Top 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Most people are conversant with manual pencil sharpeners. With pencils having a lot of work, they are still relevant today for students, artists, carpenter and other users. To make the job easy, these days we have electrical pencil sharpeners. The working mechanism is similar to manual ones; only they that are powered by electrical motors. Also, they are either battery-powered or plugged on the AC outlet.

Due to the difference in the pencil diameters, the sharpeners should offer different holes. This ensures sharpening is convenient and no need to force thick ones into small holes. Apart from keeping the pencils sharp, these devices come with shaving holders. This helps to keep the room neat and is easy to empty the tanks. The ability of sharpener to work with different pencils is impressive and lets them be versatile. Whether you are looking ideal sharpener for personal use, classrooms or home, check the reviewed ones below.

10. JARLINK Heavy-duty Helical Blade Electric Pencil Sharpener

JARLINK Heavy-duty Helical Blade Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Jarlink sharpener is electrically powered and reduce the cranking hassle. This heavy-duty device has helical blades that give a pencil instant sharpening. The super sharp blades are reliable and don’t break even the most delicate cores. With versatile sharpening ability, the device can fit pencils measuring 6-8mm in diameter. Whether it’s charcoal, colored or other pencils, there is a fantastic performance. With super-fast sharpening, it only takes 10 seconds hence better than manual ones.

The dual power option is the reason you need to invest in this device. It is powered by alkaline batteries or plugged in a wall socket. It comes with an adapter which enables plugging. Besides, it can utilize USB cable to plug in a computer or chargers. Fitted with transparent shavings collector, it is easy to know when emptying is needed. The reservoir can hold shaving for up to 3000 sharpening times.


  • Large reservoir
  • Super-fast sharpening
  • Dual power supply
  • Steel helical blades


  • Batteries aren’t rechargeable

9. AFMAT Heavy-Duty Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

AFMAT Heavy-Duty Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Afmat heavy-duty electric sharpener is suited for your classroom. It is a reliable device that can serve the students without overheating or jamming. Actually, the premium materials and high craftsmanship ensure reliable performance. The robust steel blade is sharp and ideal for working on different pencil types. Whether it’s regular or color ones, it sharpens with high precision and efficiency. The quick action sees this device sharpen pencils in just 3 seconds.

Apart from the quick action, there is guaranteed safety when working with this device. It has UL certification and can sharpen up to 200 pencils at a time. The ability to sharpen 6000 times renders it one of the superb for heavy-duty applications. There is eased operations since it sharpens pencils automatically when inserted. With large b design, it has more space to store the shavings. The non-skid bottom feet pads ensure this sharpener remains intact throughout.


  • Non-slip feet
  • Extra fast sharpening speed
  • Automatic operation


  • Not for sketch pencils

8. Zmol Durable Helical Blade Fast Electric Sharpener

Zmol Durable Helical Blade Fast Electric Sharpener

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Zmol sharpening device is the right choice when you have many pencils to sharpen. Be it in schools, homes and other places; it delivers fast action. The electrically powered sharpener comes with the ability to utilize power from 3 sources. It can use AAA batteries, AC and USB connections. Therefore, when you have a lot of tasks, it is easy to perform flawlessly with this sharpener. The compact design renders this device suitable for any situation.

Sharpening pencils is now efficient and simple. It has automatic start mechanism to deliver ease of use. The device needs only slight pressure, and it starts to sharpen your pens. Amazingly, it can work on No 2 pencils as well as charcoal ones with a 6-8mm diameter. Unlike other sharpeners, this has an automatic stop when the work is done. The helical steel blades deliver extended sharpening ability.


  • Improved safety mechanism
  • Auto-start and stop
  • Durable ABS plastic


  • Only single pencil hole

7. POWERME Battery Powered Electric Pencil Sharpener

POWERME Battery Powered Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Powerme sharpener gives you the ability to sharpen your pencils outstanding performance. The superbly created device delivers an incredible power to work on different pencils types. It combines robust materials and sleek design to provide outstanding sharpening speed. The high-grade stainless steel helical blade can sharpen up to 3000 times without wearing out. Also, it stays sharp hence guaranteeing quick action. With this device, it eliminates the need to keep changing blades.

