Top 10 Best Star Projectors in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and thrilling house. But, to get satisfying results, one needs to invest in the right decorations. Star projectors are excellent for use on different occasions. Whether it’s a romantic date, bedrooms and meditation areas, they are great for décor. By creating a sky imitation, these projectors are great for making the room look superb.

Apart from making a room look superb, the projectors are excellent for creating a great mood. Also, they are good for encouraging sleep and soothing nature. By creating a twinkling sky in a room, the projectors are recolonizing how people decorate their homes. With different type of galaxy and star projectors available in various designs and styles, everyone can enjoy the right selection. If you want to turn you’re celling into a galaxy, check the best star projectors to get.

10. MOKOQI Star and Moon Projector Night Lights for Kids

MOKOQI Star and Moon Projector Night Lights for Kids

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Giving your kids superb nights can be challenging. But, it’s now easy with MOKOQI galaxy projector. The device lights up your room while displaying beautiful stars and moon. The soothing light is excellent since it helps to keep scary darkness away. Also, it’s soft, which allows the kids to sleep without disruption. Due to the sleek nature and calming nature, the projector is great for kids of different ages. Therefore, it is great to have even on adults bedrooms.

Amazingly, this star light is exceptional since it can change colors. Offering different power options, it can run on batteries or plug on the USB port. The lamp has 17 colors which help in selecting the ideal one. Therefore, it’s possible to light the room differently every night. With 4 buttons, this projector is excellent and simple to operate. It’s a great projector that helps in replenishing body and mind.


  • Changeable colors
  • Safe for kids
  • Simple to operate


  • Not rotating

9. Jomst Star Projector 3 in 1 LED Moon & Star Lights

Jomst Star Projector 3 in 1 LED Moon & Star Lights

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Jomst LED voice-controlled light is superb to decorate your room. Designed to deliver star and moon experience, it is excellent for homes and other places. It’s a compact light with 6 colors hence great to create an excellent mood. Additionally, the projector come with 13 lighting modes. This allows user to choose different effects like ocean, dark clouds and others. As a result, the lamp is great to turn walls and ceilings into beautiful displays.

The fantastic thing with this lamp is it is rotating. You can control the rotation via buttons or voice prompts. Actually, the lamp has 360 degrees rotation hence excellent for keeping the house sleek. Apart from the rotation, the projector is adjustable into different angles. This ensures it can suit different ceilings without struggles. This lamp is quiet and doesn’t cause annoying noise when operating.


  • Voice operated
  • Adjustable angles and rotation
  • Operated quietly
  • Different modes


  • Doesn’t have a timer

8. LBell 3 in 1 Star Projector with LED Nebula Cloud

LBell 3 in 1 Star Projector with LED Nebula Cloud

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LBELL projector is revolutionizing your house nigh lighting. Created by experts, it offers excellent night lighting with sky enhancements. The different colors ensure there is a thrilling experience. Actually, the projector comes with 10 selectable colors; the user can choose the ideal one. The ability to select the perfect color helps to make every occasion thrilling. Whether it’s a romantic date or party, the projector is amazing. With different modes, it is easy to select your favourite display.

The control of this lamp is superb and features a remote control. Therefore, it is possible to operate the light without touching it. Additionally, enhanced with music, the projector offers a thrilling look and soothing experience. Besides, an innovative design allows color changing through music or clapping your hands. The timer further eases how to operate this projector. Therefore, no waking up in the middle of the night to switch it off. Using LED bulbs, the device is excellent for energy utilization.


  • Remote operated
  • Sound activated flicker mode
  • Automated timer
  • Plays music


  • No rechargeable battery

7. Luckkid 360 Degree Rotation Night Light Moon Star Projector

Luckkid 360 Degree Rotation Night Light Moon Star Projector

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Luckkid night light start and moon projector is great to encourage people to sleep. Instead of scary nights, especially for kids, this lamp is fantastic. It offers soothing light that is excellent for superb sleep. With a combination of stars and moon, the projector is great for décor. By providing 8 modes, the projector is superb to suit any mood. Actually, it offers yellow, red, green and blue lights hence great for different rooms. Also, the 4 powerful LEDs are excellent, making the lamp to be ideal for parties and weddings.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the projector is versatile. It is powered by batteries or USB plugging. As a result, it is an excellent choice for use on different occasions. The removable cover with start decoration is superb. This lets the device to be usable as a desk lamp. The stable base means high safety when the light is placed on the table.


  • Ideal as a desk lamp
  • Dual power modes
  • Different colors


  • Not remote controlled

6. SUNNEST 360 Degree Rotation Moon Star Projector

SUNNEST 360 Degree Rotation Moon Star Projector

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The Sunset moon and star projection lamp is the ultimate choice to add in homes and other places. Its smooth and soft light ensures all people can use it. Whether you want it in the kids’ room or other areas, the projector is superb. With sleek stars projection, the lamp is excellent in keeping the celling looking amazing. With a simple control panel, everyone can use it without technicalities. In fact, simple to use buttons are excellent for easy projector control.

Designed with 2-way power, the device uses batteries as well as a USB cable. Therefore, it can use a power bank and or plug in a computer. Besides keeping the house looking elegant, the projector is built with sleek nature. It, therefore, adds great décor into your house when not working. With a variety of colors to choose, this lamp is superb and delivers considerable soothing without causing glaring. This enables people to enjoy a refreshing experience without straining eyes.


  • 360 rotation projection
  • Dual power modes
  • Simple control buttons


  • Doesn’t have a timer

5. DSTANA Star Projector Night Lights with Timer

DSTANA Star Projector Night Lights with Timer

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Lighting is an integral part of the bedrooms. DASTANA start nigh projector is one of the fantastic options. The superbly made and finished lamp is outstanding. It is a softly lighted projector with high versatility. In fact, its great options for kids as well as adults. Therefore, instead of sleeping in the dark, the light transforms a room into the sky like appearance. Delivering magical feeling, star projecting lamp is soothing and perfect for everyone.

