Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 31, 2022

Hiking brings great feeling while refreshing body and mind. With different types of hiking, they are ideal for giving people a superb experience. However, when planning these activities, one of the vital requirements are hiking backpacks. They are reliable and ensure people carry their gears with ease and comfort. Whether its food, clothes, body care products, and others, with the right bag, it’s a great step.

The hiking bags are available in different types. Therefore, depending on the needs and gear type, the correct bag offers a perfect fit. For different hikers, they will need different bags in terms of capacities and sizes. Also, the quality of materials and construction determine how reliable your backpack is. To enjoy the best hiking backpacks, going through our reviews and guide below eases your buying process.

10. TETON Sports Scout Internal Frame Backpack

TETON Sports Scout Internal Frame Backpack

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The Teton Sports Scout internal frame backpack offers hikers a peace of mind. The highly engineered bag provides excellent performance when outdoors. It’s a robust construction that allows for the user to enjoy secure storage. Enhanced with extra storage spaces, the bag fits most of the essentials. Therefore, once going outdoors, there is no more clattering your gear in small bags. The sleeping bag compartment is large and fits different sized sleeping bags.

When you need quick access, the bag has a bungee system. It allows people to store jackets and other vital items for quick retrieval. Moreover, the integrated rainfly is superb for ensuring your gear remains dry. Featuring padded straps, the backpack is comfortable to carry. Also, the sizeable 55L capacity ensures users can carry enough gear for two days hike. This eliminates the need to carry different small sized backpacks.


  • Large pockets
  • Integrated waterproof rainfly
  • Quick gear access compartment


  • Waist belt doesn’t stay tight well

9. Venture Pal Packable Durable Travel Hiking Daypack

Venture Pal Packable Durable Travel Hiking Daypack

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The Venture Pal is a durable and reliable daypack made for outdoor lovers. Whether hiking in a tropical rainforest or hot desert, the bag is superbly stable. It features a durable, water-resistant shell made from tough materials. Therefore, once the gears are inside, there is no worry about damage by elements. The materials are also durable which makes the bag last for years. With a double-layered bottom, this backpack is convenient for carrying a heavy load for long distances. The heavy-duty SBS zippers also provide superb protection and reliability.

Apart from the heavy-duty construction, the bag is superbly comfortable. It has mesh enhanced shoulder straps that improve breathability. Additionally, the thick padding is excellent and keeps the user shoulders perfectly padded. The multiple compartments are good for organizing your items. This means once you have a lot of gear, the bag is highly reliable. Despite the large capacity and durable shell, the bag has a lightweight design. It weighs 0.7 pounds hence great for maximum load carrying.


  • Extra lightweight
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Dual bottom layers
  • Multi-purpose applications


  • Material is too thin

8. Loowoko 50L Travel Camping Backpack

Loowoko 50L Travel Camping Backpack

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Loowoko travel camping bag provides excellent options to hikers and travelers. The versatile bag is made from heavy-duty shell to withstand all the outdoor condition. There is a great strap system designed to keep the bag stable throughout the travel. The 8 straps system allows for fitting different items like a hammock, tripod, sleeping mat, and other essentials. This leaves the internal pockets free to store delicate gear. Whether you want it as a hiking or travel bag, the optimized design ensures there is superb reliability.

The shoulders have a lot of plentiful sponge insulations tasked with maintaining high comfort. As a result, there is an excellent relief to shoulders, which helps to release excessive pressure. They are wider and amply padded, which is exceptional for keeping the user comfortable. The construction features ripstop polyester. Not only the material is durable but waterproof. Therefore, when carrying it outdoors, there is no more worry about water leaking. With 50L capacity, this luggage travel pack offers ample space for all your hiking gear.


