Top 10 Best Floor Lamps in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Proper house lighting makes it hospitable. Unlike earlier days, these days the ways people light their homes is different. There are different styles of lighting available nowadays. Floor lamps are some of the modern and classic ways to ensure your room has ample lighting. The kind of lighting in your place depends on many aspects. Whether a reader, artist, or general room lighting, proper light is essential.

The good thing with standing lights is they are portable. Therefore, it is possible to move your lamp from one point to the other. Additionally, some have adjustable heads that allow proper light projection. Height adjustable lamps are superb for customization of the intensity and even ensures there is adequate elevation. These days, floor lamps come with different features meant to make them handy. Therefore, you need a good lamp to provide excellent illumination.

10. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Dimmable Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Dimmable Floor Lamp

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The Brightech super bright lamp is one of the perfect options for right lighting. This standing lamp is excellent for all users. Whether using it for reading, relaxing or in the bedroom, it’s versatile lamp. Amazingly, there is significant saving when using this lamp. It is 30W rated and produces light equivalent to 200W ordinary lamps. Moreover, the dimmable design is ideal for people who love little soft light. With adjustable head, it allows for different angles light projection.

Designed with contemporary style, the light is great for using in different places. It can suit corners, beneath sofas and other small areas. Equipped with a soft touch-operated control, there are no more clicking buttons. Generally, the lamp produces soft light, which is glare-free and safe to eyes. A strong stand is suitable for holding the light safely. The long power cord allows for easy plugging in a wall outlet.


  • Tiltable lamp head
  • Sturdy base and stand
  • Blends well with interior décor


  • Only for indoor use

9. Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

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When you need to upgrade your home look, there is no doubt lamps are part of it. But, unlike traditional wall mounted lamps, standing ones are unmatchable. Adesso Trinity arc décor lamps provide an exceptional look. This light consists of 3 lamps. Therefore, they deliver enough lighting to any room. Unlike other lamps, these offer unidirectional and balanced illumination. Thus, this lamp unit is enough for table room, bedroom and other places.

Apart from ample lighting, the lamp is designed with 4 way rotary switch. Therefore, you can light one at a time or all lamps. The lamp is compatible with CFL bulbs as well as smart outlets. Portability is fantastic and ensures you can carry it from one room to another with ease. Sturdy stand and stable base prevent the lamp from toppling. Each of the shade is compatible with 100W incandescent or 13W CFL bulbs.


  • 4 ways control switch
  • Versatile bulbs compatibility
  • Sleek lamp stand


  • Comes without bulbs

8. Décor Therapy 60″ Golden Bronze Floor Lamp

Décor Therapy 60

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Proper lighting ensures everyone experiences feeling. Soft and glare-free lamps are always superb for keeping the room looking attractive. The Décor Therapy lamp is lightweight and created to ensure every user gets perfect lighting. In fact, the sleek design brings more than illumination. Featuring golden bronze finish, the lamp adds classic décor to any home or office. Besides, the stand features modern and contemporary design the improved lamp appearance. The round bell faux lampshade helps in keeping light soft and safe to eyes.

With base boasting stable design, the light experiences proper anchorage without toppling. The functioning is superb since it has a 3-way design. Also, the rotary switch is fantastic and ensures you have easy control. Designed from resin materials, it is durable and resistant to corrosion. Idel for use with 100W bulbs, the lamp offers enough lighting to enable all your activities.


  • Durable constructions materials
  • Sleek bell-shaped shade
  • Rotary lamp switch


  • Bulb not included

7. LIGHTACCENTS Susan Modern 72’’ Standing Lamp

LIGHTACCENTS Susan Modern 72’’ Standing Lamp

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The Lightaccents modern standing lamp allows for versatile use. Whether in offices or home, its elegant lamp to have. Amazingly, the floor lamp is designed for use in small as well as medium-sized rooms. Delivering super bright light, it offers superb illumination. This allows you to enjoy admirable visibility without straining. The design is improved and modern, which enables you to enjoy sleekness. Actually, the plastic frosted lampshades are classic for dispersing light seamlessly.

