Top 10 Best Leather Backpacks in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Backpacks are among the essentials that are used for daily activities. Students use them, office workers, and even backpackers. There are many types of bags available, but leather backpacks are amazing. They are durable and reliable compared to other types. Getting premium quality leather is vital in ensuring there is reliability and durability. Therefore, choosing the type of leather gives everyone the ideal way to enjoy a perfect look and performance.

Depending on the luggage you are putting in a bag, there is a need to have the right-sized bag. Since you can get small, medium, and large bags, people can always choose the right options. As a result, you can get ideal ones for traveling, schools, and other applications. To cater for your daily needs, having the best leather backpacks offers great convenience.

10. COOFIT Women’s Faux Leather Backpack

COOFIT Women’s Faux Leather Backpack

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The type and quality of a bag are some of the ingredients to great look This COOFIT faux leather bag is one of its kind made for women. The compact and sleek looking backpack ensures users enjoy elegance. Featuring an upgraded leather shell, the bag is created with perfection. Therefore, the bag is suitable for use on different occasions. With a zipper closure at the top, the backpack is secure for keeping all your items.

Apart from the main compartment closure, the other exterior pockets are enhanced with zippers. Thereby, carrying extra accessories is simple and safe compared to the earlier version of this bag. With a roomy interior, it can fit 11 inches laptops as well as A4 sized notebook as well as other school supplies. Enhanced with a handle, the backpack can turn to a messenger bag. With an embossed logo, the surface is smooth and elegant hence increasing this bag style.


  • Zippered pockets
  • Sleek, smooth finish
  • Magnetic buckle


  • Straps aren’t padded

9. LYX Vegan Leather Vintage Laptop Bookbag Backpack

LYX Vegan Leather Vintage Laptop Bookbag Backpack

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LYX vintage leather bag is versatile and handy. It’s a solidly made backpack with high performance to ensure excellent protection to your carried stuff. The ability to hold many items renders the bag suitable for schools, offices, and other uses. In fact, it can fit laptops measuring 14 inches. The 6 compartments are great and keep the items well organized. The vintage faux leather is super smooth and elegant. The flap is enhanced with metal buckles that ensure the security of carried stuff.

Apart from the high performing leather, the pack is spacious. This fits your daily needs hence excellent for students. Despite the ample space, the bag is compact, which gives it exceptional performance. The 2 anti-theft pockets are classic and improve the security further. The sturdy adjustable straps are great for a customized fit. Thus, it can fit different users with varying shoulder sizes.


  • Metal hardware
  • Antitheft pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Divided pockets


  • Not genuine leather

8. CLUCI Women Purse Style Leather Designer Travel Bag Ladies

CLUCI Women Purse Style Leather Designer Travel Bag Ladies

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The Cluci Women purse style leather designer bag is one of the fashionable options. Created with backpack and purse design, it’s versatile and functional. The shoulder strap, as well as messenger bag carrying strap, allows for versatility. The shoulder straps are canvas made, which is great for comfort. Also, they are easily detachable leaving the bag used as a purse. This high performing bag is made from water-resistant PU leather. It’s light, highly reliable, and last than other artificial leathers.

The main compartment is large, and zipper enhanced for improved safety. Also, the other smaller pockets are enhanced with zippers to keep everything safe. This bag can perfectly fit your tablet, smartphone, A4 documents, and other items. With side pockets allowing you to carry umbrella with ease, the bag is ideal for daily uses. The large flap is efficient for ensuring the bag offers excellent protection against water to the zipper line. Boasting a fashionable look, the backpack is suited for different purposes.


  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Rustproof metal hardware
  • Anti-theft design


  • Doesn’t fit full-size laptops

7. Zebella Women’s Leather Vintage Laptop Brown Backpack

Zebella Women’s Leather Vintage Laptop Brown Backpack

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The Zebella vintage faux leather bag is perfectly made for women. The pack provides a solution for your daily needs. Whether its school or office, it’s the perfect backpack. Made from vintage leather, it provides a stylish and great look. Unlike other PU leathers that crack after sometimes, this crazy horse leather is superb. Therefore, it’s reliable for a long duration. With ample storage space, it can hold most of the school stuff without getting congested.

Apart from the sturdy construction, the backpack has strong magnetic buttons. They are designed to make sure there is perfect closure. Additionally, the metallic closure hardware delivers excellent security. Fitted with adjustable straps, they are ideal to fit different users. Besides the durability and high storage capacity, the bag is stylish and suits women and girls. It’s a bag designed to carry tons of stuff while maintaining exceptional sleekness.


  • Magnetic closure buttons
  • Custom design for women
  • Large compartments


  • Heavy for biking

6. Kenox Vintage PU Leather School Backpack

Kenox Vintage PU Leather School Backpack

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The best thing a student can have is a comfortable and reliable bag. This Kenox vintage PU leather school bag is ideal and ensures there great performance. Built to protect and hold your items securely, it is a durable bag. Additionally, there is no awful smell like in other artificial leathers. Therefore, from day one of using the bag, there is a great experience. The hidden zippers design ensures there is proper protection against water infiltration. Additionally, metal zippers are reliable and don’t break easily.

Unlike other bags, this has thick padding in the shoulder straps. As a result, users enjoy great comfort without experiencing excessive pressure. Besides padding, the straps are extra wide, which ensures great feeling when carrying. The meshed side pockets are great for carrying your umbrella or water bottle. Overall, this leather bag is sleek and reliable for heavy-duty performance.


