Top 10 Best Kids Bike Helmets in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Cycling is fun for kids and adults. But, riding without a helmet is not recommended at all. A simple crash can be fatal, especially for kids since their skull isn’t yet fully developed. Parents should ensure kids bike helmets are part of the safety gear to go for. These helmets are perfected to ensure kids get ideal protection. Also, they are lightweight which eliminate straining neck muscles.

Although the cycling helmets for kids are essential, they don’t come equal. This is due to different head sizes as well as age. Choosing the right helmet guarantees excellent safety and comfort to wearers. Instead of guessing, it is vital to measure the head size. Also, quality is essential since the market offers varying qualities. To escape inferior quality, we have selected best bike helmets for your kids.

10. Paw Patrol Toddler & Kids Bike Helmet

Paw Patrol Toddler & Kids Bike Helmet

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Paw Patrol helmet is giving your kids fantastic safety. It enables the riders to enjoy smooth riding without discomforts. The helmet has superior construction to keep the head comfortable and protected. Actually, the sleek authentic graphics are inspiring and let kids enjoy the experience. The ability to fit 19 3/4″ – 21 1/4″ heads is superb for 5-8 years old children. The ventilation is impressive since there are ample vents to keep head comfortable.

Apart from keeping the head cool, the helmet has a soft lining. This keeps the head comfortable without straining head muscles. Additionally, the full Schwinn 360 degrees has an adjustable knob for perfect fitting. The adjustability is fantastic since it delivers a custom fit. For guaranteed protection, this helmet comes with an extended lower shell. It has a high impact absorbing to prevent easy breaking.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Ample ventilations
  • Adjustable fit
  • Extended lower shell


  • A bit small for some kids

9. TeamObsidian Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets

TeamObsidian Durable Kid Bicycle Helmets

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TeamObsidian helmet is perfectly crafted to grow with your baby. There is terrific construction that enables the baby to enjoy comfortable fitting. Actually, the expanding polystyrene shell is designed to ensure superb head protection. The helmet has a rigid structure to suit on and off-road riding. For guarantee safety, all features are CPSC-certified. This reduces injuries in case baby crash. Wearing this helmet is extra comfort due to excellent ventilation. It has 14 vents which are amazing for free airflow.

Apart from the cool air, there are soft straps. They are adjustable to allow customized fit depending on the kid head size. With a quick-release clip, it is easy to lock hence keeping the helmet in position. The integrated visor is fantastic since it improves safety when riding. Additionally, the helmet is superb and delivers flexibility. It can support kids from 3-8 years since it has high adjustability.


  • Breathable pads
  • Shock-absorbing foam
  • Quick-release clip
  • Cool and fully vented


  • Too long straps

8. OUWOER CPSC Certified and Multi-Sport Helmet

OUWOER CPSC Certified and Multi-Sport Helmet

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As kid rides, unexpected can happen. However, Ouwoer multi-sports helmet is one of the reliable choices for kids. It has a unique design which provides excellent protection. Additionally, the sturdy ABS shell is dedicated to absorbing shock and impacts. The helmet complies with CPSC and EN 1078 standards hence superb reliability. Apart from the rigid body, the interior is super soft and comfortable. This is due to the EPS foam that cushions head against shock.

The rigid construction is amazing and guarantees exceptional protection. With 11 vents, they are efficient in keeping the head cool. Even during summers, it’s enjoyable to use this helmet without causing discomforts to the user. The adjustability is also superb since it can fit different head sizes. It has crank adjustment dial which delivers smooth adjustment. With 2 sets of pads and long straps, there is custom fit and comfort.


  • Soft cushion layer
  • Rigid external shell
  • Quick-release buckle


  • No visor

7. Exclusky Kid Lightweight Youth Roller Skate Bike Helmet

Exclusky Kid Lightweight Youth Roller Skate Bike Helmet

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Exclusky youth and kid helmet is versatile and safe. The sleekly crafted and reliable protection brings fun when riding. It boasts superior materials that are reliable for daily use. Therefore, even when using it for off-road cycling, parents can be sure their kids are safe. The interior has a thick lining made of multi-density EPS foam. This gives head ample padding and comfort while preventing strains. Also, heat-sealed thickened lining is reliable to avoid injuries and abrasions in case of accidents.

