Top 10 Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers Bag in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

When space in your trunk is limiting the size of cargo you can carry, the best way is to look for an alternative. The easiest way is to look for a car rooftop cargo carriers. They are great accessories that help in transforming rooftop into an extra cargo area. Usually, depending on the size of your car, you need a cargo bag that will perfectly fit. With many available cargo carriers, it is vital to check and evaluate the best fit. The list below offers the best rooftop cargo carrier bags you should consider.

10. RoofBag Waterproof Rooftop Carrier with Side Rails, Cross Bars or No Rack Rail Cars

RoofBag Waterproof Rooftop Carrier with Side Rails, Cross Bars or No Rack Rail Cars

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The RoofBag rooftop carrier is the ultimate choice for most people. Unlike the specific carriers, this can be used in vehicles with or without side rails. Made from waterproof materials, the cover is effective in keeping your luggage away from water damage. Also, the material is treated to withstand snow or UV lights hence making the carrier ideal for summer and winters. Due to this, you will never experience problems when using this cargo carrier in your car.

Available in different sizes, the carrier is great for small cars as well as SUVs. Enhanced with a mat on the bottom part, it perfectly protects your car from scratches. Also, it keeps the rooftop bag steady without movements. On the other hand, the sturdy straps fitted with superb buckles bring perfect stabilization. This carrier bag is recommended for cargo weighing up to 1000 pounds.


  • Ideal for cars with or without side rail
  • Strong materials for winter and summer use
  • Non-scratch bottom mat


  • Filling evenly can be challenging

9. Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag 15 Cubic Feet

Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag 15 Cubic Feet

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When you have no more space left in the trunk, it is advisable to utilize the roof carrier. However, keeping the luggage safe can be challenging. The Keeper waterproof rooftop cargo bag is an ideal option to ensure there is a smooth journey. It’s a big cargo bag measuring 15 cubic feet which is ideal for most vehicles. In fact, the bag is superb for use with all racks with attachment capabilities.

It doesn’t matter where you are driving, the cargo carrier is designed to protect cargo from grit, rain, sun, and others. The sides are highly flexible which make it ideal for irregularly shaped cargos. Heavy-duty construction features rubber laminated nylon that is good to withstand different conditions. Additionally, the sturdy straps are reliable to ensure this bag remains intact without moving when traveling. Storage is easy since it’s seamlessly collapsible.


  • Easily folds for simple storage
  • Large luggage capacity
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Fits irregular load


  • Only fits cars with rail

8. AmazonBasics Rooftop 15 cu. ft Cargo Carrier Bag

AmazonBasics Rooftop 15 cu. ft Cargo Carrier Bag

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The AmazonBasics cargo carrier bag fits all your traveling need. Made like no other, the bag is exceptional due to large size and high-grade craftsmanship. With 15 cubic feet volume, it gives the user the ability to carry large cargo. To secure your bag it comes with 8 inches straps to keep it intact in the rooftop. Besides, heavy-duty buckles are reliable and won’t break due to wind resistance when traveling.

The bag is constructed from reliable materials that offer exceptional coverage to the carried load. In fact, the material is resistant to sun, water and wind damage. To keep it looking new, the surface is fade resistant hence no compromising this bag performance. The oversized is great in securing load as well a keeping away water from your cargo. The stay dry flap, reliable seams keep bag intact and away from elements.


  • Weather-resistant shell
  • Sturdy straps and buckles
  • Large cargo capacity


  • Require vehicles with roof rails

7. ToolGuards Car Top Carrier Roof Bag with 100% Waterproof & Coated Zippers

ToolGuards Car Top Carrier Roof Bag with 100% Waterproof & Coated Zippers

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When space gives you a headache in your vehicle, the solution is to look utilize rooftop. The ToolGuard car top carrier bag is among the best options to safeguard cargo from weather elements. This is an upgraded version with additional features that enables it to accommodate and secure carried stuff. Also, the shell is made of heavy-duty guarded fabrics and Tarpaulin coating as well as coated zippers. This blending of construction materials ensures the cargo bag can withstand all the weather elements.

