Top 10 Best Flip Flops for Men in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Wearing closed shoes always doesn’t give feet a good feeling. Sometimes, open shoes like sandals, flip flops, and others are good alternatives. Flip flops are some of the fashionable unisex sandals among many people. They have many designs that allow people to choose the best options. Typically, they are great casual wear that ensures people give their feet ideal treat. Due to their lightweight nature and soft feeling, they are perfect when you need to take a walk.

Although they are great ways to give feet perfect treat, these footwear aren’t for heavy-duty use. But, they are good options when you need sandals for home and other casual use. Featuring different names across the globe, they are simple and stylish type of shoes to have for all ages. To have the best flip flops for men, check our collection reviewed below.

10. Reef Men’s Fanning Flip Flop 8 D, Medium

Reef Men's Fanning Flip Flop 8 D, Medium

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The Reef fanning flip flops are perfectly made to keep users feeling stylish. They are premium wears that are made to keep feet comfortable. Featuring thirst quenching technology, the sandals are superbly comfortable. Moreover, the great support on the arch helps to stabilize feet. This means there are no more muscle pulls due to unbalanced feet muscles. With heels boasting airbags, they are great for shock absorption. Thus, when walking on different surfaces, the sandals are reliable.

The construction boasts different materials that are premium and durable. In fact, the humanmade Nubuck as well as EVA foam and rubber make the sandal durable. The lung soles are sturdy and soft to keep feet enjoying relaxed feeling. With integrated bottle top opener on the sole, it is great for fun parties and other events. With textured surface, there is no slipping when wearing these flip flops.


  • Non-slip rubber enhanced soles
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Shock absorbing airbags


  • Rubber soles harden as it ages

9. Crocs Classic Flip Flop

Crocs Classic Flip Flop

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Walking without comfort can be bothering. But, when you need causal wears, Crocs classic flip flops are made to give your feet an excellent feeling. Unlike other sandals, these are light but strong to withstand high performance. Actually, they are made from croslite; it has exceptional durability and is lightweight. As a result, it doesn’t cause sores between toes due to weight. The soft upper also keeps feet comfortable without causing discomfort or blisters.

The synthetic soles are superb and light than rubber. Therefore, whether used for walking in the backyard or streets, they don’t impact fatigue. Besides being light, the Croslite foam is textured to keep feet intact without slipping. There is balanced experience when wearing these sandals since the arch measures 0 inches from the heels. Thus, even people with feet muscle issues, they can enjoy great comfort when walking.


  • Zero inch arc from heel
  • Textured footbed
  • Super light croslite foam


  • They are very narrow for broad feet

8. Quiksilver Men’s Molokai Flip-Flop

Quiksilver Men's Molokai Flip-Flop

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Relaxing in the house or walking around home especially during summers need proper wear. These Quicksilver Molokai flip flops are perfectly crafted to fit men’s feet. Besides, the sleek design is suitable for keeping wearer looking stylish. The combination of different manmade materials renders it lightweight and durable. As a result, all people looking for light sandals are great for use at home. The synthetic sole is suitable for different conditions without affecting the performance.

The rubber thong straps are comfortable and soft to the feet. They ensure, wearing these sandals is fulfilling without causing blisters due to friction. Additionally, the textured footbed creates exceptional feeling when wearing. For the sleek look, the sandals are enhanced with contrast logos. The soles are made to ensure they are sturdy and firm to prevent slipping. Thus, even on slippery floors, these flip flops are safe.


  • Lightweight manmade materials
  • Sleek contrast strap logos
  • Suitable for all surfaces


  • Gets floppy as they age

7. FITORY Flip-Flops Thongs Sandals Comfort Slippers

FITORY Flip-Flops Thongs Sandals Comfort Slippers

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The Fitory thing strap slippers are designed to fit men’s feet. Unlike other sandals, these are premium and ensure there is comfort and reliability. With premium construction materials, they are reliable for wearing indoors and outdoors. Thus, for beach lovers, these are ideal sandals to have. Boasting broad soles, they are excellent for people with broad feet. Additionally, the canvas straps are superb since they don’t become floppy like plastic ones. The straps are also perfected to keep feet comfortable.

