Top 10 Best Bathroom Rugs in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Bathroom rugs are ultimate and superb ways to improve how your bathroom looks. Besides the decorative function, the mats are practical. Rug and mats are great especially to make your bathroom feel enjoyable. With various places where you can use them, they are always useful. Adding a mat in the bathroom depends on multiple aspects. You need to check on a variety of features to enable an exclusive choice.

There is a need to invest in the right mat for the best experience. A right rug brings an updated look and experience. With many brands to select from, it can be perplexing getting the right option. The following are the best bathroom rugs reviewed and a buying guide.

10. LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs Luxury Microfiber Chenille Mat Set, Soft Plush Shower Rug

LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs Luxury Microfiber Chenille Mat Set, Soft Plush Shower Rug

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The LuxUrux luxury pillows are highly versatile and impressive to use in different places. Whether you want these pillows in the kitchen, table room, and bathroom, the pillows are versatile. They are thick are soft made of microfiber which prevents you cold floors. Additionally, the mats are an ideal choice for different occasions. They can be used in weddings, family gatherings, and others. The microfiber used in the making of these rugs are highly absorbent to keep moisture away from the floor.

The robust construction is ideal in ensuring this mat is excellent for durability. This implies the rug won’t deteriorate even after a long time usage. Available in extensive range of shades, it is possible to choose the right mat to suit your house décor. Cleaning is easy since they are machine washable. Therefore, there is no worry about complex washing process.


  • Soft microfiber fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • Broad range of colors


  • Mats are not non-skid

9. Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Extra Soft and Absorbent Shaggy Rugs

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Extra Soft and Absorbent Shaggy Rugs

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Bathroom mats are essential for decoration and safety. This Gorilla grip luxury shaggy rug comes with exceptional qualities. It’s one of the mats with ease of cleaning. It is machine washable and dryable, unlike others that have delicate fabrics. Also, the rubber backings are classic in ensuring there is no slipping even on wet floors. Resting your feet on this mat brings a plushy and relaxing feeling. Therefore, not only ideal for the bathrooms but, suitable for regular house usage.

The excellent absorbing fabrics offer a high absorbency. This means there is no more dripping water. Also, the materials have high moisture absorption which helps to reduce wetness in the floors. There are no more hard fabrics that cause discomfort in your feet. The 100% Chenille is super plush and soothing. However, for safety, it is recommended to keep this pillow in dry surfaces.


  • High grip backing
  • Soft and high absorbing chenille
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Generous size


  • Less cushioning than rivals

8. Genteele Memory Foam Non Slip Absorbent Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet

Genteele Memory Foam Non Slip Absorbent Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet

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The Genteele memory foam bathroom mat is one of its kind. Comparing this carpet with standard ones, it has better reliability. It keeps feet perfectly cushioned and feeling soft. In fact, the Polyurethane foam filling is classic in providing cushioning and resistant to water damage. The velvet cover is superbly soft which make its ideal for all people as well as pets. Despite the foam cushioning, the rug is easy to clean with a machine.

The bottom part comes with PVC dots that are classic in ensuring no skidding. Therefore, when using it on a slippery surface, it has a flawless grip. However, water on the floor can cause this carpet to slip. The high versatility is exceptional since you can use it in a bathtub, bathroom, or other places. Available in different sizes, people can select ideal one for their installation places.


  • Thick foam filling
  • Soft velvet coverings
  • PVC non-slip bottom backings
  • Highly multipurpose


  • Moves a lot on wet surfaces

7. Clara Clark Ultra Soft Non-Slip and Absorbent Bathroom Memory Foam Rug

Clara Clark Ultra Soft Non-Slip and Absorbent Bathroom Memory Foam Rug

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This set of memory foam rugs are outstanding collection for any home. They are created for multiple usages and not restricted to bathroom application. With this rug set featuring various sized pillows, they are the right options. Boasting memory foam filling and microfiber cover, they cushion and sooth feet. Also, the microfiber material is antibacterial and has extended durability. Also, to keep these mats clean, you can hand wash or use a washing machine without damaging the fabrics.

