Top 10 Best Eye Pillows in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Eye pillows also known as comfort pillows are great for mitigating different conditions. Usually, they are superb since they enable people to enjoy sleep without difficulties. Besides being ideal for aiding in smooth sleeping, the pillows are also ideal for yoga and other training. Although there is a different type of masks available, there is a need to get the ideal option.

Normally, the pillows are a great choice to rectify a variety of conditions. Whether its insomnia, nightmares, and others, getting these cushions are exceptional. However, to buy the right cushion, you need to have to check on a variety of qualities. Properly fitting sleeping masks are ideal in enabling people to achieve comfortable sleeping.

10. Happy Wraps Lavender Hot Cold Aromatherapy Eye Pillows

Happy Wraps Lavender Hot Cold Aromatherapy Eye Pillows

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The Happy wraps weighted eye mask is one of the best ways to keep your eyes comfortable. The mask is superbly made for different people. Also, it perfectly helps people with different conditions like sinus pain, headache, and migraine among others. With soft silky satin, it ensures there is a great feeling when wearing. Moreover, the weighted design allows the user to enjoy a perfect feeling. Filled with flaxseed, it has a lavender scent which allows body soothing.

The ability to keep your eye warm ensure they are moist. Thus, unlike other pillows, this delivers fast relief to the dry eyes. Due to superior quality materials, it is possible to warm your pillow in the microwave for a warm experience. Apart from warm eye treatment, the bag is also ideal for cold treatment. Therefore, thus, it is easy to freeze it for cold eyes treatment. The pad is ideal for the treatment of different conditions for a blissful experience.


  • Hot and cold treatment
  • 100% natural materials
  • Parabens and chemical-free
  • Luxurious feeling


  • Feels a bit heavy to eyes

9. Happy Wraps Namaste Yoga Lavender Eye Pillows

Happy Wraps Namaste Yoga Lavender Eye Pillows

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Dry or painful eyes are some of the common problems people encounter daily. But, instead of using medicines, you can soothe the naturally. The Happy Wrap Namaste eye mask is one of the options to treat your eyes. Unlike the other medications, these pillows are safe and naturally made to suit many people. Additionally, they have natural flaxseed and lavender smell. The soothing nature and elegant scent ensure there is love for these pillows.

Apart from covering eyes, the pillows are also enabled with compression ability. This helps easing sinuses as well as headache and other common issues in your head. Whether you need the pillows cold or warm, they are designed to be flexible. You can put them on a freezer or microwave to allow right eye region treatment. With these pillows, they deliver a luxurious feeling due to cotton upper fabrics.


  • Versatile flaxseed filled pillows
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Multiple uses


  • Only ideal when back sleeping

8. ASUTRA Weighted Hypoallergenic Silk Eye Sleep Mask

ASUTRA Weighted Hypoallergenic Silk Eye Sleep Mask

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The Asutra silk eye sleep mask is perfectly made to stick to your face. Regardless of your sleeping position, the mask perfectly fits your face. In fact, the design ensures you experience great perfect fit without unwanted movements. The silk made pad is luxurious and ensure user get the best feeling. There are no unwanted reactions like with other pads. In fact, this pillow is 100% hypoallergenic. Therefore, when wearing, there is no worrying about reactions with your skin.

Unlike other pillows that you wear for sometimes, this one you can sleep while wearing. This is due to its soft and flexible nature. Apart from the luxurious feel, the pillow is exceptional in keeping the wearer experiencing complete relaxation. All the ingredients are safe and free from animal products or testing. Besides the safe fabrics, the gel materials ensure there is no fatigue and creates better relaxation than others.


  • Hypoallergenic silk construction materials
  • Fatigue eliminating gel
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Easy customization


  • Not enough weight

7. Unimi Lavender Aromatherapy Unisex Eye Mask

Unimi Lavender Aromatherapy Unisex Eye Mask

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Getting your face perfect aromatherapy can be tricky sometimes. But, with this Unimi Lavender aromatherapy eye mask, it helps to keep your body soothed. Apart from soothing the eyes, it also helps in keeping away light when sleeping. Made of compression beads, the pillow is efficient in keeping the eyes soothed. Besides, the bag is lavender scented which is ideal for keeping eyes relived. The good thing is you can sleep with this pad to keep your eyes free from light.