Apart from the solid construction, the helmet has outstanding airflow. It has 15 air vents which make it superb compared to others. Additionally, the detachable sun visor is fantastic for maintaining undisturbed visibility. The combination of sun visor and vents ensure smooth rides even in summers. Weight 240 grams, there is no bulkiness when wearing this helmet. With versatile fitting, single-hand dial system and quick release buckle, kids enjoy riding bikes with full safety.


  • Removable visor
  • Tough PC shell
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Heat-sealed lining


  • Cheap tightening clips

6. KAMUGO Kids Adjustable Multi-Sport Safety Helmet

KAMUGO Kids Adjustable Multi-Sport Safety Helmet

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When kids are enjoying different sports, there is a need to ensure that safety is guaranteed. Kamugo safety helmet is one of the fantastic choices to deliver head protection. The perfected helmet is suitable for multiple sports like skating, cycling and others. With risk of accidents being unpredictable, this helmet is superb and worth to have. Additionally, the certified construction design and materials ensure one can enjoy fantastic head safety. The padding is also remarkable since there are no more discomforts when wearing.

The design and style of this helmet allow for kids of different ages to fit appropriately. It can accommodate 3-8 years old hence ideal pick for most parents. With an adjustable harness, it allows for a perfect fit without compromising the safety. The adjustability lets the helmet fit babies with heads measuring 18.9 – 21.3 inches. Created with a unisex design, boys and girls can wear the helmet comfortably. The hard polycarbonate and vents keep the helmet performing remarkably.


  • Strong polycarbonate
  • Perfect for off-road
  • Unisex construction style


  • Not good for snowboarding

5. M Merkapa Kids 3D Shark Bicycle Helmets

M Merkapa Kids 3D Shark Bicycle Helmets

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Give your kids reliable and robust protection by giving them ideal helmets. M Merkapa 3D shark helmet is sleek and yet keeps the baby head protected. Whether riding in the yard or bushy areas, there is protection against injuries. The tough exterior shell and soft interior lining keep the head safe from bumps and impacts. With excellent head coverage, it perfectly covers sides and back perfectly. The CPSC and CE certification guarantees parents their babies are superbly protected.

Unlike other helmets, this boasts super large vents. This ensures enough air circulation hence keeping the head cool. The construction features PVC shell as well as EPS for maximum shock absorption. It is an extremely durable helmet with 11 vents which ensure kids enjoy their rides. Apart from the protection, the helmet is fantastic and delivers a sleek look. Actually, it has beautiful graphics that inspire your kids. Above all, different sizes lets babies enjoy the perfect fit.


  • Sleek decorations
  • Extra-large vents
  • Two sizes available


  • Doesn’t have reflector light

4. TurboSke Kids Toddler Multi-Sport Bike Helmet

TurboSke Kids Toddler Multi-Sport Bike Helmet

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Riding in the bush is fun, but the risks are many. TurboSke multi-sport bike helmet is catering for your baby head safety. The highly engineered helmet is ideal for offering protection as well as comfort. Featuring intensive safety testing, there is high reliability when it comes to performance. Due to the rigid shell, it suits skateboarding, biking, inline skating and other sports. Even for kids learning to ride, its excellent safety add-on.

Despite the tough molded polycarbonate shell, the helmet is super light. It doesn’t affect the baby comfort and concentration hence superb for all babies. The design also is fantastic as it has 17 air vents which are enough for outstanding cooling. Weighing 7.5 Oz the helmet always ensure safety without comfort compromise. The harness system is robust and soft lining to keep helmet perfectly fitted on baby head. Thus, even when riding on bumpy surfaces, there are no discomforts in the head.


  • Certified materials and design
  • Adjustable harness system
  • Good for multiple sports


  • No decoration graphics

3. XJD Toddler Kids Bike Multi-Sport Cycling Helmet

XJD Toddler Kids Bike Multi-Sport Cycling Helmet

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Falling twigs or crash impact are serious safety concerns. Especially when kids are cycling outdoors, they need to wear reliable helmets. XJD multi-sports helmet is and unisex option suited for girls and boys. The construction features an impact-resistant shell made from the injected molding material. This gives kids the ability to enjoy riding without suffering from injuries, even in case of a crash. The interior has a thick EPS core that enables shock absorption and comfortable wearing.