The side is suitable for reading and is adjustable. Thus, you can read without affecting rest of the room lighting. The reading lamp is curved which ensures it adds the overall beauty. For different lighting intensities, the lamp provides 3-ways switch. It is tall which ensures it can be used in various places comfortably. Compatible with CFL and LED bulbs, it’s a reliable lamp. It comes while fully assembled hence ready for use.


  • Curved side reading lamp
  • Fully assembled
  • Tall lamp stand


  • Cheap plastic shades

6. SUNLLIPE LED Floor Lamp, 70’’ Modern 9W Energy Saving Lamp

SUNLLIPE LED Floor Lamp, 70’’ Modern 9W Energy Saving Lamp

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Say goodbye to huge bills associated with traditional lamps. This one by Sunllipe is LED made hence no heating or consuming more power. In fact, it has a 9W rating, which is significantly low. With this lamp, it delivers 800 lumens and enjoys 40000 hours lifespan. To ensure there is proper light distribution, the lamp has plastic frosted shade. Since there is no overheating, lampshades are durable and no risk of melting.

The stand is robust to keep the light functioning for a long time. Additionally, the broad base is suitable for keeping this lamp standing and stable. Despite the broad base, the slim profile enables it to fit even in constrained places. Installation is super simple, and every user can do it in the least time. The warm white light is suitable for different applications. It can suit bedrooms, living rooms, and others.


  • Extra-low energy usage
  • Long-life LED bulbs
  • Ideal for small places


  • No dimming mode

5. Miroco LED 5 Brightness Levels Dimmable Standing Lamp

Miroco LED 5 Brightness Levels Dimmable Standing Lamp

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Adding a modern lamp in every house gives it a revamped look. Miroco standing lamp is one of the modern and reliable lamps available. This 5 brightness levels floor lamp enables people to enjoy different lighting modes. Built with LED bulbs, it has super bright light. Actually, the 1850 lumens light is enough for bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Besides low energy requirements, the lamp offers 50,000 hours of lifespan. Therefore it saves energy and also replacement cost.

For different lighting, this lamp features 3 colors and brightness. Thus, whether you want bright or dimmed conditions, it makes easy to achieve. In fact, you get 15 different lightings, which are superb depending on mood. Apart from general lighting, the light is suited for use as desk lamp. Incorporated, 60-minute timer, is useful to enable auto shut down when not in use. The gooseneck head is adjustable which allows custom light projection.


  • Flexible gooseneck
  • 60 minutes timer
  • Different color lighting
  • Dimmable mode


  • None

4. TECKIN Reading Dimmable Standing Lamp

TECKIN Reading Dimmable Standing Lamp

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Teckin reading lamp is a versatile and functional option for various tasks. In fact, unlike traditional lamps, this has more light and low energy consumption. Requiring only 8 watts, it delivers enough light equal to 200W incandescent bulbs. The LED chips used in this lamp have up to 20 year’s lifespan. Without heating, the lamp provides high safety and reduces overall cost. The steady base is fantastic in ensuring there is excellent stability. Thus, the light doesn’t topple easily hence improved durability.

To ensure everyone gets ideal lighting, the lamp comes with 3 lighting color temperatures. You can select 3000k, 4000k and 6000k. Moreover, the memory function ensures it remembers last setting. Forget the rigid lamps that only face one direction. With this one, it allows for easy adjustment since it has a gooseneck design. The bright 4 levels of lighting ensure it cares for every user.


  • Extra stable base
  • Optional lighting modes
  • Flexible neck and sensitive control


  • Lacks rechargeable battery

3. Brightech Montage Modern Tall Pole LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Montage Modern Tall Pole LED Floor Lamp

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The purpose of a lamp is to provide ample lighting. But, Brightech montage tall pole lamp is more than illumination. From the construction to light, the lamp has great décor complement. Thus, when used in every room, you can bet on the beauty and exceptional brilliance. Versatile décor compatibility allows users to enjoy modern and contemporary styles. The illuminated textural lampshades are sleek and captivating. They ensure there is smooth distribution without causing glaring.

