Top 10 Best Towel Bars in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

A bathroom should make everyone feel amazing. Apart from bathing, your shower room should be comforting and functional. Adding different accessories improved the overall convenience. Especially, towel bars are some of the ideal essentials to install. They are essential in ensuring that hanging your towels is simple. Besides, they add décor since they are available in varying finishes.

Depending on the available space, one needs to choose the right rail. This will enable convenience and easy installation without struggles. The rails offer many functions. They are ideal for hanging, drying as well as the warming of towels. Besides, hanging towels dry quickly, thus avoiding unpleasant smells. With great space-saving, these accessories are vital for every bathroom. To add convenience in your restroom, these towel rails reviewed below are reliable and of premium quality.

10. Design House 533026 Millbridge 24’’ Towel Bar

Design House 533026 Millbridge 24’’ Towel Bar

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Design House tower bar is durable and reliable to last for many years. It’s a premium bar that ensures every shower room, get a perfect look. It features premium aluminum and zinc as well as chrome plating. Therefore, even when installed in high humidity bathrooms, the bar doesn’t rust or corrode. The inert nature makes hanging safe since they don’t get tainted by rusting surface. With a bar measuring 24 inches, it is great for mounting in different bathrooms.

The installation of the bar is simple and doesn’t cause décor compromise. It comes with concealed screws; the rail ensures there is a sleek look. For easy towel hanging, the bar features a square design that ensures that the towel won’t slip. The polished nature helps the bar to complement any décor. The overall length offers superb hanging for large and medium-sized towels.


  • Concealed screws
  • Simple installation process
  • Chrome finished


  • It isn’t adjustable

9. AmazonBasics Oil Rubbed Bronze Modern Towel Bar

AmazonBasics Oil Rubbed Bronze Modern Towel Bar

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Making your bathroom look amazing requires different approaches. Adding sleek towel rails is one of them. The AmazonBasics modern bar is suitable and ideal for any bathroom. With oil rubbed bronze finish, this bar is great and offers a sleek look. As a result, there is a great look and complements all decors. The construction of this bar is fantastic and features durable materials. This means you can hang even large towels up to 22 lbs without damaging the rail.

Compared to others, this has a simple installation. It comes with mounting brackets designed like suction cups. Therefore, even installed in your bathroom, there is maintained beauty. The installation is simple since the hardware are included; hence no technicians needed. The durable coating in this bar ensures there are no more worries about rust. Also, it doesn’t leave stains when wet towels are hanged.


  • Sleek and durable coat
  • Comes with installation kit
  • Strong for heavy towels


  • Paper template not included

8. Moen DN8424BN Preston Collection 24’ Towel Rail

Moen DN8424BN Preston Collection 24’ Towel Rail

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Moen towel rail is a handy and ideal accessory for adding in all bathrooms. The bar is sturdy and sleek, which allows it to give any restroom a new appearance. The warm and inviting nature ensures there is striking beauty when fitted on the wall. With brushed nickel appearance, it also resists damage by moisture. Therefore, you can hang white towels without bar causing corrosion stains. Amazingly, the bar enables coordination with other bathroom accessories. This increases the overall performance and reliability.

Unlike others, this bar com with great flexibility. It, therefore, you can fix in the kitchen, and other places where you need to hang towels and other garments. The construction comes with excellent reliability and durability. It is string hence can support even heavy-duty towels. Besides the high strength metal, the bar is simple to install. Therefore, once you get it, there is a simple installation.


  • Sticking elegance
  • Flexible installation
  • Compatible with other accessories


  • Doesn’t have double bars

7. KES 12’’ Hand Towel Bar Bathroom Kitchen Dish Cloth Hanger

KES 12’’ Hand Towel Bar Bathroom Kitchen Dish Cloth Hanger

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A versatile bar is outstanding since it can be installed in different places. KES hand towel rail is one of the versatile options for use in bathrooms and kitchens. The bar is premium and features super-strong material. Therefore, it can support large towels without bending or breaking. Actually, the stainless steel used is reliable and doesn’t get corroded. Thus, even when used in kitchens, there is no more rusts and staining of your brightly colored clothes.