  • Ample storage straps
  • Wide padded shoulder straps
  • Ripstop polyester shell


  • Weak seams

7. MOUNTAINTOP Hiking Camping Backpack

MOUNTAINTOP Hiking Camping Backpack

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Instead of doing you’re hiking in a hurry, planning for an ideal backpack helps a lot. The Mountiaintop camping bag is one of the fantastic options. The bag is large and offers high luggage versatility. Boasting sturdy polyester construction, there is reliability even when walking in dense bushes. Moreover, the shell is tough on weather, which eliminates worries. The YKK zippers and buckles are reliable even when the bag is fully loaded.

The interior has separated compartments, which are superb for gear organization. In fact, the laptop compartment is capable of housing 17 inches device. Also, the additional compartment allows for tubes and bladders. The universal design allows for different tubes and bladders storage. With a neat design, the bag is multipurpose, whereby you can use it outdoors or in airplanes. Comfort and a perfect fit are simple since the bag offers adjustable hip adjustment.


  • Adjustable hip strap
  • Large bladder compartment
  • Durable YKK zippers and buckles


  • Exterior water bottle pocket has no strap

6. AmazonBasics Internal Frame Backpack with Rainfly

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Backpack with Rainfly

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The ability to enjoy great outdoor experience depends on preparations. This AmazonBasics internal frame backpack brings excellent experience to hikers. Unlike other regular bags, this has a sturdy shell made from polyester material. This created superb protection to your luggage hence ideal when going for hikes or camping. The bag has internal frame construction, which is classic for ensuring strong reliability. With extensive storage compartments, there is easy organization and retrieval of the camping gear.

Carrying the bag is enjoyable and comfortable. It has well-made straps that help in support and comfort. Therefore, even when carrying it for a long time, the bag won’t cause excessive pressure. Depending on the user preference, the straps are adjustable. Therefore, there is comfort customization easily. The exterior has a water-repelling feature, which is excellent for keeping the gear safe from water or snow. Thereby, the bag is ideal for all seasons hiking and camping.


  • Water repellant shell
  • Strong pockets
  • Simple to adjust straps


  • Small bottle holders

5. Mardingtop Tactical Backpacks Molle Hiking daypacks

Mardingtop Tactical Backpacks Molle Hiking daypacks

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The Mardingtop Tactical daypack provides military-grade performance. It’s a sleek and reliable backpack designed by experts. It, therefore, give users a fantastic experience, whether hiking, traveling and other activities. Made from 600D oxford polyester, it is resistant to easy damage by everyday encounters. Additionally, the YKK zippers are exceptional in keeping the bag reliable. They are super sturdy which ensures there is proper security for your carried items. Enhanced with hydration compartment, the bag is ideal for use in hot summers. It holds up 2.5 liters bladder hence superb to beat dehydration.

The molle webbing is fantastic for ensuring the bag allows for efficient storage. Thus, when carrying small items, they are conveniently stored to enhance their safety. The 2 webbing underneath the head allows for a sleeping bag or bedroll tents. The waist belt design helps to stabilize the bag for comfortable walking. Available in different capacities, the rucksack is ideal for catering for everyone. Also, the neat design ensures high versatility and can be used for various functions.


  • Extra strong fabrics
  • Webbing straps
  • Large hydration pocket
  • Breathable carrying system


  • Zipper seams not water-resistant

4. OlarHike Hydration Backpack Insulated Water Pack

OlarHike Hydration Backpack Insulated Water Pack

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The OlarHike hydration water pack is one of the bags to invest when hiking. Not only for hikers, but it serves well as a running and biking bag. With its design, the backpack has integrated BPA free and leak-proof water bladder. This ensures you enjoy proper body hydration without struggling. The water blander is thoroughly tested and can operate under different areas without suffering damage due to pressure. As a result, whether running, biking, or hiking, the bag offers the best experience without causing leaks or bladder rapturing.

Apart from hydrating the body, this bag has multiple compartments. They are tasked with keeping different gears safe and organized. Unlike other bags, this has earphone holes that ensure smooth music experience without removing your phone. The construction entails lightweight and breathable mesh hence minimal empty weigh. Due to excellent thermal insulation, this rucksack helps to keep the fluid cool for hours.


