Top 10 Best Facial Cleansing Brushes in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

A shiny face is what everyone aspires to have. Although having the right diet the key to an attractive look, it is not always the case. Due to pollution, dust and other conditions, skin can develop acne, whiteheads, and other issues that inflict scars and spots. There are many ways you can restore your facial skin. Using facial cleansing brushes is one of them. They are motorized accessories that give the face a deep cleansing hence eliminating toxin accumulation on the skin.

The effectiveness of brushes differs from one person to another. But they are ideal since they use the scrubbing power to eliminate dirt and dead skin cells. Therefore, the chances of developing side effects are less compared to makeup products. With the ability to exfoliate the skin, clean makeup, and more, the cleansing brushes are great beauty tools for everyone.

10. PIXNOR Facial Cleansing Waterproof Face Spin Brush

PIXNOR Facial Cleansing Waterproof Face Spin Brush

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Pixnor facial spin brush is the ultimate in cleaning and exfoliating your skin. Available with 7 head attachments, the device can do more than keeping the skin clean. In fact, it helps you achieve gentle to vigorous facial cleaning. Additionally, the device has wide applications since it is ideal for sensitive skins. Leaving a glowing look, the machine has no side effects hence great to maintain all skins. Portable and ergonomic design ensure usability in different places. In fact, it utilizes two AA batteries, therefore ideal for use everywhere.

The design is outstanding since the device is waterproof. It is IPX6 rated, which meaning you can clean it efficiently without causing the damage. Whether traveling or relaxing in a spa, the equipment is highly reliable and versatile. The powerful motor with 2-speed settings ensures enough power to keep the device working. Depending on the face condition, you can choose the right speed for exceptional cleaning.


  • 7 attachment heads
  • Ideal for sensitive skins
  • Full waterproof body


  • Batteries not included

9. Caytraill Silicone Facial Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush

Caytraill Silicone Facial Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush

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When your face needs perfect uplift, no need for trial and error. The sure way is investing in a reliable face skin brush. The Caytraill cleansing brush is a dependable and useful tool. It delivers spa-like performance hence one of the high performing tools. With faster cleaning ability, the brush provides an easy way to toe your face in your home. With soft silicone brush and the latest sonic technology, it gives a thrilling facial cleaning.

For user comfort, the brush body is ergonomic and comfortable to handle. The original magnetic rotating beads system is effective in creating soft and rejuvenated facial skin. Enhanced with 4 modes, the machine provides ample operating modes. Therefore, everyone can adjust the head rotation to give safe and perfect cleaning ability. The single button design helps you modify vibration and intensities to suit everyone. With IPX7 design, it’s waterproof and has a rechargeable battery.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Different operating modes
  • Spa-like sensation


  • Only one head attachment

8. Fancii Advanced Microdermabrasion Cleansing Brush

Fancii Advanced Microdermabrasion Cleansing Brush

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Fancii cosmetic brush is tasked with offering exceptional skin treatment. It’s a high-quality brush with 3 heads to provide outstanding results. In fact, it has silicone and soft brushes that create a spa-like experience. Besides, the device some with 2 speeds, which creates excellent performance. Depending on your skin cleaning needs, it’s simple to switch the right speed. Besides regular cleaning, the brush is superior to offer gentle exfoliation.

Apart from cleaning the skin, the machine offers advanced microdermabrasion. It, therefore, helps to remove makeup, dirt, oil, and works on small lines. This eliminates wrinkles by ensuring skin regains its flexibility. The technology is also ideal for blackheads and whiteheads, as well as improving the skin with acne. There is great portability and protection since the accessories come in a protective case. With super-soft nylon bristles, they are excellent for all skin types.


  • Soft nylon and silicone brushes
  • Durable protective case
  • 2-speed settings


  • Uses disposable batteries

7. CLSEVXY Microdermabrasion Waterproof Face Spin Brush

CLSEVXY Microdermabrasion Waterproof Face Spin Brush

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CLSEVXY facial brush is the solution to aging skins. It’s ideal for daily use due to soft and different speed heads. Equipped with 4 heads, they are suited to various cleaning works. The brushes come with different textures that ensure they provide effective skin cleaning without hassles. They are efficient in cleaning the pores, removing makeups, and keeping the skin highly flexible. As a result, once you have this device, no more going to spas for facial cleaning.