Amazingly, having this lamp in your home adds convenience. It works with smart outlets like Google Home, Alexa and Apple homekit. Wit slender design, the lamp is easy to place near sofa, side tables, armchairs, and others. Weighing only 14 pounds and 5 feet tall, it is stable and easy to move. Equipped with LED chips bulb, it only needs 8.5W. Therefore, once using it in your home, no more safety concerns due to overheating.


  • Smart outlets compatible
  • Sleek gold-finished stand
  • Super stable base


  • A bit bulky

2. LEPOWER Metal Adjustable Goose Neck Standing Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Adjustable Goose Neck Standing Lamp

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The Leftpower standing lamp brings natural like lighting to any home. It’s a sturdy lamp made from high-quality materials to ensure there is durability. In fact, the lampshade, stand, and base are metal made, which provides unmatched performance. The weighted base ensures there is superior stability thus, no toppling like cheap ones. Besides, even when placed on tables, doesn’t suffer from wobbling hence great for kids use. With thin gooseneck, the lamp is flexible and ensures there is ease of light projection.

Unlike some of the lamps, this can use different types of bulbs. Whether traditional ones or LED, it is simple to fix. The back of lampshade is enhanced with vents, which are essential for the cooling. Due to the combination of vents and metallic housing, there is fast heat dissipation through convection. The control switch is located on the power cord to allow easy access.


  • Highly flexible neck
  • Weighted base
  • Fast heat dissipation


  • No memory function

1. Globe Electric Holden Floor Standing Lamp

Globe Electric Holden Floor Standing Lamp

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Globe Electric standing lamp is one of a kind. This uniquely made lamp has elegance and bright light. Made with minimalistic design it combines with contemporary finish for Nordic appearance. Basically, the lamp has a simple design but gives every room a sophisticated décor. A perfect light accent is superb for adding minimalistic look and ideal lighting. Therefore, for people looking to update décor, this lamp offers unmatched solution.

The placement is simple and versatile due to a long power cord. It measures 5 feet hence good for keeping in different positions. Unlike other lamps with shaded bulbs, this one is exposed, which creates unique experience. The designer’s vintage Edison bulb provides ample light and unique look. Robust base with added weight helps to keep the lamp safe and stable.


  • Vintage-inspired bulb
  • Thin, strong stand
  • Minimalistic design


  • No lampshade

Floor Lamps Buying Guide

Height of lamp

The height of a lamp is essential in determining efficiency. Usually, the higher the stand, the broader the light spectrum. To ensure you have right lamp, ensure you can get enough light while sited on your chair. However, it depends on the distance between you and the lamp. For far placed light, taller stands are great to prevent user from glare. Typically, the eye line guides you on the right lamp positioning.

Type of the floor lamp

There are different types of floor lamps. This calls for users to select the ideal ones for their purposes. Although all the classes are positioned on the floor, their application might differ from user to the others. Usually, there are ambient, reading and upright& torchiere lamps. Each of the categories is designed to fit a specific task, hence the need to be choosy.

Light adjustment

The ability to adjust the level of light is essential aspect. There are some lamps with light, as well as color temperature adjustment. This allows users to enjoy great versatility. Whether reading or sleeping, your lamp should offer ideal lighting without hassles. Ensure the target lamp has adjustable levels of illumination to allow versatility.


The size of the lamp is vital, depending on available space in your room. In most cases, the overall size of a lamp doesn’t determine how bright it is. Instead, the construction size is vital to ensure you get proper fit and utilize available space. Ideally, choose a lamp that is going to fit in your available space.


Floor lamps are the versatile and functional lights to think of. They are designed to ease and give every room perfect updates. With different sized, style and qualities, everyone needs to have best standing lamp. Thus, no reason for poor lighting while these lamps are reliable and high-quality.

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