Top 10 Best Meat Carving Knives in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

There are many types of knives available for every kitchen. Every task that involves chopping requires a specific knife. Whether it’s slicing bread, vegetables, meat and others, each has a specific tool. The choice of kitchen cutting tools depends on the food. There are universal ones like chef knives which are present in all kitchens. However, meat carving knives are amazing and ideal for cutting cooked meat.

These tools have thin, long and flexible blades which give them superb performance. The thin nature is the reason these knives are capable of cutting precise and small meat pieces. It, therefore, give them better slicing power compared to other kitchen knives. With every kitchen having different needs, there is a need to select an ideal one. For precise slicing, these meat carving knives are excellent for every kitchen.

10. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Carving Knife

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Carving Knife

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Mairico ultra-sharp carving knife is perfect when dealing with cooked meat. The ultra-sharp blade is excellent for chopping meat without tearing. Additionally, the super-sharp design is excellent when it comes to cutting without effort. Therefore when cutting meat from large chunks, the knife is super sharp. Engineered from premium stainless steel, it helps in maintaining the juiciness. There is no reaction or blade getting corroded. Professional length and design let every chef enjoy using the tool.

Apart from the sharp blade, the knife has a balanced weight that maximizes the performance. This 11 inches slicing knife offers excellent chopping without struggles. Also, the long blade enables the knife to work on different types of meats. The handle is fantastic and ensures there is a comfortable grip, and the hand doesn’t get fatigued. Despite the thin blade, the knife has strong constriction which enables versatile applications. It is ideal for pork loins, brisket, turkey and other types of meat.


  • Premium stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long blade


  • Requires sharpening before use

9. TUO HC German Stainless steel Slicing Carving Knife

TUO HC German Stainless steel Slicing Carving Knife

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Cutting meat can be stressful with a dull bladed knife. TUO HC slicing and cutting knife is made for professional chefs. It boasts high quality German stainless steel which delivers unmatched performance. Apart from the strong blade, it is highly flexible for precise cutting. Moreover, the extra-long 12 inches blade is fantastic for different meat. The knife is versatile and can be sued for deboning, filleting, skinning and butterflying all your meats.

Apart from chopping meat, the knife has multiple applications. It can be used for chopping other food hence great for different applications. The knife is excellent for chopping, even vegetables and other food with high precision. With nonstick granton blade, there is clean and precise cutting. The blade has 18 degrees slope of the edge, which provides minimal resistance. This prevents the knife from damaging the food being cut. To ensure comfort, the handle is Pakkawood which is water resistance and doesn’t chip.


  • blade Pakkawood handle
  • Versatile cutting applications
  • Long 12 inches blade


  • Not ideal for crushing garlic

8. Hamilton Beach Versatile Electric Carving Knife

Hamilton Beach Versatile Electric Carving Knife

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Hamilton Beach electric knife is versatile and improves your kitchen. The knife is easy to use and doesn’t need much effort like manual ones. Its perfect tool for carving everything from bread, meat, poultry and others. Basically, with this tool, it allows easy carving and is extra sharp. The construction features stainless steel which is superb for ensuring durability and performance. The reciprocating serrated blades ensure effortless cutting hence ideal for all meat carving tasks.

Apart from the knife, the pack come with a serving fork. It is a fantastic tool since it is versatile. The handle is ergonomic and delivers excellent comfort. It cushions user from the vibrations hence enabling precise and fast cutting. With better control than others, the knife is remarkable for keeping chefs enjoying their works. The space-saving design is amazing and makes the tool ideal for all kitchens.


  • Serrated reciprocating blade
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Versatile applications


  • Can overheat on heavy-duty application

7. Zelite Infinity German Carbon Stainless Steel Slicing Carving Knife

Zelite Infinity German Carbon Stainless Steel Slicing Carving Knife

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Zelite Infinity is a knife dedicated for all professional meat carving. The design and high carbon German carbon stainless steel constriction are superb. They give the knife unbeatable performance. Therefore, when slicing there is precise chopping. Despite the flexibility, the blade offers straight and neat cutting. Thus, it is possible to slice uniform pieces. Due to superior design, there is minimal resistance. The blade also has a nonstick surface which ensures there is a clean cut.

