Top 10 Best TV Wall Mount in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

TV wall mounts are handy and vital accessories. They help in freeing your space and also enables perfect TV placement. Whether you have a small room or for easy viewing, wall mounts are vital. The accessories are great since they eliminate the need for shelves and stands. The good thing with wall brackets is they offer high flexibility. Actually, some mounts provide multiple functions like tilts or swivel.

Apart from giving your TV proper anchoring, the brackets are great for home décor. The correct choice of mount helps to ensure a perfect room look. With some wall mount offering universal TV compatibility, they save you a lot of hassles. With different types of TV wall mounts, the list below gives you the best choices.

10. Mounting Dream Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount for 37-70 Inches TVs

Mounting Dream Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount for 37-70 Inches TVs

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Giving your TV perfect and reliable mounting is now easy. Mounting Dream universal TV tilt is among the ideal choices. The accessory features a patented design that ensures excellent support. With the ability to fit 37-70 inches televisions, it has a superb 132 pounds weight capacity. Additionally, the mount has a maximum VESA 600 by 400 mm. The careful design and premium materials help in reliable TV support. Besides large TV support, the mount looks stylish and perfect for any house.

The space-saving design is excellent and means you can use the mount in different places. It offers 1.5 inches flush profile, which is perfect for use even in tight areas. Apart from saving space, the support has an easy tilting function. The 8 degrees adjustment ensures no glare and comfortable viewing. Installation is simple since it comes with decent instructions. Amazingly, the mount has a bonus 6 feet HDMI cable, torpedo level and cable management tiers.


  • Patented design
  • Easy installation
  • Bonus HDMI cable
  • Cable management system


  • Little wiggle room in wall bolt

9. Amazon Basics Full Motion 22’’-55’’TV Wall Mount

Amazon Basics Full Motion 22’’-55’’TV Wall Mount

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Amazon Basic TV wall mounting structure is impressive and super strong. It’s a steel and aluminum mount with a fantastic design to hold TVs ranging from 22 inches to 55inches. It is, therefore, ideal for use in different brands and positions. The high precision cuttings ensure there is no struggle to fit your device. With the ability to hold TVs measuring 22-55 inches, the structure is sturdy. Additionally, the sleek piano black finish is superb for creating a decorative appearance.

Apart from the sleek finish, the mount has a beautiful wall plate. There is optimal viewing since the equipment is super flexible. The mount has broad compatibility with different flat-panel TVs. Amazingly, the wall mount can extend, collapse, tilt and swivel. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy great functionality. The equipment has 15 degrees tilting action, which is excellent for exceptional TV viewing. With cable management, there is neat and sleek room décor.


  • Powder coating
  • Heavy-duty steel and aluminum
  • Multi- tilting design


  • Less weight support than rivals

8. Everstone Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount, VESA 400mm

Everstone Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount, VESA 400mm

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Everstone articulating TV stand is excellent and offers multifunction performance. The mount features steel alloy, which is vital to hold significant weight. Actually, it can hold up to 121 pounds which is excellent for big flat TVs. The unique height adjustment allows for easy centering. This is possible due to the 2 hook height modes. Besides tilting, the structure can raise the TV 4 inches which corrects the watching experience. The adjustment is superb since its possible alter the height even after installation.

The mount is capable of fitting TVs measuring 26’’-60’’. Moreover, it has VESA 400mm by 400m hence great for most devices. The bracket can fit in studs measuring 8’’-16’’ as well as concrete walls. Apart from the versatility in TV compatibility, the bracket enables 3 degrees to tilt up, 15 degrees tilt down. The 180 degrees swivel action. Despite the complete looking design, this wall mount has easy installation. Actually, the detailed instruction lets you install in 30 minutes. Above all, it comes with a bonus 6 feet HDMI cable.


  • Multifunctional adjustments
  • Alloy steel structure
  • 3-axis magnetic bubble level
  • Security locks


  • It takes time to install

7. JUSTSTONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount

JUSTSTONE Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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Having the best TV mount can bring a unique viewing experience. Applying the latest technology on the market, the JUSTSTONE wall mount brings an incredible watching experience while boosting the décor. This TV wall mount can accommodate 27 to 65 inch TVs of both flat and curved designs. With two hook height modes, you can select the appropriate height that brings out a comfortable viewing. The brackets tilt 15 degrees down and 3 degrees backwards.

It can also swivel 45 degrees and extends 14 inches to allow convenient operation and viewing. All the necessary anchors and brackets are included to make the installation easy. Also, the level adjustment enables you to adjust the TV level without necessarily dismantling and reinstalling. The product comes with a six feet HDMI cable, a three-axis magnetic bubble level, mounting hardware, and cable ties.


  • Strong and flexible
  • Multiple level adjustments
  • Space-saving design


  • Tricky installation for beginners

6. Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount

Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount

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Despite its simple-looking design, this TV wall mount offers a satisfying viewing angle. It is ideal for 45 to 90 inches TVs. The innovative design of the Sanus TV wall mount provides 5.7 inches extension on a tilting support. With this extension, even the largest TVs can achieve the maximum tilt angle without any hassle. This TV mount is unlike traditional designs, whereby large TVs often hit the wall, limiting the tilt angle.

Well, more tilt reduces glare and brings out a fantastic viewing experience. This exclusive feature makes this TV wall mount a must-have for all the above-eye-level mounting locations, such as above the fireplace. What’s more, this unique tilt feature makes the initial hook-up and future adjustments a breeze. Moreover, the open wall plate design makes it easy to install it over the power sockets. The level adjustment and post-installation height adjustment allow fine-tuning for a superb watching experience.


