Top 10 Best Beach Chairs in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 31, 2022

Summer is an excellent season for everyone to enjoy life on the beach. Whether relaxing on the beach or in swimming pools, there is a need to have a reliable chair. Beach chairs are the ultimate when it comes to comfort and support. Although they are comfortable, these chairs are lightweight. This is because some are portable and can be moved easily. In fact, there are various types of beach seats that allow everyone to enjoy great choice.

Depending on the user’s needs, the choice of ideal seat is vital. It guarantees proper body support as well as décor. Apart from the comfort, the style the type of chair determines the durability and functionality. With loungers, recliners, travel benches, and others, there is a wide variety of chairs for beach expedition. For ideal ways to enjoy perfect relaxation, these are the best beach chairs and buying guide.

10. Coleman Camping Lightweight Utopia Breeze Beach Chair

Coleman Camping Lightweight Utopia Breeze Beach Chair

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When it comes to camping, Coleman offers come of the best equipment. This lightweight Utopia breeze beach chair is handy and available everywhere. It’s a perfected seat for outdoor, which creates great comfort. Created from lightweight materials, this chair offers one of the best support and comfort. In fact, the chair weighs 5.3 pounds, which ensures you can easily enjoy moving it easily. The back section offers excellent full support which delivers great comfort to the user.

Apart from the back support, this chair has excellent arm support. Therefore, as you enjoy the summer sun, there is complete relaxation. For keeping the body refreshed, the seat comes with a seatback cup holder. For the high reliability, the feet are broad and features capped design. Therefore, they don’t sink in the sand hence a balanced sitting. With the capacity to carry 250 pounds, the chair is also collapsible. Above all, a reliable carry bag ensures high convenience.


  • Handy cup holder
  • Sturdy carrying bag
  • Collapsible frame


  • Back not adjustable

9. RIO Gear 4-Position Lace-Up Folding Beach Chair

RIO Gear 4-Position Lace-Up Folding Beach Chair

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The Rio Gear lace-up folding chair offers everyone an easy time outdoors. Whether in the poolside, camping, or beach, the chair is highly reliable. With high portability, the seat is easy to take to any destination. Especially when camping or other outdoor events, it has a super light and folding structure. The back features adjustable positions and flexible design, which improved the overall comfort. The high flexibility and suspension design create great body support for the best relaxation.

Despite being a portable chair, it has superb performance, enhanced with 4 reclining system; it delivers customized body comfort. The lightweight aluminum frame offers great weight cut hence weighing 8 pounds. The frame is rust and corrosion-resistant, thus designed to last for long. Comfortable armrests and fitted a cup holder make relaxing exceptional. The large adjustable pillow is reliable and keeps the head well anchored. The collapsible nature and carrying pouch let you take this chair everywhere with ease.


  • Lace-up suspension
  • Removable and adjustable pillow
  • Rip free construction materials


  • Very low profile for backpacking

8. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Chair

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Chair

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The ability to enjoy life on the beach depends on your chair. KingCamp low sling beach camping chair is one of the best chairs for your beach relaxation. The highly engineered structure allows for people to enjoy superb recline. Unlike the hard chairs, this has back made from fabrics. It, therefore, keeps the user comfortable throughout. Additionally, the breathability is superb and ensure no over sweating like with other fabrics.

Designed with a low profile, it ensures there is great comfort, especially when relaxing on the beach. The foam-padded armrest and cup holder ensures the life on the beach is outstanding. The feet are enhanced with large caps, which keeps the seat away from sinking. Weighing 6 pounds, the structure is strong and supports up to 300 pounds. This is due to Heavy-duty steel tubes that are light and strong.


  • Heavy-duty steel structure
  • High weight capacity
  • Comfortable low profile
  • Strapped carrying bag


  • Clamps are plastic

7. Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Ultralight Chair

Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Ultralight Chair

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The Nice C ultralight chair gives all outdoor lovers a great time. Whether camping or using them on the beach, the chair offers great space-saving. This is due to the compact design as well as collapsible nature to leave more tent space. The cooling mesh design on the back helps to keep the body cool during hot summers. Therefore, users don’t experience excessive sweating due to overheating. With soft arm cushions, the seat ensures comfort and perfect support to the hands.