The knife is corrosion resistant and great for durability. With a forged design, the knife has a full tang design that enables people to enjoy great strength and cutting. With blade achieving 15-18 degrees slope, there us razor sharpness for smooth and effortless cutting. Unlike other knives, this is hand finished, which is excellent for durability and performance. By having this tool, it helps chefs to take their skills to the next level.


  • Hand-finished construction
  • Smooth slicing
  • Durable plastic handle


  • Feels a bit heavy

6. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife

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The beauty of cutting and slicing depends on the type of knife you have. Mercer Culinary genesis curving knife is outstanding. The tool is perfected to give every chef amazing experience. Made from forged high carbon stainless steel, there is increased durability and efficient cutting ability. Actually, the stain-resistant x50 Cr Mo V15 steel is resistant to rust and corrosion. This lets the knife to last for long without suffering from damages.

The taper-ground edge ensures the knife has added stability. Also, the design and material ensure there increased sharpness retention. Thus there is no constant sharpening which also boosts the blade durability. Unlike other knives with cheap handles, this has Santoprene which offers maximum grip and safety. There is no rust or dirt-trapping, which is excellent for maintaining high hygiene. The ergonomic handle is NFL certified, meaning its safe for use without posing health hazards.


  • Ergonomic and safe handle
  • High precision-forged blade
  • Balanced design


  • The handle isn’t aesthetic

5. Saken Slicing Carving Knife 12’’ German steel

Saken Slicing Carving Knife 12’’ German steel

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The Saken steel knife is impressive and ensures the kitchen is great for all chefs. With high-quality construction, the German steel used is durable and excellent for smooth cutting. The knife offers precise cutting for tenderloin, pork and other types of meats. Boasting strong blade, it is flexible which enable easy control. The precision design ensures the knife can slice food without causing unwanted damage. As a result, it’s easy and efficient to cut your meat with perfection.

With high-quality materials, the knife is designed to allow every user to enjoy the professional application. The 12 inches long blade has superb for cutting large chunks of food. This lets the chef enjoy great and smooth cutting. The premium handle is designed to ensure there is no more stress when chopping. With stiff sharpened blade has 15 degrees edge gives the knife razor-sharp design. As a result, there is effortless cutting without applying much force.


  • Hand sharpened blade
  • Great control handle
  • Ultra-sharp and long


  • Heavy and tough to maneuver

4. Kessaku Japanese High Carbon Steel Slicing Carving Knife

Kessaku Japanese High Carbon Steel Slicing Carving Knife

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Kessaku high carbon knife is amazingly functional and chops like a razor. With great blade, and handle, there is excellent maneuvering. Utilizing high cutting ability, the edge is easy to sharpen and remains sharp for long. With nonstick surface, the knife cuts with perfection and precision. The high carbon 7CR17MOV Japanese Stainless Steel is exceptional. It allows for outstanding sharpness as well as resistance to corrosion and rust. Mirror polished design blade is extra smooth and cuts smoothly.

Apart from the cutting ability, the blade is great since it doesn’t collect debris. Even when using the knife to cut juicy food, there is a smooth process. The Pakkawood handle is durable and doesn’t suffer from water damage. Crafted to offer ergonomic grip, the handle enables the user to enjoy great maneuvering. The comfortable grip reduced pain and fatigue hence ideal for professional kitchens. With 16 degrees angle, the blade cuts like a champ.


  • Smooth and nonstick blade
  • Japanese high-grade steel
  • Soft cleaning cloth


  • None

3. Razor Sharp Professional 10’’ Carving Knife Razor Sharp Professional 10’’ Carving Knife

Check Price on Amazon professional carving knife is one of the best chef tools. The knife is perfected to ensuring cutting is seamless. Featuring German stainless steel, there is high reliability. With solid design, the knife cut without blade wobbling. This ensures that once dealing with different food, it delivers great reliability. The dimpled blade is great for enabling effortless and easy food release. With 10 inches blade, the knife allows for cutting of all meat types.

