Top 10 Best Tree Swings in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Swings are some of the best ways to spend leisure time. Whether its kids or adults, swinging helps in refreshing body and soul. But, installing a swing in your yard can cost you a lot. Opting for tree swings is one way to solve the issue of expensive accessories. They are an ideal alternative since you need to have trees in your yard and everything is set.

Using traditional methods to install swing can cause harm to trees. It is that reason which requires you to check for safe and ideal ones that won’t cause damage to tree barks. There are revolutionary swings that can work flawlessly without causing damage to trees and are safe. This list brings you the best tree swings you can choose and improve the yard experience.

10. Royal Oak Giant 40 Inches Saucer Tree Swing, 700 lbs. Capacity

Royal Oak Giant 40 Inches Saucer Tree Swing, 700 lbs. Capacity

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The time to give your yard a new relaxing experience is now. Royal Oak is a tree-mounted swing that is reliable and safe. It can carry 700 pounds, making it great for kids and adults. With its large design, it enables comfort and safety to users. Boasting 40 inches diameter, kids can relax as they enjoy great swinging action. The large space is ideal for multiple kids or a single adult.

The construction of this swing features robust materials that are unbreakable. A combination of industry-leading materials means high reliability. Installation is super simple, and no expert is needed. Actually, simple to follow instruction lets everyone enjoy a simple installation process. The awesome thing is all materials used are weather-resistant to withstand all conditions. Thus, you don’t need to uninstall it every day to avoid damage by weather elements. The EVA foam coated steel and powerful carabineers give your swing great safety and reliable fitting.


  • Safe and reliable mounting gear
  • Large and comfortable saucer
  • Weather-resistant materials


  • Short hanging ropes

9. WV WONDER VIEW 40’’ Diameter Tree Swing, 600lb Capacity

WV WONDER VIEW 40’’ Diameter Tree Swing, 600lb Capacity

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Give your kids a perfect treat at home. VW Wonder View swing is versatile and worth having. It has easy installation and can fit trees and other platforms. Boasting 40 inches diameter, a single one can fit multiple kids. Besides the large design, the construction features tough 900D oxford polyester. The ropes are super strong and can withstand a lot of weight. All the non-metallic materials have a UV coating to prevent damage by extreme sunlight.

The multiple braided ropes are amazing and always ensure ample support. With special weaving methods, the ropes are also safe, and don’t scratch your kid hands. The tree mounting frame feature strong and reliable steel. Also, the metallic carabineers guarantee exceptional performance. The installation process is super simple, and the swing allows for easy portability. Whether it’s for home or use in camping use, it’s a versatile option.


  • UV resistant materials
  • Versatile installation options
  • Adjustable ropes
  • Large for multiple kids


  • Pipes cracks after a while in the sun

8. Juegoal 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing

Juegoal 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing

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Tree swings provide unending fun for both adults and kids. Here is the Juegoal 40’’ Saucer Tree Swing, which is one superb option that can offer unique outdoor fun. It features a stylish and easy-to-use design for both boys and girls. Made of 900D oxford polyester material, it is sturdy and durable to enhance prolonged and unmatched comfort. This swing is safe as it boasts robust PE ropes and iron pipe that runs around the entire swing.

Also, this is a spacious swing that offers sufficient room for three kids to enjoy the fun together. Boasting 440 pounds as the weight capacity, your kids will enjoy unlimited fun for as long as they can. You can enhance this weight capacity by attaching stronger ropes of your choice. Moreover, this tree swing is easy to install, and you can detach it for easy portability whenever you want to experience a new outdoor environment.


  • Certified material quality
  • No-hassle installation
  • Stylish and comfortable seat


  • Tricky installation for a beginner

7. LÆGENDARY 40-Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing

LÆGENDARY 40-Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing

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Do you want your kids to enjoy tree swings? Perhaps there is no better way than to have the LÆGENDARY 40-Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing. Apart from enjoying the playful moments, this swing also lets the kid engage the sensory system to grow and develop better. This swing also helps the kid make perfect use of speed and direction, which is important for visual perception skills. This tree swing comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. These include two carabineers, two tree straps, one swivel, nuts, bolts, wrench, and washers.

