Top 10 Best Baby Bath Toys in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Babies love to spend time playing in the water. Especially when having a variety of baby bath toys, there is amazing fun. These toys are designed to float in water; hence babies enjoy great time. When babies are enjoying relaxation in bathtubs, adding toys helps in adding fun as well as aiding in development. Many toy designs are available, and parents can choose the ideal ones.

Apart from different designs, the toys are available in a variety of colors. This helps babies in a variety of developments and coordination. Depending on what your baby loves, most, these toys are available in broad categories. Also available with different features, the toys are superb to keep babies busy. For the best baby experience, these are the ideal bath toys to offer.

10. The First Years Finding Nemo Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys

The First Years Finding Nemo Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys

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The First year find Nemo toys are innovative and interactive. They are designed to keep babies active. In fact, the toys are interactive and fun which keep baby busy. Apart from keeping the baby happy, the toys are educative and deliver excellent baby development. This is due to the colorful nature that enables cognitive improvement. The design allows the kids to enjoy excellent grip. Therefore, even when used on water, there is no slipping.

Apart from great comfort, the toys are made from safe materials. This ensures that babies don’t suffer from toxic substances. Additionally, the toys are squirting, which is superb for creating a thrilling experience. Designed for babies aged 6-18 months, they are safe and right-sized to avoid chocking. The exciting nature keeps the baby entertained during bathing time. By perfectly fitting in your baby hands, the toys are great to think about.


  • Non-slip design
  • Compact and hand fitting
  • Colorful decoration
  • Squirting action


  • Can get moldy inside

9. Munchkin Baby’s First Bath, 3 Piece Toy Set

Munchkin Baby's First Bath, 3 Piece Toy Set

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Muchkin toy set offers a great time when the baby is bathing. The toys are superb and deliver great fun to kids. In fact, the variety of toys in this set offers excellent performance. The three toys are superb and ensure babies have a variety. Usually, the duck, scuba swimming toy and boats create a thrilling experience. The toys have varying colors which ensure there are educative aspects. This ensures that once the baby is playing with these toys, there is motor development.

Amazingly, the toys are made from premium materials which ensure high safety. Even when the baby is bathing in hot water, the toys are safe and doesn’t have an awful smell. Designed to have excellent grip, the toys are superb for ensuring babies have a great time. Amazingly, the baby bath duck is great for ensuring there is a correct water temperature. Therefore, apart from being toys, they are versatile and safe.


  • Safe and lightweight
  • Ease to monitor water temperature
  • Free from BPA and other banned materials


  • No sound

8. Tub Cubby Bath 14″x20 Mold Resistant Mesh Net Basket Organizer

Tub Cubby Bath 14

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Keeping your baby bath toys safe and organized is essential. But, the ability to safely store the toys. Tub Cubby mesh net is one of the ideal ways to keep bath toys. Amazingly, this mesh is designed from mold resistant materials which keep it clean all time. Therefore, even when placed on the bathroom, the bag is excellent for resisting molds and other dirt. Amazingly, the basket is great for use in different places. Whether, its garage, halls or bathrooms, the toy organizer is superb.

The mesh net is superbly designed to ensure there is excellent storage. With multiple pockets, the basket is excellent for storage of different items. Apart from the pockets, the organizer comes with hooks that make hanging on the wall easy. Also, the suction cups are great for sticking on the walls without difficulties. With great storage, the organizer is good for keeping the toys dry.


  • Durable mold resistant materials
  • Easy fitting
  • Heavy-duty stitching


  • Doesn’t come with toys

7. Nuby 10 Count Little Squirts Fun Bath Toys

Nuby 10 Count Little Squirts Fun Bath Toys

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Nuby squirt bath toys are made to ensure every baby get the best experience. The toys are water, friendly toys are superb and don’t suffer from mold development. With an assortment of 10 toys, they are great for keeping kids busy. Some of the toys include alligator, fish, crab, and others that are floating on water. The soft rubber design is great for ensuring there is a superb grip. Also, flexible nature and squirting ability allow kids to enjoy great fun.

The brightly colored toys are excellent for intuitive and educative. This ensures kids learn different aspects. In fact, they ensure that babies learn eye-hand coordination easily. Also, the toys are good for increasing imaginative ability. With a floating design, they are excellent in ensuring baby has an easy time. The toys are designed for use by kids who are over 6 months old.


  • Helps in development
  • Brightly colored toys
  • Variety of toys


  • No storage basket

6. KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Basket

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Basket

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KidCo organizer helps to keep toys safe. Instead of keeping them clattered, the organizer is excellently designed to keep toys safe. Amazingly, the excellent design and materials which keep toys organized. Moreover, it doesn’t rust or attract mold hence superb. It is great and fits different tubs and sinks. Therefore, it is a good option when cleaning toys. Additionally, rigid nature allows the organizer to be useful for different tasks. Whether it’s holding shampoo or other baby items, the organizer is superb.

The organizer is designed with easy to dry design. The slotted design ensures the user gets the best drying. Actually, the sides and bottom are slotted which ensure there is free water flow. With easy to clean design, it delivers superb hygiene. Made from safe plastic, the basket is free from BPA and other banned particles.