Apart from superb protection, the bag is created to resist tearing hence good even for long-distance travelers. Amazingly, the carrier is created with high versatility. It can be installed in the vehicle with car rooftop racks as well as those without racks. The bag has a capacity of 15 cubic feet which ideal for carrying most of the travel luggage. It’s fully collapsible for seamless storage and space saving.


  • Fully waterproof shell
  • Versatile installation
  • Tear resistant construction


  • Straps clips are a bit weak

6. Rightline Gear Sport 3 Car Top Carrier Waterproof Cargo Carrier, 18 cu ft

Rightline Gear Sport 3 Car Top Carrier Waterproof Cargo Carrier, 18 cu ft

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The Rightline gear sport cargo carrier is the ultimate way to keep your luggage protected. It’s a high-quality carrier bag made professionally and also come with premium materials. The dual seams technology is awesome in ensuring this bag is strong and withstand different conditions. Also, ZipRight system is efficient in providing total weatherproofing. In fact, the Urethane coated zipper fitted under a protective flap provides ideal water protection.

The dual seam technology brings high reliability since it can carry luggage without breaking apart. With upper shell featuring PVC semi coated mesh and hydrotuff materials allows it to offer exceptional reliability in terms of strength. The loop style straps are exceptional in allowing easy fitting in car racks. Also, the straps and car clips ensure this cargo bag fits in cars without a roof rack.


  • Heavy-duty reinforced zippers
  • Fits different vehicles
  • Larger than other carrier bags


  • Wind noise under high speed

5. Justin Case Rooftop Cargo Carrier Heavy Duty, Waterproof Bag for Extra Car Roof Storage

Justin Case Rooftop Cargo Carrier Heavy Duty, Waterproof Bag for Extra Car Roof Storage

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Drive with confidence while securing your rooftop luggage. This Justin Case heavy-duty waterproof bag is dependable and ideal for all weather utilization. The amazing quality about this bag is the ability to enjoy superb fitting in all rooftops. Whether your cars have fitted roof rack on not, you can place your bet on this storage bag. Additionally, the capacity is superb since it can carry 19 cubic feet of luggage.

The construction of this carrier bag is reliable and extra durable. Made from 600D PVC material, it can withstand winds when the vehicle is in high speed without getting ripped off. Also, the welded seams technology keeps the bag tough without water leaks or wears. the protective mat integrated on this mat ensures there is superb protection on the roof to avoid scratches. Military grade components like straps, buckles, and clips guarantee superb performance.


  • Military grade components
  • Extra durable PVC material
  • Built-in protective mat


  • Straps get soaked when it rains

4. BougeRV Waterproof 15 Cubic Feet Car Roof Bag Rooftop Cargo Luggage Bag

BougeRV Waterproof 15 Cubic Feet Car Roof Bag Rooftop Cargo Luggage Bag

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This 15 cubic feet roof bag carrier bag is all you need to enjoy great convenience. The bag is designed to allow more cargo while maintaining performance. In fact, the bag is expandable hence allowing more cargo than rival carrier bags. Made of 1000D waterproof polyester materials, it is reliable on sun, rain or strong winds. The balanced dimensions help in minimizing wind effects when driving.

Due to its roomy nature, this bag can fit different items to make the whole journey amazing. This enables people to free up their cars hence more space on the trunk. Besides the tough shell, the zippers are heavy-duty with waterproofing design which allows the bag to prevent any water seepage during rainy days or winters. Additionally, the zipper flap also creates a tight seal to keep interior dry. Storing it is super easy and convenient since it has compact nature when folded.


  • Adjustable size design
  • Heavy-duty 1000D polyester
  • Contoured design for reduced wind effects


  • Small leaks over a long distance on rain

3. adakiit Car Roof Top Carrier Cargo Storage Waterproof Bag for Different Vehicles

adakiit Car Roof Top Carrier Cargo Storage Waterproof Bag for Different Vehicles

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Sometimes your luggage exceeds the capacity of the car trunk. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t carry all you want. Creating more space on the roof is a good step. That is why this rooftop carrier bag for cargo by Adakiit is a superb solution for many vehicles. The carrier bag is extra-large boasting 20 cubic feet capacity. This allows you to enjoy secure cargo transportation. The construction features nontoxic materials which enable the bag to be ideal even for consumable loads.

