Top 10 Best Stand Mixers in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Kitchen involves a lot of activities. However, mixing is one of the frequent tasks they need reliable appliances. Stand mixers are the ultimate options when it comes to heavy-duty and straightforward works. They are created to perform various mixing tasks. Whether it is stirring, whisking, beating, and other activities, they are multipurpose appliances. Getting the right mixer will be guided by what you are going to use your device for.

When getting a mixer that can cater for all your mixing needs. Whether it’s baking, mixing different contents, whisking and beating eggs, it should do it correctly. The efficiency and machine power depend on the motor and wattage. A stronger appliance always comes with higher power rating. Besides, a device with more attachments is better for maximum performance. To get the best stand mixers, below is a list of the appliances to add to your kitchen.

10. KitchenAid KSM150PSER Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

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The KitchenAid tilt head mixer is a powerful machine to have in every kitchen. Boasting variety of activities it comes with all necessary accessories to make your work simple. In fact, it come with a flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook. Therefore, when cooking eggs and mixing a variety of ingredients, it perfectly suits your work. Depending on the content you are mixing, the machine has 10-speed settings. As a result, it can be used to slow as well as fast stirring.

The design features a power hub, which is excellent since it allows secure accessories attachment. Also, the unique mixing action is superb in enabling the machine to deliver unmatched performance. The 5Qt bowl is large and lets this appliance hold a large quantity. With the ability to mix wet and dry ingredients, it’s safe and reliable mixer to have.


  • Large mixing bowl
  • Powerful mixing action
  • Tilting head mechanism
  • Variable speed settings


  • New models lack spring-loaded beater shaft

9. Hamilton Beach Electric7 Speeds Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Electric7 Speeds Stand Mixer

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The Hamilton Beach 7 speed mixer is ready to make your kitchen work simple. It has superb construction which enables you to get instant results with less hassle. Made from a robust design, it delivers 2 times action than rivals. Besides the mixing action, the mixer features popular tilt mechanism. Therefore, accessing the bowl is simple for easy cleaning as well as pouring the content. Also, changing attachment is straightforward and gives you a super easy time.

The bowl offers complete coverage, which gives the mixer maximum mixing. It delivers hands-free action while ensuring there is no scraping. Equipped with a 300W motor, it has the power to work on thick ingredients while providing unmatched mixing ability. Additionally, 7 speed settings let you select an ideal one to suit your recipe. Above all, there is no spilling due to the splash guard, which prevents spillage.


  • Powerful motor
  • Exciting tilting action
  • Complete bowl coverage
  • Good for thick dough


  • Water gets trapped in the bowl

8. Cuisinart SM-50R 12-Speed Stand Mixer

Cuisinart SM-50R 12-Speed Stand Mixer

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Making pizza and other recipes that need mixing requires you to have a reliable mixer. The Cuisinart SM-50R is one of the superb and classic appliances for your work. It carries all the impressive features you need to enjoy undisturbed mixing. Equipped with a large 5.5 quarts mixing bowl, it possesses excellent capacity. Unlike other mixers, this has a stainless steel bowl that lasts for years without corrosion or breaking.

The powerful 500W motor is excellent in making your work smooth and highly reliable. Also, coupled with 12 speeds, it is easy to set precise mixing level. It offers high precision performance, which is exceptional for consistent results. The one power outlet gives it excellent performance compared to other appliances. Simple to use dial lets you operate this machine efficiently without difficulties. Construction is from die-cast metal which provides the ability to handle even thickest contents.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Polished stainless steel bowl
  • Variety of mixing accessories


  • Takes a lot of space

7. MURENKING MK36 500W Stand Mixer

MURENKING MK36 500W Stand Mixer

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A heavy-duty mixer is always essential to have in the kitchen to make mixing instant. This 500W Murenking MK36 is one of the superb ways to enjoy seamless recipe mixing. It has a sleek finish which is compatible with most kitchen décor. Amazingly, the machine is capable of heavy tasks like kneading the dough at minimal noise. The 6 speed design brings easy mixing ability since you can select the right setting. Depending on the recipe, there are different mixing accessories to improve performance.

