Top 10 Best Manual Breast Pumps in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

For many moms, there are varying reasons why they can’t breastfeed their kids on demand. However, this doesn’t mean babies should not get proper nurturing because of daily ups and downs. Using breast pumps is one of the ways to ensure babies get excellent feeding without stress. They are designed to ensure moms can pump milk with ease without causing discomfort.

There electric and manual breast pumps. They all work by creating enough suction to ensure smooth milk suction. Usually, the manual ones are great and can work everywhere without worrying about the source of power. Additionally, they are efficient to use since the user can regulate suction easily. With many pumps available, get our latest and comfortable to use by every mom in the review below.

10. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz New Style

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz New Style

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Keeping baby well-fed is great for health and development. Haakaa breast pump is one of the ideal accessories to facilitate safe milk suction for your kids. In fact, the pump features a new design, which is great for comfort and improved performance. In fact, the suction cups offer the right and a perfect fit for stress-free pumping. The compact and efficient pumping action renders this pump ideal for all your needs.

Offering large capacity, the container can hold 4oz hence ideal for holding enough milk. Unlike electric pumps, this has simple sterilization through boiling. The flange is created to ensure the pump fits all moms’ breasts. With soft silicone, the pump is safe and doesn’t cause sensitivity to all skins. Due to the compact size, the device is compact and suited for use in different places. Even when traveling, there is an easy way to get your baby milk.


  • Ideal for all breast types
  • Easy to sterilize
  • Food grade silicone


  • Only one piece

9. NatureBond Manual Silicone Breastfeeding Nursing Pump

NatureBond Manual Silicone Breastfeeding Nursing Pump

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The NatureBond breastfeeding pump offers every chance to give babies excellent feeding. Unlike others, this offers delivers comfort when pumping. The silicon construction ensures there is high breast compatibility. As a result, there is excellent suction for an amazing let-down. The natural suction provides excellent relief from engorgement. Therefore, when babies can’t deplete milk from then breasts, it calls for pumping of excess milk for later use. Boasting incredibly soft materials, the pump delivers outstanding functions.

Using this pump is efficient since it has a portable design. Also, the overall weight is light, which ensures usage everywhere without storage stress. With a simple pumping mechanism, the device is quiet hence easy to use everywhere. Besides, the chest strap adds efficiency since you can support the pump efficiently. Also, the stopper and lid ensure no spillage when the milk is stored. With a carrying pouch, the pump is easy to take with you when traveling.


  • Carrying and storage pouch
  • Comfortable strap
  • Lid and stopper enhanced
  • Quiet operation


  • No suction control

8. Medela Harmony Breast Manual Pump

Medela Harmony Breast Manual Pump

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Medela Harmony Breast pump is an easy way to get enough milk for your kid. The device comes with high convenience since it can be used while on the move. Whether traveling or working, the pump is great for keeping this device handy and ready for use. With the ability to fit most breast sizes. Additionally, the swivel handle delivers impressive comfort and convenience. With a vacuum suction mechanism, this device delivers amazing milk extraction.

Compared to other pumps, this has patented technology, which ensures there are comfort and efficiency. With milk bottles, there is superb storage hence ideal to use the pump everywhere. Enhanced with lid, the container keeps the milk safe and ready for babies to drink. With a stable stand, it is secure to store your baby milk bottle without toppling or spills. Safe and soft materials are excellent for the safety of the baby and irritation-free suction.


  • Lid enhanced container
  • Stable storage base
  • Soft and secure materials
  • Ergonomic swivel handle


  • Cheap O-rings

7. Lansinoh Manual Hand Pump for Breastfeeding

Lansinoh Manual Hand Pump for Breastfeeding

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The Lansinoh hand pump for breastfeeding is what all nursing moms need. It’s one of the ideal pumps without hassles. In fact, there is no power required hence suitable for use anytime and everywhere. Apart from ease of use, the pump is lightweight, thus highly portable. The expertly designed handle is fantastic and lets users enjoy incredible convenience. Additionally, the quiet operation ensures the device is ideal for use in offices or while traveling.

For the comfort of users, the pump can be adjusted to fit different breasts. Therefore, every mom can be assured to deliver enough milk for their kids. With the ability to pump milk directly to the storage bags, there is no contamination. The dual-mode flanges are fantastic and allow the users to enjoy great convenience. With a stable bottle holder, the milk container delivers high stability and no toppling.


  • Dual pumping mode
  • Convenient milk storage bags
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Only a single pump

6. Philips Avent Breast Pump Manual

Philips Avent Breast Pump Manual

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Enjoy giving your baby proper care, even when not at home. It is now possible to enjoy great convenience with this Philips Avent breast pump. It’s an all-clear device with easy monitoring of how the milk pumping is progressing. Created with a unique design, the pump offers great comfort and allows smooth milk secretion. In fact, the design allows for the device to offer ideal breast stimulation for great milk let-down.

The construction entails superb quality materials. They are safe to skin and also free from harmful and prohibited materials. With massage cushion gel, the pump has excellent suction for ultimate stimulation. Overall, the pump is lightweight and delivers superb performance. The compact nature of this device ensures there is increased portability. Amazingly, the device is compatible with other accessories for efficient milk storage. Safety is perfected since it has BPA free construction.


  • BPA free materials
  • Compatible with other accessories
  • Soft gel padding


  • Can cause pain to sensitive people

5. Godehone Silicone Breast Pump with Protective lid

Godehone Silicone Breast Pump with Protective lid

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When you want to have easy breast milk pumping, Godehone dual pumps are the best solution. Unlike others, the pack comes with double pumps; it is easy to extract milk from both breasts simultaneously. They are super soft, which is great for natural breast stimulation. With BPA free and skin-friendly construction, the pumps are safe for babies and moms. Actually, the silicone used is super soft and delivers excellent feeling to users.