For ultimate swinging comfort, this tree swing features foam handles whereby you can adjust their attachment positions. Besides, the included swivel ensures that this unit is versatile because you can use it with your hammock, aerial silks, spider web swing, and more. Additionally, this swivel system ensures that you can spin, swing or do both simultaneously for maximum enjoyment.


  • Flexible swing styles
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable option


  • Material is quite thin

6. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing

Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing

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Your kids will love the multi-color rainbow design of this tree swing. But there is still more for them to cherish. The Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing provides a fun out spot for your kids to enjoy relaxation and cheerful playtime. What’s more, it is a big swing that can accommodate three kids comfortably and safely. Besides, it is attractive and is great for backyards and indoor playgrounds. The mat seat is extremely comfortable and boasts durable materials. Thus, your kids can enjoy a safe and sturdy ride.

This swing is easy to install and use. It features two steel rings at the end of the rope, and they connect to a 63-inch rope. However, the length from the connection point to the seat is adjustable. The seat features polypropylene, oxford fabric, and a steel tube frame that boasts NBR foam padding. Moreover, this Saucer Tree Swing provides unlimited hanging styles from trees, beams, swing sets, or anything you may find practical.


  • Robust steel tube
  • Sturdy stitching
  • Colorful and elegant


  • The fabric quality could be better

5. Costzon 40″ Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing

Costzon 40

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Are you looking for year-round fun for your kids? With Costzon 40″ Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing, you have a reliable solution. This giant 40-inch flying saucer tree swing features a unique and attractive design that’s superb for indoor and outdoor playtime. This tree swing boasts a great load-bearing capacity thanks to the robust 600D oxford fabric, PP cloth, and premium steel frame. With its unmatched robustness, the Costzon tree swing can accommodate up to three kids at the same time.

Besides, it comes with a super-strong rope that allows length adjustment. You can adjust the rope from 40 to 63 inches, thereby meeting your height needs. Apart from offering unmatched fun to kids and parents, this swing provides a comfortable place for reading, sleeping, sitting, meditating, storytime, and more. It is an incredible swing as it allows easy installation and takes down is also a breeze.


  • Sturdy connections
  • Easy to install
  • Effortless adjustment


  • Color fades

4. Royal Oak Giant Spider Web Tree Swing

Royal Oak Giant Spider Web Tree Swing

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Are you looking forward to creating a unique adventure playground for your kids? The Royal Oak Giant tree swing has everything you need. It is a full-size web tree swing that includes eight removable Velcro flags to make it more magical. The ropes are adjustable with a two feet range ensuring that finding the right height is a breeze. This web swing also boasts super quick installation as it comes with all tools, hardware, and stepwise guide.

Moreover, this swing design is no joke when it comes to safety and quality. The materials are of premium quality featuring ASTM / CPSIA certification, and boasts 600 pounds as the maximum load capacity. Thus, it is a web tree swing that accommodates multiple kids without compromising safety and comfort. The design also offers high-level simplicity for an effortless installation and portability.


  • Unique spider web design
  • Superior fabric quality
  • Easy Installation and portability


  • A bit pricier than some leading brands

3. Braoses Saucer Tree Swing

Braoses Saucer Tree Swing

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Tree swings are among the things that can bring fantastic childhood memories. The Braoses saucer tree swing is a superb choice as it features a versatile design that can add fun to your indoor, outdoor, playground, backyard, and other play areas. Featuring upgraded ropes with several braided ropes, this saucer swing boasts 700 pounds as the load capacity. The swing seat boasts a high-quality steel frame for strength.

