Top 10 Best Shoe Racks in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

What you are wearing on your feet is essential since many people see it first. Shoes are an important part of the outfit since they say a lot about us. Many people own several pairs of shoes. But, when you combine all these pair for the whole family, it becomes a challenge to keep them without a storage stand. It is this reason that having the ideal shoe rack is vital in ensuring proper storage as well as easy retrieval.

Generally, racks are great since they provide a pace to store all your footwear. Whether its slippers, sandals, boots, and others, a right shoe holder is vital. There are many styles and sizes of racks, depending on your choice. Some are compact for small rooms while others are large for bigger families. For everyone looking to upgrade footwear storage, these shoe racks reviewed below are exceptional choices.

10. Seville Classics Shoe Rack

Seville Classics Shoe Rack

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Instead of placing your shoes on the floor, there is a better way to treat them. This Seville classic resin slat rack is ideally suited for several pairs of shoes. Therefore, adding it to your home is a significant step. Boasting 3-tiers, it can hold up to 9 shoe pairs. With ample space, it can handle all type of shoes from slippers to rain boots.

Constructed from resin, this rack is lighter than wood made. Also, the metal frame material is superb and can accommodate 30 pounds. Therefore, even when fully loaded, it correctly supports your shoes without curving in the middle. The espresso finish gives the frame better protection and doesn’t chip or corrode despite the weather condition. Protected feet are safe and don’t cause damage to your floor.


  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Corrosion protected structure
  • Heavyweight support
  • Stackable design


  • Only available in one color

9. Homebi 4-Tier 20-Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Rack

Homebi 4-Tier 20-Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Rack

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Keep your room neat without eating a lot of space with shoe racks. This one by Homebi is outstanding and reliable one to ensure there is a proper shoe storage and neatness. It’s a stable shoe tower made from a metal frame. As a result, it can accommodate as much as 20 shoe pairs without any structural weakness. The 4-tiers are great for improved space, and the rack is stackable for increase space.

The metal tubes are sturdy and keep the rack stable despite the shoe weight. Apart from storing shoes, the racks versatile and can accommodate other items. Therefore, it perfectly suits different purposes; hence, great shelve stands to have. T professional powder coating keeps the frame sleek and resistant to rust and corrosion. It’s an elegant frame that can be placed anywhere in the house.


  • Professional powered coated structure
  • Versatile usage
  • Simple to increase space by stacking


  • Thin, weak frame tubes

8. eHomeProducts Chocolate Micro Fabric Shoe Rack Storage

eHomeProducts Chocolate Micro Fabric Shoe Rack Storage

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When space is challenging, multipurpose accessories are valuable. One of the perfect addition to your home is this versatile shoe rack by eHomeProducts. It acts as shoe storage as well as hallway bench. Enjoying 2 tiers, the storage is capable of holding several shoes. Due to the sturdy structure, the rack provides a sitting surface with microfiber cushioning; it delivers a practical solution. The stand is perfectly suited for different places like bedrooms, living room, among others.

The combination of metal and wood base structure keep the holder secure. Also, the legs are safe for use on different types of flooring without causing damage. Assembling the rack is simple and doesn’t require any skill. Thus, once in your place, it takes minimal time to put together.


  • Multipurpose design
  • Simple to assemble structure
  • Soft microfiber top clothing


  • Unstable after a few months of use

7. SONGMICS 10 Tiers Closet Shoe Storage Cabinet Organizer

SONGMICS 10 Tiers Closet Shoe Storage Cabinet Organizer

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Are you having a lot of shoe pairs to store? Choosing an ample organizer is the right option. This 10-tiers storage cabinet by Songmics is ideal when you have lots of shoe pairs. It, therefore, suits many families since it is space-saving and sleek. Unlike other racks, this comes with a dustproof cover. Consequently, it protects your shoes and keeps them clean for long. A combination of steel tubes, plastic connectors, and non-woven cover make this closet a superb investment.