The memory foam filling used and microfiber materials are superbly absorbing. They keep the floor free from water and other spills. To achieve amazing grip, the mat has PVC dots that are non-toxic and odor free. Forget about the foul-smelling mats that develop mildew due to damp conditions. These have mildew resistant material that keeps them fresh and safe. Above all, the mats don’t suffer from color fading.


  • Non-fading finish
  • Mildew and bacteria resistance
  • Non-toxic PVC bottom
  • Elegant and versatile


  • Don’t stick to some floors

6. MAYSHINE Non-Slip Machine-Washable Bathroom Rug Shag Shower Mat

MAYSHINE Non-Slip Machine-Washable Bathroom Rug Shag Shower Mat

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Mayshine non-slip bathroom rug for bathrooms brings a new feeling in your home. The mat is professionally made to guarantee high durability. The amply sized rug provides better cushioning compared to other rugs. There are no hassles when cleaning as it is machine washable without affecting the quality. In fact, the non-slip enhancements aren’t damaged by washing this carpet. Boasting repeated testing, it offers unmatched reliability.

The unique fiber locking technique used in this mat ensures there is no dropping. Therefore, when used for a long time, it doesn’t suffer from breaking fibers which can litter your floor. Designed to absorb more water, the mat is high drying meaning no chance of mildew attack. The 2.5 cm tall shags are classic in providing a soft feel feeling. Unlike most of the rugs, this has non-slipping PVC enhancement even on a wet surface. Therefore, it’s ideal for bathtubs and bathrooms.


  • Ideal for wet and dry surfaces
  • Heavy-duty middle padding
  • Good for different floor types


  • Takes long to dry

5. H.VERSAILTEX Microfiber Chenille Ultra Soft Washable Bathroom Dry Fast Rug

H.VERSAILTEX Microfiber Chenille Ultra Soft Washable Bathroom Dry Fast Rug

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Don’t let slippery bathroom floors risk your good time. It’s time to add the H. VERSAILTEX microfiber washable bathroom mat. This one never disappoints. It has some of the best construction and fabrics. Enjoying fizzy microfiber construction, it has a super soft feeling. Additionally, the massage effects are superb in keeping the feet relaxed. The mat has a breathable structure that keeps air circulating effectively, hence maintaining the surrounding air fresh.

Once cleaned, there is no waiting for days. The mat has quick drying ability since the microfibers fabrics used releases water fast. Besides, the fast water release ensures there is no mildew formation hence keeping the floor safe and avoids dampness. Apart from remarkable performance, the rug has elegant decoration which is great for bathroom décor. Above all, washing is simple and restores mat fluffiness.


  • Quick drying ability
  • Fluffy fabrics
  • Great for bathroom décor


  • Poor floor grip

4. ITSOFT Non-Slip Shaggy Chenille Soft Microfibers Bathroom Rug

ITSOFT Non-Slip Shaggy Chenille Soft Microfibers Bathroom Rug

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The Itsoft shaggy Chenille microfiber rag is dedicated for all bathrooms. The large mat is designed to keep your experience in bathroom awesome. Besides absorbing water, the rug is superb for keeping your feet warm and cuddles. This eliminates suffering from cold floors especially the tiled floors. Created with 1-inch long microfiber pile, it is easy to enjoy an exceptional feeling. Amazingly, there is no easy pile breaking since knitting of this mat features fiber locking knitting design.

For stable footing, the bottom comes with PVC dots they perform excellently on dry surfaces. Unlike other mats, this has 3 layers that combine to deliver impressive performance. Whether its spills or water on your bathroom, the rug has high and quick absorbing efficiency. This means it’s easy to keep your floor clean without any complications. Caring for this mat is simple and doesn’t shrink upon washing.


  • Non-shrinking fabrics
  • Multilayer construction
  • Simple maintenance


  • Pets can cause scratching

3. Freshmint Chenille Extra Soft Fluffy and Absorbent Microfiber Shag Rug

Freshmint Chenille Extra Soft Fluffy and Absorbent Microfiber Shag Rug

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Why let a cold and slippery bathroom floor give your feet a hard feeling. The 100% microfiber comes with a new technology that gives it excellent performance. The added density and ability to absorb fast and more water, it can be used in various stations. Whether it’s in house, bathroom, and toilets, it has remarkable results. Unlike cotton mats, this has 7 times absorbing ability and extra quick drying. The 1.5 chenille shags are useful in relieving feet pains and pressure while eliminating cold surfaces.

