Top 10 Best Electric Staplers in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

tasks. However, the traditional manual staplers are demanding and can leave you with a sore wrist. This is especially for people who use these devices for loads of work. Adding an electric stapler for your work makes it easy and convenient. They are available in different designs as well as styles and performs different tasks.

Since these devices don’t need thumping, they are a good option where regular stapling. Despite being efficient, these office devices are quiet and comfortable to use. Depending on the task, you can choose the corresponding stapler. This ensures that no overloading or device is getting overwhelming. For best electric staplers, our list below offers some of the remarkable options.

10. EcoElectronix EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

EcoElectronix EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

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The EcoElectronix EX-25 is a great office and home device for all your stapling needs. It’s a heavy-duty and quiet device that makes your office stapling cool. Amazingly, the device can work on 25 sheets using standard AA batteries. Also, the charger cable is designed to ensure plugging the device on a wall outlet. It comes pre-loaded with staples which is great for instant use even you get it. Besides, the stapler is silent, which is great as it doesn’t create noise nuisance.

The sleek device is superb for creating an excellent look. It’s lightweight and easy to use, hence a good option even when travelling. Since the stapler doesn’t need the use of force, it keeps your hands safe and comfortable. With impact-resistant ABS body, there is high durability. Moreover, the staples adjustment ensure you can set the right depth. The two-way power feature adds stapler convenience.


  • Two-way power
  • Pre-loaded staple tray
  • High impact ABS body
  • Anti-jamming technology


  • Staple tray doesn’t pop smooth

9. Bostitch Impulse Double Heavy Duty Electric Staple

Bostitch Impulse Double Heavy Duty Electric Staple

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The Bostitch Impulse double heavy-duty stapler is amazing and makes your work easy. The device helps to stale your documents easily without killing your wrist. Actually, it has enhanced performance since it comes with the ability to staple 45 sheets. This gives it 3 times speed compared to other staplers. As a result, when dealing with busy offices, the device keeps your work easy. The stapler is instant, and no retract waiting time. Thus, it allows for continuous working without delays.

The no jam technology is amazing and lets the user enjoy smooth stapling. Design is superb and ensures there is excellent usage. It has staples storage compartments hence easing your work. The staples indicator light alerts you when the tray is empty or low. Unlike other devices, this comes with soft reloading button. Thus, no more stress when adding staples.


  • Staples storage compartment
  • Low staple indicator
  • Improved stapling speed


  • No staple remover

8. GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler, Jam-Free

GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler, Jam-Free

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GM-X brings great efficiency when it comes to keeping the office work smooth. The device is one of the office essentials that you need. It is lightweight and offers silent operation. With a sleek and durable body, it is reliable and ensures many years of use. Boasting a patented technology, this device can staple up to 25 sheets. Thus, it’s superb and has faster operation compared to others. The quiet motor is the reason this device is superb for any office. It doesn’t cause disturbing noise hence allowing peace of mind.

The easy staples adjustment allows easy sheets stapling. Whether it’s a few papers or bunch, it is easy to adjust how staples will penetrate. Actually, it allows up to 10 adjustments which is classic for ensuring proper performance. The stapler comes with a pre-loaded tray for convenience when you get it. Unlike the older models with jamming problems, this one is smooth and offers flawless stapling.


  • Jam-free stapling
  • High precision
  • Impact-resistant body


  • It has no rechargeable battery

7. Arrow Fastener T50ACD Electric Staple Gun

Arrow Fastener T50ACD Electric Staple Gun

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The efficiency in every office is vital. That is why adding an electric staple gun is a great step. The Arrow fastener T50ACD is a great stapler that ensures the user has the best experience. The ergonomically created device is made to allow user experience best stapling without struggles. Unlike others, this offers a superb way to work on different tasks. Especially for people dealing with upholstery, it’s a great staple gun. Unlike the manual ones, this is automatic and requires the least effort.

The construction features durable materials that guarantee excellent reliability. With handle featuring high grip and slip-resistant design, it delivers amazing work. Also, the device is safe to the users. It has accidental firing protection which is great for everyone safety. Therefore, even when you accidentally press the trigger, there is no more risk of staple discharge. The compact design enables easy carrying. Also, the spiral drive technology ensures there is high consistency.


  • High consistency
  • Rubberized grip
  • Efficient safety protection


  • Not ideal for documents

6. LD Products Home & Office Automatic Electric Stapler

LD Products Home & Office Automatic Electric Stapler

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LD Products automatic stapler is ready to ensure your documents are safely stored. It has an automatic performance which is great for easing the work. It provides a powerful mechanism which is superb for enabling efficient stapling. Provided with 6AA batteries as well as AC adapter, the device is good for indoor as well as outdoor use. Despite the lightweight and portable nature, the stapler is heavy-duty. It, therefore, has enough power to staple different type of sheets.

The high precision stapling is one of the superb features that make the device excellent. It delivers perfect stapling without your interventions. With massive capacity, it can work on 25 sheets. Also, the tray comes while pre-loaded with staples. Thus, it is easy to enjoy great work when the device lands in your office or home. The equipment uses standard staples, therefore great for all users. There is an easy paper adjustment which enables accurate and precise paper stapling.


  • High precision stapling
  • Staple loaded tray
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The trigger mechanism isn’t adjustable

5. VEYETTE Black High Impact Electric Stapler

VEYETTE Black High Impact Electric Stapler

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Veyette high impact stapler is tasked with offering great work. The device eliminates the need to own a manual stapler. In fact, it delivers superb functions without hurting user hands. As a result, even for offices with much documentation, this machine is a superb option and can staple 25 sheets. Also, it can accept different staples which make stapling superb. Due to the automatic mechanism, the device is good for all people. Whether elderly or suffering from joint problems, it’s an efficient and reliable stapler.