  • Sealed zipper lines
  • Smell free PU leather
  • Classy look


  • The shell feels more synthetic

5. S-ZONE Women Soft Leather Backpack Antitheft Rucksack

S-ZONE Women Soft Leather Backpack Antitheft Rucksack

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Are you looking for the best Antitheft Rucksack for women? Here is a fantastic option by S-ZONE for you. Its reinforced seams make it robust and durable. The external structure is also appealing and maneuverable. For instance, it features a vertical zipper compartment that will directly lead to the main bag.

The other aspects of external structure include a back zipper pocket, front zipper pocket and two open side pockets. With its unique construction, this is one of the best wide-open backpacks for dating, shopping, schooling and other activities. Furthermore, the construction quality is at premium level. It offers anti-theft and waterproof performance making it great for all events.


  • Stunning leather finish
  • Easy to access pockets
  • Reinforced stitching for durability
  • Waterproof performance


  • Pricier than competitive products

4. Kah & Kee Leather Backpack Diaper Bag with Laptop

Kah & Kee Leather Backpack Diaper Bag with Laptop

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Are you are looking for the best-rated leather backpack purse. Without any doubt, Kah & Kee has a fantastic offer for you. It features a simple and stylish design, which makes every travel occasion spectacular. Unlike its competitors, this leather backpack features a back mesh design to enhance breathability. One of its exciting features is the padded laptop compartment which accommodates most laptops within the 15-inch size range.

The structure features several zipper compartments at the back, on top, at the front and some open pockets. Besides, the main compartment is large and features a unique satin lining for maximum protection of your laptop. Due to this extraordinary design, this leather backpack purse is ideal for dating, shopping, schooling and more.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Versatile design
  • Easy access
  • Beautiful exterior finish


  • Feels a bit heavier than its competitors

3. Estarer Women PU Leather Backpack

Estarer Women PU Leather Backpack

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If you’ve been looking for a versatile backpack, here you have one. The Estarer Women PU Leather Backpack features a unique design making it a great laptop bag. It is forged from faux leather, which makes it elegant and tear-proof. It is also quite easy to clean. Besides, it is medium-sized, making it easy to handle on all occasions.

With a total of seven compartments, you’ll enjoy many ways of arranging your stuff. It entails front pocket that is hidden by a flap, 15.6 inches laptop compartment, iPad pocket, rear, and front zippered pockets, among other pockets. Also, this backpack offers a unique addition of vintage styling with exceptional fashion details. Moreover, this bag provides a stylish way of accessing your belongings. Thanks to the rotating buckle closure mounted on the flap, two removable front tassels. The shoulder strap entails a mix of leather and ribbon and is adjustable.


  • Vintage styling
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Wear-proof material
  • Smooth and waterproof finish


  • Feels lightweight

2. Cheruty Women PU Leather Backpack Purse

Cheruty Women PU Leather Backpack Purse

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Here is Cheruty women backpack purse. Any woman who always wants to feel on top of the world will cherish the creative design of this backpack purse. It looks robust, elegant, and offers a unique style. Featuring PU leather construction, this backpack purse is weatherproof and brings an anti-theft function. Well, this is a medium size backpack that brings the feminine look you’ve always admired. With its cute design, it is a backpack that fits any occasion regardless of the season.

Moreover, it feels lightweight, and the exterior finish is smooth, easy to clean, and looks impressive. The structural design is also appealing and offers several configurations to arrange your items. You’ll be able to enjoy one main zipper compartment which entails an interior zipper compartment and two slit pockets. The leather backpacks also feature two side pockets and a front zipper pocket. So, you will have uncountable ways to carry your stuff whenever you’re on the go.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Creative interior design
  • Zipper pockets for easy access


  • Medium design

1. YALUXE Women Backpack Purse Convertible Real Leather

YALUXE Women Backpack Purse Convertible Real Leather

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If you want to travel with passion, you need the best backpack purse. This product by Yaluxe is a great choice. Well, it boasts a three-way carrying design, which makes it quite versatile. You can choose to carry it as a handbag or as a shoulder bag depending on the style you want. Its unique construction entails a removable shoulder strap. Now, this is a real leather backpack purse as it is made of cowhide leather.

Also, it has silver hardware, which brings a perfect touch of elegance. Also, the reinforced stitching makes it a great option if you do value durability. In terms of organization, this leather backpack offers several configurations of arranging your accessories during travel. The front area has two zippered pockets; the back features one zipper pocket. It also features two open side pockets and a spacious internal compartment with two open pockets and double zippered pockets.


  • Durable due to cowhide leather
  • Multiple pockets add usability
  • Stunning silver hardware
  • Three-way carrying options


  • Not so large

Leather Backpacks Buying Guide

Type of leather

Buying a leather bag calls for scrutiny. This is because different types of leather are available. Basically, there is genuine leather and synthetic leather. Although they have a difference in appearance, performance varies. Genuine leather is expensive but offers extended durability. However, synthetic leather provides a cheaper alternative but reduced durability.

Bag size

The size of a backpack is vital. It determines the volume of items you can carry. Usually, the choice of size depends on your needs. Whether it’s for carrying a few stuff or for students, the bag size will differ. For people with a lot of things, large bags are great choices. However, for personal items, no need to but a large backpack.

Shoulder straps

The straps are vital for user comfort. It is this reason that the quality of shoulder straps matters a lot. Broad and padded straps are essential since they keep the body free from pressure. However, the padding and thickness will depend on the size of a bag. Small bags don’t carry heavy items; hence padding might not be an issue.

Water resistance

The ability to resist water is a good feature for any backpack. It guarantees great safety to your carried items. For high reliability, treated leather with waterproofing materials offers great reliability. Therefore, whether genuine or PU leather, it should provide water protection to the interior.


The Leather bags are classy and durable. Unlike fabrics, leather has more durability and a sleek look. Therefore, instead of risking your stuff with cheap bags, these reviewed above are among the best leather backpacks to get.

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