  • Quick-drying
  • Hold different items
  • Divided holders


  • Fits different tubs

5. Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing and Swim Bath Toy

Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing and Swim Bath Toy

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Your baby needs to be happy during bath time. This baby shark toy will provide a unique way for your baby to enjoy the warm bath. Well, your kid will enjoy it as the shark sings along the baby shark song while swimming in a unique motion. It is a battery-powered battery toy whose functioning is based on Robo technology. Thus, it is easy to use, and you will only need to put it in water, and the unique water activation technology does the rest. Also, you can sing along your baby shark as it plays the beautiful baby shark song. So, this entertainment toy will help your kid to have a blissful bathing experience. Moreover, this toy boasts a battery saving function as the song is timed for four minutes after which it stops. However, this toy is ideal for kids above three years.


  • Elegant shark toy
  • Easy to operate
  • Nice audio
  • Great battery efficiency


  • Big size

4. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy

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Are you looking for the best shark toy for your kid? Here is the WowWee Pinkfong baby shark. It comes as a package having four sharks. These include the mommy shark, baby shark, daddy shark and William. They boast an innovative design which let them squirt water for fabulous bath time. Unlike others, these feature a compact size perfect for kid’s hands. So, the kid can hold and play with them easily.

Besides, these toys are crafted from kid-safe materials. These are BPA-free. So, this is a popular bath toy which includes all the four characters from the global sensation. Thus, the kid can have endless fun while splashing water and enjoying the retaliatory response from the cute sharks.


  • Cute shark
  • Lightweight and small
  • Amazing squirting
  • Kid-safe construction


  • Can develop molds

3. Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Bath Caddy

Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Bath Caddy

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Having the best bath toy organizer can help in avoiding hassles brought by toys overcrowding your bathtub. The Ubbi Freestanding bath toy organizer is a remarkable product. It boasts an innovative construction with removable drying rack and scoop. So, you can keep your toys neatly and dry them with convenience. The collection also entails diapering, toilet training, feeding, travel use, among others. Besides, it is easy to use, and you can place the bin in the base awaiting the next bath. Well, the container has a comfortable handle which makes everything easy and fun. This toy bin is also elegant to fit the modern décor.


  • Convenient size
  • Lightweight
  • Durable material
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Looks small but serves the function

2. Skip Hop Bath Toys: Light Up Unicorn Squeeze Toy

Skip Hop Bath Toys: Light Up Unicorn Squeeze Toy

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This product represents one of the best-rated bath toys. The unique design features water-activated multicolored lights which illuminate the water sprays to lighten up the kid’s moods. It is soft and squeezable for your kid to enjoy the fun without hassles. Also, this munchkin bath toy boasts signature zoo animals. Unlike other bath toys, this one boasts a seamless design. So, it is easy to clean, thereby discouraging mold growth. It boasts ecofriendly materials which are phthalate and BPA free. So, it won’t harm your kids even if they kiss them to show love. On the other hand, it lights up when it touches the water making it incredibly easy to use. It is soft and features just the right size for the little kid’s hands.


  • Gorgeous light colors
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Certified material
  • Beautiful signature zoo animals


  • Pricey

1. Comfylife Mesh Bath Toy Organizer

Comfylife Mesh Bath Toy Organizer

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Bath toys provide unending bathing fun for kids. But improper storage of these toys can make them look messy. The Comfylife Mesh Bath Toy Organizer will help you. It is breathable and therefore allows the toys to dry more quickly. Hence, it prevents the molds from growing in those toys. It features a sturdy mesh which enables storage of heavy toys. Also, the package includes six super-strong suction cups for easy mounting on the bathroom walls.

The four double-sided replacement suction pad are good for quick mounting. This unbeatable value bundle also includes alphabet bath toys which are educative and fun for the kids. So, it includes 26 floating letters and 10 floating numbers. Well, these toys can stick to tub walls when wet, and this makes them easy and fun. They are crafted from non-toxic foam and hence safe for the kids.


  • Breathable toy holder
  • Easy to mount
  • Mold-free toy storage
  • Sturdy mesh


  • A little bit pricey

Baby Bath Toys Buying Guide

Construction materials

The construction of baby toys is vital for ensuring the safety and durability. There are different types of materials that are available when it comes to toys. However, one needs to have safe and reliable materials to keep babies safe. Plastic is one of the popular materials that are available. Lightweight and flexible materials are superb in ensuring superb.

Number of toys

The number of toys in a set is vital in ensuring baby get a great experience. Some of the sets come with a variety of toys that ensure baby get an excellent experience. With different brands offering various toys, it’s ideal to choose one that fits your baby. Amazingly, some come with up to 10 pieces.

Baby age

The age of a baby is essential in determining parents’ choice of the right toys. They are classified into different categories that allow parents to select ideal ones. The design of toys ensures they target different groups which is essential for superb learning. With the right toys for baby age, it’s excellent for babies to enjoy a perfect experience.


Safety is paramount when buying a toy. The materials used are essential in determining the safety of toys. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your toys are free from BPA, phthalate, and lead, among others. The size is also essential in ensuring no choking hazards.


One of the best times for kids to have fun is during bath time. With the best baby bath toy, your kids will dive into fun and enjoy bath time from start to the end. With our article and guide, it is now easier than before for you to choose the ideal bath toy for your little loved ones. As you’ve seen, the review article captures a broad range of top-rated baby bath toys, and you won’t go wrong by choosing any product from our selection. However, your decision may depend on your budget and kids taste and preference. But everything will seem easier and better than ever.

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