The ability to support different clothes ensures it suits your home. It is also long measuring 12 inches. This optimized length is ideal since it can fit even small spaces. The installation process is simple since there are no drilling needed. Actually, the bar comes with all required installation gear. The installation instructions are simple to follow; hence no more experts to fix the bar for you. Above all, the bar is easy to install in different types of spaces.


  • Ideal for all walls
  • Durable stainless steel
  • No drill installation


  • Not for walls with wallpapers

6. Command 9-Inches Hand Towel Bar, 3 lbs. Capacity

Command 9-Inches Hand Towel Bar, 3 lbs. Capacity

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Hanging your towels and other clothes should not be a struggle. All you need is getting Command hand towel hanging bar. It’s a safe and robust bar that enable people to hang towels worry-free, the bar us damage free, meaning your towels are secure and don’t suffer from pulled fabrics. Amazingly, the rail is suitable for supporting up to 3 pounds. Thus, for people with large and heavy towels, this is the bar to choose.

The installation of this bar doesn’t give users a headache. It has broad brackets that enable it to support weight efficiently. Additionally, the string base ensures safety to your wall. With safe and drill-free installation, it leaves walls intact when removes. It comes with adhesive installation kits hence simple and safe to mount. Also, the bar removes clean without leaving the residues on the wall.


  • Water-resistant strips
  • East installation and removal
  • Fits different walls


  • Limited weight support

5. Franklin Brass Kinla 5-Piece Bath Hardware

Franklin Brass Kinla 5-Piece Bath Hardware

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Bathroom accessories are essential for keeping it convenient. Franklin Brass accessories are superb and keep the restroom amazing. It combines a variety of items that make hanging of clothes and towels easy. With several hanging bars, they are 24 and 18 inches. This ensures that the user utilizes every wall space to maximize bathroom space utilizes. Apart from the bars, the spring-loaded holder is fantastic for use in a toilet for holding toilet papers.

Apart from the bars, the set also comes with different type of rings. They are vital since they enable hanging of additional clothes. The wall hook, as well as the ring, ensures there is high versatility when it comes to the hanging of clothes, towels and robes. Despite being durable and reliable, installation is also simple. This helps in caring for walls and avoid drilling holes. Premium construction renders the accessories durable and doesn’t suffer from corrosion and rust.


  • Variety of accessories
  • Long-lasting finish
  • Extra-long bars


  • Can be tricky to mount

4. Delta Faucet Futura 24″ Towel Bar

Delta Faucet Futura 24

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Delta Faucet future is a towel bar that brings great performance and elegance. The professionally designed bar is sleek and functional hence ideal for all bathrooms. It’s a 24 inches bar that is strong to ensure even heavy towels are hanged; there is no stress. Depending on the bathroom décor, the rail is available in different finishes. Whether you like satin, polished chrome and others, the bar is available. Boasting great length, this rail measures 24 inches hence ideal for large towels.

The coordinating finishes are superb and ensure there is exceptional functionality. Additionally, easy maintenance means a stress-free experience. It does not rust, which ensures you can clean easily by wiping with a piece of cloth. The hardware for installation is provided in the package making the process a breeze. Assembling is also simple, and users enjoy great mounting.


  • Sleek and simple to care
  • Coordinate with different finishes
  • Elegant design


  • Too tiny screws

3. JQK Black 24’’ Stainless Steel Bathroom Towel Rack

JQK Black 24’’ Stainless Steel Bathroom Towel Rack

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JQK is a sturdy rod that is dedicated to keeping your bathroom organized. The bar is durable and made from premium T-304 stainless steel that is super durable. For keeping the bar safe and clean, it has a matte black finish. This ensures there is no rust and corrosion due to moisture. Additionally, the protection against rust ensures that cleaning is simple. Measuring 24 inches, the bar is long; hence no towel folding is needed.