Unlike other pumps that offer complex cleaning mechanisms, these are quick to clean. With a simple brush and soap, it’s simple to clean these pumps. The compact and lightweight design, the devices are convenient to carry and use in different places. Apart from the usage safety, the pumps have vacuum packaging. This keeps them easy to use, even when new without worrying about the safety of baby milk. The clear design and food-grade silicone bring excellent continence.


  • Dual breast pumps
  • Vacuum sealed packaging
  • Food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No milk storage bags

4. Bumblebee Manual Pump with Breastfeeding Milk Saver

Bumblebee Manual Pump with Breastfeeding Milk Saver

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You don’t have to rush home and breastfeed your kid. It is easy to extract milk using the Bumblebee manual breastfeeding pump. Also, the pump is perfect when moms have extra milk, which can be store for later use. This prevents engorgement, which can cause paining breasts. Using natural suction, the device delivers excellent extraction without pain. The storage container is large to help parents to enjoy seamless milk holding. There is high safety since the pump come with dust covers.

Carrying this pump is even simple than others. It comes with a pouch that fits all the items in the package. With safe construction, the pump delivers BPA, PVC, phthalate, and other banned materials. When traveling, there is high convenience; the pump comes with a storage bag. Moreover, there is the ease of use since the pump is hands-free. Thus, when pumping milk, there are no struggles like others.


  • Storage pouch
  • Hands-free utilization
  • Dust covers


  • Pops off easily

3. Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump

Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump

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Expressing milk with a breast pump can be painful if your device is of cheap quality. However, the Tommee Tippee breast pump is safe and soft for use by any mom. In fact, it utilizes manual action, which eliminates the need for batteries. Therefore, when in places without power, no compromise when it comes to the milk expression. The suction cup is designed to fit different shaped breasts. With soft feeling, the pump offers excellent extraction due to natural stimulation.

Apart from the pump, the package offers milk bags as well as a large container. These accessories are superb and deliver convenience when pumping milk from the breast. Therefore, for milk to be used later, there is safe and efficient storage. Despite the soft suction, the device has excellent extraction ability just like an electric pump but have no pain. Clean design allows moms to monitor the quantity of milk.


  • Large storage containers
  • Soft, painless suction
  • Milk storage bags


  • Weak handle

2. Unimom Manual Pump with Silicone Massaging Breast Shield

Unimom Manual Pump with Silicone Massaging Breast Shield

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Moms are always looking or ideal ways to extract milk for their young ones. Unimom manual pump is simple to use and suitable for everywhere. Built with care in mind, the pump has silicone suction cups that keep breast safe and cared for. The food-grade silicone materials are safe and perfect for use by every mom. In fact, the pump is suitable for all breasts without causing irritations or discomfort.

The ability to offer perfect covering to the breast ensures no inconvenience when pumping milk. With all in one kit, there are no additional accessories needed to make your milk pumping easy. The lightweight plastic materials used are free from toxic materials hence safe for holding baby milk. For high comfort, the handle is easy to use and non-slip. Overall, the pump is simple to use and lightweight.


  • Non-slip handle
  • Superior comfort
  • Portable and BPA free


  • Not compatible with all bottles

1. Bessentials Manual Breast Pump 4oz Food Grade Silicone

Bessentials Manual Breast Pump 4oz Food Grade Silicone

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The Bessentials food-grade silicone breast pump offers an easy way to nature your baby. It boasts high-quality food-grade silicone that ensures there is safety to moms and babies. The bottle is free from PVC and BPA, which guarantees great safety. Apart from the superior construction, the pump offers gentle suction with breast stimulation. With the soft design, it perfectly fits all breasts without causing discomfort. Thus, the pump offers painless pumping, and users get natural suction for safe milk extraction.

With a portable design, the device is great for use indoors, traveling, or in other places. It has a compact design that eliminates bulkiness even when filled with milk. Apart from the pump, there are essential accessories that are excellent for making the milk extraction simple. A carry bag, pump, and bottle stopper allow the accessories to be carried with ease.


  • Efficient carry bag
  • Highly flexible breast cup
  • Bottle stopper


  • Doesn’t have milk bags

Manual Breast Pumps Buying Guide

Bottle compatibility

Bottle compatibility is essential for the efficiency of use. Some of the pumps are only compatible with dedicated bottles from the manufacturers. However, to ensure there is the ease of use, choosing a pump with high compatibility ensures convenience. Therefore, a pump with bottles and can be used with third-party bottles is a great option.

Safe construction materials

The safety or moms and kids is vital when choosing breastfeeding pumps. Usually, the pumps are made from plastic materials. However, safety should be paramount when selecting. Especially, check whether your pump and accessories are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, and other toxic particles.

Ease of cleaning

The ease of cleaning is vital for maintaining high hygiene. For the kid and moms, there is a need to check how cleaning is easy for your pump and accompanying accessories. Usually, simple pumps are simple to clean, which is convenient for the safety and health of babies. For some brands, they offer machine washable breast pumps.

Number of pumps

Pumps are sold in pairs or single. Depending on your preference, there is a need to check how many pumps are in a package. For fast milk extraction, dual pumps are great options. They all for simultaneous milk extraction without hassles.


Manual breast pumps are efficient and reliable to keep your milk extraction easy. They offer unlimited usage since no batteries needed for milk pumping. With a natural suction mechanism, these pumps enable users to enjoy painless suction. For smooth baby nurturing, these reviewed manual breastfeeding pumps are great results.

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