Top 10 Best Bolt Cutters in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Are you looking to cut a stubborn lock and not sure where to start? For most people, calling a locksmith is the only way. However, that is not the case when you have a quality bolt cutter. Bolt cutters are handy tools that cut through fence wires and padlocks with easy. Having a bolt cutter at home is highly recommended as they always come in handy. Bolt cutters as the name suggest were initially created to cut bolt seals on shipping containers. That has changed with time with bolt cutters nowadays a versatile device. The cutters are used to pry tough objects and materials with ease. You can also use them to cut and customize bike shifters.

In this post, we are helping you find the best bolt cutters on the market. Our reviews will narrow down your bolt cutter choices to only ten picks. These are the most reliable bolt cutters to consider buying right away with confidence. Check them out below and choose one that best suits your needs.

10. WORKPRO WO17004A Bolt Cutter

WORKPRO WO17004A Bolt Cutter

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This is our first choice bolt cutter and a pretty decent selection with a drop-forged chrome. The cutter also features a molybdenum steel and powder coating for durability. This offers this cutter a longer lifespan and efficient cutting. This is an ergonomic design bolt cutter with comfortable gripping and better control. The anti-slip grips and ergonomic bi-material ensure easy handling of the cutter. Moreover, the cutter features the classic lever-fulcrum to align the blades in precision. The cutter is a perfect choice for cutting bolts, rods, chains, rivets ad soft metal. However, cutting locks with this cutter is not recommended.


  • Versatile and cuts a wide range of materials
  • Easy handling due to an ergonomic grip
  • Durable due to drop forged steel
  • Precise blade alignment due to lever-fulcrum design


  • Not strong enough for heavy-duty materials

9. TEKTON 8” Bolt Cutter

TEKTON 8” Bolt Cutter

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The TEKTON is one of the best bolt cutters out there is a top-rated selection. It is a best-selling bolt cutter with hardened and forged alloy steel jaws. This is a perfect design cutter with compound cutting thus reducing the action needed. In addition, the cutter features rolled steel handles for easy handling. The handles further feature a non-slip rubber grip cushioning for comfortable use. This allows for extended use without fatigue. Overall, this is a pretty versatile bolt cutter that cuts threaded rods, bolts, chains and heavy-duty gauge wires. It is also lightweight and easy to carry and store.


  • Lightweight hence easy to carry and store
  • Easy and comfortable handling due to rubber cushioned grips
  • Durable due to forged and hardened allow steel metal
  • Compound cutting hence less effort


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty materials

8. RIDGID 14223-Model S24 Bolt Cutter

RIDGID 14223-Model S24 Bolt Cutter

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This is a heavy-duty bolt cutter and a perfect choice when cutting strong and thick metal. It is a premium quality cutter with hardened steel alloy metal. Besides, this cutter is designed to withstand the heaviest cutting tasks. In addition, it features strong blades for a long-lasting blade life. To ensure precise blade alignment, this cutter features a one-step cam blade mechanism. It is an ergonomic design bolt cutter with hands and grips for easy cutting. The cutter also features a centre cut. It is a versatile design bolt cutter for soft, medium and hard metals.


  • Versatile and handles soft, medium and hard metals
  • Better control due to ergonomic grips and handles
  • Durable and sturdy due to hardened steel alloy
  • Strong and long-lasting blade life


  • Requires a lot of effort to cut

7. KNIPEX Tools 71 12 200, Comfort Grip Cobolt Cutters

KNIPEX Tools 71 12 200, Comfort Grip Cobolt Cutters

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This is a simple yet effective bolt cutter with integrated locking handles for use. The cutter features an opening spring allowing to firm locking of the unit for safe use and transportation. It is a pretty safe design cutter with rubber cushioned handles. Moreover, the handles offer a firm grip allowing for easy use handling. It is a quality bolt cutter with exceptional cutting capabilities. The cutter new lever design allows for easy cutting with minimal effort. In addition, the cutting edge features induction hardened steel for durability. This device can easily cut nails, rivets, bolts and much more with ease.


  • Versatile and handles a wide array of materials
  • Comfortable use due to rubber cushioned handles
  • Less effort due to new lever design
  • Locking device integrated hence secure transportation


  • A little pricey

6. Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

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This is a strong chrome-moly steel bolt cutter with the capability to handle tougher materials. It is a premium quality bolt cutter measuring 36 inches long. It is a great size bolt cutter that offers excellent power to cut through metals. This cutter comes with durable blades. The blades are heat-treated and easily withstand rust and corrosion. Besides, they can also withstand tough working conditions giving you value for money. In addition, this cutter features a classic lever-design. The design allows users to cut through metal with minimal effort. The handles are also ergonomic with non-slip plastic cushioning to offer a firm grip. Overall, this is a heavy-duty bolt cutter ideal for cutting padlocks, wires, threaded rods, chains, bolts, etc.


  • Versatile and can handle a wide array of objects
  • Minimal effort due to classic lever design
  • Easy handling due to ergonomic handles
  • Durable steel blades


  • Heavy hence hard to transport

5. Capri Tools CP40209 Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter

Capri Tools CP40209 Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter

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The Capri Tools are lightweight bolt cutters ideal for cutting through wires, bolts, chains and threaded rods. It is another excellent addition to the list to buy with confidence. This cutter features a non-slip ergonomic grip. It offers a firm grip thus easy handling when cutting. The special design grips offer better control and comfortable handling. Moreover, the cutter features a high leverage design for minimal effort when cutting. It is a top-quality cutter with double treated blades for long-lasting use. The blades resist corrosion and can withstand damage from cutting tough materials.