The head is designed with an easy way to fit the attachments. There are no tools needed hence superb to use it everywhere. Additionally, the storage case is efficient for organizations and caring for your device. When it comes to cleaning ability, the machine has 2-speed settings. Moreover, it boasts advanced microdermabrasion technology to care and soothe your skin. It is the combination of different techniques and brushes that give it efficient facial skin cleaning.


  • Anti-aging massage
  • Strong storage case
  • Battery-powered
  • Easy head attachments


  • Cheap head feeling

6. ETEREAUTY Facial Cleansing Waterproof Face Brush

ETEREAUTY Facial Cleansing Waterproof Face Brush

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Adding a reliable facial brush in your life created a glowing face always. The Etereuty face cleansing brush brings all in one operation. With cleaning and exfoliation design, the device is exceptionally reliable. It has 360 degrees deep cleaning mechanism which delivers quick action. Moreover, 4 attachments bring great performance in your hands. Besides cleaning, this device is suited to ensuring your makeup works excellent. This is through opening pores hence high absorption of vital nutrients by skin.

The complete range of brushes offers exfoliation, cleaning, and others. With silicone head for sensitive skin, there is also a pumice attachment for working on calluses. For efficient performance, the device offers different speeds. They are vital since you can perform a variety of cleaning and treatment to your skin efficiently. The waterproof construction is fantastic since you can take deep cleaning while in a shower. This helps to provide proper cleaning and flexibility than cleaning dry skin.


  • Fully waterproof design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Versatile cleaning
  • Customizable settings


  • No inbuilt battery

5. Olay Prox Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush

Olay Prox Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush

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As you think about restoring your face gleam, brushes are among vital options. Olay Prox is one of the reliable motorized brushes to care for facial skins. It’s simple to use a device with reliable head to ensure there are great results. Enhanced with 2 speeds, it allows for daily facial cleansing. In fact, it offers gentle exfoliation and general cleaning to everyone. With the ability to unclog pore, it allows for perfect makeup absorption hence keeping the skin glowing.

Besides removing the dirt stuck on the skin, the device is also efficient for removing makeup. Instead of adding a layer of makeup on an unclean surface, the machine helps to remove it smoothly. Also, the brush is great to clean excessive oils hence getting rid of white and blackheads. Powered by 2 AA batteries, there is versatility since it can be used everywhere. Lightweight construction and waterproof casing improve the overall device dependability.


  • Versatile head attachment
  • Portable and waterproof
  • Easy make removal


  • Weak bristles

4. Gackoko Facial IPX7 Waterproof Spa System Cleansing Brush

Gackoko Facial IPX7 Waterproof Spa System Cleansing Brush

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Gackoko spa system cleansing brush is advanced and engineered to deliver thrilling results. The machine provides 3 steps cleaning, which allows everyone to enjoy proper facial cleansing. Whether its people with acne, wrinkles, whiteheads, and blackheads, the machine is excellent. Boasting the latest technology, the device brings a glowing face without straining. In fact, the head has three brushes attachments for complete face cleaning. A sponge pad and two superfine brushes are designed to deal with different conditions on the face.

The powerful motor is reliable for delivering the required cleaning speed. Amazingly, the device offers bi-directional rotation to ensure there are fantastic results. With 360 degrees rotation, there is the efficient removal of dirt, makeup, and others. With human hair sized bristles, they are super soft and suitable in removing and soothing the skin. Due to IPX7 waterproof design, there is no harm to the device when using it in shower rooms.


  • Different head attachments
  • Safe to use in showrooms
  • Variable motor speed


  • No storage case

3. Liberex Sonic Vibrating 3Head Facial Cleansing Brush

Liberex Sonic Vibrating 3Head Facial Cleansing Brush

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Restoring your glowing face calls for premium brushes. The Liberex sonic vibrating brush is one of the high performing devices. With a combination of high-speed rotation and sonic vibrations, it offers complete face cleaning. Featuring extra soft and thin brush bristles, they not only clean but delivers revitalizing massage. Apart from the regular brushes, the device has a silicone head to give deep cleaning and soft massage. Therefore, skin benefits from cleaning as well as anti-aging massage.