The construction of this machine entails safe, and FDA certified materials. Consequently, there is no risking health due to banned materials. The bowl features stainless steel and large enough to hold 5-QT. It can be used to mix food, weighing 0.44-3.3 pounds. For high performance, the appliance comes with 4 practical attachments and planetary trajectory. For easy bowl removal and attachment fitting, it comes with a tilting mechanism.


  • Extra powerful motor
  • Large stainless steel bowl
  • Pouring shield


  • Not dishwasher safe

6. Sunbeam MixMaster Stand Mixer

Sunbeam MixMaster Stand Mixer

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Enjoying seamless operation in a kitchen requires one to have the right appliance. The Sunbeam MixMaster is impressive and right to have machine. It offers undisturbed mixing hence desired ingredients mixing. It is a sleek machine when in your kitchen due to design. Also, the glass bowl is excellent and enables you to see the whole process. With the ability to hold every content without reaction, it is ideal than metallic ones. Compared to other brands, this has professional results. It has a soft starting design which prevents splatters.

The handle is comfortable and offers a better grip for maximum holding. Also, the integrated bust button lets you enjoy simple mixing control. This is unlike other appliances with operating buttons far from fingers. Apart from the control, the tilting lock button is also great when removing bowl and attachments. The chrome beater is classic in enabling this mixer to enjoy corrosion-free operation. Boasting 300W motor and variable speed, it is simple to enjoy a smooth recipe.


  • Transparent glass bowl
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Chrome beaters


  • Hard to clean bowl base area

5. COSTWAY Stand Mixer 660W 6-Speed Electric Mixer

COSTWAY Stand Mixer 660W 6-Speed Electric Mixer

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Making great pizza and other mixed recipes require a modern mixer. That is Cosway electric mixer is an excellent appliance to think of. It has advanced features and is powerful for all tasks. It has unmatched performance since it comes with extra powerful 660W motor. This makes every job quick and precise compared to others. The 6 seed design also ensures you can enjoy high speed and power depending on the ingredient being mixed.

The appliance is versatile and superb to enable the user to enjoy great functionality. It has 3 multifunctional attachments tasked with allowing the machine to perform various mixing efficiently. The tilting action is one of the ideal features for ease of removing and fitting accessories. Additionally, the head is tilted, which make ingredients adding simple. With anti-slip feet, the appliance is stable and doesn’t move when working.


  • Anti-slip rubberized feet
  • Quick attaching accessories
  • Overload protection features


  • Attachments aren’t dishwasher safe

4. AICOK 5 Qt Stainless Steel Bowl Dough Mixer.

AICOK 5 Qt Stainless Steel Bowl Dough Mixer.

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If mixing dough with your hand mixer is becoming impossible, it is time to upgrade. This Aicok dough mixer is one of the right appliances to have. It comes with the capability to mix light and dense ingredients. Having this mixer ensures the double dough hooks make kneading by hand simple. Offering 360 degrees mixing, it has fast and precise mixing hence suited for different tasks.

When you need to mix ingredients, the 5Qt bowl is superb. Despite the large capacity, the mixer is compact, which reduces space requirements. This means even in small kitchens; this machine is the right choice. Tilting head is excellent in ensuring there is complete contact with the mixture. It features a 500W motor, which is coupled to 6-speed control. Therefore, you can select the right working speed to suit content in the bowl.


  • Cleaning is simple
  • Food grade materials
  • Silicone enhanced non-skid feet


  • Tilting feels stiff

3. CHEFTRONIC SM986 Standing Mixer

CHEFTRONIC SM986 Standing Mixer

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Cheftronic SM968 is a perfect option when it comes to baking and other operations. Instead of hand mixing, this appliance eases everything. It has a robust mechanism that ensures it can handle up to 4.41 lb. of dough. This means more action compared to other brands. To enable this, it comes with a superior 650W motor. It doesn’t make annoying noise and comes with 6 speeds. Due to this, it is possible to enjoy heavy-duty mixing without damaging the appliance.