The soles are designed with great resistance to slip. In fact, the rubber construction ensures there is maximum grip. They can work on pol parties, beaches, and other events without losing grip. In fact, they are perfect choices when you want sandals to wear in summers. Amazingly, they are resistant to damage by saltwater hence great beach footwear. These sandals are perfectly molded to keep the performance ultimate.


  • Great for different seasons
  • Anti-slip rubber soles
  • Good for broad feet


  • Can cause discomfort in the connection point

6. Alpine Swiss Men’s Flip Flops Beach Sandals Comfort Thongs

Alpine Swiss Men's Flip Flops Beach Sandals Comfort Thongs

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Walking or relaxing at home should be comfortable. But without the right footwear, it can be tricky. These Alpine Swiss men slippers are perfected for comfort. They are among the top-performing flip flops for men. They provide feet with outstanding breathability and comfort hence superb for the whole summer use. The soles are manufactured from EVA foam that is great for cushioning. Thus, even when walking on rough surfaces, they provide excellent cushioning.

The classic design is thrilling and keeps you rocking in style. With thing style broad straps, the sandals are super comfortable. Despite the thick soles, the sandals are superbly light. Therefore, wearers enjoy light traction without causing fatigue to the feet. Available in different styles, these sandals are exceptional for adding style. Above all, the slippers are great for use on various surfaces without causing slips.


  • Different styles
  • Soft EVA foam
  • Breathable manmade upper


  • Footbed not textured

5. Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Flip Flop

Sanuk Men's Fault Line Flip Flop

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The Sanuk flip flops are created with great care. They are among the top designed slippers that are durable and reliable. With the upper section featuring 100% fabrics, the sandals have high breathability. Also, the straps are broad to enable excellent support to your feet. Unlike the plastic or rubber connector, this has fabrics to create comfortable feeling. These causal thong sandals are light and durable which enables feet to enjoy admirable floor grip. Also, the footbed has textured surface which keeps feet from slipping.

Giving the users comfortable feeling, these sandals are created with super broad straps. Thus, even when users have broad feet, they can enjoy light feel as well as comfort. The anatomically shaped soles are the reason these slippers are right for all feet. Superb stitching and insets render these flip flops superb and allow users to get stylish look.


  • Durable stitching
  • Leather-like upper
  • Yoga mat footbed


  • The sponge absorbs water

4. Reef Twinpin Sandals Comfortable Men’s Flip Flops

Reef Twinpin Sandals Comfortable Men's Flip Flops

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Get all the comfort without adding bulkiness into your feet. The Reef Twinpin sandals are anatomically designed for men. They perfectly fit regardless of the shape of feet. With footbed featuring soft material, it soothes are cushion feet from pressure and sores. Additionally, the supporting design keeps feet well balanced without causing muscle strains. For sleek look, these slippers are enhanced with midsole stripes. The EVA arch support relives and cushions feet from hard spots and other issues.

The all-vegan leather straps are classic and sleek. They are animal-friendly since the artificially made and are free from PVC. The soles are designed with solid treads that keep the slippers sturdy and robust without slipping. In fact, the rubber soles are great for keeping you safe from traction loss and sips. The water-friendly faux leather enhanced with logo tag ensures they look fantastic.


  • EVA supportive foam
  • Sleek midsole stripes
  • Water-friendly faux leather


  • Sizing flop

3. Ebu GoGo Men’s Flip Flops Thong Sandals

Ebu GoGo Men's Flip Flops Thong Sandals

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The Ebu Gogo thong sandals are stylish and comfortable. Unlike other cheap slippers, these are enhanced with resilient EVA footbed. Even after walking the whole day with these slippers, they keep feet comfortable and cushioned. Moreover, the outsoles are also made from improved EVA. Thus, when walking, there is no problem when curling or flexing your feet. Additionally, with water-resistant outsoles, they are great for use outdoors, poolsides as well as beaches.

