Top 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 31, 2022

When going for a camping mission, it is advisable to carry all the essential gear. Portable camping toilets are some of the vital equipment, especially when on RV camping. These potty toilets are designed with the ability to maintain hygiene. In fact, they are self-contained and have a waste storage tank. Therefore, no emptying needed since they use chemicals to make waste harmless. The fitted underneath tank ensures the toilet is reliable and can hold more content before emptying.

Apart from destroying germs, the toilets are efficient in eliminating the foul smell. Thus, even when places in your RV, there are no issues. Usually, the toilets are fitted with a tank that helps to hold waste. Additionally, the flushing mechanism helps to keep the toilet clean efficiently. With many brands making portable camping toilets, getting the ideal one is one of the best things.

10. Camco Portable Travel Toilet for Camping & Boating

Camco Portable Travel Toilet for Camping & Boating

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The Camco toilet is for people who love camping and other outdoor activities. The toilet is large and offers massive capacity tanks. Actually, the 5.3 gallons holding tank offers excellent performance. Also, the water tank has 2.5 gallons capacity, which requires fewer refills. Due to perfect seals, the toilet is reliable and offers leak-proof design. Additionally, the seal helps to keep the tank tight to prevent odor. When the tank is in your vehicle or boat, there is no more smell menace.

The side latch is efficient in keeping the toilet in position. Therefore when using the toilet, it doesn’t wobble or move hence keeping the seal tight. Boasting sturdy construction, the toilet has an efficient flushing mechanism to keep it clean. Enhanced with a lid, it is easy to keep the toilet bowl clean from dust and other debris. Overall, it’s lightweight hence great for every traveler or camper.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Airtight and watertight seal
  • Large capacity waste tank


  • No pressure equaling valve

9. Reliance Products Hassock Self-Contained Toilet

Reliance Products Hassock Self-Contained Toilet

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Having a reliable toilet while outdoors eliminates hassles. It ensures all people can enjoy home-like toilet experience. Whether in remote places, these toilets are vital, the Reliance products self-contained toilet is one of the fantastic options. It has a compact and highly portable design. Therefore, once in need of a toilet, it’s a great choice. With a round design, the unit is not only sleek but helps in organizing your space. Additionally, it comes with a single eco-fresh pocket.

The contoured design is impressive in ensuring users enjoy comfort. Also, splash protection means excellent hygiene and smooth operation. With toilet paper holder, the toilet is self-contained and improved the convenience. The inner is removable to allow easy waste disposal and is compatible with a double doodie bag. Weighing only 5 pounds, the toilet is compact and light for use in various places. Whether it’s boating, camping or traveling, it’s an excellent toilet of choice.


  • Extra lightweight
  • Removable waste bucket
  • Inbuilt toilet paper holder


  • No flushing mechanism

8. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Flush Toilet with Carry Bag

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Flush Toilet with Carry Bag

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Enjoy comfortable and reliable toilets, even when away from home. The perfect way to this is SereneLife flush toilets. It’s a portable unit with superb performance. Featuring a large disposal tank, it can hold up to 5.3 gallons of waste. This eliminates the need to keep emptying constantly. Due to its compact and lightweight nature, its common choice for travelers, campers and other outdoors functions. Due to the superior construction materials, the toilet is durable and robust.

Comfortable and contoured design guarantees improved comfort. Whether its adults or kids, the toilet seat is user-friendly. Apart from the comfort, the toilet is safe and prevents splashes. With easy to empty the tank, there are no struggles when emptying the waste. Despite the large capacity, the toilet is leak-proof as well as tight sealing to prevent odor leaks. The toilet is simple to detach and assemble; hence everyone can put it together.