Unlike other brushes, this has 3 working modes. It, therefore, lets users have ideal cleaning ability without causing sensitivity. It’s ideal even for people with sensitive skin. With deep exfoliating power, it helps in eliminating dead cells and old makeup. With an innovative inductive charger, there is no plugging needed. There is no charging port hence improving waterproofing performance. With quick charging ability, it has up to 45 days of operation before recharging.


  • Inductive wireless charging
  • Head protective cap
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Auto-shut requires switching on each time

2. MEBAO Electric Sonic Cleanser Brush

MEBAO Electric Sonic Cleanser Brush

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The Mebao electric cleansing brush for facial skin offers a chance to regain a glowing face. It’s a fantastic device with super engineering. Unlike other machines, this has a sonic technology and delivers 60000 rpm, which is excellent for effective skincare. Besides cleaning, the vibrations are reliable to improve the massage experience. The soft brush is the reason this device creates a thrilling experience by users. It has a versatile application from makeup removal to treating acne and whiteheads.

With deep tissue cleaning and massage, the brush promotes the development of new collagen tissue. Also, it creates a firm skin as well as elastic nature to remove wrinkles and lines. Amazingly, the three cleaning zones are the ultimate reason the device leaves a glowing face. With a large design, the device has a comfortable holding design for smooth cleaning. Above all, there is high safety since this device is waterproof with IPX& rating.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Multiple cleaning zones
  • Sonic vibration technology


  • Takes time to see results

1. Gackoko Facial Cleansing Waterproof Face Spin 5 Brush Heads

Gackoko Facial Cleansing Waterproof Face Spin 5 Brush Heads

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Enjoy a smooth a shiny face by investing in Gackoko cleansing brush. With device made to deliver outstanding results, there are no more hassles with ineffective cosmetic. The 5-in-1 multi facial cleaning brush, it ideal for different people. Each attachment head is dedicated to offering different facial treatments hence perfect for all users. With an ergonomic handle, there is easy maneuvering over the face without straining.

Apart from the multiple brushes, the cleaner has 2 speeds. This lets even starters to have gentle cleaning without experiencing discomfort. The adjustable speed enables the device to provide more efficiency than manual brushes. The fully waterproof body renders this facial cleaner ideal for use regularly or in shower. It’s IPX6 rated, which ensures water doesn’t cause damage to the machine.


  • Multiple cleaning heads
  • Hand contoured design
  • Simple to change attachments


  • Bristles feel a bit hard

Facial Cleansing Brushes Buying Guide


The accessories ate vital when it comes to facial cleansers. There are many attachments available that can be found in a cleanser. Some are the brushes, sponge pads, silicone pads, among others. The type and number of attachments determine how the device will work. However, to enjoy fulfilling cleaning, premium attachments are vital considerations.

Speed adjustment

The speed is also another feature that a facial cleanser buyer needs to evaluate. In most cases, most machine offers more than one speed. This ensures that the user can adjust speed to suit their cleaning needs. Some of the facial brushes offer two speeds, but some can offer three or four. The choice of speed depends on personal needs.

Waterproof construction

Most people love devices that can work while in shower rooms. However, if a device isn’t waterproof, there is no way it will work in a shower. To enjoy proper cleaning while bathing, waterproof cleansers are vital. Therefore, check the level of waterproof rating to ensure the brush can operate in water environments.


The comfort when you are buying a brush is looked in terms of ergonomics. Some of the brushes can cause fatigue to your hands due to odd design. However, checking facial cleansers with comfortable molded handles is classic. Besides comfort, slip-resistant brushes are easy and enjoyable to use.


Facial brushes are versatile and useful in their works. They are ideal for cleaning and enhancing skin conditions. With different attachments, modes, and speeds, they are all everyone needs. With proper brush and right application, it’s easy to regain a glowing look.

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