Top 10 Best Curtain Rods in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Did you know that the curtain rods and window accessories you choose can affect the interior décor? Curtain rods together with their complementary accessories entail the essential equipment for supporting drapery and window treatments. Well, you’ve to choose the perfect curtain rods while redesigning your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or any other space. It can have a considerable impact. However, choosing the best rods for your curtains isn’t easy as it may seem. Of course, you need those that make a bold statement at the same time giving your home a fashionable style. If you’re finding it hard getting the best curtain rods for your home, this article will help a lot.

10. AmazonBasics 1” Curtain Rod with Round Finials

AmazonBasics 1” Curtain Rod with Round Finials

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Your curtains will surely look splendid with these curtain rod. It features an elegant black finish that matches with most curtain colors. This curtain rod also boasts adjustable length. Well, the length ranges from 72 to 144 inches. So, it can accommodate curtains of various sizes.

You will also appreciate the one-inch diameter of this rod. It means that these curtain rods can accommodate heavier fabrics. Besides, these curtain rods allow a balanced appearance as they feature beautifully rounded finials on both sides. It also includes a wall mount.

Additionally, the width of the curtain rod is adjustable hence allows space-saving. The adjustable width creates space between the wall and window coverings. You’ll also find it incredibly easy to install these curtain rods. This product comes as a complete package that includes screws, anchors as well as mounting hardware.


  • Beautiful finials
  • Cool color
  • Adjustable size
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Feels lightweight

9. Kenney Kendall Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Kendall Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

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Are you looking for the best curtain rods to complement your home decor? Here is the Kenney Kendall Standard Decorative curtain rod. It is durable and boasts premium material of construction. Featuring 5/8 diameter, these rods are sturdy to accommodate light to medium weight curtains. These are nicely curved to allow to fit kitchen, office, dining room, bedroom and other uses.

Well, these curtain rods are perfect for different window treatments and home decorations. Besides, these rods are available in two customizable lengths. These include 28-48” and 48-86” which means that these rods are great for standard-sized windows. You can also decide to install brackets wider than the window to allow privacy and eliminate sidelight.

Additionally, the product package includes brackets which project the curtain three inches from the wall. It also consists of a center support bracket. So, this curtain rod can support heavy curtains without a hassle.


  • Adjustable telescoping rod
  • Smooth and durable finish
  • Sturdy and beautiful brackets
  • Easy installation


  • Plastic ends

8. AIZESI Spring Tension Curtain Rod

AIZESI Spring Tension Curtain Rod

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This curtain rod is top-rated due to its sturdy construction and elegant design. They feature premium stainless steel material. Also, they adjust from 28 to 48 inches hence compatible with most curtains. The ends possess plastic caps which are beautiful and safe to handle.

Besides, they are ideal for windows and doors without any modifications to do. You can also use them as wardrobe bars, drying support rods, among other uses. Amazingly, these rods are incredibly lightweight, yet they are super strong. With a maximum weight limit of 21 pounds, these rods are perfect for medium and heavier curtains.

Also, they possess stainless steel SK8 strong rough spring which accommodates great force. Also, the bearing is about two times stronger than others making this product worth the dollars. With a baked finish, these rods are smooth, elegant and durable.


  • Exquisite construction
  • Great versatility
  • Robust rods
  • Durable and affordable


  • Thin metal

7. Decopolitan Urn Single Rod Set

Decopolitan Urn Single Rod Set

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These curtain rods are unique in style and will complement your home décor. They boast urn inspired finials that are ideal for different home décor styles. The Decopolitan Urn single rod will enhance the home décor with subtle elegance. One of their unique aspects is the stylish scroll design of the brackets. These enhance an eye-catching finishing touch to the existing window treatments.

Moreover, they are available in a different color which includes antique black, antique silver, brown, bronze and white. Well, this color selection will enable you to furnish every room. You’ll for sure adore the matching single rod sets, double rod sets, and clip rings, holdbacks which will complement the appearance and reflect your style.

