Top 10 Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Gaming laptops generate a lot of heat. This can reduce computer efficiency, especially for extreme gamers. Providing additional cooling accessories is great to ensure maintained performance. Gaming laptop cooling pads are among the best ways to improve heat dissipation. The good thing with these pads is they are externally used meaning no expert needed to use them.

There are many cooling pads available to suit different laptops. Additionally, they are USB powered. This enables the cooling pads to be connected to a laptop without needing external power sources. The pads come with a various number of fans which improves cooling efficiency. Available in different styles, the pads are worth to facilitate heat management. For best gaming laptop cooling pads, below are expertly selected products for ultimate performance.

10. KLIM Wind Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad

KLIM Wind Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad

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KLIM quiet cooling pad is reliable to keep your gaming laptop cool. The heavy-duty designed pad has 4 fans that are efficient in dissipating heat. In fact, it has a silent operation which eliminates disturbing noise. The ability to eradicate overheating means improved computer life expectancy. Even when you are involved in extreme gaming, the pad is exceptionally reliable. Amazingly, the cooling pad supports laptops measuring 11-19 inches. Also, it is a good option for PlayStation 2 game consoles.

The design and performance of this pad are amazing. It delivers up to 1200 rotations per minute. This delivers enough wind to cool your computer efficiently. Besides, the materials used help in heat conduction. Therefore, apart from the fans, the metallic shielding surface helps in heat dissipation. The connection to the power source is easy since the pad come with 2 USB ports. It, therefore, connects and leaves extra space for charging your devices.


  • Quiet operation
  • Quick heat dissipation
  • Extra USB ports
  • Durable construction


  • Speed not adjustable

9. AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans

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AICHESON cooling pad is dedicated equipment for use in high-performance laptops. It boasts excellent cooling ability due to sturdy fans hat ensure there is no more overheating. Compared to other pads, this has exceptional reliability since it comes with five fans. They work efficiently and quietly to provide superb cooling. Besides the cooling fan, the pad has metal weave mesh that helps further in heat dissipation. Enhanced with silicone holders, they are great to ensure computer stays intact.

The variable speed means the pad is great for ensuring there is superb cooling. It can deliver 1000-1500 rotations per minutes, thus a great way to keep computers working efficiently. The sleek fan light is classic and brings great mood. With a raised design, there is comfort and high ergonomics when typing or gaming. The pad has 2 USB and switch that helps to switch On/Off the fan lights.


  • High-speed fans
  • Silicone grips
  • Sleek light
  • Adjustable stand


  • Light color isn’t changeable

8. Kootek Computer Cooler Pad Chill Mat

Kootek Computer Cooler Pad Chill Mat

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Kootek computer cooler is a pad designed to meet all gamers need. It’s a large pad that comes with enough number of fans to cool your computer. Equipped with a large center fan and other 4 smaller ones they deliver excellent wind to enable significant cooling. Whether it’s gaming or using a computer in office, the pad is ultra-quiet. This ensures there is great peace of mind and no more interferences.

Besides cooling, the fans come with blue LED lighting. It is easy to enjoy cool illumination at night hence supercharging your gaming mood. Unlike the other pads, this comes with 6 adjustable design. It is therefore easy to configure it to fit your best typing or gaming position. With dual USB ports, the pad allows for extension and addition of extra devices. The two stoppers are effective in preventing the laptop from slipping or falling.


  • Efficient laptop stoppers
  • Extra USB port
  • Selectable fan operation


  • Fan speed isn’t adjustable

7. Pccooler Laptop Portable Laptop Cooling Stand

Pccooler Laptop Portable Laptop Cooling Stand

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Keeping laptop cooled is vital for maximum performance. Pccooler portable pad is good for use in your notebook wherever you go. Whether its office or any other place using your laptop, it’s a versatile cooler. Boasting premium construction, the fan offers excellent durability. In fact, it features stainless steel which is excellent for sturdiness and reliability. The metal mesh, besides providing excellent strength, it offers additional heat conduction. Therefore, the combination of metal mesh and fans delivers efficient cooling.