  • Leak-proof hydration bladder
  • Superb insulation
  • Lightweight mesh construction


  • The phone pocket is too small

3. Osprey Talon 22 Men’s Hiking Backpack

Osprey Talon 22 Men's Hiking Backpack

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The Osprey Talon is one of the hiking bags you should own. The backpack made by experts boasts sturdiness and comfortable carrying ability. It’s a compact but has ample compartments to fit all your hiking gear. With a dual zippered main compartment, it keeps everything safe from elements as well as accidental dropping. Besides, the 2 zippered hip belts pockets are ideal since they ensure quick access. This enables people to store their items safely and increases retrieval.

With stretch mesh design, the pockets are ideal and fit different sized items. This gives your gears simple and safe attachment. Basically, the bag has excellent versatility since it can accommodate a variety of items. Whether its helmet, trekking poles, and other hiking essentials, there is a convenient attachment. The external hydration sleek is impressive and keeps the user body hydrated without stress.


  • Stretchy mesh construction
  • Easy accessories attachment
  • Dual Zipper closure


  • A bit smelly when new

2. NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Backpack

NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Backpack

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The Nevo Rhino backpack is the ultimate option for hikers. It’s one of the best internal frame bags that you can get for your needs. Offering enough room for your needs, this bag is excellently made with a robust structure. Featuring lightweight nylon materials, it has minimal impact on your luggage in terms of weight. However, the shell is tough and helps to secure your gear perfectly. The zippers are amazingly durable and offer perfect protection and reliability. Even when carrying massive weight, they are highly reliable.

Carrying the bag leaves your body enjoying excellent breathability. This is due to the breathable system in straps and curved design. This provides ergonomic carrying experience hence great for trekking. The innovative high load waist buckle is one of the reasons this bag is comfortable and enjoyable to carry when hiking. The reinforced structure allows users to get the best experience when using this backpack.


  • Reinforced structure
  • Breathable carrying system
  • Innovative waist strap


  • No integrated water bladder

1. OutdoorMaster Waterproof Cover Hiking Backpack

OutdoorMaster Waterproof Cover Hiking Backpack

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When you have many items to carry, the best thing is a reliable backpack. The OutdoorMaster hiking bag is large and durably made to ensure your great fits perfectly. Also, the design optimizes storage to the maximum while maintaining user comfort. Unlike other bags, this keeps your items inside, which is great for protection. Whether its dust or rainwater, the bag is made to protect all the stuff.

The waterproof rain cover comes with the backpack to allow it to work even under rainy conditions. Additionally, the padded compartment fits computers up to 15.6 inches. Other pockets enable people to enjoy great storage without causing inconveniences. Although the shell is sturdy, the bag issuer light, which gives it excellent comfort and functionality.


  • Extra-large capacity
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Foam padded hip belt


  • No earphone holes

Hiking Backpacks Buying Guide


The bag capacity is one of the most significant considerations. It determines the amount of luggage you can carry. With different sized bags, people often choose ones to fit their luggage needs. For people going for several days, a large hiking bag is ideal to house all your needs. However, for a simple hike, a small backpack is perfect.


Construction of these bags features different materials. Most of them are designed from polyester and nylon. To ensure reliable performance, heavy-duty fabrics are vital. Ideally, waterproof, ripstop materials are great since they can withstand outdoor conditions. Reinforced nylon fabrics are great and ensure users enjoy great protection and bag durability.


The comfort is mainly on the straps. Padded straps are always recommendable. They help to reduce pressure on the shoulders hence preventing discomfort. Besides, the back section should also be padded as well as ergonomic. Above all, the bag should be breathable to keep the body comfortable.


Apart from the regular features, backpacks come with extra ones to ease hikers’ life. Some of the ideal ones include accessories attachment straps, jackholes, hydration bladders among others. Every additional feature in a backpack is vital and means added convenience.


Hiking bags are essential, not only for hikers. Due to their sturdy and high engineering, they suit different tasks. Therefore, when you think about a suitable daypack, these are the superb options. They are large and come with plenty of features and reliability.

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