  • Super clean installation
  • Wide TV compatibility
  • Unique level adjustment


  • A bit pricier than some premium TV wall mounts

5. Perlegear Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

Perlegear Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

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If you’re looking for the best TV wall mount that meets your different viewing needs, don’t look further. Perlegear full motion TV mount boasts an innovative design and high-quality steel. The stylish structure ensures maximum adjustability and can accommodate 37 – 75 inch Televisions. Also, this premium TV wall mount boasts 60 degrees swivel and 10 degrees tilt. Thus, you can effortlessly customize the watching experience.

With dual articulating arms that retract 3 inches from the wall, this mounting system allows more space-saving. Actually, it can extend up to 15.4 inches from the wall. This TV wall mount system comes with all necessary setup hardware and a detailed manual, making the installation process a breeze. Moreover, it is a robust wall mount system that can accommodate TVs weighing up to 132 lbs.


  • High-level adjustability
  • Super-strong steel
  • Space-saving design


  • Needs improvement to reduce weight

4. BLUESTONE Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

BLUESTONE Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

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When you want to get an ideal TV wall mount, think about this one from BLUESTONE. With its meticulous design, it is perfect for 32 to 83 inch TVs. It boats innovative and super strong steel construction that can support all TV brands and models virtually. With +5°/-15° tilt angle, it allows customized viewing. Also, the low profile and retract angle bring a stylish appearance while saving your valuable space.

The high-quality steel design not only enhances durability but also provides safe use. Unlike others, this TV wall mount bracket is rigid as it can accommodate up to 165 lbs. Besides, the installation of this TV wall mount is relatively easy because all hardware are included, and an easy-to-understand manual will help you connect every part. It also includes pre-labeled bags, bubble level, and HDMI cable.


  • Space-saving
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Effortless installation


  • Insufficient tilt

3. MOUNTUP Full Motion TV Wall Mount

MOUNTUP Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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It is such a thrilling experience when you can adjust your TV to the best viewing position. With the advent of large TVs, wall mounts have become a necessity. MOUNTUP Full Motion Tv mount is an ideal choice if you’re on a budget and still want the highest quality. It is forged from cold-formed steel, making it among the sturdiest options on the market. Also, it features an extending arm design to cater to large TVs and curved styles. This TV wall mount tilts 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down.

Hence, maneuvering large TV’s position to suit your preference is a breeze. The easy single stud installation makes this TV bracket unique and an excellent choice for many. Besides, the necessary installation hardware is there, bubble level and easy to read instructions making everything a breeze. It extends 19.6 inches from the wall and retracts back 3.3 inches making the installation of large TVs trouble-free.


  • High weight capacity
  • Longer extension
  • Premium steel


  • A bit expensive

2. FORGING MOUNT Long Extension TV Mount

FORGING MOUNT Long Extension TV Mount

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This 30-inch long arm TV mount brings a unique way of watching your TV. It can accommodate TVs ranging from 32 to 70 inches, with curved and flat designs. Also, it boasts broad compatibility as it is ideal for Hisense, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, and other TV brands. It features an offset wall plate and a long arm which makes corner installation a flawless task. The good thing is that it’s easy to install even the 70 inch TVs at a corner while offering angle adjustment.

This full-motion TV wall mount bracket swivels, articulates, tilts, and extends, thereby offering full range adjustment. Additionally, this TV mount bracket is sturdier than its competitors, thanks to the unique carbon steel construction. It also boasts a no-split wall plate and arm design, making it stronger and durable. With a load capacity surpassing 300 lbs., there’s no doubt it is a reliable and versatile TV mount bracket.


  • Durable and strong
  • Stylish design
  • Full motion adjustment


  • Blocks some inputs

1. PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Mount Bracket

PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Mount Bracket

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With the heavy-duty steel construction and charming design, the PERLESMITH TV wall bracket provides a convenient TV watching. It boasts an articulating design featuring an arm that retracts 1.6 inches from the wall and extends up to 16 inches away from it. So, it allows flexible position tuning and saves your room space. Also, it tilts 5 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards. It swivels 90 degrees on either side, but the maximum swivel angle will depend on your TV’s size.

Moreover, superior steel construction and three-arm design make it more robust and safer to use than contemporary models. However, this TV wall mount is only ideal for 32 to 42 inches weighing not more than 77lb. This mounting bracket is compatible with VESA mounting hole pattern. You’ll also adore the flawless installation as the package includes the necessary hardware, magnetic bubble level, and cable ties.


  • DIY installation
  • Premium carbon steel
  • Stylish design and adjustment


  • A bit pricey

Best TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

TV size

The size of a TV is a determinant when you are choosing the ideal mount. Actually, every bracket come with specified sizes of TV it can support. Apart from the size, the device size also determines the weight. Therefore, the larger your Television is, the more weight it has. To cater for different sized devices, many mounts come with adjustable brackets.

Type of wall mount

There are different mount types. They allow you to fix your TV quickly and in different locations. Regardless of the type, the stand should enable great flexibility. This means you can enjoy superb TV support as well as adjust your TV when necessary. There are several types of wall mount you can consider. You can go for a fixed wall mount. This, as the name suggests, don’t allow for TV adjustment as with other mounts.

The others are tilt and full-motion wall mounts. These are highly flexible and ensures your TV position is highly adjustable. You can change the TV height while others enable swiveling action.

Ease of installation

The ease of installation is another feature you need to check. It doesn’t mean because the mount look complex, it should be complicated. Actually, most modern mounts come with installation instructions. This means you can fix the brackets easily without the need to call experts. With simple installation steps and decent instructions, your mount will be easy to fix.


TV wall mounts are essential and worth to have accessories. Whether you need them for home, office or other places, they eliminate the need for stands. Also, you can fix a TV in the right position where everyone can view with ease. The mounts are absolute choices for superb support, perfect anchoring and viewing experience.

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