The frame offers heavy-duty design due to premium metal. In fact, the steel tubing is robust and reliable which ensures the seat can hold up to 300 pounds. Additionally, the back section has 1000D Oxford polyester fabrics made panel for excellent body support. The setup is super easy as well as leaning hence creating the best relaxing environment. The lightweight and collapsible nature make this seat great for versatility and portability.


  • Easy to clean
  • Quick assembling
  • Rust-resistant structure
  • All-terrain grip


  • No head pillow

6. MOON LENCE Outdoor Ultralight Folding Chair

MOON LENCE Outdoor Ultralight Folding Chair

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Moon Lence folding chair is one of the ways to enjoy superb outdoor relaxation. Especially when camping or on the beach, this folding chair is perfectly suited. Boasting high durability, the chair is made from a lightweight but durable structure. Therefore, even when used frequently, there is no chance of breaking. Made from aluminum frame and 600D oxford cloth back, it creates a superb and comfortable experience. In fact, the seat weighs 2 pounds, which is excellent for portability and can carry 242 pounds.

The frame and back sections are detachable and collapsible. This creates an easy way to transport the chair without causing bulkiness. Actually, it can be folded into small parts that are simple to carry in your backpack. Due to meshed back, there is superb body cooling hence a great way to enjoy summer. Above all, the versatility is superb since the chair is suitable for hiking, backpacking, beach, and other adventures.


  • Breathable back mesh
  • Extra lightweight
  • Storage case


  • Not adjustable

5. Trekology YIZI GO Compact Portable Camping Chair

Trekology YIZI GO Compact Portable Camping Chair

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The Trekology YIZI GO camping chair enables adventurers to enjoy nature in peace. Offering high-quality support, the chair is lightweight to be used anywhere. Whether you love backpacking, hiking, and other events, its handy seat to carry. Due to the high engineering, the chair boasts superb back support. Therefore, even when spending a lot of time sitting, the seat is highly comfortable. With ideal size to fit everyone, the chair has a collapsible structure that enables easy transportation.

Unlike other seats with a large frame, this has a thin and super-light structure. It enables east carrying without causing bulkiness. Additionally, the sturdy back material with mesh enhancement helps to keep the user comfortable. Whether setting up or collapsing the structure, it is simple, and there are no tools needed. Thus, when outdoors, the chair offers quick assembling and collapsing. The storage pouch is excellent and keeps the chair simple to carry even without a backpack.


  • Breathable, strong fabrics
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Built-in cup holder


  • No padded armrests

4. Lightspeed Outdoors Lounger Park & Beach Chair

Lightspeed Outdoors Lounger Park & Beach Chair

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The light speed loungers are for enjoying summer without discomfort. They are designed to keep the body well supported and comfortable. Unlike regular chairs, these provide the full body with great comfort. Therefore, the chairs let your body enjoy safe and comfortable relaxing. As a result, even when on the beach, or other places, the loungers are a great alternative to other chairs. Built from a lightweight frame, they are simple to fold and carry.

The integrated shoulder straps make carrying these chairs simple. They eliminate the need to have a backpack hence convenient ways to enjoy comfort. Additionally, the large zipper pockets are great for holding your small items. Whether its phones or other accessories, the loungers are great. The powder-coated steel frame boasts high durability and is resistant to rust or corrosion.


  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Comfortable padding


  • The backrest isn’t tall

3. Life is Good Beach Chair with Cooler and Backpack Straps

Life is Good Beach Chair with Cooler and Backpack Straps

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Life is Good chairs for the beach are fantastic ways to enjoy a sea breeze. These seats are perfectly dedicated to your beach life without compromising their performance. Whether the seawater gets into your seats, there is no worry about rust. The aluminum frame used is rustproof and offers excellent durability. With back having durable material, it provides the body with great support. Additionally, the pillow keeps the head well-padded hence great to enjoy superb support.