The cool blue LED lights are excellent when it comes to creating a scenic experience. Besides, the honeycomb design allows the user to enjoy a sleek nature. With non-slip enhancements, the laptop delivers great safety to your computer. The speed adjustable fans are superb and to enable quick cooling. This is unlike others that only have one speed. The dual USB interface leaves you with an extra port to connect other accessories like keyboard, mouse and others.


  • Adjustable speed
  • Height and angle adjustability
  • Sleek honeycomb metal mesh


  • Lacks RGB colors

6. CM Storm SF-17 – Gaming Laptop Adjustable Cooling Pad

CM Storm SF-17 - Gaming Laptop Adjustable Cooling Pad

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Keeping a computer cool is vital for sustained performance. CM Storm SF-17 is one of the fantastic cooling pads the give your gaming laptop excellent cooling. The durably made pad keeps your computer secure. It is the premium construction material that makes the pad strong and is built to hold up to 17 inches laptops. The pad is super quiet, which makes it suitable for different working environments. Therefore, even when working in offices, it’s a good pad to choose.

The fantastic feature in this pad is that it comes with a great USB interface. It has 4 ports which give users the ability to connect different devices. With speed adjustment as well as height, there is excellent performance and reliability. It is, therefore, possible to set the right speed to ensure there is quick cooling. The improved cable management system helps to keep bench clean without clattering.


  • Cable management system
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Comfortable rubber handles


  • Not comfortable in laps

5. Otimo Cooling Pad for 12-17’’ Laptops

Otimo Cooling Pad for 12-17’’ Laptops

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Gaming or working with your computer without overheating is a great thing. That is why Otimo cooling pad is great equipment that keeps your laptops cool. Made to accommodate 12-17 inch laptops, it’s versatile and ideal for most gamers. The continuous cooling enables the computer to work consistently without performance compromise. It has metal mesh which in collaboration with fans draws heat from the computers. This keeps the machine cool, thereby adding the life shelf and performance.

The pad come with 5 fans that run simultaneously. They are powerful and delivers strong wind that helps to keep the laptop cooled. Despite the fan ability to cool your computer quickly, fans are whisper quiet. They, therefore, ensure great peace of mind whether in a classroom, office or home. With adjustable height and inclination angles, there is excellent ergonomics to avert bad posture. Overall, the pad is lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky when carrying.


  • Lightweight design
  • Height and incline adjustment
  • Retractable laptop holders


  • No light dimming

4. Wsky Ultra Slim 12”-17” Laptop Cooler Pad

Wsky Ultra Slim 12''-17'' Laptop Cooler Pad

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Wsky ultra-slim cooler is the ultimate options to keep your computer cool. The pad is highly engineered to give the best results. The combination of 5 fans delivers incredible cold wind. This helps the computer to cool quickly and efficiently, thus maintaining computer ability. Although the fans are high speed rotating, they are super quiet. This means that even when working on busy and quiet places, there is no noise interference.

The LED light delivers a relaxed gaming environment. Mainly, it illuminates dark places with stylish blue color creating a great mood. Apart from the efficient cooling, the pad offers a sleek look. It has metallic mesh with a honeycomb design. Not only has the surface look beautiful, but functional to assist in heat dissipation. The built-in storage for USB cables, there is neatness when the pad isn’t in use. Moreover, dual ports support additional device like phone charging.


  • Built-in cable storage compartment
  • Sleek metals surface
  • Independent fan control switch


  • Doesn’t support high power devices

3. i-Star Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Stand

i-Star Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Stand

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A reliable cooling pad is essential for gamers to enjoy seamless gaming. i-Star cooler is among the premium and highly designed cooling solutions. The pad is made from durable materials which ensure durability is a guarantee. Also, there is a reliable computer holding without pad collapsing. Although the body features hard plastic, the platform come with a metallic material. They combine to deliver excellent cooling due to efficient heat dissipation. Actually, the fans can get a speed of 2500 rotations per minute hence great cooling air.