The life-changing knife is making your kitchen amazing, especially for chefs. With food-grade materials, they ensure food is safe and no reaction. The knife is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe. With handle perfectly designed for easy and maximum control, there is great slicing. The versatile application ensures there is great usage for vegetables, fruits and others. Riveted handle is durable and ensures superb knife reliability.


  • Riveted handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Solid blade


  • Shorter blade than rivals

2. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Carving Knife & Fork Set

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Carving Knife & Fork Set

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Adding superior quality tools is great for all your work. Dalstrong gladiator series fork and knife set is remarkable when it comes to slicing. Whether enjoying roasted turkey or ham, the knife cuts without resistance. Actually, the tool delivers smooth and doesn’t need much pressure to cut. Made from original German HC steel, the tool has Dalastrong craftsmanship for strong edges. The blade is dimpled, which prevent food from sticking. This enables excellent usability since it can cut even delicate meat without destroying the structure.

The style is fantastic as there is excellent ergonomics. The blade has streamlined and tipped design which makes cutting even easier than others. Actually, the knife has an award-winning design that makes it superior for all your chopping works. Boasting extra hard rating, this knife has 56+ Rockwell hardness score which gives it unmatched cutting power. Apart from the tapered blade, the set comes with a serving fork and honing rod.


  • Extra-hard steel
  • Triple-riveted handle
  • Beautifully polished blade
  • Polishing cloth


  • The handle isn’t slipping resistant

1. Hammer Stahl 14’’ Forged German High Carbon Steel Meat Knife

Hammer Stahl 14’’ Forged German High Carbon Steel Meat Knife

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Hammer Stahl carbon steel meat knife enables professional slicing. The extra-long blade is tasked with offering excellent chopping without tearing the food surface. With a sleek design blade, it comes with dimpled surfaces that help to cut meat clean. The precise cutting means the knife can fit every chef needs. Compared to other knives, this has a longer and stronger blade. It has 14 inches. This enables cutting thick meat pieces at once without struggling.

The high-quality stainless steel makes the knife one of the top choices for chefs. With top quality X50CrMoV15 German steel, it is rated 55-57 in Rockwell hardiness. The Granton edge helps in preventing the food from sticking. The revolutionary quad tang handle is fantastic and great as it combines wood and steel. For outstanding comfort, the handle has a professional design. It Pakkawood infused with phenolic resin that ensures there is durability. The laser cutting technology lets the knife enjoy outstanding balance and ergonomics.


  • Laser-cut technology
  • Resin infused Pakkawood handle
  • Quad tang design


  • No polishing cloth

Carving Knives Buying Guide

Blade size

The knives come in different sizes which give chefs the ability to choose the right one. Basically, depending on the size of meat and other food, it is essential to have a right-sized knife. When cutting large meat, there is a need to have a long-bladed knife. Measured in inches, some blades can measure up to 15 inches. Therefore, depending on the type of work, it is ideal to get a right-sized knife.

Construction material

The construction of knives features different materials. However, one of the popular material is stainless steel. Preferred due to strength and rust resistance, the material is common for making of cutlery. There are different types of steel, such as carbon steel, high carbon steel, as well as ceramic. Each of the material offers different properties which give knives varying performance. Besides, quality determines the price.


The handle is an integral part when you are choosing a knife. The part is where the user holds the knife when cutting. Traditionally, wood was the standard material. However, due to poor cleaning ability, these days we have other safer materials. These days, most knives come with Pakkawood, nylon, and other materials. The choice of material also is essential since it needs to be safe and passed NFL certifications. Above all, handles should be comfortable and non-slip.

Forged vs. stamped knives

Besides the materials used in knives construction, the technology used is vital. Basically, two main techniques are used in making knives. One is forging technology. This entails the construction of a knife from a single piece of steel that is heated and pounded. Stamped knives are cut from a steel sheet, heated and polished. Forged blades are usually strong and premium quality hence excellent for heavy-duty application.


Carving knives are excellent since they offer great versatility. With different knives, these tools are great due to the ability to cut with precision. The different sizes are great since they ensure everyone gets professional performance. With these reviewed knives, it is now superb for every chef to enjoy great convenience.

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