The 13 holes ventilation system brings excellent cooling and comfortable feeling. There is no more sweating or overheating due to the summer sun. When it comes to comfort and fit, the harness system is superb. It is adjustable, which is classic for fitting different heads. The adjustable buckle and chin pad provides a snug fit. Therefore as the kid ride in bumpy regions, the helmet doesn’t come off. Due to the tough ABS shell and ample cushion, the helmet is excellent for different sports.


  • Molded ABS shell
  • Additional pads
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Removable lining


  • Fit straps break easily

2. Atphfety Kids Bike Multi-Sport Helmet

Atphfety Kids Bike Multi-Sport Helmet

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Head injuries in kids are common, especially when they aren’t wearing safety gears. Atphfety kids helmet is superb and worth to have for maximum safety. The helmet combines different construction materials. Actually, it features PC shell and EPS foam which prevent impact and reduces shock. Therefore, whether its impact from crash or collision, the helmet is super reliable. Besides the quality materials, the helmet is compliant with CE standard hence maximum safety.

The internal padding is easily removable, which is amazing for cleaning purposes. Also, the shell is molded with 11 vents which are fantastic to keep kid head cool. The padding and hard surface ensure that safety is reliable. Thus, kids can engage in different activities like skating or cycling without worries. Overall, the helmet is super light weighing just 8OZ. Consequently, kids enjoy comfort and lightweight experience.


  • Sleek shark graphics
  • Removable interior padding
  • Extra lightweight


  • Small vents

1. Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Bike Skate Helmet

Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Bike Skate Helmet

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Wipeout dry erase helmet is unique and offers your kids a lot of fun. It’s not only a safety gear but, it lets your babies exercise their creativity. The helmet comes with 5 non-toxic markers that enable kids to create graphics. With custom helmet graphics, it allow babies to enjoy fantastic riding time. The ink is easy to erase, which enable new graphics every time kids need to draw. The smooth design enables simple drawing without causing stress. Besides, the shell is super hard to ensure no compromise to the kids head safety.

The construction complies with U.S. CPSC Safety and is a perfect choice for kids older than 5 years. Apart from the markers, there is a stencil with different shapes to enable perfect drawing. With 2 sizes, the helmets are available for 5 years and 8 years kids. Additionally, the head safety gear can fit 52-56cm head circumference.


  • Non-toxic markers
  • Drawing stencil
  • Adjustable straps


  • Invisible marker colors on a black surface

Kids Bike Helmets Buying Guide


Before you buy a helmet for your kid, it’s essential to check the size. Like any other wear, heads are different and have varying sizes. Therefore, to ensure a snug fit ensure to take your kid head size. This ensures no guesswork and your pick perfectly fits them. The good thing is that modern helmets come with an adjustable harness system. Consequently, they can fit different sized heads.

Construction and certification

There are many brands available on the market. But not every brand is suitable for your choice. The vital feature before you pick is construction quality. Ensure your choice has rigid material such as ABS or polycarbonate shell. Also, checking certification by relevant bodies ensures the safety of your kid is guaranteed.


The padding thickness determines comfort. Wearing unpadded helmets can be worse than rising without. The hard shell can cause more damage if it has no padding. Therefore, check on the lining and padding material to guarantee excellent protection. With the right material, there is reduced shock and impact. Some helmets utilize foam, EPS and other materials. However, make sure the material is safe and provides excellent cushioning.


Ventilations are essential for general kids comfort. Especially during hot seasons, it can be uncomfortable to wear fully closed helmets. The number and size of vents are crucial for the comfort of your baby. The more vents a helmet has the better cooling it provides. Therefore, as kids cycle in summer, there is efficient cooling and air circulation.


Kids and cycling are inseparable. But there is no need to take chances when it comes to safety. Thinking of a good kid bike helmet is one of the best ways to mitigate risks. These features safety gear are robust and perfectly reliable to offer to any kid. Also, they are multi-sport meaning they are perfect for different uses.

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