Also, these rods boast 7/8 inch diameter and stainless steel construction, making them durable. They are available in sizes ranging from 36 to 72 inches and 72 to 144 inches. So, they allow a custom fit.


  • Inspiring design
  • Custom-fit
  • Premium materials
  • Wide range of colors


  • Tricky installation

6. Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod Set

Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod Set

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Here is another perfect curtain rod which can help you boost your home décor. It features an exception design which lets it fit right to the wall. This special design makes it great for blocking light and keeping your room perfectly insulated. Besides, the double rod design allows it to accommodate two curtains at the same time. Hence, it is one of a kind curtain rod that enhances functionality and style.

On the other hand, it offers a reliable room darkening solution. The bent rod design allows the curtain to fit well against the wall. So, you can customize your curtain when you need privacy and low light conditions.

Also, unlike the conventional curtain rods, this one is incredibly simple to install. Well, it doesn’t require a curtain rod bracket. It includes all the mounting hardware. Furthermore, the unique wraparound design of the Twilight curtain rod keeps the curtain close to the wall to prevent unwanted light.


  • Pretty design
  • Easy installation
  • Double rod design
  • Perfect size


  • Flimsy wall anchors

5. KAMANINA 1 Inch Curtain Rod

KAMANINA 1 Inch Curtain Rod

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Are you looking for an effortless means to enhance the décor of your home? It is quite easy with the KAMANINA curtain rod. It features a unique telescoping structure which allows you to adjust the length from 72 to 44 inches. So, this rod can accommodate medium to large-sized curtains.

Thus, it is appropriate for all window sizes for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, office and more. These rods measure one inch in diameter, making them robust boasting a weight capacity of 22 pounds. So, it is ideal for heavier curtains, including grommet curtains and clip curtains.

The brackets feature a projection that’s adjustable from 2.61 to 4.1 inches. So, you can customize the space between the wall and the fabric. In addition, these rods provide a visual balance and special outlook with the marble texture finials. Now, these provide amazing compatibility with different windows and multiple house styles.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Thicker and stronger rods
  • Easy to adjust the length
  • Attractive finials


  • A bit pricey

4. AmazonBasics Decorative 5/8” Curtain Rod

AmazonBasics Decorative 5/8” Curtain Rod

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Equipping your home with the best curtain rods can help in enhancing the overall décor. Here is a perfect choice from AmazonBasics. These curtain rods bring unique color and style to any room. It boasts stainless steel construction and its length is adjustable for a variety of window width and curtain sizes.

Also, it brings a perfect style as it matches the windows treatments to the decorative finials. Moreover, it comes in a variety of exciting styles and attractive colors. It offers a special way to enhance a fantastical element to any particular space. In fact, it is fun and functional for a kid’s room.

These curtain rods are adjustable in a way that you can regulate the space between the wall and the fabric. This aspect allows the window coverings to lay smoothly and evenly. Besides, this unique design accounts to the wide window frame and decorative molding. These are durable 5/8 inch iron rods and feature poly-resin finials which are extremely elegant.


  • Flawless installation
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Attractive finials design and color
  • Adjustable bracket


  • Requires careful handling

3. Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod Set

Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod Set

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Here is another top-rated curtain rod from Umbra. This rod is unique as it curves at both ends. Well, it allows the curtains to sit flush against the wall. It also ensures that the curtain covers around the window from end to end. So, it darkens the room while keeping it insulated.

Besides, this product comes with every essential component. It includes a stainless steel curtain rod, screw anchors, screws, and some easy to follow instructions. However, it doesn’t require an installation bracket. This rod boasts ¾ inch diameter, which makes it quite strong to accommodate even the heaviest fabrics.

Moreover, this rod boasts 22 pounds of weight capacity. With a telescoping feature, its length adjusts easily to accommodate windows of varying sizes. Furthermore, when you combine it with light-blocking curtains, they help in saving energy.


