Top 10 Best Portable Closets in 2020 Reviews

Closets are essential for neat storage of clothes and shoes. However, when on vacation office or RV camping, it’s crucial to have a portable closet. They are handy and enables keeping the clothes neatly. They are convenient than regular ones due to portability. Their design ensures it’s easy to carry and offers high verstility. Mostly, they have a collapsible design which provides hassle-free storage.

Apart from the collapsible design, these portable wardrobes are lightweight. The use of durable materials is necessary to ensure the closet is strong enough. With different sizes, designs and materials, these wardrobes are available for everyone. Additionally, the perfectly designed compartments allow for easy and efficient storage. Although these closets are useful while on the move, they are also ideal for use in homes. Therefore, this list brings the best portable closets the guarantees excellent convenience.

10. Homebi Clothes Organizer Closet Portable Wardrobe

Homebi Clothes Organizer Closet Portable Wardrobe

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As you plan to keep your room organized, a closet is an ultimate choice. Homebi clothes organizer is one of the ultimate closets to choose. It is large and offers enough space to store your different clothes, beddings and others. Built from a sturdy frame, and fabrics, the closet is capable of holding massive weight efficiently. With powder-coated tubes, they are resistant to rust and delivers excellent durability. Additionally, the 80g non-woven fabrics ensure superior strength.

The storage space consists of 10 shelves. They are essential and delivers ideal and enough space. Due to multifunctional applications, the closet is suited for many functions. It allows for storage of clothes and other items. Amazing, the wardrobe has clothes hanging compartment. This ensures your clothes remain wrinkles free. The closet weighs 10.89 pounds which make it light and easy to carry. Assembling is also simple to ensure everyone can assemble without difficulties.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight frame
  • Dustproof fabric materials


  • Fabrics feel heap

9. YOUUD Clothes Portable Wardrobe Storage

YOUUD Clothes Portable Wardrobe Storage

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YOUUD wardrobe is a portable unit that helps to keep your clothes clean. It’s a handy accessory that is great for indoor and outdoor use. Whether its camping time or vacation, it’s an easy to carry closet. Despite the high portability, the wardrobe is large and fits different clothes. It can fit folded or hanged garments. The massive compartments are handy and fit every cloth. Additionally, there are smaller spaces that are great for beddings and other essentials.

The non-woven fabrics used in the panels offer excellent protection against dust. Therefore, once the clothes are in the wardrobe, there is no more dust accumulation. Amazingly, the panels are enhanced with zippers which ensures tight closure. The frame is from light metallic tubes and plastic connectors. Therefore, assembling is simple as there are no tools required. The wardrobe is designed to save space while providing an ideal way to enjoy great storage.


  • Precisely made tubes
  • High-quality connectors
  • Safe to all floors
  • Water-resistant fabrics


  • Small for dresses

8. SONGMICS 59’’ Portable Wardrobe Storage Organizer

SONGMICS 59’’ Portable Wardrobe Storage Organizer

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Storing your clothes in an organized way requires a closet. SONGMIC portable wardrobe is all you need to enjoy great storage. It’s portable and lightweight; the closet is exceptionally durable. The frame is strong to support massive weight without crumbling. In fact, the frame is easy to assemble and is made from light metal tubes. Enhanced with heavy-duty connectors, they are efficient in keeping the closet strong. Also, the divided compartments are ideal in ensuring there is proper storage.

The space-saving design is excellent in ensuring there is no more clattered clothes. Also, the multiple compartments are great in ensuring it can fit different items. Whether its dorms, homes and others, its handy option. Whether you like storing clothes in hanged or folded design, the compartments are versatile. The heavy-duty fabric panels are durable and keep clothes safe from dust and moisture. Zippered front panels are the reason the closet is exceptional in keeping the clothes safe.


