Top 10 Best Outdoor Blankets in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

As you think about going for outdoor activity, picnics and others, carrying a blanket is vital. These outdoor blankets are suitable for ensuring people have great relaxation. Available in different styles, decioration and sizes, you can get for one person as well as a whole family. Additionally, the various decorations enable buyers to choose ideal looking picnic blankets.

The choice of right blanket determines the outdoor relaxation experience. With a variety of qualities, some are waterproof meaning even when the ground is wet; it is easy to enjoy. Also, others come with pockets that are essential for keeping some of the handy stuff. Having a sturdy blanket made from tough fabrics ensures there is high reliability. Also, it’s easy to fold and compact to carry. The choice of right picnic blanket always guarantees a thrilling experience.

10. JJ Cole 5′ x 5’Outdoor Blanket

JJ Cole 5' x 5'Outdoor Blanket

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JJ Cole blanket is a great option when everyone is going for an outdoor expedition. Boasting large design, it measures 5 feet by 5 feet hence ample relaxing area. The easy folding and lightweight means it is handy and easy to carry. Therefore, even when having many items to carry, the blanket adds insignificant weight. The high versatility ensures it is ideal for different occasions. Whether its trips, picnics, beaches or others, it’s an essential worth having.

The fabrics used are durable and can work on any ground without getting damaged. Also, the mat is simple to clean without causing any hassles. In fact, the inner linings are simple to wipe clean without even dipping the whole blanket on water. Therefore, in case of spills, it’s easy to clean with a wet piece of cloth. Apart from the high functionality, the blanket features a stylish pattern and is water-resistant.


  • Water-resistant design
  • Smart, stylish patterns
  • Simple to fold and clean


  • No in sewn pockets

9. Scuddles Dual Layers Water-Resistant Outdoor Handy Mat

Scuddles Dual Layers Water-Resistant Outdoor Handy Mat

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Scuddles water-resistant handy mat is suited for use outdoors. The blanket is heavy duty and durable to ensure it lasts for long. Also, the fabrics used are sturdy which give user perfect protection. With a water-resistant design, there is no worry when the ground is wet. With attractive tartan and has sleek stripes. Thus, not only the mat offers protection but creates a beautiful resting surface. The durable nature gives this blanket excellent usability. Therefore, it is good as beach, picnics and other outdoor situations.

The PEVA backed construction ensures the blanket is ideally suited for use in high moisture areas. Apart from the durable construction, the mat is simple to fold and carry. It has a handy strap that ensures there is the ease of use. Boasting 3 layers construction, the blanket cares for everyone using it. Its large measuring 60’’ by 60’’ hence fits up to 4 adults.


  • Large for more capacity
  • 3 layered design
  • Water-resistant
  • Highly portable


  • Not machine washable

8. ZOMAKE Picnic Waterproof Blanket Mat

ZOMAKE Picnic Waterproof Blanket Mat

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Zomake waterproof picnic mat is all you need to enjoy relaxing in the enticing sun. The lightweight and durable blanket that is capable of keeping users comfortable. It has incredible construction with waterproof backing. This ensures moisture doesn’t penetrate creating discomforts. As a result, when camping or enjoying at the beach, the blanket is a handy option. To guarantee comfort and moisture protection, the mat has triple layers construction. The polyester top, sponge middle and PVC bottom creates a thrilling relaxation.

The construction not only makes the mat waterproof but, it is also resistant to sand. Thus, it is a good option for beaches and other sandy places. With aluminum foil enhanced bottom, the mat is highly functional. Despite the thick nature, the blanket is super light weighing only 28.5 OZ. Thus, even when carrying many stuff, the mat is easy and convenient to carry.


  • Water and sand proof
  • Extra lightweight
  • Easy to wash


  • Not suitable for windy conditions

7. POPCHOSE Sandfree Beach Pocket Picnic Mat

POPCHOSE Sandfree Beach Pocket Picnic Mat

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Carrying a picnic blanket is vital for comfort outdoors. Popchose sand proof mat is one of the fantastic choices. Suited for different grounds, it can work on the beach and other surfaces. Compared to others, this has great area capable of carrying up to 4 adults. Actually, it measures 83 inches by 78 inches, thus creating a large surface. Moreover, it folds down to compact 4.5 X 8 inches therefore good for saving the space.