  • Simple to dispose of waste
  • Strong carrying case
  • 3 way pistol flush
  • Level indicator


  • Small potty hole

7. Camco Premium Portable Toilet with 3 Directional Flush

Camco Premium Portable Toilet with 3 Directional Flush

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Camco premium flush toilet is perfected for use while outdoors. Created with all components, there is no need to struggle when camping, boating, and traveling. Created with a detachable tank, the toilet is excellent when emptying waste. Moreover, the ability to deliver odor and leak-free performance ensure the toilet is superb. Besides, the large tank is suitable for holding massive waste hence great for the whole family. With the simple detaching mechanism, this toilet is ideal for everyone.

The pump-action piston is designed to offer a powerful flushing ability. Therefore, the toilet remains clean throughout without additional cleaning. Due to the large fresh water tank, the user enjoys fewer water refills. Manufactured from sturdy ABS resin, there is excellent stability and strength. Therefore, even in the case of heavy users, the toilet is reliable. The nozzle is perfected to keep the bowl clean while the waste tank is super easy to dispose of.


  • Strong flushing mechanism
  • Durable ABS materials
  • Efficient cleaning nozzle


  • Piston latch feels hard

6. STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet

STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet

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When you have an emergency nature call, a portable toilet is a vital add on. Stansport portable camp toilet is a good way of easing your struggles. Built for portability, it perfectly suits homes for emergency needs, campsites and boats. Unlike other heavy toilets, this has a simple working mechanism that eliminates complicated processes. Therefore, it doesn’t have a flushing system or water tank, hence offering large-capacity waste storage. Additionally, the disposal of waste is simple since it doesn’t need a complicated process.

Designed with ideal height, it helps keep your feet and back comfortable. The sturdy plastic walls are supportive and allow for ultimate comfort. With high-quality construction, the walls and other components ensure there is no odor leakage. As a result, even when places in your vehicle, no more fumes to disrupt users. With built-in handles, carrying this toilet gives the user fantastic comfort when lifting. With disposable bags, keeping the latrine clean is simple.


  • Keeps odor away
  • Built-in handles
  • Tight lid


  • No flushing system

5. Basicwise Portable Camping and Hiking Toilet

Basicwise Portable Camping and Hiking Toilet

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Basicwise camping toilet is suitable for everyone when outdoors. The unit is compact and lightweight, which enables everyone to enjoy usage outdoors. Built from sturdy plastic, the toilet is superbly reliable and robust to ensure no more worries about user safety. Moreover, the contoured seat perfectly suits everyone. Due to the toilet hole cover, it is efficient in keeping odor away. Thus, there are superb ways to enjoy a smooth relive without worrying where you are.

The integrated toilet paper holder is impressive for the ease of access. Therefore once the toilet is positioned, it ensures everyone to use with great ease. The ability to hold 8 gallons of the waste bag allows the toilet to serve your family efficiently while camping or hiking. To save space, the toilet doubles as a seat. Therefore, no need to carry an extra seat, thus increasing your luggage. Robust shell construction renders the great toilet deal for all your outdoor needs.


  • Large waste bag capacity
  • Sturdy construction
  • Doubles as a chair


  • No use instructions

4. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

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When your love for outdoor camping is unmeasured, carrying a toilet is paramount. But, to ensure there is excellent reliability, the Porta potti is one of the high-performance flushing toilets for camping. Designed with versatility in mind, it suits bots, RVs, and trucks. Also, the toilet is a great option for emergencies since it offers full capacity toilet performance. Besides, the sleek design and optimal height allow everybody to use the unit without discomfort.

The integrated toilet paper holder is exceptional and provides a great experience. Also, the carrying handle offers excellent comfort when lifting the toilet. Enhanced with a lid, it provides proper toilet bowl coverage. With odor tight sealing, the toilet gives everyone peace of mind. Also, the leaks free design helps in keeping the room free from mess. Emptying the water waste tank is simple without opening and backlashes. The toilet is stable and right-sized guaranteed comfort and support.