Instead of buying small racks, this solves your problem at once. There is no stacking needed since one assembled it created an ample space-saving cabinet. With front featuring zippered openings, they make access simple. Whether storing boots, high heels, or other types of shoe, this cabinet is superb.


  • Durable frame and covers
  • Toolless assembling
  • Zippered doors
  • Versatile storage options


  • Not bug proof

6. Blissun Non-Woven Fabric Cover Shoe Rack Storage Cabinet

Blissun Non-Woven Fabric Cover Shoe Rack Storage Cabinet

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Having several pairs of shoes without a rack can be stressing. Storing shoes arranged on the floor isn’t a cool thing. Blissun storage rack is giving everyone a perfect storage option for their shoes and other items. This cabinet features a steel frame and waterproof as well as a dustproof cover. In fact, the non-woven cover is resilient and lasts for a long time without wearing out. The cover also is eco-friendly since it’s made from recyclable fabrics which are breathable and non-toxic.

The frame is simple to assemble without any tool. The plastic connectors enable simple structure assembling and are durable for required support. The ability to create customized sized cabinet makes it perfect for delivering large capacity cabinet. This ensures everyone gets the right storage space for their shoes.


  • Eco-friendly cover made materials
  • Simple assembling and customization
  • Super sturdy steel tubes


  • Flimsy zippers

5. VASAGLE Industrial 3-Tier Shoe Bench Rack

VASAGLE Industrial 3-Tier Shoe Bench Rack

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This Vasagle 3-tiers shoe bench is an excellent way to organize your shoes. Perfectly suited for living room and hallways, it serves as rack as well as a bench. Therefore, you can place your follower pots or use it as a seat. The sturdy frame is suited for withstanding up to 198 pounds, thereby perfect for relaxing while holding other stuff. The top surface features a wood finish while base and 2-tiers are made from metal.

Despite the heavy-duty design, the rack is simple to put together. The joints are held together by screws, which are simple to fit and tighten. Mesh enhanced tiers are great for small items apart from shoes. They are capable of holding 6-8 shoe pairs which superb for ensuring no piling up of footwear on the floor. Rubber enhanced feet are reliable since they don’t slip or cause damage to the floor.


  • Wood finished top
  • Heavy-duty industrial quality frame
  • Large space for big items


  • Misaligned screw holes

4. Whitmor 10-Tier Shoe Tower Shoe Rack with Locking Wheels

Whitmor 10-Tier Shoe Tower Shoe Rack with Locking Wheels

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Give your home an upgrade shoe rack and enjoy proper organization and sleekness. The Whitmor 10-tier shoe stand is one of the premium product dedicated to keeping your footwear correctly organized. It’s a uniquely made structure that improves look as well as the functionality. Unlike the other racks, this has fitted wheels with locking function. Therefore, when moving it from one point to the other, the process is simple.

The stand is designed to hold up to 50 pairs. Due to this, it is simple to enjoy proper family shoes storage at one point. Amazingly, the rack has a button that allows it to lie on the floor hence increasing the stability. Full metal construction with chrome accent finish gives the rack a sleek look as well as durability. It doesn’t suffer from rust and corrosion, which give it durable lifespan.


  • Lockable wheels
  • Chrome accent metal frame
  • Superb 50 pair’s capacity
  • Quick assembling


  • Tightly packed spaces

3. Halter 10 Tier Stackable Stainless Steel Shoe Rack Storage

Halter 10 Tier Stackable Stainless Steel Shoe Rack Storage

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Halter stackable rack is one of the best shoe racks. This stand is created featuring 10-tiers, which is classic in ensuring everyone in the house is catered. These shelves are capable of holding 50 shoe pairs, which is enough for most people. Amazingly, the slim nature ensures the rack doesn’t take a lot of space. Stability and strength are guaranteed since the frame features stainless steel tubes.