The mat comes with stakes that ensure proper anchoring. Therefore, even when it’s windy, there is no mat blowing which can be disturbing. This makes the mat wind-resistant alongside the waterproof and sand proof design. For the storage of small items like phones, the mat has a zippered pocket. It is fillable with stones and sand, which helps to keep your items safe. The carrying pouch with a carabineer ensures carrying the mat is easy.


  • Zippered pocket
  • Wind and sand resistant
  • Convenient carrying pouch


  • Not puncture resistant

6. Angemay XL Sand Proof & Waterproof Portable Blanket

Angemay XL Sand Proof & Waterproof Portable Blanket

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Angemay XL waterproof picnic blanket offers everyone great joy. It ensures there is comfortable relaxation without soil or moisture penetration. The mat is super large, measuring 60 by 80 inches and can accommodate 7 people. Apart from the large nature, it’s also thick, which cushion the user from hard surfaces. The lightweight nature allows high portability; hence the mat is excellent for all outdoor expedition. Unlike others that need carrying pouches, this has integrated strap. Thus, it is simple to carry without adding bulkiness or bagginess.

The waterproof and sand proof construction ensures the mat is versatile. Actually, it is suitable for use in RVs, beaches, camps and other places. The high-quality materials and layered design ensure comfort is paramount. Apart from the durable construction, the mat is simple to clean. Notably, the waterproof backing ensures cleaning is a piece of cake.


  • High-quality waterproof materials
  • Smooth cleaning
  • Large than rivals


  • No shoulder sized strap

5. ANJ XXL 3-Layer Waterproof Blanket for Picnic & Beach

ANJ XXL 3-Layer Waterproof Blanket for Picnic & Beach

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Relaxing on a premium mat gives the user exceptional feeling. This 3 layered blanket is soft and durable. Boasting fleece fabrics, the mat is soft and perfect for everyone to relax. With waterproof material, it makes the mat durable and also users to enjoy great feeling. Additionally, the construction is superb and lets everyone enjoy durable experience. The mat is XXL which is great for accommodating up to 6 adults.

The blanket is superb and delivers waterproof and sand proof design. It’s a lightweight and easy to fold when transporting it. Also, the compact nature ensures that it fits in your camping bag. The PEVA backing delivers high waterproofing ability. Thus, even when enjoying your picnic in wet ground, beaches and others, there is superb protection. Unlike others that need washing every time, this is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • High-quality fabrics
  • Heavy-duty hook and loops
  • Sleek pattern


  • Rip easily

4. Make it fun XL Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

Make it fun XL Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

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Make it Fun picnic blanket creates a memorable experience for outdoor lovers. Whether using it in the backyard or other places, the mat is functional. It’s an extra-large mat measuring 90 inches by 80 inches. Therefore, it creates an exceptionally relaxing place where families and friends can rest. Despite the extensive nature, the mat is compact when collapsed. It folds down to 10 inches which allows it to fit in a backpack.

The mat features soft polar fleece hence great for comfort and durability. Additionally, the fabrics allow the users to enjoy great comfort for hours. The waterproof backing creates an ideal way to enjoy relaxing even in damp lawns. Even when you plan to enjoy beaches or camping, the mat is versatile and reliable. With integrated carrying strap it is a comfortable. It, therefore, doesn’t need a carrying pouch when going outdoors.


  • Sleek design and pattern
  • Comfortable carrying strap
  • Machine washable


  • It’s not stain resistant

3. ONIVA Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote XL

ONIVA Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote XL

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Oniva outdoor picnic blanket is superb for everyone with love for outdoor activities. The collapsible tote mat is efficient and convenient. Folding down to a small and portable design. As a result, there is no more carrying bags to put picnic blankets. With just a blanket folded like a tote bag, it enables easy portability. Offering large area, it measures 70 inches by 80 inches. Thus, it accommodates more people eliminating the need to carry an extra blanket.