  • Nice wraparound design
  • Sleek appearance
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Strong and durable


  • Pricey

2. Lavish Home Spiral Curtain Rod

Lavish Home Spiral Curtain Rod

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Do you want to make your home lavish? Here is the Lavish Home Spiral curtain rod. The essence of their design is to beautify your windows. Well, this rod set will add a unique style to your windows. It is versatile as it can accommodate different types of curtains.

So, it is ideal for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and any other place which needs to look elegant. It features an attractive finish which can blend with any existing décor. Despite their versatility, you’ll agree that these are more suitable for rod-pocket style curtains. Besides, it features durable construction that entails a blend of steel and aluminum.

It is lightweight, strong, and durable and yet sparks a touch of elegance to your room. Don’t worry about installation because this product includes everything you would need. The set includes two mounting brackets, 0.75-inch pole, two finials, four wall anchors and six screws.


  • Stunning appearance
  • Affordable price
  • Robust design
  • Durable construction


  • Poor packaging

1. AIZESI 6PCS Tension Curtain Rods

AIZESI 6PCS Tension Curtain Rods

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Here is an incredible option for anyone looking for the best curtain rod. These have a diameter of 0.5 inches. Thus, they aren’t so thick or too thin. Forged from stainless steel, they are super strong and ideal for medium-sized curtains.

Moreover, you can adjust the length of the rod from about 22 inches to55 inches. It is rustproof, and there’s no drilling during installation. Equally, it ensures the curtains are easier to adjust. The ends feature beautiful plastic caps which matches well with the most room décor. This spring rod is ideal for kitchen windows, short curtains and hanging storage.

Also, these are super easy to install with few tools. Now, these rods are among the most versatile as you can use them for windows, doors, bathroom and other uses. If you need an upgrade of elegance in your room or office, these curtain rods will fulfil your needs. They boast an elegantly smooth finish and beautifully shaped finials.


  • Simple installation
  • Exceptional elegance
  • Durable and sturdy rod
  • Includes installation hardware


  • Not sturdy when fully extended

Curtain Rods Buying Guide

The size that you want

You’ve to choose curtain rod that actually fits your windows and accommodates your curtains. You need to determine the diameter and length of the curtain rod. An ideal rod will have a diameter ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 inches. Now, you need to understand thick rods are more robust and hence suitable for heavy curtains. You may choose thin rods if you’ll be using lightweight curtains. Most importantly, you need to check whether the rod offers an adjustable length. Most popular curtain rods have diameters ranging from 22 inches all the way to 144 inches. However, you need to ensure that the rod maintains its sturdiness even when fully extended.

Type of curtain rods

It all depends on the project you’re working on. Some projects call for decorative rods, custom curtain rod and others will need the ones that are extra-long. Also, some feature wooden, metal and others boast high-quality plastic construction. Some boast innovative finial shapes and finish just to make them more visually attractive. So, you need to choose the one that meets the function and still remains aesthetically pleasing. Most top-rated curtain rods feature modern designer metal piece construction while others boast classic wooden style. Well, taste and preference may affect your ultimate decision.

Special room requirements

There’s no doubt that certain curtain rod styles work better in particular in rooms. The kitchen and bathroom require some special attention. These places tend to be moist, and hence wooden rods won’t be ideal. These places will need plastic or stainless steel curtain rods. Also, kitchen windows tend to be smaller and this where adjustable curtain rods become handy. These adjustable curtain rods are applicable in instances where you want to make some room separation.

Color and finish

You need to settle for a flattering color and finish. Well, the color and finish of the curtain rods can enhance a dimension to your curtains. Well, you need to pair cool-tone linen curtains with sleek cast iron curtain rod. Matching the color and the finish can make the arrangement to pop and take the room décor to another level.


Your home has different beautiful touches which add up to bring personalized style. Hence, choosing the best curtain rod and window treatment can mean a lot. It is now easy for you because our review and guide make the whole search journey easy. Just relax and take proper measurements of your windows, curtains and decide the most compatible curtain rod. We’ve every curtain rod or your budget to help as you redesign your home interior to ensure you come out victorious.

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