  • Comfortable handles
  • Integrated toilet paper holder
  • Sleek and odor-free


  • Flushing mechanism is battery powered

3. Thetford Corp White 92820 Porta Potti

Thetford Corp White 92820 Porta Potti

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The ability to enjoy an efficient and reliable toilet is now possible when outdoors. All you need to look is Thetford corp while portable potti. The refreshed new appearance makes the latrine deliver fantastic beauty. In fact, the white finish is exceptional and compatible with any place. Sturdy construction features light materials while also providing lightweight design. Despite the light feeling, this toilet has an industrial quality performance. Thus everyone can easily enjoy great convenience.

The upper section is created to ensure there is a comfortable feeling when sitting. It is smooth and optimized, which is just like a standard home toilet. The rotating spout is superb and made exclusively to this toilet for quick waste disposal. With a standard latch lid, it helps to keep the toilet safe and clean. With ergonomic carrying handles, lifting the toilet is comfortable and reliable.


  • Sleek modern look
  • Ergonomic carrying handles
  • Rotating spout


  • Flimsy seat cover

2. Alpcour Portable Compact Indoor & Outdoor Toilet

Alpcour Portable Compact Indoor & Outdoor Toilet

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The Alpcour toilet allows for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you want it for camping, boating, and emergencies. The lavatory is superb and versatile, offering high-quality services just like those used at homes. Therefore it has impressive performance and ergonomics to keep users enjoying perfect contouring. This creates a natural feeling like using your home latrine due to high performance.

Unlike other toilets, this boasts a large water capacity. It offers up to 50 flushes hence great for all members when enjoying your time outdoors. With simple operation, the latrine requires no connection, plumbing, or other complicated processes. The nozzle offers360 degrees cleaning, which is superb for a refreshing toilet. Therefore once flushed, no need for extra cleaning. With wastewater indicator, it allows for timely disposal.


  • Wastewater level indicator
  • Durable carrying case
  • Eco-friendly design


  • No attachment hinges

1. JAXPETY 2.8 Gallon Porta Potti Travel Camping Toilet

JAXPETY 2.8 Gallon Porta Potti Travel Camping Toilet

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Jaxpety is among the top-performing portable toilets for everyone. This latrine is enjoyable and brings all your comforts everywhere. Whether you need it at home for emergencies or camping, it’s a versatile flush toilet. Created with 2.8 gallons capacity, it is great, especially for a single person. The construction is from heavy-duty materials that offer proper support. Also, the adult-sized seat size enables the toilet to deliver exceptional performance.

Putting up the bowl and storage tank is a simple task and requires no tools. This ensures that even when in the wilderness, there are no more hassles to assemble or detach the waste tank. The robust flushing mechanism is tasked with keeping the toilet clean. This ensures that once flushed, the user can enjoy a clean toilet. Fitted with a lid, the latrine is safe and odor-free once in your RV, home, or truck.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Efficient cleaning flush
  • Easy to empty waste tank


  • Smaller waste tank than rivals

Portable Camping Toilets Buying Guide

Tanks capacity

The tank capacity is vital for every portable toilet. It determines the amount of wastewater as well as clean water the toilets can carry. Usually, large waste tanks are ideal for enabling less emptying frequency. With this, you can enjoy a smooth camping life without worrying about the filled toilet tank. Ideally, most latrines offer large waste tank and smaller clean water tanks.

Latching system

The toilet is divided into different sections. These parts are latched to one another. However, the most significant components that are connected are the waste tank and the bowl section. Therefore, simple latching is great especially tool-free. This will allow people to use their toilets, empty and fit the waste tank easily.

Integrated toilet paper holder

Having a complete toilet with added accessories is excellent. Especially the integrated toilet paper holder is great for increased convenience. These holders ensure users enjoy superb access to toilet paper. Some are inbuilt, while others are on the exterior. Whether inbuilt or on the exterior, these add-ons are useful.

Level indicator

The level indicators are vital for wastewater and clean water. They give users the ability to know when to refill as well as empty wastewater. Instead of guesswork, level indicators are vital and worth in every toilet.


Portable camping toilets are the ultimate ways to enjoy outdoor life. They ensure no stress when nature calls and also are versatile. With different toilet styles, it is now possible to get your preferred latrine to enjoy your comp life.

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