Unlike other pillows, this has removable pads which are great when sleeping. This helps to allow people to sleep comfortably without eye discomforts. Amazingly, it is possible to put the mask on the microwave which is great for hot therapy. In fact, the removable pad ensures easy to heat in a microwave. With dual usage, it can act as a pillow as well as eye masks.


  • Act as pillow and mask
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Perfect for different sleeping styles
  • Adjustable pressure


  • Feels too heavy

6. Savasana Now Flax Seed Filled Lavender Eye Pillow with Carry Bag

Savasana Now Flax Seed Filled Lavender Eye Pillow with Carry Bag

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The Savasana Now eye-soothing pillow is safe and soft. The pad is made from soft and luxurious silk. Therefore, it keeps your skin safe without irritations and other common issues. Suited for sleeping, and yoga, it assists in stress relief, meditation, anxiety relief, and others. Combination of flaxseed and lavender scent provides exceptional body and mind relaxation. Due to the luxurious design, it is a good way to spice your day or offers it as a gift.

The double-action lets this pillow be used for hot and cold therapy. Therefore, when your eyes are aching or dry, it becomes necessary to use this pillow to get complete treatment. For people who don’t like scented pillows, this one is available on unscented option. Apart from treating your eyes, the pillow is large and suits your neck, shoulders and other body parts.


  • Naturally lavender scent
  • Suited for different body parts
  • Therapeutic application
  • Washable outer cover


  • No fitting straps



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The ability to enjoy relaxed eyes and face depends on your relaxation mechanism. However, this handmade Taketwopillow and call men in the morning pads are amazing. They are made to perfection and delivers a sleek and luxurious look. In fact, the pads are designed with matching covers, they give every user a superb feeling. The 9.2oz lavender seeds are tasked with soothing your eyes and facial skin. Due to handmade, the bags are reliable and superbly reliable.

Due to the weighted design, the pillow is tasked to offer different solutions. In fact, it’s usable for different purposes like offering therapy to wrist, fingers, and others. This is possible due to the ease of heating. With ease to reinvigorate lavender sent buds, they ensure pillow. Amazingly, the reusable PVC bag helps in keeping the pillow safe.


  • Reusable PVC pouch
  • Multiple body organs usage
  • Simple to revive the scent


  • Fabrics frays quickly

4. Eye Pillow Vacation Migraine, Stress & Anxiety Relief Pillow

Eye Pillow Vacation Migraine, Stress & Anxiety Relief Pillow

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Soothing your eyes from daily fatigue, dust, and other conditions requires the best masks. The Eye Pillow Vacation relieves your body, especially on the face. Every pillow from this brand is made from natural fabrics. Also, some are cotton made which enables them to offer an unmatched experience. Inside features faux seed which is great for providing natural and safe soothing. Amazingly, the natural aromatherapy is great even for people with an allergic reaction to different smells.

The filling seeds are superb for offering soft massage. Even without heating this pillow, there is a great therapy to your eyes. With this mask allowing your facial muscles to take a vacation, there is vital rejuvenation. Even when having sore eyes, the pillow is efficient since it can be placed in a freezer. Due to different colors, there is an easy selection to your favorite finish. Above all, the pad is good for stress, anxiety, and other common daily encounters.


  • Multiple colors
  • Natural cool massage
  • Variety of natural fabrics


  • Not designed for sleeping

3. DreamTime Inner Peace Lavender Velvet Eye Pillow

DreamTime Inner Peace Lavender Velvet Eye Pillow

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The DreamTime inner peace face mask is a good way to enjoy eye relaxation. Whether you are using it at home or spa, the pillow provides unmatched facial massage. In fact, this face pad is good to turn your home eye massage into a spa-like experience. It relaxes, soothes and rejuvenate your skin hence a good way to keep your eyes safe. Forget the chemicals landed pillows that can affect your skin. This features all-natural products. Therefore, no more allergens and unwanted reactions.

