Top 10 Best Wireless Presenter in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Wireless pointers are essentials when you are doing PowerPoint presentations. They are efficient and comfortable to use when compared to other means people use. Arming yourself with a wireless presenter make the work easy and smooth. Even when using a large screen, these gadgets are superb in keeping your presentation easy.

With different types, shapes, and designs, it calls for people to ensure careful selection. Besides highlighting, these devices are also ideal for multiple actions involved in PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, the more features a presenter has, the better suited for your work. For the best wireless presenters, here is a list containing the top-rated presentation clickers.

10. BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter USB Control PowerPoint PPT Clicker

BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter USB Control PowerPoint PPT Clicker

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When you are conducting a presentation, it can be tedious using keyboard and pointing wands. It is therefore ideal to get Beboncool wireless USB PPT clicker. It’s a highly reliable device with high connectivity. This ensures there is no connection loss like with other devices. Its durable due to the ABS made body that ensures it has high ruggedness. To enable easy connection, it comes with a USB receiver hence ideal for all laptops.

Boasting 2.4GHz frequency, it can connect to devices up to 39 feet. This allows people to move around the room without losing the connection. Apart from an excellent connection, the device supports different options. It can work well with Ms word, powerpoint, Excel, and others. Enhanced with multiple buttons, it enables a variety of actions like black screen, previous, next as well as On/Off.


  • Improved connection range
  • Multiple OS compatible
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable ABS body


  • Doesn’t support video playback

9. DinoFire RF 2.4GHz PowerPoint Clicker Remote Control USB Laser Pointer

DinoFire RF 2.4GHz PowerPoint Clicker Remote Control USB Laser Pointer

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Forget about the agonies that people experience during presentations. Whether its project or educational presentation, it requires a smooth flow. The DinoFire PowerPoint clicker is one of the most reliable devices to have. Unlike other large pointers, this one has a sleek and comfortable design. Also, the compact nature ensures it is easy to fit even on your pocket. Producing a bright red light, it is easy to see on every background.

Unlike the earlier pointers, this has a connection range of 98 feet which is great for large room use. With support to different operating systems and presentation options, it is one of the ideal choices to have. Due to the USB wireless connection adapter, the clicker is easy to use on different laptops. Above all, the laser beam is visible up to 656 feet.


  • Extra long laser visibility
  • Super lightweight
  • Sleek construction


  • Pointer body feels cheap

8. AmazonBasics Ergonomic Wireless Presenter

AmazonBasics Ergonomic Wireless Presenter

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With AmazonBasics wireless pointer, it brings all the joy when doing a presentation. Designed with high ergonomics, the device is easy and comfortable to use. Unlike the cheap devices, this has improved laser beam that enables usability under all backgrounds. Even when there is excessive light, the pointer performs superbly. Uniquely, the presenter comes with intuitive touch buttons that eliminate any struggle when presenting.

The USB connection is superb, and there are no drivers needed. This allows it to work on any computer without any issues. Equipped with a variety of buttons, they enable easy to control without the need to touch your computer. On the other hand, the device has a good range of 50 feet. Utilizing 2 AAA batteries; it has remarkable low power consumption.


  • Intuitive controls buttons
  • Plug-and-play, no drivers needed
  • Hand contoured design


  • Less connection range than rivals

7. Kensington Red Laser Wireless Presenter Pointer

Kensington Red Laser Wireless Presenter Pointer

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As you look for the best ways to present your work, adding a pointer improves convenience. The Kensington wireless pointer with red laser ensures you have full presentation control. It’s simple to use the device that requires only plug-and-play. Regardless of your operating system, the device is superbly simple to use. Using red light to point, it helps in keeping your audience engaged. Utilizing a 2.4GHz radio frequency, this remote pointer boasts a connection range of 65 feet.

The intelligent battery saving feature is unique in keeping the pointer working for long. In fact, the USB receiver deactivates battery once the presenter is not working. This minimizes battery drain hence improving the lifespan. Apart from simple in connection, the operation is easy due to an intuitive design that allows smooth control. When it comes to compatibility, the presenter is dedicated to Windows and Mac Os.


  • Battery saving feature
  • Engaging red laser light
  • Strong wireless connection
  • Internal receiver storage


  • Narrow laser beam

6. Logitech Pro Presenter R800, Presentation Wireless Presenter with Green Light

Logitech Pro Presenter R800, Presentation Wireless Presenter with Green Light

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It’s time to have a unique Smart presentation pointer that is different from others. All you need to have is this Logitech R800 Professional green laser pointer. The bright green laser is unique and offers improved visibility especially on challenging situations. Despite its high performance and extra visible laser, the device has great power optimization. In fact, batteries last for 20 hours meaning you can enjoy an uninterrupted presentation.

Amazingly, the pointer has more extended range than most of the rivals. With the ability to work within 100 feet, it offers great opportunity for the user to move around. Furnished with intuitive control, it has a digital LCD screen that shows battery levels. Unlike the hard to press buttons, this has touch sensitive ones that ensure you just slid your finger and it offers high responsiveness. Ideally, the device is ideal for multiple computation conditions that require presentation.


  • Highly visible LCD screen
  • High visible green light
  • Included carrying case
  • Receiver storage port


  • Not ideal the best for angled pointing

5. KNORVAY N76GBK Rechargeable Wireless Presenter with Green Light

KNORVAY N76GBK Rechargeable Wireless Presenter with Green Light

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The Knorvay rechargeable green light wireless presenter is changing how people present. It’s a simple looking gadget but laden with tons of features. With the ability to offer multiple functions, the pointer is excellent under all presentation situations. It enables volume adjustment, alt-tab, tab switching windows, and other function without having your fingers on a computer. Amazingly, you can control your screen from any direction since the pointer offers 360 function.