The design and construction are amazing since the mat feature polyester fleece. Besides, the fabrics are backed with waterproof backing, which keeps users cozy. Even when it rains unexpectedly, the mat is great since you can enjoy a picnic without getting wet after rain. Apart from being a great mat, it boasts an integrated pocket on the flap. This allows for storage of small items like phones and others.


  • Integrated pocket
  • Durable polyester fleece
  • Adjustable strap


  • Feels a bit stiff

2. Mumu Sugar 3 Layered 80″x80″ Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Mumu Sugar 3 Layered 80

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Relaxing in a comfortable mat while outdoors creates memorable experiences. Mumu Sugar picnic blanket is one of the ideal ways to create an outstanding experience. The mat features non-toxic and eco-friendly fleece with a premium feel. Thus, as you relax, there is no reaction with skin which can irritate. Measuring 80 inches by 80 inches, its large and idea for holding the whole family. The soft nature and large design always ensure this mat is what every picnic lover should have.

Apart from the durable design, the mat is elegant due to the decoration. With a striped pattern, creates a sleek and appealing. The construction also is amazing since mat has 3 layers. It features a combination of layers, with each having its purpose. Therefore, it caters for comfort and protection from water penetrating to the two-part. To ensure you carry the mat to the destination, it comes with a tote bag.


  • Easy to carry
  • Eco-friendly polyester fleece
  • Multiple functions


  • Doesn’t have anchoring stakes

1. Merisny Sand Free Beach Blanket, 9′ x 10′

Merisny Sand Free Beach Blanket, 9' x 10'

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As you plan to spend your time relaxing, an outdoor mat is vital. Merisny beach blanket is one of the reliable choices that keep users relaxed. This mat is large spanning 9 feet by 10 feet to accommodate up to 7 adults. Besides, it’s versatile and ensures there are no more struggles to carry small mats. With sand-free design, it keeps the user enjoying the sun. Despite the large size, the mat is entirely collapsible to enable easy carrying.

Besides the ability to keep user sand-free, the fabrics are also backed with water-resistant materials. Even when sand or other surfaces are wet, it’s easy to enjoy excellent protection against elements. Provided with 6 stakes, they are essential for keeping the mat intact. It doesn’t get blown by the wind even when no one is relaxing. Besides, the corner pockets are crucial for filling with sand or stones. This enables the blanket to withstand the wind without being lifted at the corners.


  • Sand pockets in the corners
  • Water, sand and wind resistant
  • Fast drying


  • Feels soft like parachute material

Outdoor Blankets Buying Guide


The size of a blanket is vital before purchasing. It ensures there is a great comfort and ample space for all users. Depending on the number of people to use the mat, ensure to consider the size. When getting an outdoor carpet for the whole family, it should cater to all space needed without congestion. Amazingly, there are blankets capable of holding a single person and others up to 10 people.

Elements proof

It is vital to have a mat that can resist different weather elements. Mostly, the wetness of ground is a major concern. Therefore, waterproof blankets are always favored. This ensures you can enjoy great comfort without wetting your clothes. Also, mats that are sand resistant, windproof are essential. For element like wind, some mats come with stakes as well as pockets to put sand and rocks.

Materials used

The materials used are vital for reliability and safety. Mostly, the outdoor mats are made from sturdy materials like polyester, fleece and others. Layered mats are great since they offer high performance. However, ensure that the materials are eco-friendly and also nontoxic. Ideally, hypoallergenic materials are excellent since everyone can use without health issues.

Ease of carrying

The ease of carrying is paramount. They are outdoor accessories which need to be lightweight and compact. Therefore, regardless of how good your mat is, it should be lightweight and collapsible. This means you can carry it without stress. Also, it doesn’t add significant weight on your luggage. The mode of carrying is essential too. Some have fitted straps while others come with pouches.


Outdoor blankets are vital for a variety of activities. Created with high versatility, these mats are essential when camping, hiking and others. Available in different sizes and decorations, everyone has a chance to get an ideal picnic mat. With these features above, it’s time to enjoy a superb outdoor experience.

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