Comfort and reliable design ensure there is comfort on the upper feet. Amazingly, the denim straps are water-resistant are durable since they don’t get damaged by water. With premium craftsmanship, these sandals are light. Thereby, once you want to enjoy summers, these sandals are designed to deliver breathable and comfortable feeling. For perfect grip, the footbed keeps feet comfortable without slipping. There is superb comfort and durability, as well as different sizes.


  • Water-resistant straps
  • Contoured EVA soles
  • Fantastic grip


  • Feels slightly narrow

2. Hammer Anvil Flip-Flops Summer Sandals

Hammer Anvil Flip-Flops Summer Sandals

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The Hammer flip flops are classic wears for men. They keep the user feeling great during summers without causing discomfort. Designed for casual wearing, the sandals are suitable for use in beach, casual walks, and other situations. The flexible and soft design allows the slippers to enjoy a fantastic performance. Actually, the 5/7 inch thick soles are supportive and comfortable. Therefore, there is less strain when walking even for people with sensitive or paining feet muscles.

For excellent performance, these slippers have rubber thong straps. These s straps keep the sandals correctly anchored without slipping. The striped soles keep the sandals looking excellent. With lightly textured footbed, it is possible to enjoy non-slipping experience. Also, lightly treaded outsoles are classic for keeping the user well-anchored without slipping. They come in various sizes and styles to ensure everyone gets perfect flip flops.


  • Lightly treaded soles
  • Durable rubber straps
  • Thick flexible soles


  • Slightly smelly

1. Skechers Relaxed Fit-Reggae-Cobano Flip-Flop

Skechers Relaxed Fit-Reggae-Cobano Flip-Flop

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Skechers makes great footwear. These flip flops are premium and provide excellent cushion. In fact, careful and premium design renders these slippers s amazing. They feature moisture-wicking insoles that keep feet dry without excessive sweating. Additionally, the gel-infused high-rebound memory foam is classic for absorbing impact. As a result, even when walking on hard surfaces, it keeps your feet comfortable without hard spots.

Providing all-day comfort, these slippers are extra comfortable and perfectly cushioned. With molded lite base materials ensures there is excellent traction. With air-cooled memory foam relieves feet from pressure and other discomforts. The synthetic soles are durable and light and withstand even saltwater. Thus, for the beach, poolside, and other places, these slippers are amazing. Sleek and broad straps are amazing for comfort as well as elegant look.


  • Breathable insoles
  • Durable synthetic soles
  • Feet contoured design


  • Large for narrow feet

Flip Flops for Men Buying Guide

Size of slippers

The size of every footwear is essential. Just like any other type of footwear, sandals are designed in different sizes. Therefore, once you have the right ones, it becomes simple to enjoy perfect fit. Besides the actual sizing, there are other aspects related to size. Mainly, how broad is the slippers is vital. This is because people have different oriented feet.


The comfort of slippers depends on different aspects. Usually, the type of insoles is one of them. Comfort often depends on how these sandals are made and materials. Most of the slippers are made from EVA foam, synthetic materials, and rubber. However, the usage of these slippers prompts your selection. Flexible and soft materials are suitable for comfort.

Footbed design

The design of your footbed matters most for comfort and grip. Most of the flip flops come with either textured or smooth footbed. However, textured ones are great since they increase the grip. Thus, once you have wet feet, these slippers won’t cause discomfort due to slipping.


The straps are the main features that render the sandals comfortable. With variety of straps and materials existing, there is need to choose right ones. Mostly, the materials used in straps include rubber, leather, fabrics and others. To give your feet great feeling, choice of strap materials, size and design are vital.


Men flip flops are superb ways to give feet relaxation. They are versatile and used on different occasions. Mainly used in casual settings, they are good alternatives to give feet perfect relaxation. Therefore, to enjoy summer, men’s slippers are unmatched.

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