Uniquely, the pad has an LED screen that shows pre-set fan speed. Additionally, the simple to use buttons are soft to press and set. Therefore, when you need to adjust the fan speed, it’s just a press of a button. The designing of this cooler pad is to accommodate all laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches. With a flexible configuration, there is ergonomic experience when utilizing this pad. The fantastic red LED light is colorful and great to keep gamer excited.


  • Sleek red light
  • Lighted LED screen
  • Ultra-quiet fans


  • Plastic part feels cheap

2. Carantee Laptop Quiet Notebook Cooler Pad

Carantee Laptop Quiet Notebook Cooler Pad

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Carantee notebook cooler pad is ready to give your laptop best cooling. This cooling pad is furnished with a bigger center fan and other 4 small ones. They work excellently to ensure there is quick and maintained cooling. Therefore, even for people who game for a long time, the pad is highly reliable. Despite the pad having multiple fans, they are quiet and doesn’t disturb other users. It, therefore, suits different areas of applications without causing noise disturbances.

The sturdy construction is the reason this pad is reliable for heavy-duty applications like gaming. It has superior construction which is excellent in ensuring support and durability are a guarantee. The removable baffle and non-slip mats ensure no movements when the pad is in use. This eliminates the risk of accidental slips hence great for safety and usability. With large surface, it is an ideal cooler for different sized laptops.


  • Ideal for different sizes
  • Removable baffle and a non-slip mat
  • Adjustable incline


  • No cable storage

1. MeFee RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Gaming Laptop Cooler

MeFee RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Gaming Laptop Cooler

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MeFree gaming laptop cooler is a highly reliable accessory. The uniquely made pad is excellently made to facilitate quick cooling. Equipped with large metal mesh surface and powerful fans, they ensure super-fast heat dissipation. Therefore, when using your laptop for heavy-duty tasks, the pad efficiently keeps the machine cool. To enable reliable performance, it has 6 core deep cooling turbo fans. They provide 360 degrees cooling hence maintaining your computer cool.

The construction not only focuses on cooling but offering a sleek appearance. Additionally, the RGB lighting keeps the gaming room rocking. With excellent illumination, the pad is superb for all gamers. The dual USB ports offer secure connection, and also has additional phone holding stand for easy charging. The adjustable height and retractable laptop holders give gamers time. Also, there is high ergonomics as the pad has an adjustable inclination.


  • Colorful RGB light
  • LCD interface
  • Compatible with large laptops


  • Bulkier than rivals

Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads Buying Guide

Number of fans

The number of fans is an important feature that determines overall cooling. Different pads come with varying number of fans. Mostly, the typical pads have between 1-6 fans. However, the need for pad will determine on how extreme gamin the user is. For heavy-duty gamers, more fans in a pad a great feature.

Adjustable speed

Ability to adjust your pad fan speed is another essential feature. Different laptops need varying degrees of cooling. However, to ensure quick cooling, adjustable speed is necessary. It ensures you set fans to suit the condition of your laptop. Some of the pads come with a single speed. However, this is a drawback in some situations. Therefore, always ensure your cooling pad of choice is adjustable.

Adjustable height and incline

Ergonomic sitting is one of the vital for general body health. Therefore a choice of the cooling pad should take into consideration the adjustability. Adjustable height is essential for ensuring the body get the right posture. Besides, the inclination is vital to configure the pad to the best sitting position.

Metallic mesh surface

The surface made of the metallic shell is idea for super heat dissipation. Although there are many materials used in construction, the top section should be made from metal. This ensures there is efficient heat dissipation hence quick computer cooling.


There is every need to have a gaming laptop cooling pad. These accessories are vital for keeping your computer performing maximally and increase the durability. With heat being one of the computer slowing factors, these cooling pads are paramount.

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