  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Multiple sized compartments
  • Zippered front panels


  • Connectors are plastic

7. Whitmor Portable Wardrobe with Hanging Rack

Whitmor Portable Wardrobe with Hanging Rack

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Whitmor wardrobe is portable and ensures your clothes are neatly stored. The closet features a durable design which ensures it can hold your clothes perfectly. Made from heavy-duty fabrics, they are water-resistant to keep your precious clothes dry and clean. Also, the wardrobe is easy to lock since it has a zippered front cover. Also, the fabrics panels are efficient in keeping dust, bugs and debris away from the clothes. It’s a suitable closet for the storage of different types of clothes.

The lightweight and portable nature allow the wardrobe to be used in different places. Whether it’s home, offices and other areas, it’s a convenient option. Featuring a steel frame with durable connectors, it supports a heavy load. In fact, the unit can hold up to 50 pounds, hence great for personal use. Unlike other wardrobes, this has clear windows. This means the user can check their clothes without opening the door. The ease of assembling makes the closet ideal for everyone.


  • See-through window
  • Steel frame
  • Fitted with hanging rack
  • Easy assembling


  • Smaller than rivals

6. JEROAL Portable Clothes Storage Organizer

JEROAL Portable Clothes Storage Organizer

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Jeroal storage organizer for clothes is the ideal way to make your room neat. It eliminates clattering by offering excellent storage solution. The organizer has a sturdy construction which ensures there is reliable stability and storage. Actually, the steel structure is reliable to provide exceptional strength to hold your clothes. The different closet storage rack sizes ensure it’s possible to store different garments. The powder-coated steel tubes are durable resistant to rust. Thus, even when used in high humidity areas, there is no damage.

The fantastic thing is this closet is collapsible and folds down for easy portability. Therefore, as you plan to travel, it is a great way to give clothes safe storage. Despite the lightweight design, this wardrobe has remarkable weight capacity. The non-woven fabrics are waterproof and dustproof, thus keeping clothes clean. With quick and easy assembling, the wardrobe fits everyone.


  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Zipper closure panels
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Easy to create hanging space


  • Feel unstable

5. MAGINELS Portable Kid and Clothes Organizer Closet

MAGINELS Portable Kid and Clothes Organizer Closet

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Maginels multipurpose organizer is the lasting solution for homes. The collapsible and portable unit helps to solve different needs. Designed to offer great storage for clothes, kid toys and others, it’s a versatile option. The easy to assemble frame is designed to ensure stability and great weight support. Therefore, even when fully loaded, the unit is excellent in reliability. The magical panels are super thin and durable, which is great for protecting the stored items.

Apart from the durable panels, the structure is strong. This allows the user to enjoy seamless storage without unit collapsing. Assembling is toolless hence great for homes, offices and other places. The customizable structure helps the user to design their needed storage space. With the ability to hold 22 pounds, the closet offers impressive reliability. To guarantee sleekness, the panels are fade resistant. Thus, they aren’t prone to damage by the sun.


  • Fade-resistant panels
  • Customizable design
  • Multiple applications


  • Less weight capacity

4. KOUSI Kids Dresser Portable Closet Wardrobe

KOUSI Kids Dresser Portable Closet Wardrobe

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Kousi multipurpose storage wardrobe is handy and superb for every home. The easy to assemble closet is dedicated to ensuring it is ready for different tasks. Apart from keeping the clothes and toys safe, the cabinet features decorative panels. This keeps the room looking awesome, especially for kids. The different compartments are superb for assisting in organizing your items. Whether clothes or toys, it’s a great organizer and helps to keep everything safe.

The creative design and ability to customize the closet make it ideal for different purposes. With soft panels, they are kids friendly and protect the interior from dust and moisture. The hassle-free assembling offers everyone an easy way to assemble this organizer. Apart from the metal structure, the cabinet comes with ABS connectors. They are strong and doesn’t crack easily even when the closet is full to the capacity. Above all, the wardrobe is free from odors hence superb for everyone.