With a blend of cotton and silk materials enable the user to enjoy skin safety. Also, the combination of faux seed, lavender, chamomile, and orange gives unparalleled soothing. Apart from being good for eye-soothing, the bag provides a good way for cold therapy. Actually, the materials are safe to freeze to give cold aromatherapy. Above all, the acupressure enables the pillow to deliver natural massage.


  • Blended filling materials
  • Zippered to easily remove fillings
  • Velvet soft


  • Not heatable in microwaves

2. Nolava Designs Weighted Lotus Eye Pillow Mask

Nolava Designs Weighted Lotus Eye Pillow Mask

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Natural aromatherapy materials are known to give the body a great boost. That is why this pillow for eyes by Nolava is superb and premium quality. It helps you achieve seamless sleep without painful eyes. Whether it’s during high dust seasons, anxiety and other conditions. With the ability to be used when sleeping and meditating, the pillow is multipurpose. Besides weight design, the pad boast lotus lavender. It gives your skin and general body ultimate relaxation.

Compared to other pillows, this has multiple functions. It can be used for hot or cold therapy. This is through heating in a microwave or keeping it in a freezer. As a result, your body gets the right therapy-on-demand without a struggle. With a cover designed to be washable, the pillows are great for home as well as commercial use. Moreover, the compression ability allows the mask to give the users excellent natural massage.


  • Washable upper cover
  • Durable carrying cover
  • Natural compresses ions mechanism
  • Plastic storage bag


  • Not ideal for wet conditions

1. Peacegoods Organic Flax Seed Eye Pillow, Unscented

Peacegoods Organic Flax Seed Eye Pillow, Unscented

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Forget the eye masks that cause strong unwanted scents. This pack of organically made face mask ensures there is great relaxation without compromising the health. Moreover, the cotton constructed bags are amazing and keep the bags reliable. Created with heavier weight, it impacts great massage as well as efficient in relieving pain, fatigue, and headache. Also, for people with sinus, stress and other common problems, the pillow is amazing.

The design is large enough to cover your eyes and large face portion. Additionally, the ability to be heated or cooled ensure there is great versatility when using this bag. The interior is filled with unscented flax seeds which are superb for natural face soothing your face. Generally, these bags are sleek due to different colors which enable a soothing and inspiring experience.


  • Natural flax seeds
  • Multiple colors pack
  • Unscented and safe to use


  • Filling seeds aren’t meant for wetting

Eye pillows buying guide

Eye mask shape

The shape of a pillow is vital in determining comfort. Usually, depending on your sleeping style, there is a need to check on the shape. This because some of the masks are prone to movement especially when changing the sleeping position. Apart from the snug fit, the mask should be contoured to ensure there is great contoured design. As a result, users can enjoy comfort when wearing. Depending on your liking, there are different shaped pillows. Some are designed for eye cover while others have extended design with ear covering. Therefore, you can enjoy sound as well as light blocking.

Materials and fabrics

Eye are sensitive organs. Therefore, the construction of a face mask should take into consideration this aspect. As a result, looking for a super soft and reliable mask is always a priority. Normally, many materials are used in making of these masks. Most common are cotton although there are others made from silk and satin. Also, the padding is important in ensuring there is great cushioning. However, ensure the materials are safe, odor-free and hypoallergenic.

Purpose of the face mask

The purpose of eye pillows differs across different brands and styles. Some are designed for blocking light which allows people to sleep. Also, there are others made to ensure there is people get perfect training, especially in yoga. Apart from enhancing sleep, some masks are ideal for compression and other functions.


Eye pillows are absolute ways to ensure there is superb facial relaxation. Enabled to create a relaxing sensation. There are different pillows in terms of size, color, and styles. Therefore, no more stress or headache or other issues with these reviewed face masks.

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