There’s nothing to worry about comfort when we having this swing. With robust tight weaving, your kids’ feet won’t get stuck in the web gaps. Hence, this swing meets the ASTM standards for the safety and comfort of your kids. Besides, the ropes are strong, featuring premium nylon, which is resistant to all weather conditions. The metal hardware also makes this saucer tree swing sturdy and guarantees prolonged durability.


  • Super easy installation
  • Certified quality
  • Versatile swing


  • Strap gets twisted

2. Serenelife Hanging Netted Seat Swing

Serenelife Hanging Netted Seat Swing

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Swinging is one of the recreational activities that enhance a happy lifestyle. Of all the swings, round swings are the most popular because they are easy to install. The Serenelife Hanging Netted Seat Swing features a universal hanging rope. Thus, you can hang your round swing from trees or posts. The lightweight and easy-to-install design make the swing ideal for family outings, travel, or camping. The elegant and stylish design makes this unit ideal for relaxing and swinging for kids, teens, and even adults.

Additionally, this swing boasts marine grade and weatherproof construction thanks to the reinforced metal frame and UV-proof fabric. For maximum strength, it features thick braided hanging ropes and sturdy O-rings that allow incredible load accommodation. It also allows hassle-free spinning and swinging, thus ensuring endless fun for kids. Moreover, the unique web pattern makes this swing a great addition to boost your yard décor.


  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Beautiful web-style
  • Thick and soft tube cushioning


  • Straps need regular tightening

1. LANGXUN 40-Inch Rainbow Saucer Tree Swing

LANGXUN 40-Inch Rainbow Saucer Tree Swing

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If you’re looking for a tree swing that makes every outdoor occasion fun, this LANGXUN 40-Inch Rainbow Saucer Tree Swing will be good for you. Unlike the contemporary models, the seat frame boasts premium steel with durable foam padding. It features robust top-layer fabric entailing double stitching for maximum rigidity and durability. The rope entails upgraded multiple strands braided technology to ensure the unit can bear more weight. Forged from 900D oxford material, it resists weather damage and rough use.

Also, this unit is elegant as it includes a total of six colors in one place. Hence, it does more than just offering kids amazing playtime. This unit features hooks and steel rings which make installation a breeze. The hanging rope is adjustable up to 60 inches, thereby offering maximum customization of your swing. Apart from the soft padded seat floor, the swing ropes feature cushioned handles that bring maximum swinging comfort.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Soft cushioned handles
  • Weatherproof and robust materials


  • A bit pricey

Tree Swings Buying Guide

Weight capacity

The capacity of a swing is an important factor figure. Since the swings are for use by different users, they need to have great capacity. Ideally, always go for swings with more weight capacity. It will give everyone in the family a chance to relax without the risk of swing breaking.

Some of the swings available nowadays can take a huge weight. Some can withstand up to 1000 pounds. With huge weight capacity and a large saucer, your kids will have an amazing time playing.

Weather resistance

Tree swings should have superb construction materials and protection against weather elements. This eliminates the need to keep uninstalling every day to avoid damage by weather elements. Ideally, look for swings that have waterproof coating as well as UV film. The protection against weather condition gives your peace of mind and great swings durability.

Ease of installation

The installation should be easy as possible. It should be DIY to avoid hassles every time you want to install and uninstall. The best thing to ensure installing your swing is straightforward is instructions from the manufacturer. Also, the swing should come with all necessary accessories for seamless installation.


Tree swings aren’t restricted for home use only. They should be ideal for use in different places. Therefore, they need to be lightweight to enable portability. The portability is an essential feature since the swings are ideal for use even when camping.


Tree swings will not only help kids enjoy but will also help them develop and grow well. This playing equipment isn’t for kids only but teens and adults too can relax while enjoying the swing. Also, you can have fantastic family time as you interact and enjoy the holidays. It is now easy for you to choose the best tree swing since we have enlisted the brands and models that suit your needs and even your budget. With our review, it is also easy to make a detailed comparison for the best selection.

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