Well, when it comes to batteries, this one has a rechargeable one that offers extended time. Additionally, the improved clicker technology is superb in ensuring light is visible under all situations. The green laser is easy to see under different backgrounds and light conditions. With soft silicone buttons, they are smooth an soft to use making your operation easy. Basically, the pointer is compatible with most of the presentations applications.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • 360 degrees operation
  • Extra long 300 feet connection
  • Supports hyperlink


  • Hard to see Up/Down buttons at night

4. ESYWEN RF USB Presentation Remote Control 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter

ESYWEN RF USB Presentation Remote Control 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter

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Easywen remote control wireless pointer is all people who do presentation frequently needs. The devices ensure you can deliver presentation while far from your computer. Also, it is useful to point the display easily unlike with pointing wands. Instead of restricting yourself on the keyboard, the pointer is wirelessly connected which ensures you can operate a computer while far from it. In fact, the connectivity is superb due to the powerful 2.4G GHz radio frequency.

The combination of easy plugging and comfortable grip allows the device to enjoy a great reputation. With unidirectional operations, the pointer is an excellent option to keep your presentation simple even on large halls. Additionally, this pointer has a range of 39 feet thus easy to walk around without losing the connection. To ensure you can carry it with ease, it comes with a carrying pouch while the receiver is storable on the pointer.


  • Intuitive keys
  • Contoured remote body
  • Omnidirectional performance


  • Has no rechargeable battery

3. BYEASY RF 2.4GHz USB Control Wireless Presenter Remote Presentation Clicker

BYEASY RF 2.4GHz USB Control Wireless Presenter Remote Presentation Clicker

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When navigating a presentation, lack of a pointer can cause great inconveniences. However, there is a lasting solution from the Byeasy. This USB control wireless presentation clicker is superb in keeping your work smooth. Unlike using a keyboard, it allows people to enjoy great presentation while walking around the room. This is possible due to the ability of the device to connect to a receiver 50 feet away.

The comfort of using this device is fantastic. It has a contoured design that proves ergonomic thereby simple to control your presentation. Additionally, the buttons are intuitive with touch sensitive design to eliminate difficulties when pressing. For ultimate performance, the red laser is great for use day and nights without affecting its visibility by the audience. There are no special delivers needed. Thus pointer is plug-and-play in all computers.


  • Easy to find buttons
  • Longer connectivity range
  • Durable construction


  • Some devices have a limited range

2. Vesine Universal Compatibility, wireless Presenter V9, 2.4GHz RF, 100’ Range

Vesine Universal Compatibility, wireless Presenter V9, 2.4GHz RF, 100’ Range

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Let everyone enjoy your presentation and get great approvals. It all starts with your choice of the pointers to ensure you can drive your point clearly. This Vesine Universal wireless presenter is an amazing choice to keep your work flowing. As the name suggests, it works with different operating systems as well as applications to ensure everyone gets an easy way to point. With its extremely compact and lightweight design, it can be carried everywhere by putting it in your pocket.

There is no need to buy batteries now and then. With this gadget, it comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Also, it has a quick charging feature to prevent loss of power when you are presenting. Amazingly, with a single charge, this pointer can last up to 1 month. The simple touch buttons are soft to use which means even when used for a long time, your fingers won’t get fatigued. The outstanding 100 feet range is cool, and users can present in any sized hall.


  • Quick charging ability
  • Long lasting battery
  • Universally compatible
  • Improved functions


  • No contoured design

1. ILINKMUCH 2.4GHz Remote Presentation USB Control Wireless Presenter

ILINKMUCH 2.4GHz Remote Presentation USB Control Wireless Presenter

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Ilinkmuch presentation pointer comes with all features and comfort to your hands. This device is environmentally friendly due to durable ABS plastic which doesn’t break easily. Also, the sleek and comfortable design is classic in ensuring you can easily hold and operate without straining your hand muscles. Due to improved power saving ability, the remote utilizes 1 AAA battery and also last for a long presentation duration.

With an easy plug and play design, it can be used with any computer. Additionally, you can use it with different presentation applications like PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word, ADC see among others. Boasting 39 feet range of connection, it brings an improved way of presenting compared to earlier pointer versions.


  • Eco-friendly body materials
  • No driver set required
  • High compatibility


  • None

Wireless presenters buying guide

The color of laser beam

Presentations are done in different places. The performance of different light beams under these conditions differs significantly. It is therefore essential to select a light laser that is visible under all circumstances. Also, depending on the type of screen you are using, some lasers will perform differently. Choosing the right light color always ensure you can enjoy great operation without interruptions. Typically, most of the popular pointers come with red or green laser beams.

Connection range

The other notable feature in a presenter is the range. Some have short, while others have longer ranges. Depending on the size of your presentation room, it is essential to have a correct pointer with the right range. For small rooms, 30 feet pointers will do well. But, for a large room, it will call for an extended range presenter. Ideally, a device with over 100 feet is ideal for any circumstances.


Well, the type of cells your device is using is a useful feature to look. Although the majority uses disposable batteries, these days we have wireless presenters with rechargeable ones. Rechargeable batteries are good since you can charge them when the need arises. Importantly, most of the devices with rechargeable cells come with a fast charging feature. This means chances of interruptions are low.


Despite their compact nature, comfort and ergonomics play a vital role in your overall performance. When a pointer is uncomfortable, it can mess up with your pointing and highlighting. Usually, check for a device with a contoured design to give your hands an exceptional grip and easy button pressing.


Presentation pointers are vital and must have when presenting projects or teaching. They enable the user to have access to full screen without struggling. With these best wireless presenters, they guarantee an easy and smooth way to spice up your presentation.

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