The device is highly suited to everyone bearing since it has a compact size and is battery operated. Additionally, the automatic working principle enables the user to enjoy seamless sharpening. The large transparent reservoir holds the shaving and requires less emptying intervals. Also, it is easy to clean hence maintaining the sharpener neat. Above all, the device is superb for different type of pencils. Whether its regular or coloring pencils, the device is remarkable.


  • Easy to clean tray
  • Durable sharpening blade
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not pluggable

6. X-ACTO School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener

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X-ACTO pro pencil sharpening device is versatile and suited for classrooms. The heavy-duty device is created to enable sharpening pencils of different sizes. Actually, it has the ability to sharpen 6 different sized pencils. As a result, different users find this sharpener suitable for their needs. Whether it is for school, artists and homes, the device is perfectly reliable. The auto-reset function is excellent to prevent the sharpener from overheating.

The construction of this device is superb. It has durable materials and a quiet motor. Therefore, even when in a classroom, there is no more noisy operation. Fitted with a long-lasting blade, it has 33× more durability than regular ones. The flyaway steel helical cutter is built to deliver high precision sharpening. Apart from handling different pencils, this device also has a large shaving tray. The durable construction enables the sharpener to withstand wear and tear.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Large clear tray
  • Extra durable steel blade
  • Adjustable pencil holes


  • Uneven sharpening

5. Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Bostitch sharpener is all you need to enjoy perfect writing pencils. It’s one of the best options that can work in homes, offices, and schools. Compared to manual ones, it brings efficiency and reliability since it has a premium blade. The NHC cutter give pencils perfect shaving without damaging the writing lead. Also, it lasts longer without suffering from wear and tears. The powerful motor is stall-free, which enables it to deliver reliable performance.

The construction is superb since it aims at space-saving. With a large tray, it’s easy to detach when emptying. The sleek and clear tray has decorative essence and is simple to clean. With the safety switch, the sharpener is safe and doesn’t cause risk to the user. The battery-powered device is versatile and ensures you can use it everywhere. Therefore, whether it for office and home use, the device is light and stress-free to carry.


  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Safety switch
  • Smooth sliding shaving trays


  • No automatic stop

4. OfficeGoods Electric Operated Pencil Sharpener

OfficeGoods Electric Operated Pencil Sharpener

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Keeping your artist or carpenter pencils sharp is suitable for fantastic work. OfficeGoods sharpener is one of the ideal electric sharpeners that can work in different situations. The dual power options mean it can use batteries or plug in a wall outlet. Therefore, whether outdoors or traveling, this compact device is simple to carry and use. Unlike other sharpeners, this comes with different sharpening options. The device can offer blunt, medium and sharp depending on the task at hand.

The device is safe for kids and adults. It features a safety mechanism that prevents injuries to user sharpening or emptying the shaving tray. Apart from plugging the sharpener on the wall outlet, it also allows for USB connection hence easy to connect in your computer. With sharp and reliable cutters, the sharpening takes only 10-15 seconds.


  • Different sharpening modes
  • 2-way power option
  • Space-saving design


  • No pencil size adjustment

3. School Smart Electric Vertical Pencil Sharpener

School Smart Electric Vertical Pencil Sharpener

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Give your home or office and new looking non-traditional sharpener. The School Smart pencil sharpening device is created to deliver outstanding look. Unlike other devices, this has a vertical sharpening design which is different from most office sharpeners. The solid and heavy-duty construction design and materials ensure you can use it for long. Also, the vertical hole is excellent since you don’t need to hold a pencil when sharpening. Thus, even kids can use the device without risk.

The heavy-duty helical blade and powerful motor make the sharpening pencils superb. With improved safety, this deice prohibits operation when the shaving tray is removed. Thus, once it’s in your home, even kids can use it without risks. The skid-proof base is impressive as it cannot move when in operation. Boasting a modern design, the machine is all you need to enjoy sleekness and speedy sharpening. The fitted AC cable ensures easy plugging to the power source.