  • Customizable design
  • Sleek looking panels
  • Quick assembling


  • Not for massive weight storage

3. LITTLE TREE Free-Standing Portable Closet Organizer

LITTLE TREE Free-Standing Portable Closet Organizer

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The Little Tree portable organizer is a versatile and reliable way to enjoy a neat room. This multipurpose cabinet is divided into different racks. They help in enabling easy organization of clothes, and other items. Made from a heavy-duty metal structure, this organizer is super stable. Actually, the unit is capable of holding up to 350 pounds without collapsing. The different sized compartments are essential for the storage of various items. Whether it’s changing clothes, boxes and others, it’s a handy unit in a room.

The free-standing nature ensures there is superior since it doesn’t need additional support. Also, it ensures the utilization of compact spaces without stress. As a result, it makes every space functional without causing clattering. The simple chic design is the reason it makes your room look fabulous. With instructions and tools provide, the assembling process is quick and easy.


  • Extra strong structure
  • Durable side shelves
  • Clothes hanging bar


  • Assembling can be tricky

2. YOZO Portable Children Dresser Modular Closet Organizer

YOZO Portable Children Dresser Modular Closet Organizer

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Adding enough storage space to your home is a great step. YOZO closet organizer is one of the premium choices to ensure everyone has an ample storage cabinet. Its good options for clothes as well as kid stuff. Designed with multiple compartments, there is an efficient organization. Amazingly, it can hold many clothes, hence great for most places. The compact nature is excellent since the user can always utilize small spaces.

The decorated side panels are superb since they add great décor. Especially the embossed graphics are decorative and attractive to kids. Unlike the other wardrobes, this has excellent assembly since no tools are needed. With a combination of a steel frame, ABS connectors and soft Polyresin sheets, it’s a reliable closet. The doors are easy to close, thus keeping clothes clean and dust-free.


  • Soft side panels
  • Reliable structure
  • Sleek decorative stickers


  • It’s not lockable

1. OUMYJIA 69’’ Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe

OUMYJIA 69’’ Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe

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OUMYJIA wardrobe is portable and space-saving cloth organizer. The superbly made closet is handy, especially when you have limited space. It is convenient since you can collapse it without tools. It comes with a metal frame and plastic connectors; hence no tools are required. Additionally, the non-woven fabric panels are soft and easy to store when disassembled. Therefore, the closet offers everyone the ability to enjoy convenient storage, even in small rooms.

Apart from the main storage compartments, the panels have extra storage pockets. They are essential for storing essential items like toilet papers and others. As a result, there is an increased storage capacity. The dustproof covers are suitable for keeping clothes safe and clean. Due to different compartments, they allow easy cloth storage. The high food design allows for more ground clearance, hence easy to clean floor.


  • High foot design
  • Dustproof fabrics
  • Easy tool-free assembling
  • Extra storage pockets


  • Not easy to install wheels

Portable Closets buying Guide

Ease of assembling

The ability to assemble your closet easily is one way to ensure convenience. With different wardrobes available, the assembling process differs. Some are designed to allow for toolless assembling while others require tools. Depending on where you are going to use your closet, it is vital to check how easy assembling process is.

Durable structure

Although these closets aren’t built to last as wall-mounted, they need to be reliable. The structure should be durable and stable to hold weight perfectly. The structure should be made from sturdy materials to hold massive weight without breaking. Most of the available frames are made from steel or aluminum tubes. Therefore, depending on the needs chose materials with the highest load capacity.

Panel materials

Portable wardrobes come with fabric panels. It is this reason they are important to keep your clothes safe. With different fabrics used in making these panels, one need to check the best. Heavy-duty materials are always recommended since they last for long. Also, waterproof and dustproof fabrics are always suitable for extra safety.


Multipurpose closest are always a great choice. They enable storage of clothes as well as other items. The available compartments should allow different functions to maximize space usage. Versatile closets can be used for cloth organization, toys, shoes and other things.


Portable closets are vital and offer great space utilization. Unlike the permanent ones, these are simple to move due to collapsible and lightweight nature. With high versatility, the closets are dedicated for multipurpose hence suited for different tasks. Therefore, it’s now continent to enjoy great storage while utilizing the smallest space available.

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