The combination of construction materials gives durability. It has a stainless steel bowl while the body features ABS and aluminum casing. They are rust and corrosion resistant and do no impact harmful particles to food. The splash guard is efficient and enables easy pouring of ingredient. Above all, 4 attachments render this kitchen mixing machine multipurpose.


  • Durable construction materials
  • Large capacity bowl
  • Silicone splash guard


  • Higher price tag than competitors

2. ALBOHES 600WTilt-Head Dough Mixer

ALBOHES 600WTilt-Head Dough Mixer

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Enjoy making mouthwatering bakes and others by getting a well-mixed dough. Adding Albohes tilting head is a powerful and highly reliable machine, it is purposely designed to mix dough and other thick mixtures in the kitchen. To ensure it accomplishes high-intensity works, it has a 600-watt motor that delivers great power. The appliance works efficiently without causing noise despite its dough mixing prowess. For ease of use, the machine comes with speed labeling to ensure you use the right setting.

Apart from dough making, the machine has multipurpose attachments. They are suited for making other recipes hence superb for general kitchen use. The secure locking tilt mechanism ensures this machine with compromise the performance. When placed on a bench, the suction cups are superb in preventing the mixer from moving. The 404 stainless steel bowl is reliable and doesn’t corrode even when used in a variety of ingredients.


  • Extra durable bowl
  • Efficient motor heat dissipation
  • Low noise operation


  • Not recommended for dishwashing

1. Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5-QT 660W Tilt-Head Food Mixer

Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5-QT 660W Tilt-Head Food Mixer

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Aucma food mixer is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy unmatched mixing experience. Boasting one of the most powerful motors, it can work on different tasks. Whether whisking eggs, mixing dough and other, it is the right appliance to have. In fact, the device has 660 watt motor that works without creating a lot of noise. For increased performance, the appliance enjoys 6-speed. They are functional since you can choose the right one depending on the recipe.

Adding this mixer in your kitchen brings an exceptional look. It boasts a sleek body with a shiny steel belt. Additionally, the blue LED keeps the machine looking sleek when operating. With 6Qt stainless steel bowl, it can be used to make large dough. The die-cast attachments are reliable and robust for heavy-duty tasks. Above all, splash guards keep mixing simple and appliance clean.


  • Sleek decorated body
  • Die-cast accessories
  • Dual handles


  • Works too fast even under low-speed setting

Stand Mixers Buying Guide

Before you buy a mixer, here are some are of the things to know.

What is the use of a mixer?

When you decide to get a mixer, consider what purpose you need it for. Some people need these appliances for small jobs. For instance, if it is for use for whisking eggs, a light-duty mixer is excellent. However, for heavy-duty application, stronger machines are superb. This involves tasks like dough mixing and others; a robust machine is superb.

What is power rating and capacity?

The power of a kitchen mixer is another vital consideration when shopping. Usually, the power is expressed on the equipped motor. Some of the appliances come with motors ranging from 300 to 700 watts. This gives variation in the performance. Appliances with stronger motors offer powerful mixing ability.

Apart from the power, the appliance capacity is vital. It will determine the amount of food. Usually, the capacity is determined by the mixer bowl. There is variation in bowl sizes which give rise to different capacities. For maximum performance, choose a mixer with a large bowl and stronger motor.

Does mixer have attachments?

Attachments are vital in making a mixer multipurpose. If your brand of choice offers accessories, it makes the appliances versatile. Some provide a range of attachments which enables different functions. For instance, some come with dough hooks, whiskers, and flat beaters. Others are compatible with various accessories like food processing attachments.

What are the speed settings?

A machine with variable speeds offers versatility in mixing ability. Unlike single-speed appliances, multiple speed is excellent. They ensure you can make different recipes comfortably. Amazingly stand mixers are available in settings up to 10 speed.


Stand mixers are must-have if you need convenient ways of mixing ingredients. Compared to hand mixers, these are exceptional and makes work simple. Therefore, for users with frequent baking and other activities, these are the appliances to add.

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