The removable cooler bag is fantastic for easy loading, unloading, and cleaning. As a result, users enjoy great versatility and a clean, relaxing environment. Equipped with a large drink holder, the seats also have comfortable armrest, which ensures there is excellent comfort. The holders are suited for holding even large cups, hence a great way to enjoy superb for any drink. Above all, the pouch is good for keeping personal accessories safe.


  • Large cup holders
  • Removable cooler bag
  • Adjustable head pillow


  • Reclining mechanism isn’t adjustable

2. Wild in Bloom Rattan Folding Portable Beach Bamboo Lounge

Wild in Bloom Rattan Folding Portable Beach Bamboo Lounge

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The Wild Bloom Rattan and bamboo lounge keep everyone enjoying the serenity of the beach. It’s an ecofriendly chair made from bamboo structure and rattan back to offer the best experience. Apart from being environmentally friendly, the chair keeps the user enjoying closeness to nature. With its low profile design, the chair is made to ensure there is exceptional comfort. Apart from the body benefits, the chair is ideal for adding décor to the existing furniture.

Despite being wooden made, the seat is super strong and reliable. This enables even heavy people to sit without damaging the structure. The adjustable reclining system is superb to ensure there is customized comfort as you relax. Additionally, once not in use, the chair is foldable and light. These features ensure people can use the chair with great ease. The quality of bamboo used allows the chair to be used under different conditions without getting affected by the weather.


  • Adjustable reclining
  • Sturdy bamboo structure
  • Reinforced construction


  • A bit bulky

1. HCcolo Lightweight Folding Camping Backpack Chair

HCcolo Lightweight Folding Camping Backpack Chair

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As you think ways to spend your summer, getting to the beach brings a thrilling experience. Carrying your HCcolo chair improves your experience. This chair is versatile and premiumly made for beaches. Therefore, it can withstand all conditions in beaches, campsites and other places. Fitted with robust feet, they are adapted to work well on different surfaces. Whether its mud, sand or snow, the feet won’t sink. Additionally, the feet are non- slip which improves safety when using different types of floors.

With structure featuring aluminum construction, there is great weight reduction. Thus, carrying the chair is simple without adding a lot of weight. The back features strong fabrics material with mesh enhancement for maximum breathability. The fabrics are quick-drying hence easy to keep clean. The included pouch is convenient since it facilitates portability.


  • Strong carrying pouch
  • Sturdy plastic joints
  • Large mesh bottle holder


  • Armrests have no padding

Beach Chairs Buying Guide

Type of chair

The type of chair is vital for the comfort of the user. With different types of chairs, it is crucial to choose the right type of seat. There are classic, chaise lounger, and zero gravity bench chairs. Depending on your preference, there is a need to choose the ideal seat that will offer the best experience. Although people buy these chairs for comfort on the beach, they provide more than that.

Size of chair

The size is important, considering most of the beach seats are portable. Therefore, the ability to enjoy great support and comfort depends on the size. Standard sized beach seats are ideal for exceptional comfort. In fact, some are low, medium, and high height which gives people variety to choose from.


The construction is vital for safety and reliability. Mostly, the structure is the most consideration when you think about construction. There are different materials like wood, aluminum, and steel, which are common. These structures differ in strength, durability and weight. Besides, some of the portable seats come with fabric made back section.

Ease of assembling and collapsing

The ease of assembling is vital to ensure you can put up quickly and tool-free. Depending on the seat construction, it determines whether there is the ease in assembling. Having a tool-free assembled seat ensures you can use it everywhere. Besides, collapsibility, the structure should be compact and simple to fit in a storage bag.


The ability to enjoy the sea breeze with comfort depends on your chairs. Adding the right one always ensure there is great reliability and convenience. For everyone to enjoy great beach experience, portable chairs are the ultimate items to add. They are light, collapsible, and highly versatile.

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