The ample space from towel and wall, there is excellent drying compared to other bars. Thus, when towels are hanged, there is quick-drying compared to other towels rails. The instructions and stainless steel screws are superb in ensuring the installation is excellent. Apart from the installation. Assembling the bar is easy, and no experience is needed. The smooth nature ensures that towels are safe and don’t suffer from abrasion or fabrics damage.


  • Long design
  • Stainless steel bars and screws
  • Fits large towels


  • Installation measurements aren’t given

2. VELIMAX Stainless Steel 4 Pcs Bathroom Accessories

VELIMAX Stainless Steel 4 Pcs Bathroom Accessories

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Adding the right accessories in bathroom ensures there is super functionality. They make the bathroom more organized. The accessories are sturdy and feature stainless steel construction. Therefore, the reliability is superb and ensures the hanging of clothes is easy. With the ability to support heaviest towels, the bars are made to last for years. Boasting premium finish, it keeps the bars safe from corrosion and rusting. The set of 4 pieces ensures users have great clothes hanging.

The bars are of varying lengths which is excellent for hanging different-sized towels. The smaller ones are great for use in different places. Whether in kitchens or bathrooms, they are suitable for holding small items. Additionally, the open edge ensures there is easy access to hanging items. The black mattes finish is elegant and compliments your bathroom. With easy mounting design, the accessories come with installation essentials.


  • Space-saving bars
  • Massive weight support
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Mounting parts aren’t welded

1. Alise GZ8000-B Lavatory Towel Rack Towel Shelf

Alise GZ8000-B Lavatory Towel Rack Towel Shelf

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Alise towel rack shelf is a revolutionary bathroom accessory. Compared to others, it boasts enhanced performance and appearance. With ample storage space, it allows for hanging as well as placement. The combination of shelf and hanging bars ensures there is great space for towel drying. The shelf is made from SUS304 stainless steel which is durable and rust-resistant. Therefore, even when used in places with extreme humidity, there is no rust and corrosion.

Boasting 3 layers of matte finish, the bars are durable and resist abrasions and scratches. This not only keeps the bars durable but also cares for your towels. The construction is reliable as well as mounting edges to enable support to heavy clothes. Thus, when installed, the shelf doesn’t risk falling due to a balanced structure. Its versatile accessory as it can be mounted on kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. All essentials needed for installation are provided hence great for everyone.


  • Large storage areas
  • Thickly layered finish
  • Superior quality stainless steel


  • Not adjustable

Towel Bars Buying Guide

Bar style

There are different styles of towel rails. They are designed to ensure there is an improved appearance of the place of installation. Depending on the user, you can choose straight or curved bars. Although the design differs, the performance of flat and curved bars is the same. However, the beauty lies more on curved versions.


The essence of a bathroom towel bars is to keep your clothes hanging. Therefore, there is need to choose premium bars that are strong and reliable. The construction material therefor should be robust to guarantee exceptional performance. Mostly, the stainless steel, aluminum and brass are some of the best materials. They are durable since they don’t suffer from corrosion and rust.


The type of finish your selected bar has is vital. It determines whether it will correspond with your bathroom décor. Choosing the right color that matches the installation site is critical. This means you can confidently maintain the enhanced look. The availability of these bars in different colors ensures users get an easy selection of their options.

Ease of installation

The buyer usually does the installation of these bars. It is this reason that one needs to check easy to install is the products. Some of the towel bars require wall drilling. However, others are available with adhesives which eases installation further. Although adhesives aren’t strong like screws, they are simple to remove and don’t leave holes in your wall.


Bathroom towel bars are essential for everyone. They are convenient since they allow towels to dry efficiently. They are great since you can get for all sized bathrooms. Also, the rails are versatile and ideal for installation in different places.

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