Unlike other projectors, this has a sleek wood finish base that adds beauty. The bright light ensures there is perfect stars and moon projection into the room walls and ceiling. Additionally, the dome is interchangeable to turn the projector into a desk lamp. Thus, no need to have different lights for reading and projection. Equipped with a timer, the light is simple to use and doesn’t need the user to wake up at night. The compact nature makes the lamp excellent for use in different areas.


  • Versatile application
  • Sleek wood finish
  • Equipped with a timer


  • Doesn’t have a rechargeable battery

4. Elecbytes Chargeable Night Light Projector for Bedroom

Elecbytes Chargeable Night Light Projector for Bedroom

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Adding beauty in any bedroom is achievable through many things. But, Elecbytes night light projector is a perfect option for all bedrooms. Whether it’s for kids or adults, the lamp delivers great night sky look. Designed with a friendly look, this projector is soft and lets everyone sleep excellently. Apart from the sleek light, the lamp is elegantly made to add décor. The stable design ensures the projector doesn’t wobble and enjoy high stability.

The high-resolution stars ensure the projector creates an excellent looking experience. The remote control is excellent and allows the user to operate the projector while 34 feet away. Moreover, the timer is great for convenience. With built-in rechargeable battery, this projector is great for use for up to 14 hours. The USB charging port allows the lamp to be easy to charge. Also, it can work while charging hence superb for every night.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Long-range remote control
  • Convenient timer


  • Quiet operation

3. BNL Remote Control Star Projector with Remote Control

BNL Remote Control Star Projector with Remote Control

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BNL is a superb projector that makes all house look thrilling. The super cool designed light helps everyone get excellent soothing. Additionally, the high definition decorations mean the more relaxed atmosphere. With soft light, the lamp is excellent for use during bedtimes without causing light disturbances to babies. The projector works by increasing the imagination and soothing nature to users. Therefore, there are no scary nights when your baby is sleeping.

The projector comes with 6 different films. They are excellent in ensuring different projection patterns and styles. Moreover, the time, as well as remote control, make the operation of this device simple. Unlike others, this has two buttons that enable easy usage even to the beginners. Powered by batteries or USB cable, its versatile and reliable star projection lamp. With a combination of starts and other effects, the light delivers a thrilling experience.


  • Different lighting effects
  • Remote control
  • 2-way power options


  • No rechargeable batteries

2. EURPMASK 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Starry LED Light Projector

EURPMASK 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Starry LED Light Projector

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Eurpmask LED light projector brings an elegant look to homes, parties and other places. It’s a super sleek lamp with attractive patterns that ensure everyone enjoys a great look. Creating sky like look, it’s suitable for use in bedrooms, birthdays and other parties. Boasting configurable colors, it is easy to customize your best looking display. Due to the rotating design, the projector offers a wave pattern. Apart from the sleek colors, the lamp is elegantly designed.

The control of light and other functions is easy. This lamp has a remote control that ensures no need to press buttons manually. Also, the timer enables setting the light duration. With inbuilt Bluetooth 5.1 speaker, it plays music as it illuminates. The 3 adjustable lighting modes, it is easy to set the right illumination. Build from sturdy materials; the projector is durable for long.


  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable colors
  • Sound activated flicker mode


  • Dome isn’t changeable

1. MiiKARE 2 in 1 Night Light Adjustable Light Projector

MiiKARE 2 in 1 Night Light Adjustable Light Projector

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MiiKARE light projector is a fantastic unit that suits most home and other areas. The projector delivers a sleek appearance of stars in the dark. Therefore, when having any kind of party, the lamp is superb. It creates stars as well as Nebula cloud wave hence soothing and calming. Due to multiple colors, the lamp is suitable for use on different occasions. Actually, the projector comes with 10 colors, therefore ideal for keeping every occasion thrilling.

Apart from the colors, the effects allow the projector to offer 12 different looks. Besides, the light changing is through sound and vibration intensities. With adjustable nebula cloud speed, the light depends on where it is being used. The remote control helps in customizing your projector color and other functions. With adjustable angles, the lamp is suited to project the decorative light into different directions.


  • Customizable colors
  • Built-in music player
  • Timer functions


  • Star colors don’t change

Star Projectors Buying Guide

Rotating dome

The ability of a projector to rotate is a great feature. It enables users to enjoy flickering stars. This adds an excellent feel and look, unlike static projectors. The rotating design is excellent, mainly when used on kid bedrooms. It entices kids, ’ hence promoting sleep. Some of the projectors are automatic while others have adjustable rotation speed.

Lighting modes

Single lighting mode can indeed be boring. However, one needs to have a device with multiple modes. This helps to break lighting monotony and improves the experience. Besides, different modes are great to change the look depending on the mood. The multiple mode lights are advisable since they suit different occasions and moods.

Power source

The power source is essential when getting a projector. This determines whether it can only be used indoors or can be used outdoors. Some of the lights are designed with built-in batteries. This enables them to be rechargeable. However, others use alkali batteries while also having DC ports. Mostly, the projectors come with the ability to support USB cables. This allows dual power utilization hence high versatility.

Remote control

Most of the modern star projectors come with remote controls. This ensures no need to operate a projector manually. Remote controlled lights are great since they offer more functions. It is, therefore, possible to control colors, modes, rotations and others easily.


Star projectors are amazing and worth to have for superb nights. They are versatile and decorate homes and parties. Unlike other lights, these are superbly easy to use. There is no wiring needed or installation process. Therefore, they are a great way to improve your bedroom or part occasions.

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