The frame doesn’t rust and corrode while connectors are superbly durable and easy to put together. To keep this rack lightweight, each tier has a fabric bottom. The good thing is the covers are flexible, waterproof, and non-toxic. Moreover, they do not have a bad odor that can cause discomfort to your home. With this storage rack, it accepts all type of shoes be it closes, sneakers, high heels, among others.


  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Moist reproof non-toxic covers
  • Simple to assemble and takedown


  • Heavy shoes can cause collapse

2. Camabel 60 Pairs Non-Woven Fabric Shoe Storage 10-Tiers Cabinet

Camabel 60 Pairs Non-Woven Fabric Shoe Storage 10-Tiers Cabinet

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This Camabel is one of the largest shoe racks available, and it’s highly reliable. Compared to others, it boasts a large capacity and can carry 60 shoe pairs. Created by professionals, it has a slim and sleek nature that complements your house look. The rack perfectly fits people living in apartments, dorms, and other space-challenged places. This is because it offers a simple process to put up and disassemble without tools.

When you want more space, the rack is stackable. Also, it is possible to assemble it in into small stands without a struggle. Shelves are made from waterproof non-woven covers that are sturdy to bear heavyweight. Actually, each tray is capable of holding 6 pairs without causing damage to the cover.


  • Easy to customize rack design
  • Simple to clean waterproof covers
  • Do it yourself assembling


  • Takes some time to assemble

1. Bextsware Stackable and Adjustable Wire Grid Shoe Organizer

Bextsware Stackable and Adjustable Wire Grid Shoe Organizer

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This 3-tier shelf for shoe storage is a handy and practical way to store your shoes. It’s a compact rack that can be used in most places without causing inconveniences. Amazingly, it is possible to stack different rack together to increase storage capacity. Therefore, when you have more shoe pairs to store, this is the right shelf to have.

The full metal construction enables it to withstand significant weight without collapsing. Besides strength, the construction entails a romantic looking design and finish that matches with every room décor. With frame coated with a powder finish, it lasts for years without rusting or getting corroded. Assembling manual is provided, which make putting up simple.


  • Romantic looking artistry
  • Great load capacity
  • Plastic capped feet


  • None

Shoe racks buying guide

When you are shopping for a shoe rack, it is vital to have some of the crucial considerations in your mind. Some of the vital ones are highlighted below.

Available space

The available space is key when you are buying a shoe rack. It helps you determine whether you need a big or small stand. For people with plenty of space, there are no issues when it comes to buying a large rack. This is worth than buying several racks for everyone in the house. But, for small rooms, you need to look for a compatible stand to cope with the space challenge. To compensate for the size, the buyer can choose a tall rack rather than a broad one.

Shoe rack size

There are many sizes of shoe racks. This variety is superb since everyone can buy a storage stand depending on their needs. When you have only a few pair of shoes to keep, there is no need to buy a large rack. Especially when living in a dorm or apartments, a simple frame will be perfect option.

On the other hand, when buying a whole family rack, large-sized one is a better option. The number on shelves also matters when you are choosing a rack. Some of the storages have varying sizes of shelves to allow comfortable arrangement of different type of shoes.

Rack aesthetics

The look of your rack is another important and determines where to keep it. Usually, having an elegant stand gives you a chance to position it at any point. Typically, for storages that are placed where everyone can see them need to be attractive. Elegance is vital since it determined how the rack is fitting to your room décor. However, if the stand is for use in user only accessible place, the aesthetic feature is less to consider.

Construction materials

Racks come in plastic wood and metallic. However, choosing your right materials will depend on the preference. Most people love wood since it offers great aesthetic value. Although plastic racks are light and robust, they are less durable than metal and wood. However, they are lighter and suitable to increase portability.


For everyone considering to equip their homes with shoe racks, it is time to get the right one. With the above information, buyers can select the best suiting and elegant for their needs.

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