The fitting of this cargo bag is versatile and simple to use. It comes with 6 straps that are strong and long enough for all cars. Due to the ease of adjusting, they ensure bag fit vehicles with roof rack and those without. The streamlined nature of bag design improves aerodynamics which keeps the car rolling smoothly with less wind resistance. The waterproof materials and professional stitching eliminate any possibility of water damage.


  • Suited for rack fitted and reckless vehicles
  • Large volume than most competitors
  • Quality stitching and material


  • Not expandable

2. BOVN 18.5 Cubic Ft Dual Seam Waterproof Roof Cargo Bag

BOVN 18.5 Cubic Ft Dual Seam Waterproof Roof Cargo Bag

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Still wondering how to carry your excess cargo without eating occupiable space? The BOVN dual seams cargo bag is ready to relieve your situation. It’s a large and well-constructed cargo carrier bag that is suited to different weather conditions. Whether its summer or winter, the shell is created from tough and highly reliable materials. In fact, the 3 layers are superb and reliable than other cheap bags. To ensures there is complete protection, t zipper is waterproof and has a sealing flap to eliminate any chance of water leaking to the inside.

The advanced metal buckles and tough straps are efficient in locking your luggage in position. These give the bag proper securing compared to plastic clips. In fact, this bag is made from military-grade materials hence reliable to carry and protect cargo from weather elements. Tor the safety of your car roof, the carrier bag is provided with a thick mat to keep out scratches as well as gouges. Simple to follow instructions lets you install easily into your car rooftop.


  • Detailed installation instruction
  • Multi-layered construction
  • Military grade bag accessories


  • Tough feel when folding

1. Xuliyme Waterproof PVC Soft-Shell Car Roof Bag Cargo Storage

Xuliyme Waterproof PVC Soft-Shell Car Roof Bag Cargo Storage

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With a reliable rooftop cargo carrier bag, it is possible to travel without any worry. Xuliyme waterproof soft-shell cargo storage bag is one of the best to have for every car owner. Designed to add extra storage space, this bag brings great peace of mind. The design ensures car stability and aerodynamics are maintained. Also, soft nature enables the carrying of irregular cargo without any issue.

The stitching is classic to create great sealing that prevents the bag from falling apart due to the strong wind. Also, the 6 mounting straps are reliable and strong which keep the bag in your car securely. The 20 cubic feet of cargo space is awesome. This helps to create a large cargo room hence maintaining maximum passenger space. Ropes are reliable for all roads therefore, can be used under different surfaces without risking your cargo.


  • Highly flexible soft shell
  • Good for all type of roads
  • Ideal for cars without crossbars


  • A bit of noise when driving

Rooftop cargo carrier bags buying guide

Bag capacity

The bag capacity is one of the many features that the buyer needs to look. Since they are available in varying capacities, it becomes vital to do a proper assessment. Small cars can’t handle the same sized bags as SUVs and trucks. Additionally, the size of your cargo will lead to the choice of your carrier bag capacity considerations.

Construction quality

The quality of a cargo carrier needs to be exquisite. As opposed to the bags used inside cars, these are used outside where conditions are unforgiving. It is thereby recommended to get a well-constructed bag to avert disappointments. Usually, check on the seams, shell materials as well as zippers. Well-made seams are vital to prevent wind damage to bags. Also, waterproofing treatments on the shell, zippers, and seams are vital for keeping stuff safe from soaking.

Vehicles fit compatibility

There is also great need to check how compatible the carrier bag is to your vehicle. When we are talking about compatibility, the main thing is mounting, Some of the bags are designed purposely for vehicles with racks or crossbars. However, it is good to check ones with the ability to fit on all vehicles with or without rack rails.


Rooftop cargo carriers are exceptional when you need to create more space. With the purpose of adding space and protecting your luggage, they should deliver to your expectations. Therefore, the selected Caro carrier bags in this list are reliable and ready to keep your journey superb.

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