If you are looking for a mat that won’t cause slipping, this one provides excellent performance. With the ability to fit many occasions, the rug offers brilliant ways to keep the floor clean through fast spills absorption. Amazingly, there are no difficulties when washing it, and it doesn’t suffer from color fading. Extra durable fabrics and premium construction let this mat last for years without damage.


  • Super absorbent than cotton
  • Great for sensitive feet
  • Superbly priced


  • No rubber backings on bottom

2. Lifewit Bath Runner Rug Soft Shaggy Bath Mat Non-Slip Rubber Bathroom Rug Floor Mats

Lifewit Bath Runner Rug Soft Shaggy Bath Mat Non-Slip Rubber Bathroom Rug Floor Mats

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Change how your bathroom feels and look by adding a luxurious mat. The Lifewit soft shaggy non-slip rug brings a new dawn in every home. The microfiber fabrics used in this mat are fantastic and looks sleek. Also, fabrics have a high absorbing ability compared to other material. Due to large volume of water absorbing, it can be used by all family members without becoming soggy.

Whether using it has a new plush feeling. There are no more scratchy surfaces that keep your feet with discomforts. Thick design keeps feet away from cold floors. With bottom having non-slip backings, it’s reliable to cushion you from slipping. Above all, the cleaning is simple; you can vacuum clean, hand wash or machine wash. It’s a premium mat made from durable fabrics to last for an extended period with intact quality.


  • Extra soft and sleek microfiber
  • Versatile cleaning options
  • Luxurious looking


  • Less absorbent than some competitors

1. VDOMUS Soft Microfiber Shag Bath Rug Anti-slip, Machine-Washable

VDOMUS Soft Microfiber Shag Bath Rug Anti-slip, Machine-Washable

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For a complete feeling in the bathroom, a mat can be a great option. The Vdomus microfiber shag anti-slip and washable rag has admirable look and feel. Also, it has improved safety as it doesn’t slip on wet floors like other rugs. Thereby, everyone using the mat can enjoy soft and soothing without accidentals slips. Unlike bathrooms without mats, there is no more leaving flooded flow.

The awesome thing about this mat is it has high compatibility with all bathroom. It can fit any bathroom regardless of the color or design. Due to careful knitting, the rug doesn’t suffer from shrinking when washed. Apart from being useful in bathroom usage, it can be used for pets without causing damage to the fabrics or structure.


  • Longer shags
  • Skid-resistant bottom
  • Quick moisture absorption
  • Cheaper than rivals


  • Not machine dryable

Bathroom rugs buying guide

Size of your bathroom

The size of your bathroom should be your first step to get the best rug. Usually, these mats are placed on the door, around the bathtub, and other places. Therefore, depending on where you are going to use them, it’s great to have measurements of the installation point. On the other hand, some of the mats are created to cover the entire floor. Thereby, it becomes crucial to have a perfect fitting rug.

Mat color

The color is another thing that people need to check for ultimate décor complement. There are different rugs available which ensure every bathroom can be fitted with perfect rug. Some of the mats come with different colors which make them attractive. Always have a mat that can keep your bathroom looking awesome and have a perfect blend.

Non-slip design

A bathroom tends to be slippery especially when wet. It is therefore vital to take precautions and get a rug enables with non-slip ability. Importantly, elderly and kids are more prone to falling in the bathroom. As a result, non-slip mats are vital since they prevent sliding that can cause accidental falls.

High absorbing materials

The absorbing power of your rug is vital in preventing waterlogging in the bathroom. Currently, there are different fabrics available when it comes to rugs. They have a varying degree of absorbing. Some are made of cotton as well as blended fabrics. However, a mat with high absorbing power is always a good choice.


Bathroom mats are an outstanding method to keep off soggy and cold floors. Created purposely for bathrooms; they are dependable and reliable. Also, some are versatile which ensures you can use them for other home purposes. In summary, these reviewed mats are indisputable ways to give a bathroom a unique experience.

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