  • Sleek modern design
  • Easy emptying reservoir
  • Safe vertical shaving style


  • Not battery operated

2. PUZMUG Electric Pencil Super-Fast Sharpener

PUZMUG Electric Pencil Super-Fast Sharpener

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Puzmug electric sharpener gives your pencils remarkable sharpening. The sturdy plastic construction reduces the overall weight. Therefore, it is light and enables easy carrying. Besides, the compact nature ensures there is no need for large space. The large shaving holder makes the device suitable for offices and schools. It is efficient and lets you enjoy great convenience and neatness since the shavings don’t drop into the floor. With a transparent tray, there is no guesswork when to empty.

The device is handy and suits different professions. Whether you are an artists, professor, and student or for home use, it’s a good pick. Apart from the plastic exterior, the steel blade is long-lasting and remains sharp throughout. The sharpening is superb, and this device works with most 2B pencils to deliver professional tips. The quick sharpening allows high efficiency since you only need up to 5 seconds and pencils is ready.


  • Battery operated
  • Professional tips sharpening
  • Automatic operation


  • Doesn’t support AC power

1. Jelly Comb Battery Operated Cordless Pencil Sharpener

Jelly Comb Battery Operated Cordless Pencil Sharpener

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Jelly Comb cordless electric sharpener never disappoints. The highly engineered device is the ideal option for keeping your pencils with professional tips. Whether you are looking for a perfect tip for drawing, writing or sketching, or coloring, it’s a great sharpener to have. Despite this device being battery operated, it has a super powerful motor. Therefore, it has all the power to deliver sharpened pencils in seconds. The power option lets the device boast versatility and portability. Especially, it is convenient to use anywhere.

The safety when using this equipment is guaranteed. This is especially when kids are using; it eliminates the chances of injuries. It stops working when the tray is removed hence suitable for classrooms and other places with small kids. To suit the whole classroom needs, the tray is large and take large shavings before emptying. The helical blade lasts even after a thousand times sharpening. It has high wear and tear-resistant hence great consistency.


  • Safe for small kids
  • Automatic pencil sharpening
  • Large capacity reservoir


  • Doesn’t support plugging

Electric Pencil Sharpener Buying Guide

Power source

The electric sharpeners are versatile and available in two designs. Some are capable of using batteries only while others are pluggable. Also, others have dual power options meaning you can use batteries and also plug it in. The choice of right device depends on user preference. Therefore, being far from the grid should not limit your pencil sharpening. The good thing is these days; there are some sharpeners with USB ports for connecting to USB outlets like computers.

Size of pencil

There are different sized pencils. Therefore, a sharpener can’t fit all, which prompts the user to look for the ideal pick. The standard-sized pencil has 9mm diameter. However, there are others with less or more circumference. Therefore, a sharpener with adjustable holes it ensures you can sharpen, color, charcoal and other standard pencils.

Trays size

Modern electric sharpeners come with shaving trays. This helps in keeping the room clean. By holding the shavings, they are efficient for the general cleanliness. Apart from having a large reservoir, it is great to have a removable option. This means that once you are sharpening many pencils, there is no struggle to manage shavings.


Although sharpeners are compact devices, they have sharp blades that can cause injuries to the user. Especially when it comes to kids, they can get injured if the blades are exposed. The ideal device should have a concealed blade and safety feature when the tray is detached. Actually, most modern sharpeners come with different safety features.

Automatic operation

The automated functions are ideal for easy sharpening. Some of the devices come with automated features like sharpening and stoppage. Therefore, they start sharpening once you insert a pencil and stops once the task is one. With automatic operations, it is simple even for kids to sharpen without safety hazards.


Sharpening pencils might be a simple task. However, without ideal sharpener is excellent for adding convenience in your office, home and other places. With electric pencils, sharpeners like ones featured above and reliable and worth. They are suitable for use by adults and also safe for kids.

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