The stapler can work automatically hence making work easy and fast. This enables loads of work to be done without stress. With dual power options, you can use AA batteries, and it also comes with an AC adapter. This ensures there is excellent usage even when not connected to the grid. Refilling the stapler is simple since it comes with a button for quick tray release. The device can hold up to 210 staples which eliminate the need to reload frequently.


  • Large capacity staple tray
  • Variable power options
  • Stable and compact


  • No staple indicator

4. OfficeGoods Electric & Battery Operated Office Stapler

OfficeGoods Electric & Battery Operated Office Stapler

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Forget about the jamming staplers that can cause your office work boring. OfficeGoods stapler is versatile and worth to have for your home and office daily works. The electric stapler is created to ensure there is stress-free stapling even when you have a big load. With a jam-free operation, the device works flawlessly. Also, it can be used for up to 35 sheets. Therefore whether making a booklet or magazine, it’s easy to enjoy improved performance.

The ability to staple quick is because the device has jam-free technology. As a result, no more struggles with jammed staples that can increase the working stress. It comes while fully loaded with staples which ensures the stapler is ready for use. Depending on the papers getting stapled, the device has easy adjustment. Unlike other staplers, this comes with a guide that ensures even first time users can use with ease.


  • Highly portable
  • Adjustable staple guide
  • Convenient speed
  • Non-skid base


  • A bit loud when starting

3. GoGo Gadgets EZStack Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

GoGo Gadgets EZStack Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

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GoGo Gadgets heavy-duty commercial grade stapler offers excellent work. The device features superb reliability for simple or heavy-duty applications. Loaded with cutting the edge features, there is great reliability and performance. Despite the compact nature, the device offers superior performance. With the ability to staple 25 pages, the device delivers exceptional performance. Actually, the silent operation ensures there is great peace of mind. The ergonomic grip is the reason that everyone can use this device.

The large tray hold can hold enough staples for your usage. In fact, it accomodate 220 staples thus ideal for stapling bunch of sheets. With easy plugging, the through USB or batteries. With a simple adjustment, it is easy to use this device for your office work. With rapid discharge ability, it can achieve 100 staples per minute. This means it is suited for heavy workload without jamming or overheating.


  • Rapid stapling ability
  • Easy tray release button
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Doesn’t support flat clinching

2. YoRiBo Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler for Home and Office

YoRiBo Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler for Home and Office

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YoRiBo home and office stapler is versatile and reliable. It’s sleek and compact to save your office space. Therefore, even for people with space challenges, there is no limitation when using this device. By creating an attractive look, it complements the office décor. The AC adapter, as well as the batteries compartment, allows for versatility when it comes to power options. With automatic performance, it tenses when you place a paper.

There is easy loading since the tray is simple to open. With a one-touch button, there is simple reloading. Amazingly, it can fit for 26/6 or 24/6 staples which offer excellent versatility. The CE certified device is suitable even for schools. Therefore, even school kids can use stapler without risking their safety. Apart from the compact design, the stapler is extra fast. Also, the powerful stapling mechanism ensures it can staple up to 25 sheets.


  • Fast stapling ability
  • Automatic operation
  • One-touch tray button


  • Not for heavy-duty applications

1. KeLDE UL Electric Staple Gun Kit for Carpet and Upholstery

KeLDE UL Electric Staple Gun Kit for Carpet and Upholstery

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If you are in the garments industries, there is a need to have a good stapler for your work. keDLE electric carpet and upholstery. It’s a powerful staple gun that is suited for different tasks. Therefore, instead of using manual and unreliable staplers, this device is easy and convenient. Actually, even people with joint problems, this device is simple to use without stress. With a corded design, it has long 3.8 meters cord hence allowing easy movability.

Despite the high performance, the staple gun has improved safety features. It has a triple safety mechanism which prevents accidental staple discharge. Additionally, the On/Off buttons ensure the device can be switched off when not in use. With magazine holding 1680 n staples, they are enough to cater to your project without reloading. Moreover, it can discharge 60 staples per minute.


  • Powerful stapling mechanism
  • Efficient staple magazines
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Heavy for office use

Electric Staples Buying Guide


There are many reasons why people will buy staplers. Some are suited for office and school use. It is this reason that one needs to determine why they need staplers. For office use, these are designed purposely to enable paper stapling. However, for a workshop, they are good for upholstery and carpets. Also, they are good for fitting your bike seats. Therefore before buying stapler, ensure to select the ideal one.

Power source

The power source is vital for ensuring that you can use your device where needed. Some of the staplers are battery-powered. Therefore, no need to plug in a wall outlet. Others are corded meaning they require plugging for them to work. Amazingly these days, we have dual power staplers. They can be plugged while also can utilize the grid as well as batteries. These devices are versatile and can be utilized in different environments.

Safety features

The safety of any stapler is vital to the user. For office staplers, they need to have certification to ensure kids and other users are safe from different aspects. Especially, they should have certification from relevant bodies to guarantee safety. On the other hand, staple guns need to be safe to avoid accidental staples discharge. Therefore, even when they are on, no risk of unexpected staple release.

Staple size

The staple size differs from one stapler to another. Also, it depends on the Materials being stapled. When dealing with papers, it is easy to use standard staples. But, when thicker materials need stronger staples. Also, when making magazines and booklets, stronger and longer staples are superb.


The ability to enjoy smooth stapling depends on your device. With a variety of electric staplers, there is an ideal one for everybody. They have different features and performance which satisfy everyone’s taste. Therefore, the staplers featured above are reliable and high performing.

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