

Power rating

The power rating entails some features like voltage, wattage, and amperage. Just because a charger looks good doesn’t mean it can perform to your expectation. To get it right, you need to check for the amperage. For instance, if you are looking for iPhone or Android phone chargers, they are different. iPhone will require 1 amp, Android 1.6 amp and iPads 2.4 amp. Although voltage also matters, most chargers are rated 5 volts output. What differs across these accessories is the amperage. For a charger with multiple ports, ensure it can support the devices without affecting performance.

Safety enhancements

The safety of your devices is paramount when they are plugged. A small mishap can be detrimental to your devices if your charger has no safety measures. For improved charging confidence, look out for chargers with surge protection as well as overcharge protector.

Connector’s compatibility

Today there are 3 main connector types available on the market. This, therefore, requires users to check on the right charger for their devices. With the latest USB type-C being standard among new devices, it is great to have a charger capable of taking care of all your devices. Some of the wall chargers offer different slots hence easy to plug your cable without adapters.


USB wall chargers are ideally suited to keeping your devices charged. They are compact and lightweight, which improves the portability. If you have any USB powered device, these are right chargers to think about.

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