  • Lightweight hence ideal for use on the go
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant blades
  • Less effort due to high leverage design
  • Ergonomic grips for comfortable use


  • The opening is not very wide

4. ARES 70664 8-Inch Mini Bolt Cutter

ARES 70664 8-Inch Mini Bolt Cutter

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This is a mini bolt cutter with a clever lever system to handle heavy-duty nails, wires and bolts. It is a compact design cutter measuring 8 inches long. The cutter features rust and corrosion-resistant chrome coating. In addition, the cutting jaws feature jaw notch recess traps and hard wire grips for enhanced cutting. This is a high-performance bolt cutter to consider buying with confidence today. It is pretty easy to use and carry with you everywhere. The cutter also comes with excellent customer service and warranty to buy with confidence.


  • Reduced fatigue due to ergonomic handles
  • Compact hence easy to carry
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant due to chrome coating
  • Reliable, efficient and effective


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty hard metals

3. HK Porter 0190MCD Power Link Bolt Cutter

HK Porter 0190MCD Power Link Bolt Cutter

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This is another effective design bolt cutter to consider buying today. It is a long design bolt cutter allowing for easy cutting with minimal effort. The cutter measures 24 inches long and offers easy cutting of different materials. They can easily handle chain fences, electric wires, padlock hasps, bolts, screws, chains, etc. In addition, these bolt cutters are precise and get the job done to perfection. The blades align well and allow efficient cutting. Besides, the blades are hardened and offer extended edge life for cutting hard materials with ease. Overall, this is a top-quality bolt cutter with reduced cutting effort and comfortable handling.


  • Reduced effort due to Powerlink technology
  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable handling
  • Precise blade alignment
  • 24-inches long for added cutting power


  • A little heavy

2. 831718 Bolt Cutter- 18 Inches

831718 Bolt Cutter- 18 Inches

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This is another durable bolt cutter and a top-quality addition to our list. It is an excellent choice bolt cutter with heat-treated carbon steel blades. The blades offer extended lifespan and durable use without breakages. In addition, it also features hardened jaws to hold the edge longer. It is a pretty versatile bolt cutter that can be re-sharpened over and over for extended use. The bolt cutter also features a powder-coated finish to prevent rust and corrosion. Overall, this is a premium quality bolt cutter with strong chrome vanadium steel for long-lasting use. It is an all-in-one tool for all your cutting needs.


  • Versatile and handles many objects
  • Mini-compact design hence lightweight
  • Durable due to strong vanadium steel
  • Heat-treated to prevent rust and corrosion


  • Not for professional or regular use

1. Upgraded 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Mini Bolt Cutter

Upgraded 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Mini Bolt Cutter

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This is our final best mini bolt cutter and an upgraded design with drop forged alloy steel. It is a leading design cutter easy to carry and use on the go. Besides, the cutters feature a compound hinge design hence requires minimal effort when cutting. This is a versatile design cutter capable of handling heavy wires, bolts, chains, threaded rods, etc. In addition, this cutter features a soft grip rubber cushioning for easy handling. They are pretty reliable cutters that will not break under heavy load. There are further 2 months warranty and money-back guarantees for confidence buying.


  • Soft rubber grips for comfortable handling
  • Strong and high leverage steel handles
  • Minimal cutting effort due to compound hinge
  • Hardened alloy steel jaws


  • A little small and weaker for light tasks

How to choose the best bolt cutters

Most common bolt cutters are used to cut rods, bolts, padlocks and chain-linked metals. This means taking time and choosing the best cutter possible. There are several things to consider when choosing the best bolt cutters. In this section, we analyze the major considerations to make when buying a bolt cutter. They include:

Blade quality or material

The quality of the blade is probably the biggest consideration to make. It is what determines the overall quality of the cutters and what you can do with the cutters. What material is used in the construction of the blades? Steel blades are considered the best since they are strong, durable and corrosion-resistant. In fact, most bolt cutter blades feature forged steel which undergoes heat treatment for added durability. Forged steel blades are easy to use and require little or no maintenance.


Bolt cutters are tools for contractors and handymen hence carried around most of the time. Due to this, these tools need to be lightweight and easily portable. You need tools that are pretty easy to carry to the job site. Some tools feature a short but heavy-duty design adding force when cutting. However, we also have long but lightweight tools that are easy to carry and handle. All you need is strike a good balance between the weight and striking force.

Handle Length

You also need to consider the length of the handle as this determines the power the cutter produces in cutting bolts. Models with 30 inches or longer are recommended for heavy-duty cutting. However, simple wire fencing requires small cutters with short handles.

Type of material to cut

Make sure you know the materials you intend to cut and choose a bolt cutter with matching strength. Look at the thickness and strength of the material to cut and choose the cutter accordingly. The last thing you want is having the bolt cutter break because it cannot handle the strength and thickness of the metal. Knowing the tools you commonly need to cut will help you make a wise decision buying a bolt cutter.


You also need to set out some money and be sure you can afford the bolt cutter. One mistake most people do is buying a poor quality cutter because their budget was set lowly.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best bolt cutters on the market right now to consider buying. The bolt cutters are highly rated and come with excellent features. They feature sturdy steel blades and ergonomic handles for easy cutting. Make sure you analyze them carefully and choose one that best suits your needs and desires.

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